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Jan. 1, 2004
Motion controller; DPSS laser micromachining systems; Laser scan arm; MORE...

Motion controller

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A new eight-axis PCI motion controller features a 266-Mhz, Power PC processor with a 32-bit RISC core. All signals, data points, and PID are updated every 122-µs on all eight axes. The controller has 64 k of shared memory to permit near real-time date transfer between the application program and the controller. A 5.0- or 3.3-V PCI universal bus allows for future upgrades without controller alterations.
Oregon Micro Systems, Beaverton, OR

DPSS laser micromachining systems

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A new line of diode-pumped solid-state (DPSS) micromachining systems has been introduced. Three standard system platforms are available with fully integrated and interlocked workstation and PC controlled multi-axis part-handling with options such as trepanning heads, optical taper-correction systems, galvo scanning systems, and automated vision-alignment systems.
Oxford Lasers, Didcot, England

Laser scan arm

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The new Laser ScanArm is a seven-axis, contact/noncontact measurement device with a fully integrated laser scanner. Users can collect simple point variations with the arm's hard probe, then laser scan the sections requiring larger volumes of data. Applications include inspections, cloud-to-CAD comparison, rapid prototyping, reverse engineering, and 3-D modeling.
FARO, Lake Mary, FL

PIV laser system

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The Solo IV is a compact, Q-switched, Nd:YAG, PIV (particle image velocimetry) laser system. Designed for fluid- and air-flow visualization, the laser features a twin-laser head design. Each head can produce a 50-mJ pulse of 532-nm light at a repetition rate of 50 Hz.
New Wave Research, Fremont, CA

Optical position-sensing system

A new two-axis optical position-sensing system is a compact, battery-operated system with a two-line LCD. It has ambient-light suppression, accuracy of 0.001 in., resolution of 0.0001 in., range of ± 0.2 in. in both axes, wavelength range of 320 to 1100 nm, and accommodates beam powers from 0.1 to 5.0 mW.
Aculux, Bellevue, WA

Linear motor stage

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The new ALS1000 linear motor stage has a linear-motion-guide bearing system, two-axis internal cable management, and a brushless servo motor. The direct-drive linear motor has a nonmagnetic-force coil for high force with zero cogging. The stage has a small footprint and a sealed design with optional air purge. Industrial applications include laser machining and medical-component manufacturing.
Aerotech, Pittsburgh, PA


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A new series of polarizers is designed for use with Nd:YAG and Nd:YVO4 lasers operating at 1064, 532, 355, and 266 nm. The plate polarizers are designed to operate at a 68º angle of incidence. This enables the production of a coating with a higher extinction ratio (>500:1) and broader spectral bandwidth (approximately 5%) than coatings designed for operation at Brewster's angle, while maintaining a damage threshold of 20 J/cm2 for a 10-ns pulse at 1064 nm.
Alpine Research Optics, Boulder, CO

Multimode signal sensor

The Multimode Signal Sensor (MSS) from Oluma is available in single-channel versions and arrays up to eight channels. The MSS replaces both a tap coupler and a pigtailed photodiode for multimode power-monitoring applications. Its all-fiber, noninvasive construction with integrated InGaAs sensor offers a sensitivity of 35 mA/W with <1-dB insertion loss.
BFi OPTiLAS, Evry, France

Red laser diode

Three new 635-nm red laser diodes are being manufactured at Blue Sky Research's in-house semiconductor foundry. Available in 5-, 10-, and 15-mW versions, the BRLD-635 family of lasers feature low operating current, compact 5.6-mm TO-can housing, wide operating temperature range, and an estimated MTTF (mean time to failure) >150,000 h at 25ºC. Applications include construction and alignment equipment, biomedical and metrology instrumentation, and barcode readers.
Blue Sky Research, Milpitas, CA

Infrared camera

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The JADE UC camera has USB 2.0 digital output to allow users to fully control the camera and to display digital images at a rate of 60 Hz over the full 14-bit dynamic range. RS232 communication or LVDS links are not needed for camera control. The camera uses ALTAIR software and utilizes a 320 × 240-pixel microbolometer focal-plane array sensor.
CEDIP Infrared Systems, Croissy-Beaubourg, France

CMOS camera system

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The pco.1200 high-speed, 10-bit CMOS camera system utilizes novel on-board image memory in the camera head (up to 2 Gbyte), providing ultrafast image recording at 1-Gbyte/s. The camera has 1.3 million pixels to provide image capture at 625 frames/s at 1280 × 1024 and 1330 frames/s at 640 × 480. The "double shot" sequence provides the capture of two full-resolution frames with 100-ns interframe time. The camera is designed for imaging of high-speed phenomena.
Cooke, Auburn Hills, MI

