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The blue/green enhanced, 6 mm2 photodiode-preamplifier ODA-6WB-500M is designed for fluorescence detection and low-light-level medical diagnostic applications.

Jan 1st, 2009
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The blue/green enhanced, 6 mm2 photodiode-preamplifier ODA-6WB-500M is designed for fluorescence detection and low-light-level medical diagnostic applications. With a sensitivity response at 450 nm, typically 140 V/µW (min. 100), the detector operates between 400 and 1100 nm, with peak spectral frequency at 940 nm. It has a transimpedence gain of 500 MΩ.

Opto Diode, Newbury Park, CA

CCD image sensors

The 2-megapixel KAI-02050 image sensor provides 1600 × 1200 pixels at a readout speed of 60 frames/s. It is based on the TRUESENSE 5.5 µm interline-transfer CCD platform. The sensor is for machine-vision, industrial-inspection, and medical applications. The 50-million-pixel KAF-50100 image sensor uses an 8176 × 6132-pixel array and is available as a monochrome device.

Eastman Kodak, Rochester, NY

Photovoltaic isolation workstation

The PV IsoStation workstation is a 36 × 60 in. ergonomic workstation specifically designed for photovoltaic test and development applications. Features include integrated storage and shelving for instruments, solar simulators, and a specially treated work surface that reduces light reflectivity by a factor of six compared to typical optical-table surfaces.

Newport, Irvine, CA

CW laser

The Jive is a continuous-wave, solid-state laser operating at 561 nm with output power levels of 10, 25, 75 and 100 mW. Built into a compact, hermetically sealed package using proprietary HTCure technology, it can withstand multiple 60G mechanical shocks. The single-longitudinal-mode laser has noise of less sthan 0.3% rms, spectral linewidth less than 30 MHz (typical) and beam quality of M2 better than 1.1.

Cobolt, Stockholm, Sweden

Collimated laser modules

High-power collimated laser modules are available with either fixed collimation optics, which are preset for customers’ application requirements, or adjustable collimation optics, enabling the customer to fine-tune the laser optics. Laser modules with 300 mW output at 635 nm (ML1794) or 500 mW output at 1550 (ML1533) are available for both options.

Modulight, San Jose, CA

Design software

LIEKKI Application Designer (LAD) version 4 is a design tool for simulating and optimizing fiberamplifiers and fiber-laser systems. New features include multimode analysis of bent fibers, variable step size in transient analysis, an optimization tool, and LAD wizards.

NLight, Vancouver, WA

Spectroradiometer software

Spectral Suite software version 1.1 is now offered in a bundle with the company’s SP-100 Multifunctional Spectroradiometer System. The software reports radiance, irradiance, luminance, illuminance measurements, chromaticity coordinates in both CIE 1931 and CIE 1976 color spaces, dominant wavelength, color purity, color-rendering index, and correlated color temperature.

Orb Optronix, Kirkland, WA

Projection SMT LED

The new OSTAR Projection SMT LED measures 5.8 × 4.7 × 1.5 mm and does not require connectors or a board for heat dissipation. Designed for integration into miniature projector applications, including cell phones, the module contains four 1 mm2 RGB chips—two green, one red, and one blue. The LED enables picoprojectors with brightness up to 15 lm.

Osram, Santa Clara, CA

Laser diode

The Opnext HL7001MG/HL7002MG laser diode is designed for use in biomedical applications, including blood analysis and endoscopy. The 5.6 mm device has a lasing wavelength of 705 nm, optical output power of 50 mW CW, operating voltage of 2.5 V, threshold current of 30 mA, and monitoring output current of 0.15 A. Operating temperature ranges from –10°C to +60°C.

Photonic Products,
Hatfield Broad Oak, England

Piezo stages

The P-737 Piezo-Z focusing stage was designed for biotech research microscopes using deconvolution and 3-D imaging techniques. It features up to 500 µm travel, millisecond responsiveness, and nanometer precise motion under closed-loop control. The stage is available with analog or digital piezo controllers. A set of LabView drivers is included.

