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A 15 X Schwarzschild all-reflective objective lens has an athermal design, stray-light-reduction, a Y/10 transmitted wavefront, and no need for adjustment.

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All-reflective objective

Th 0601lfwedmund
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A 15 × Schwarzschild all-reflective objective lens has an athermal design, stray-light-reduction, a λ/10 transmitted wavefront, and no need for adjustment. The objective comes with a protected gold or UV-enhanced aluminum coating, or can be ordered with HR laser-line coatings. Uses include applications in extreme regions of the optical spectrum (from EUV into the IR), spanning a broad spectral range, or requiring ­simultaneous targeting and ­focusing (for example laser ablation, micro­machining, and fine-pitch printing).
Edmund Optics, Barrington, NJ

Color 3-D laser sensor

Th 0601lfwmicrometric
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The CLS60 is a color 3-D laser sensor optimized for portable laser scanning. The sensor obtains complex 3-D geometry and texture with color-per-vertex quality. It delivers 19,200 points per second with 0.001 in. accuracy, utilizing multiple CCD detectors, and a single ­monolithic light projector.
Micrometric Vision Technologies, Mission Viejo, CA

Laser module

Th 0601lfwlaserex
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The HPFC high-­power fiber-coupled laser module is designed for use in ­photodynamic therapy, ­microwelding, tissue welding, medical, cosmetic, and OEM and R&D applications. The module offers output powers up to 25 W, variable pulse lengths from 1 ms to CW, wavelengths from 635 to 980 nm and RS232 control. Repetition frequencies are from 1 to 500 Hz.
Laserex Technologies, Unley SA, Australia

Beam profiler

Th 0601lfwprolite
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The LaserCam HR has a USB 2.0 PC interface with BeamView 4.1 Analyser PC beam-analysis software. It features a large-area, windowless CMOS sensor and provides 1.3 megapixel, 6.7-µmsquare pixels. The system measures beam ­diameter, focused spot size and fit to Gaussian of almost any laser in the 300- to 1100-nm range, pulsed and CW.
Pro-Lite Technology, Bedfordshire, England

Lens-design software

Th 0512lfwlambda
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Version 6.3.3 OSLO lens-design software is available on Windows and Linux platforms, including RedHat 8.0 and SUSE 9.1 Linux distributions. It has more than 50 enhancements since the 6.3 release, addressing requests for inter­operability, flexibility, and customization. Its materials database includes Chinese optical glass types.
Lambda Research, Littleton, MA


Th 0512lfwmadcity
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The Nano-Z500 nanopositioner is designed for ­microscopy applications that require high speed and long-range z-axis travel. The piezo actuator device contains internal position sensors to provide closed-loop resolution of better than 3 nm over the 500-µm travel range. It is large enough to hold the multi-well plates used in biomedical research.
Mad City Labs, Madison, WI

Flexible adhesive

Th 0512lfwmasterbond
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EP37-3FLF low-­viscosity, high-flexibility adhesive/sealant has an operating temperature range of -80ºF to 250ºF, volume resistivity of 1 × 1014 ohm-cm at 75ºF, a Shore D hardness of 30, and a tensile strength of 4000 psi at 75ºF. Peak exotherm for 200-gm mass is 40ºC. The two-component system is optically clear.
Master Bond, Hackensack, NJ

System-design software

Version 4.1 of OptiSystem software has new features for design of access and fiber-to-the-home network systems. This version can handle dynamic Er-Yb codoped fiber, brillouin effect, doped fiber nonlinearities, and time-driven directly modulated lasers. It provides BER, system performance, and budget calculations and also works for WDM and CATV networks and components.
Optiwave Systems, Ottawa, Ont., Canada

Microscope adaptor

Th 0512lfwmelles
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The 07 ACM 001 microscope-body camera adaptor allows any CCD camera with a C-mount interface to be attached to any of the company’s microscope bodies for either remote or head-up viewing. The two-piece adaptor threads directly through the microscope body and allows camera rotation for image alignments.
Melles Griot Photonics Components Group,

Carlsbad, CA

UV beam shaper

Th 0512lfwnewport
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The GBS-UV-H ultraviolet refractive beam shaper is designed without an internal ­focus for use with ­higher-energy pulsed and CW lasers. It is optimized for input at 248 to 365 nm, and allows a user to convert a Gaussian beam into a collimated flattop beam with nearly 100% efficiency.
Newport, Irvine, CA

Design software

Version 8 of LabVIEW, the ­graphical development platform for design, control, and testing, has a simplified, scalable interface for synchronizing between intelligent devices and systems. It provides a new environment for managing large applications and team development with an ability to integrate with advanced software engineering processes.
National Instruments, Austin, TX