MEMS software

MEMulator is a Windows 2000- and XP-based software that provides 3-D modeling and rendering based on Zyvex's patent-pending voxel (volume element) techniques for realistic representations of complex designs from layout or mask files. The software supports broad applications in surface micromachining, bulk micromachining, and wafer bonding.
Coventor, Cary, NC


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Glan-Taylor and Glan-Laser Polarizers are new calcite polarizing beamsplitters that separate s-polarized light (extraordinary rays) from p-polarized light (ordinary rays) over wavelengths from 400 to 1700 nm. Suitable for visible and NIR applications, all models come with 5- or 10-mm clear apertures. They offer high damage thresholds, are available coated or uncoated or with broadband ..AR coatings from 350 to 600 nm or from 600 to 1050 nm, with less than 1% reflection from each surface.
Edmund Industrial Optics, Barrington, NJ

Ti:S oscillator system

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The new FemtoSource scientific XL Ti:S oscillator system delivers pulse energy of up to 80 nJ directly from the oscillator, with sub-50-fs pulse duration, bandwidth greater than 50 nm, and a repetition rate of 10 MHz. An innovative optical design reduces the repetition rate and increases the pulse energy by a factor of 10 over standard Ti: S systems. The resulting pulse energy, which can be continuously attenuated by remote, is suited for emerging applications in the field of femtosecond technology.
Femtolasers, Vienna, Austria

Laser trim platform

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The TrimSmart LT2100 series performs trim and test of thick-film components and circuits, including PCBs, SMT components and hybrids, as well as thin-film resistors, resistor networks and other thin-film applications. The new platform utilizes a stiffer frame for greater process stability, an air-bearing stage for positioning in x, y, and theta, accommodation for parts up to 10 × 12 in., a high-speed pattern recognition system and fully integrated test functions.
GSI Lumonics, Northville, MI

PIN photodiode

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The new G9298 series of pigtailed InGaAs PIN photodiodes has a response of 10 Gbit/s, a typical gain of 5.5 kW and a typical dynamic range of -19 to +1 dBm. Typical sensitivity is 0.80 A/W at 1.3 mm and 0.85 A/W at 1.55 mm, with a voltage requirement of 3.3 V. Designed with a standard SM (9.5/125) fiber, it can be equipped with SC, FC, LC, or MU connectors, depending on design requirements.
Hamamatsu, Bridgewater, NJ

Pulsed laser diodes

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LDMP-xx series of pulsed laser diodes is designed with pulse width FWHM of 50 to100 ns and repetition frequency up to 15 KHz. It is available in standard TO 9-mm package with wavelengths of 905, 1550, and 1625 nm. A variety of emitter sizes and stack layers are available for various applications such as optical measurement (OTDR) and other uses.
Hi-Tech Optoelectronics, Beijing, China

Vision appliance

The new iCheck prepackaged machine appliance is designed for installation and operation by manufacturing engineers with little or no previous machine-vision experience. It can be used for product and assembly verification applications. Software includes such tools as locate, area count, edge count, intensity, line distance, diameter, circularity, angle, barcode, and surface flaw. Users access iCheck through a standard web browser.
ipd, Billerica, MA

DC-AC power inverter

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The BXA-12576 is a miniature 12-V fixed-output DC-AC power inverter that can power lamps as small as 2 × 25 mm and as large as 5 x 150 mm. The inverter provides 12-V DC input voltage, 800-V rms output voltage, 105 k-Hz output frequency, 150-mA input current, 4-mA rms output current, and 25°C operating temperature.
JKL Components, Pacoima, CA

Single-mode polisher

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The SpecPro 4L fiberoptic polisher is designed to yield single-mode performance for R&D and medical applications, low-volume cable-assembly production, and field environments. Up to four components can be simultaneously polished, including connectors, multifiber ferrules, MIL-spec termini, optical bundles, endoscopes, and bare fibers. It can also be used to repair and retropolish damaged connectors.
Krell Technologies, Morganville, NJ

LED lift-off system

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The IX-1000 ChromaLift excimer laser system is designed for LED applications in the compound-semiconductor and wafer-fabrication industries. The system homogenizes the laser beam profile and fires through the back of a sapphire wafer to de-bond the GaN device and transfer it to a substrate where it can then be packaged onto a heat sink and/or optical reflector.
JPSA Laser, Hollis, NH