PI (Physik Instrumente), Auburn, MA

High-temperature 635 nm laser

A 635 nm CW power laser produces 600 mW at 18°C and 450 mW at 45°C. The high-temperature laser runs at room temperature without burnout or degradation. No hermetic chamber is needed, so there are no moisture-buildup concerns. Packaging options include C-mount, 9 mm, TO-3, and Q-mount. Lifetime is more than 1300 hours.

PLT Technology, Santa Barbara, CA

Camera system

Improved PI-MTE cameras offer a 2 MHz readout and resolution of up to 4 megapixels. They measure 4.57 × 2.35 × 3.15 in. and weigh 2.5 lb. The system includes an ST-133 controller, WinX software and in-vacuum electrical and cooling interfaces to allow uninterrupted operation inside a vacuum chamber. A fiber communication kit allows long distance operation up to 1000 m.

Princeton Instruments, Trenton, NJ

Diode-laser module

The Ultra-600 diode-laser module features on-chip Brightlock internal grating and Brightlase technology, for higher power and improved spectral brightness from six 100 or 200 µm core optical fibers for Yb, Er:Yb, and Tm fiber-laser pumping. Total output power of more than 300 W CW is available at 976 ±1.5 nm in less than 2 nm bandwidth and 450 W CW is provided at 792 ±3 nm.

Pro-Lite, Cranfield, England

DPSS YAG laser system

The Centurion DPSS Nd:YAG laser produces Q-switched pulses of up to 40 mJ at 1064 nm and 100 Hz repetition rate, with a pulse duration of 5 to 10 ns. The laser is offered with a passive or active air-cooled system. A 19 in., 2U rack-mount power supply with RS232/422 communication is standard. Outputs of 1064, 532, 355, 266 and 1570 nm are available.

Quantel USA–Big Sky Laser, Bozeman, MT

Optical-tweezing fiber laser

The Manlight OTS (optical-tweezing source) is a narrow linewidth, compact CW fiber laser delivering output powers up to 20 W with a near diffraction limited beam (M2 better than 1.1). Patented injection technology allows the use of broad area laser-diode pumps for maintenance-free operation. An all-fiber design eliminates alignment and stabilization issues.

RPMC, O’Fallon, MO

Photonic-component design software

Photonic Component Design Suite 8.1 now includes an updated Material Editor and database, a Solar Cell Utility, and a Multi-Physics Utility that can include effects from electrodes, heaters, stress and carrier effects. The software is intended for photonic-design applications, including emerging photovoltaic thin films and polymer technologies.

Rsoft Design Group, Ossining, NY

Linear arrays

The shortwave-infrared (SWIR) linear photodiode LC-Series array is designed for imaging applications from 0.9 to 2.6 µm. The SU256LSC-2.6T2 detector array, specifically developed for broad-wavelength range, multichannel spectrometer designs, has 256 elements of extended response InGaAs material and a 50 × 250 µm pixel size.

Sensors Unlimited/Goodrich,
Princeton, NJ

Gated image-intensifier systems

The SIL-2 family of gated image-intensifier systems is designed to improve the sensitivity, gating time, spectral response, and scope of operation of both high-speed video and ultra-high-speed framing cameras. Based on high-gain MCP intensifiers, the units use a quartz window to capture events that emit radiation at the shorter wavelengths of the UV through the NIR.

Specialised Imaging, Herts, England


The deltΔ Joulemeter provides near-IR spectral response from 0.9 to 1.7 µm.. It features germanium or InGaAs detectors, 10 fJ sensitivity, and responsivity of 10 kV/J. It is suited for measuring laser pulse energy from 1 to 40,000 pps, including eye-safe lasers. LabView software controls range, wavelength, trigger level, and graphic displays.