Red diode lasers

Th 0512lfwnlight
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A series of high-power ­diode-laser ­arrays provide power at 665, 680, and 690 nm. In a standard, conduction-cooled “CS” package, they provide up to 10-W CW with a thermal resistance of 0.8ºC/W. In the company’s microchannel, water-cooled Cascades package, they provide up to 15-W CW with thermal resistance of 0.35ºC/W.
nLight, Vancouver, WA

Simulation software

FemSIM software is a general mode-solver for transverse and cavity modes based on the Finite Element Method. It handles polarization rotators, air- or solid-core photonic-crystal fibers, laser and PBG cavities, silicon photonic devices, and structures with small feature sizes. It is designed to deal with high index contrast, lossy, highly hybrid structures.
RSoft Design Group, Ossining, NY

Imaging software

Th 0512lfwolympus
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Version 5 of Micro­Suite software for acquisition and processing of color images is integrated with the company’s motorized microscopes and third-party accessories. It supports numerous CCD and video cameras and TWAIN devices. New visualization tools allow the user to navigate through multicolor Z-stacks and T-stacks. TCP/IP software allows a camera to send its images over the Internet.
Olympus Scientific Equipment Instrument Group,

Melville, NY

Tunable laser

The TM3100C-T tunable multiwavelength laser provides 40 wavelengths locked to the ITU-T grid from a single optical fiber. It can tune across the entire grid by ± 20 GHz, making it possible to set the laser to frequencies on either side of the central frequencies. It is designed for use in research and on manufacturing lines.
Peleton, Ottawa, Ont., Canada

RGB LED platform

Th 0512lfwperkin
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Aculed is a compact, multi-use LED designed for a variety of lighting applications including mood lighting, vision systems, architectural lighting, and medical lighting. Also available are Aculed evaluation kits so that customers can test the platform with their applications.
PerkinElmer Optoelectronics, Fremont, CA

Fast steering mirrors

Th 0512lfwpi
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A variety of piezo-driven, high-speed steering mirrors are designed for image and beam stabilization, resolution enhancement, scanning, and tracking. The designs provide multi-axis motion with high bandwidth, submicroradian resolution and optical deflection ranges up to 100 mrad. They are based on a parallel-kinematics design with a single moving platform and coplanar rotational axes.
PI (Physik Instrumente), Auburn, MA


Th 0512lfwpiezosys
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The SP-S series vibrometer is a noncontact measurement system that uses interferometry to measure mechanical vibrations from 0 to 1 MHz. Measurements can be taken from any surface that reflects as little as 10-4 of incident light. The instrument includes software for performing FFT spectrum analysis.
Piezosystem Jena, Hopedale, MA

Ytterbium fiber

The Yb1200-20/125DC is a highly doped, large-mode-area fiber. It has a 20-µm-diameter core, 125-µm cladding diameter, large core-to-­cladding ratio and an octagonal cladding shape. This results in cladding pump absorption of 6.8 dB/m at 920 nm and up to 29 dB/m near the peak at 976 nm, enabling the use of very short active fiber lengths.
Liekki, Lohja, Finland


Th 0512lfwprecision
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Micro-optic prisms, beamsplitters, and other custom optical assemblies are available down to 1 × 1 × 1 mm in size, with a ± 25-µm ­dimensional tolerance. They come in materials including fused silica, BK7, Zerodur, LaSFN9, YAG, and ULE, and can operate over wavelength ranges from 350 nm to 3 µm.
Precision Photonics Corp., Boulder, CO


Th 0512lfwthermo
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The Evolution 600 UV-Vis spectrophotometer can analyze almost any sample, such as optical components, thin film, glass, and plastics, regardless of shape, size, or composition. It includes accessories for diffuse reflectance, VN absolute specular reflectance, and solid sampling. It contains updated ­VISIONpro software for analysis.
Thermo Electron, Waltham, MA

Large lenses

Th 0512lfwschneider
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The Cinegon CNG 1.9/10 and CNG 1.8/16 C-mount lenses feature a 16‑mm image circle and allow vision-­system integrators to use them on cameras with CMOS and CCD lenses in formats up to 1 in. An iris-locking mechanism and rugged design eliminate the need for recalibration.
Jos. Schneider Optische Werke,

Bad Kreuznach, Germany

Ethernet cameras

Th 0512lfwprosilica
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The GE-series Gigabit Ethernet cameras conform to the AIA GigE ­vision standard for linking machine-vision cameras over high-speed connections. The cameras can transmit uncompressed image data in real time, and can have cables up to 100 m long.
Prosilica, Burnaby, BC, Canada