Fluorescence filter sets

A new series of fluorescence filter sets are designed for the analysis of fluorophores in fluorescence microscopy. The sets include exciter and emitter filters using a minimum five-cavity design and dichroic longpass filters. Using a novel blocking design, an OD of 5 or better is achieved at the exciter/emitter crossover.
Medway Optics, Kent, England

Noncontact measurement system

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The MicroLine 300 noncontact measurement system is now available with Windows 2000 capability. The system provides manual critical-dimension measurements for semiconductor wafers and photomasks. It measures features from 0.5 to 40 µm in size using a 100× objective lens, and up to 800 µm at 5×.
Micro-Metrics, San Jose, CA

CCD lenses

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New macro CCD lenses are based on proprietary optical technology and provide line sensing for both 1-in. megapixel-area CCDs and larger-area CCD elements up to 57.3-mm diameter. Applications include area inspection and alignment measurement of 300-mm wafers, color filters, and liquid-crystal glass.
Moritex Europe, Cambridge, England

OTDR module

A new triwavelength OTDR measurement module has been introduced for the CMA 5000 multilayer network test platform. The 1310/1550/1625 module achieves a minimum dynamic range of 43/45/43 dB out of a single optical port using the SNR = 1 formula. This allows long-haul providers to test fibers, providing up to 256,000 data points from 100 m to more than 200 km from the same module.
NetTest, Utica, NY

DFB tunable lasers

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New TLB-390X CW, distributed-feedback (DFB) tunable lasers provide stable output power up to 20 mW over the entire C-band, from 1529 to 1563 nm, without the use of semiconductor optical amplifiers (SOAs). Their narrow 3-MHz linewidths, ±1.5-GHz wavelength accuracies, and residual intensity noise (RIN) of 145 dB/Hz make them suitable for testing a wide variety of DWDM systems.
New Focus, San Jose, CA

Spatial filters

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The new 910A series spatial filters feature five-axis alignment with x-y translation of the pinhole, and true gimbaling of the entire assembly. The modular system is offered with a choice of nine different focusing objectives and 11 pinhole apertures. ..The AR coated optics are designed for use over the 400- to 700-nm wavelength range.
Newport, Irvine, CA

Optical-receiver simulation software

Front-end noise-analysis simulation (FENA) software is used for optimizing PIN and APD optical receivers. Providing detailed noise and gain analysis, the simulation software is designed for a wide array of amplifiers. FENA allows users to input detector, background radiation, and op-amp characteristics for circuit and gain optimization. Displays include optimum APD gain and graph, sensitivity, noise components, SNR graph (for example, at various temperatures or optical background levels), and spectral output-voltage noise.
OptoElectronic Components, Pierrefonds, Quebec, Canada

InGaAs photodiodes

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The FCI-InGaAs-××× series of 155/622-Mbit/s InGaAs photodiodes have active area sizes of 55, 70, and 120 µm with TIAs for datacom and telecom applications. They offer a spectral range from 900 to 1700 nm and are suitable for single/multimode fiberoptic receivers, Gigabit Ethernet/Fibre Channel, SONET/SDH, ATM, optical taps and other high-speed optical communication needs.
OSI Fibercomm, Hawthorne, CA

Simulation software

The OptiSystem software tool is for the design and simulation of optical communications systems and modules. New features include a 300-component library, including new dynamic models for EDFA and Raman amplifiers, more than 45 new applications and validation reports, automation through Virtual Basic scripting, and a Bill-of-Materials cost-analysis module.
Optiwave, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Optical-engineering software package

FRED 2.90.0 is advanced software capable of simulating the propagation of light through virtually any optical/mechanical system. FRED's real-time photorealistic visualization and advanced user interface enable any user to virtually prototype and analyze imaging and nonimaging (illumination) systems. FRED is compatible with the leading lens-design software packages.
Photon Engineering, Tucson, AZ

Picosecond pulsed laser-diode system

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A new high-power 375-nm picosecond pulsed laser-diode system consists of a dedicated driver PDL 800B (single channel) or PDL 808 Sepia (multichannel), and interchangeable laser heads. The system is designed for time-correlated single-photon counting (TCSPC), fluorescence lifetime imaging (FLIM), fluorescence energy-transfer measurements (FRET) as well as single-molecule spectroscopy and detection.
Photonic Solutions, Edinburgh, Scotland