Spectrum Detector, Lake Oswego, OR

Pulsed fiber laser

An ST (Superior Temperature) variant of the G3 20 W pulsed laser can operate in ambient environments up to 43°C. Designed for use in hot climates, the laser provides 21 W and is specified to give more than 20 W under all environmental conditions. Applications include general marking, micromachining, and engraving.

SPI Lasers, Southampton, England


Fifteen models of BLUE-Wave Spectrometers measure in the UV-VIS-NIR wavelength ranges from 190 to 1150 nm. They utilize dispersive optics, which image to a 2048 element CCD detector array and an SMA-905 fiber optic input with a USB-2 interface. An integrated 16-bit digitizer and spectral memory produce a signal to noise of 1000:1 with conversion times to 1 ms.

StellarNet, Tampa, FL

Lens test bench

The OS200B Lens Test Bench is a flexible optical rail system to test positive and negative lenses as well as afocal modules at infinity or at finite conjugates. MTF analysis software and live video are included. Users can make visual evaluations and quantitative tests of image quality, measure lens parameters, visualize wavefront aberrations, construct ray fan plots and evaluate depth-of-field, centration, on-axis color, and astigmatism.

Wells Research and Development,
Lincoln, MA

Single-wavelength laser controller

The SWL-7500 single-wavelength laser controller measures 5 × 4 × 1.5 in. and is designed for Raman spectroscopy, metrology, and interferometry applications. It provides narrow linewidths, uses a quiet switching power supply or can be run on +5 V power input, and has a GUI with RS-232 or USB connectivity.

Bookham, San Jose, CA

GigE camera

The ONYX-1600 2-megapixel camera has a GigE vision interface and uses a Kodak KAI-02050 sensor with a resolution of 1600 × 1200 and a 5.5 µm pixel size. The camera delivers up to 34 full-resolution images per second, has a dynamic range of 62 dB, a global shutter, channel matching to noise level, automatic black shading, and defect pixel correction.

Adimec, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

White-light interferometer/SPM

The Q-View white-light interferometer/SPM system uses optical-profiler technology to render and measure a 500 µm area in a few seconds. In SPM mode, the fully integrated system characterizes surface structures at the subangstrom level.

Ambios Technology, Santa Cruz, CA

Fiber-coupled laser diodes

Fiber-coupled laser diodes deliver up to 80 W from a 100 m fiber (NA of 0.22) with a wide range of available wavelengths, depending upon application. Target applications for the high-power, high-brightness laser diode include OEM industrial and manufacturing processes and laser pumping.

Apollo Instruments, Irvine, CA

Software for Raman spectrometer

Designed for use with the company’s portable Raman spectrometer, BWID material identification software is designed to rapidly identify or verify materials based on user-built or third-party spectral libraries. Raman spectra can be acquired through transparent packaging materials to confirm content at the molecular level.

B&W Tek, Newark, DE

GigE camera

The pilot piA2400-17 cameras have an image capture rate of up to 17 frames/s with 2448 × 2050 pixels to deliver 5-megapixel resolution. Based on Sony’s ICX625 CCD sensor, the cameras are suited for intelligent traffic systems (ITS), semiconductor and electronics inspection, LCD inspection, and 3-D measurement. The cameras have a 29 × 44 × 98.5 mm housing with a GigE Vision–compliant GigE interface.

Basler Vision Technologies,
Ahrensburg, Germany

GigE camera

TXG Cameras with PoE feature high-speed multicamera operation and frame rates of up to 90 frames/s with resolution from VGA to 5 megapixels. Designed for robotic applications, these cameras are specifically designed to provide power over the Cat6 Ethernet cable, eliminating the need for a separate power cable.

Baumer, Southington, CT

OEM UV laser

The MATRIX 355 BE is a frequency-tripled DPSS laser. The OEM UV laser incorporates an integral beam expander within the sealed laser head for an output beam diameter (1/e2) of 2.2 mm and a divergence of 0.5 mrad. The laser is offered with a choice of 1 or 2 W average power and pulse repetition rates to 60 kHz.

