Compact voice-coil stages with up to 50.8 mm of travel are designed for motion-control applications such as scanning, lens grinding, and laser and mirror positioning.

Th 0607lfwh2w

Voice-coil stages

Th 0607lfwh2w
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Compact voice-coil stages with up to 50.8 mm of travel are designed for motion-control applications such as scanning, lens grinding, and laser and mirror positioning. The stages provide an encoder resolution as low as 0.1 µm, acceleration up to 98 m/s2 and no moving cables.
H2W Technologies,
Valencia, CA
[email protected]

Insertion-loss measurement instrument

Th 0607lfwoptotestsilo
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The OP815D insertion-loss measurement instrument is optimized for large-core optical fibers from 100 to 1000 µm, including silica and plastic optical fibers. Each unit is built to order with single-wavelength or dual-wavelength sources. Laser sources can be specified with 630, 650, 850, and 980 nm wavelengths; LED sources are available in 650, 660, and 850 nm wavelengths.
Newbury Park, CA
[email protected]

UV light systems

Th 0607lfwphoseon
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The RX Starfire and RX Fireline are two new families of solid-state UV light sources for curing applications. The air-cooled, RX Starfire system is designed as a high intensity UV light bar with configurable emitting lengths. The water-cooled, RX Fireline is a larger, higher-capacity UV light bar available in two fixed emitting lengths. Both units utilize semiconductor light-matrix technology.
Phoseon Technology, Hillsboro, OR
[email protected]

Line-scan camera

Th 0607lfwvisioncompsilo
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The new VC4002L line-scan camera has 400 MHz (3200 MIPS) DSP. It supports three integration modes, and comes equipped with 32 MB DRAM and 4 MB Flash EPHROM for program and data storage. The camera features an Ethernet and an RS232 interface.
Vision Components,
Berlin, Germany

Laser marking

The FiberTower Desktop fiber-laser marking system has an integrated controller for the laser, z-axis, and scan head. It draws power for a 100 V AC outlet and has a spot size 90% smaller than a CO2 laser. The air-cooled fiber laser has beam quality M2 better than 1.05 and provides 50,000 hours maintenance-free operation.
PTG Industries, Lake Mary, FL
[email protected]


Th 0606lfwradiantimaging
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The PM-GONI provides far-field luminous intensity distribution and color measurement of a range of lights. The turnkey system combines a CCD-based photometer or colorimeter with a two-axis goniometer, along with system-control, data-acquisition, and image-processing software. Software automatically displays data in a variety of formats can exports data as Type-B or Type-C IES files.
Radiant Imaging, Duvall, WA
[email protected]

OEM laser

Th 0606lfwrpmc
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The Wedge OEM laser emits 1.5 mJ at ≤1 kHz with 1.5 ns pulses at 1064 nm, providing 1 MW peak power. The compact, air-cooled, diode-pumped laser is based on an electro-optic Q-switch and is insensitive to vibrations and harsh environments. It measures 0.18 ft3. Optional harmonics at 532 and 355 nm are available.
RPMC Lasers, O’Fallon, MO
[email protected]

Lens mounts

All-aluminum lens mounts hold stock lenses 20 to 75 mm simply by threading a stop ring inside the lens mount to the desired depth, then inserting the lens and fixing it in place with the retaining ring and a spanner wrench. More than one lens can be mounted in the cylinder, making it ideal for holding double lens condensers and other systems. The cylinders themselves can be threaded into one another for a wide variety of possibilities.
Rolyn Optics, Covina, CA
[email protected]

CCD lenses

Th 0606lfwsill
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Telecentric Correctal T80 lenses for 1 in. CCDs provide magnification of 0.19x (Model S5LPJ6041), 0.21x (S5LPJ6045), 0.25x (S5LPJ6050), 0.29x (S5LPJ6060), and 0.36x (S5LPJ6075). They have distortion better than 0.2% and a working distance of 180 mm. They come with variable iris and C-mount.
Sill Optics, Wendelstein, Germany

Vertical stage

Th 0606lfwsteinmeyer
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The Model HT 03-LM vertical positioning stage has travel of 3 mm with accuracy of 2 µm and repeatability of 20 nm. A piezoelectric motor drives a 10:1 ratio wedge. Precision crossed roller bearings provide smooth motion and high rigidity. The stable aluminum device weighs 3.6 kg and handles loads up to 200 N.
Steinmeyer, Burlington, MA
[email protected]


Th 0606lfwtrioptics
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The TriAngle Series High-Speed Detector electronic autocollimator has an IEEE 1394 digital interface. Depending on focal length, it provides an accuracy of from 0.2 to 2 arcsec and resolution of 0.01 to 0.1 arcsec. It makes angle measurements at up to 15 kHz. Software modules measure tilt and wedge angles, prisms, polygons, and deflection angles.
Trioptics, Wedel, Germany
[email protected]


The NS25 Uniblitz noncontact actuation-system shutter has a 25 mm aperture and an overall diameter of 2.25 in., with only six moving parts, five of which are the shutter blades. It can be configured for bistable operation and has machined flat surfaces for integration into most systems.
Vincent Associates, Rochester, NY
[email protected]

Spectroscopy software

Version 7.3 of OMNIC software expands the capabilities of the company’s FT-IR, Raman, and FT-NIR spectrometers. It includes new time-based experiment features such as 2-D and 3-D data-visualization tools and a spectral search feature. Auto exposure, Smart Background correction, and automated fluorescence rejection improve sample analyses from Raman devices.
Thermo Electron, Waltham, MA
[email protected]

