June 1, 1995
Fiberoptic technologies used in high-speed telecommunication systems have changed radically in the last 15 years, driven primarily by the emergence of low-loss single-mode fibers, highly sensitive receivers, high-speed semiconductor laser diodes, and fiber amplifiers. Though impressive transmission capacities have been achieved through these advances, today`s systems use only a fraction of the few terahert¥bandwidth offered by optical fibers, due to the limitations on the operating speed of

Mallikarjun Tatipamula

Visually oriented software simplifies data analysis

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Digitizer system available in seven different models

Nov. 26, 2023
The Star-Hub digitizer system can be used with any cards from the M5i.33xx PCIe digitizer family.

High-speed cameras offer UV-extended capability

Nov. 25, 2023
The Phantom T3610, T2410, and TMX high-speed cameras (TMX 7510/6410/5010) are available in a UV variant.

Linear voice coil motors offer peak force of 2.20 N

Nov. 24, 2023
The LVCM-013-032-02M and LVCM-013-032-02 are 12.7 mm diameter linear voice coil motors.

Image sensor has use in home and professional security

Nov. 23, 2023
The OS08C10 image sensor features both staggered high dynamic range (HDR) and single exposure dual analog gain (DAG).

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