Coherent, Santa Clara, CA

Modeling/simulation software

Multiphysics 3.5 is an engineering and scientific software environment for modeling and simulating any physics-based system. The new version provides Parasolid file format support, a bidirectional Autodesk Inventor interface, new solvers, coding, usability enhancements, and revised implementation.

COMSOL, Burlington, MA

GigE Vision camera

The Genie C1600 and Genie M1600 cameras feature a 2-megapixel sensor and are suited for industrial imaging applications. The GigE Vision–compliant Genie 1600 has a 1/1.8 in. Sony ICX274 CCD sensor (8.923 mm diagonal) and is available in color (C1600) and monochrome (M1600) versions running at 15 frames/s.

DALSA, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Conductive coatings with EMI shielding

Transparent conductive coatings with EMI shielding use patented Microdyn sputtering technology. A method has been developed to coat the transparent conductive coatings as a cap layer over a dielectric stack, allowing a single material or element to perform both light filtering and EMI shielding. Operating from the visible to infrared, transmission is between 450 and 1100 nm.

Deposition Sciences, Santa Rosa, CA

Lateral-displacement polarization beamsplitter

A lateral-displacement polarization beamsplitter produces two parallel output beams, separated by a lateral displacement. The beamsplitter consists of one or two rhomboid prisms cemented to a right-angle prism. A waveplate can be added to manage the polarization state of the output beams. Parallelism between the input and output beams is within 30 arcsec. All entrances feature a multilayer AR coating.

Union Optic, Wuhan, China

Galvo scanner with integrated pyrometer

A galvo scanner with an integrated pyrometer is used with a fiber-coupled, turnkey diode-laser system with output powers up to 500 W. The on-axis single color pyrometer allows the welding-zone temperature to be optically measured during the scanning process. The galvo scanner is available with apertures of 20 or 30 mm with 400 or 200 µm fibers and F-theta optics.

DILAS, Tucson, AZ

Laser-diode module

The EP1550-NLW-B butterfly laser-diode module features a narrow linewidth (typically 350 kHz), 14-pin butterfly package, and 6 mW output power (typical). The lasers have a guaranteed emission linewidth specified at 400 kHz and below. Applications include optical sensing, lidar, coherent communications, interferometry, and test and measurement.

Elliot Scientific, Hertfordshire, England


The Femtometer is an autocorrelator for characterization of pulses down to less than 5 fs in duration. The package includes a spectrometer and new Femtometer software. The unit has an upright mounting option with a small footprint for the optical head to save space. An additional detector is available for microscopy applications.

Femtolasers Produktions,
Vienna, Austria

Life-test and burn-in system

Two products have been added to the LRS-9424B laser-diode life-test and burn-in system platform. The LRS-9400-324B control-electronics module includes bipolar digital temperature control, photodiode current ranges, and hot-swap capability. Relia Test 3.0 software includes enhanced graphing, a new operator interface, and new test scenarios.

ILX Lightwave, Bozeman, MT

Imaging-quality test software

The Master 3.2 is software for testing the quality of a digital imaging system. It includes SFRplus, which automatically identifies regions of interest (ROI) and enables completion of many image quality tests including sharpness, lateral chromatic aberration, lens distortion, and gamma and tonal response. The new SFRplus test chart is included.

Imatest, Boulder, CO

Frame grabber

FrameLink Express is a dual Camera Link frame grabber specifically designed for ExpressCard/54 laptops. Users can view and store real-time megapixel video images from two Camera Link sources on notebook computers. Features include adjustable RGB gain and offset with auto-white balance, 2.5 Gbit/s bandwidth interface, lookup tables, histograms, zooming/scaling capabilities, and a full software suite.

Imperx, Boca Raton, FL

Blue laser modules

Blue laser modules at 405 nm feature a variety of beam profiles and an output power of up to 20 mW. These laser modules feature a small form factor of 57 × 11.5 mm. They are primarily used in fluorescence excitation and optical storage technology.