Machine-vision camera

Th 0512lfwtoshiba
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The CS6940CL 2-megapixel CCD camera can acquire 15 frames/s full-frame progressive-scanned video. It contains Camera Link open standard for image output and camera control. It measures 2.1 × 1.3 × 2.2 in. and is designed for integration into a color machine vision, intelligent traffic, or industrial inspection systems.
Toshiba Teli, Tokyo, Japan

Planar lightwave circuits

Th 0512lfwvitex
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A series of planar lightwave circuits (PLC) from Fi-Ra Photonics Co. are designed for passive optical networks. PLC products are available in single-mode splitter chips, single-mode 1 × N and 2 × N splitters, and V-groove chips. Each of the splitters can uniformly divide optical signals from input ports to multiple outputs, or combine multiple wavelengths into one fiber.
ViTex, Englewood Cliffs, NJ

Aspheric lenses

Th 0512lfwkaleido
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High-precision molded glass aspheric lenses are available in diameters from 3 to 50 mm. ­Typical surface quality tolerances are roughness of less than 5 nm, form error less than 1 fringe, and axial alignment of less than 3 minutes of arc. Lenses can be plano-convex, plano-concave, bi-convex, bi-concave, or convex-concave.
Kaleido Technology,

Farum, Denmark

Vibration control

Th 0512lfwkinetic
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The 1200 Series vibration-isolation workstation is designed for heavy, tall, or moving loads of up to 2800 lb, even with high centers of gravity. It has vertical natural frequency of 1.6 Hz at load and vertical and horizontal isolation efficiencies of up to 93% and 88% at load. It has an automatic leveling system and is Class 100 clean-room compatible, with Class 10 optional.
Kinetic Systems, Boston, MA

Microchip lasers

Th 0601lfwalphalas
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The PULSELAS-P-1064-HP ­delivers pulse energy of up to 0.4 mJ with a pulse length of 1 ns and peak power of 400 kW. The PULSELAS-P-1064-150-HE provides pulse energy of up to 1.6 mJ with a pulse length of 1.1 ns and peak power of 1.5 MW. Both passive, Q-switched, microchip lasers operate at repetition rates of up to 200 Hz.
Alphalas, Goettingen, Germany

Field spectroradiometers

Th 0601lfwanalytical
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The FieldSpec 3 field spectroradiometer provides a spectral range from 350 to 2500 nm and a data collection rate of 0.10 s per spectrum. It includes Ethernet and wireless connectivity for remote data collection up to 150 ft away from the computer. A new LabVIEW interface is used with the updated RS3 software, enabling automated data collection.
Analytical Spectral Devices, Boulder, CO

Line-scan camera

Th 0601lfwdalsa
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The Spyder GigE line-scan camera is available in 1k and 2k resolutions with a 14-µm pixel pitch, speeds up to 80 MHz, and data rates of up to 1 Gbit/s. It offers Gigabit Ether­net connectivity for high-speed web, flat-panel display, pick-and-place, and other machine-vision applications.
Dalsa, Waterloo, ON

Laser-diode system

Th 0601lfwdilas
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A series of fiber-coupled laser-diode systems are available in 100-, 200-, and 400-W models. All have a 400‑µm fiber core, an NA of 0.22, and are cooled via an industrial wafer. A single-wavelength 980-nm ±10 nm version is available with 810- or 940‑nm versions available upon request.
Dilas, Mainz, Germany

Vision-sensor software

Th 0601lfwcognex
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Intellect software release 1.2 for DVT vision sensors features improvements to the user interface, inspection, measurement, counting and object location applications. It provides faster image updates, custom drivers for robotic applications, and ready-to-use label inspection for the DVT product line.
Cognex, Natick, MA

Laser source

Th 0601lfwfianium
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The SC450-C supercontinuum source delivers more than 500-mW average power with spectra from less than 450 to more than 1800 nm. The source measures 250 × 220 × 55 mm and is available with a fixed or a fiber-delivered collimated optic. It is based on a proprietary mode­locked fiber laser, fiber amplifier, and PCG pumping technique.

Photo sensor

Th 0601lfwhamamatsu
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The H9858 photo sensor can be operated for more than 1000 hours using two AA batteries. Designed for portable or compact instruments, the instrument design features a remotely programmable internal high-voltage power supply. This allows computer control of the module’s gain based on the detected light level. Spectral sensitivities from 185 to 920 nm are available.

Bridgewater, NJ

Temperature calibration service

The annual NIST-traceable temperature calibration service for Fluoptic temperature measurement products is now available. The company maintains a calibration laboratory with temperature dry baths that are traceable to NIST standards in Gaithersburg, MD. These dry baths, along with its ISO9001: 2000 procedures, facilitate its system check service and annual system calibration (instrument, probes, and extensions).
Luxtron, Santa Clara, CA

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