Smart cameras

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The HawkEye 1600 series of networked vision smart cameras combines a compact form factor with the machine-vision toolkit of Visionscape vision boards. The cameras are configured as an integrated, all-in-one package incorporating built-in lighting and fixed optics for specific applications, or as a general-purpose smart camera with C- or CS-mount optics and separate lighting. Factory uses include inspection, assembly verification, dimensional gauging, alignment/guidance, and traceability applications.
Robotic Vision Systems, Nashua, NH

Brushless DC motor kit

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The new 000-0229 brushless DC motor kit uses a stator that is precision molded using a proprietary encapsulation process that facilitates system integration, protects windings from handling damage while also facilitating heat dissipation. Measuring 2 in. O.D. × 1.25 in. long, the motor can produce 44 oz-in. of torque at 5500 rpm.
Servo Magnetics, Canoga Park, CA

Digital cameras

The Fast 1394 digital camera product line includes the Retiga Exi, the Retiga 1300i, and the QICAM. They have been introduced for scientific, machine-vision, and OEM applications. All the cameras use an IEEE 1394 FireWire digital interface for easy desktop or laptop connectivity requiring no frame grabber. The cameras deliver data rates of 40 Mbyte/s, full-resolution 12-bit sampling at 20 MHz, and frame rates of up to 290 f/s.
Qimaging, Vancouver, BC

InGaAs photodiode array

The new SU1024LE is a 1024-element linear InGaAs photodiode array with an extended wavelength range of 2.2 µm, at room temperature. The array provides 1024 pixels on a 25-µm pitch with pixel heights as tall as 250 µm. Spectroscopy applications include plastic/paper sorting, tobacco inspection, and grain sorting/analysis.
Sensors Unlimited, Princeton, NJ

Multi-element glass lenses

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Three multi-element glass lenses are optimized for compact megapixel CMOS/CCD imagers with 1/3.4 in., 1/2.7 in. and 1/2-in. formats. The DSL819, DSL823, and DSL853 lenses are especially suited for building low-cost, compact digital cameras because of their low-profile lens design. An IR-cut filter coating comes standard with all these lenses.
Sunex, Carlsbad, CA

Color camera for machine vision

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The new IK-TF5 color camera utilizes three 1/3-in. progressive-scan CCDs with 659 × 494 effective square pixels. The design eliminates image jitter and RGB shift, while ensuring maximum spatial resolution (500 TV lines) of high-speed objects. Features include a partial scan mode that reads out up to 180 f/s; an RS-232 remote-control port (9600 or 19200 BAUD rate); electronic shutter (1/100 to 1/100,000); one- or two-pulse random trigger, and C-mount.
Toshiba America Information, Systems, Irvine, CA

Surface-mount light-to-voltage converters

The TSL 250/251RD and TSL 260/261RD light-to-voltage converters are now available in an 8-pin SOIC package that stands 1.8 mm high. This will allow designers to incorporate light-sensing capabilities into their high-volume, low-profile applications such as hand-held toys, smoke detectors, printers, and large and small household appliances.
Texas Advanced Optoelectronics Solutions, Plano, TX

Fast-tilt equalizer

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The ZettaTilt-F is a fast-tilt equalizer that utilizes two cascaded electrically controlled filters to dynamically compensate for fast spectral tilt generated along DWDM links due to EDFA nonuniformity, stimulated Raman scattering, or other phenomena. It ..can compensate for any first-order nonuniformity (tilt) within less than 1 µs.
ZettaLight, Beit Halevy, Israel

Ion-source controller

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A new ion-source power supply, the Mark II Controller, is designed specifically to match the plasma characteristics of end-Hall ion sources and allows the users to maximize ion-source performance. The controller provides a discharge power capacity of up to 300 VDC and 10-A rms. Both the power supply and gas-flow control are integrated in one box for ease of use.
Veeco Instruments, Fort Collins, CO

Thin-film-deposition controller

The Cygnus thin-film-deposition controller is designed for OLED manufacturing applications that use low-density materials and low deposition rates. It can control up to six materials independently or in any combination. It provides typical thickness accuracy of 0.5% and frequency accuracy of ±2 ppm from 0°C to 50°C.
Inficon, Syracuse, NY

Residual-gas analyzer

The eVision residual-gas analyzer has an integrated Ethernet interface and embedded web server for operation over any TCP/IP network. The device provides control for vacuum troubleshooting, system status checks, leak detection, and baseline gas monitoring in a range of vacuum applications at pressures to 10-4 Torr.
MKS Instruments, Andover, MA

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