Laser Components,
Hudson, NH

Laser-marking workstation

CompactMark is a multi-axis, rugged, industrial laser-marking workstation, available with fiber, Nd:Yag, YV04, and CO2 lasers. For cylindrical-parts marking, the rotating head can be used to mark large trays rather than individual parts. Fully programmable, it can mark multiple sides, curved surfaces, and different locations without refixturing the parts.

Lasit USA, Branford, CT


The Astral Series S AI310 or AI310D indicators are portable, handheld calorimeter laser-measurement systems utilizing new intelligent detector technology. They include a handheld meter and choice of thermal detectors, including 8, 16, 25, 50, 100 and 200 mm aperture models. An optional field calibration tool allows for on-site calibration.

Laser Physics UK, Cheshire, England

CO2 laser nozzles

New replacement nozzles for CO2 cutting lasers are available with 1.2, 1.5, 2.0, and 3.0 mm orifices and feature ±10 µm orifice size accuracy to optimize cutting performance. Compatible with mechanical or sensor heads, they are offered with straight or tapered tips from 0.375 to 0.96 in. long and thread sizes from 1/4 to 5/8 in.

Laser Research Optics, Providence, RI

Sensing analysis software

The beta release of ENLIGHTPro sensing analysis software transforms optical parameters to sensor data presented in appropriate engineering units of strain, temperature, acceleration, and so on. Designed for use in optical-sensor-system installation and monitoring, the system allows the user to collect, save, and analyze hundreds of fiber-optic sensors simultaneously.

Micron Optics, Atlanta, GA

Telecentric lens

The 5M-HR telecentric lens is used with high-resolution camera sensors (5 megapixel) with very small pitch. It includes integrated coaxial lighting for 3 to 13 µm resolution according to camera pixel pitch. It has a variable iris and maintains a constant view angle to the subject. Applications include discrete part inspection, component alignment and semiconductor manufacturing.

Moritex Europe, Cambridge, England

Epoxy adhesive

EP41SMED is a low-viscosity epoxy adhesive for room-temperature curing and bonding applications. It has a 5:1 mix ratio by weight and a “handling” time of 10 to 15 minutes at ambient temperatures. Bonds are resistant to water, oil, and many organic solvents, as well as to cold sterilants, ETO, and gamma radiation.

Master Bond, Hackensack, NJ

Pulsed fiber laser

The NuQ industrial pulsed fiber laser for marking is a 20 W average-power, Q-switched fiber laser based on the company’s ytterbium-doped fiber. Designed for industrial marking applications, it has a turn-on time of 125 µs, a Gaussian pulse shape, single-mode beam quality and delivers 1 mJ (10 kW peak power) pulses.

Nufern, Chicago, IL

Fractional-wave aspheres

Fractional-wave aspheres are manufactured using metrology equipment such as Zygo’s VeriFire Asphere interferometer and QED’s Subaperture Stitching Interferometer. Rapid prototyping of precision optical components in sizes from 3 to 300 mm is available, including asphere, cylinder, sphere, and plano/flat optics.

Optimax Systems, Ontario, NY


The Maya2000 Pro spectrometer is a back-thinned, 2-D FFT-CCD, uncooled instrument that provides better than 90% quantum efficiency, high dynamic range, and UV response as low as 180 nm. It features a USB 2.0 interface and has 14 grating options with a variety of slits from 5 to 200 µm.

Ocean Optics, Dunedin, FL

Mirror-tilting system

The PSH 4/1 is a miniature high-frequency mirror tilting system based on high-power piezo actuators, which provide plus/minus tilting with a total travel range of up to 4 mrad (unloaded). A bidirectional gear design and a flexure hinge assembly prevent friction and mechanical play. The system displays a short settling time and a resonant frequency of more than 6.5 kHz. Cryogenic and vacuum versions are available.

Piezosystem Jena, Jena, Germany

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