NIR spectrograph

Th 0606lfwverity
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The SD512NIT spectrography provides measurement from 900 to 1700 nm. It uses a 512-element linear InGaAs photodiode array. It has user-selectable high-sensitivity and high-dynamic-range modes, a three stage TE cooler, an integrated blocking filter, and application software. It can integrate with other tools through RS232, Ethernet, and Digital I/O communication.
Verity Instruments, Carrollton, TX
[email protected]

Light-scattering detector

Th 0606lfwwyatt
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The miniDAWN TREOS multiangle light-scattering detector measures small molecules at low concentrations. Each of three analog signals is processed by its own digital-signal-processing IC with 24-bit digital conversion for high resolution. Four auxiliary analog inputs are available for interfacing to external detectors.
Wyatt Technology,
Santa Barbara, CA
[email protected]

LED driver

The TB62752AFUG white LED driver IC from Toshiba drives two to eight LEDs in series from a single device. It provides up to 800 mW LED loading and is suitable for use with portable designs based on lithion-ion batteries. It operates on input voltages from 2.8 to 5.5 V with power efficiency better than 80% during seven-segment operation.
Marktech Optoelectronics,
Latham, NY
[email protected]


Th 0606lfwlasercomp
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A red VCSEL offers typical output of 0.5 mW at 665 nm. It comes in a TO46 package and has operating current of 3 mA. It can be modulated at very high frequencies and provides a circular output beam with low divergence, and it can be tested at the wafer level. It is designed for high-speed communication over plastic optical fiber.
Laser Components,
Chelmsford, Essex, England
[email protected]

Miniature stages

Th 0606lfwpi
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The M-110 series of translation stages provides linear motion of 5, 15, and 25 mm in one- to four-axis systems with a 62 x 60 mm footprint. The M-116 miniature rotary stage can be combined with x, y, and xyz systems. The systems can be equipped with high-speed piezo drives.
PI (Physik Instrumente),
Auburn, MA
[email protected]

Amplifier system

Th 0607lfwelselectronik
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Power Disk is a regenerative laser system that produces pulses with up to 25 mJ energy and 10 ns duration at 1 kHz. The system is based on the VersaDisk thin-disk laser, used as a seed laser. The repetition rate can be selected from 1 kHz to 100 kHz and the fundamental wavelength can be set between 1010 and 1055 nm.
ELS Electronik Laser System, Gross-Bieberau, Germany
[email protected]

Fluorescence filters

Th 0607lfwsemrockjuly
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A line of filter sets is designed for multiphoton fluorescence excitation with a Ti:sapphire laser and other nonlinear microscopy applications. Part of the BrightLine family, the patent-pending filters utilize ion-beam-sputtering optical-filter technology, have better than 90% passband transmission over a 350 nm ultrabroadband wavelength range, and provide laser blocking up to an optical density of 8.
Semrock, Rochester, NY
[email protected]

Multiaxis motion controller

Th 0607lfwaerotech
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The Ensemble Epaq is a stand-alone, multiaxis motion controller. It has up to six integrated drives; additional external drive axes can be added for up to nine coordinated axes of motion. Motion capabilities include point-to-point, linear and circular interpolation, electronic gearing, and velocity profiling.
Aerotech, Pittsburgh, PA
[email protected]

Lidar software

LiDAR XLR8R 3.0 is a data-management, analysis, and visualization tool for lidar and geospatial data consumers. Upgrade features include batch processing and feature merge capability, as well as enhanced pyramiding, 3-D visualization, and geo-referencing functionality. The software has no limits to the number of points that can be uploaded and processed on a standard PC.
Airborne 1, El Segundo, CA
[email protected]

Thin-film polarizers

Th 0607lfwalpine
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A series of thin-film polarizers is specifically intended for use with Ti:sapphire ultrafast laser systems. Two polarizer configurations are offered: the first delivers maximum transmission (better than 98%) of p polarized light over the 740 to 860 nm wavelength range; the second provides high reflectance (better than 95%) of s polarized light from 700 to 900 nm. Both have a nominal 70º angle of incidence and have minimal group velocity dispersion.
Alpine Research Optics,
Boulder, CO
[email protected]

Short-pulse lasers

Th 0607lfwarcticphot
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Short-pulse solid-state lasers have outputs of 946, 1047, and 1064 nm, and peak powers of up to 50 kW. The lasers are based on a discrete optical design, rather than a microchip, with each element bonded to a thermally matched cavity frame. They offer beam quality M2 less than 1.1.
Arctic Photonics, Espoo, Finland
[email protected]

Counterrotation stage

Th 0607lfwclevelandcrystals
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The CRS150 Counter Rotation Stage facilitates simultaneous angle tuning of two crystals, oriented for compensation of birefringent walkoff. This configuration provides increased nonlinear optical-conversion efficiency, reduces distortion, and minimizes beam displacement. Features include computer control with phase-matching software, manual micrometer adjustment or stand-along remote control of a motorized micrometer.
Cleveland Crystals,
Highland Heights, OH
[email protected]

Filter micro-assembly

Each of the 18 elements in a new multispectral filter micro-array is a high-precision thin-film filter that measures 0.032 mm wide. A goal was to reduce mass, power, and volume in these multispectral sensors by eliminating the filter wheel. They can be used with any focal-plane-array detector from UV to IR. Applications range from commercial colorimetry to space-based multispectral imaging.
Barr Associates, Westford, MA
[email protected]

Optical isolator

Th 0607lfwconoptics
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The Model 715 I optical isolator is designed to work with unpolarized or randomly polarized lasers. The product uses calcite displacers at the input and output of the faraday rotator assembly. The isolator has a tuning range of 965 to 1135 nm, transmission of more than 92%, an aperture of 1.7 mm, and an offset of 2 mm. A nontunable version is also available at 1064 nm.
Conoptics, Danbury, CT
[email protected]

Machine-vision software toolkit

Th 0607lfwdalsacoreco
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Sapera Essential is a machine-vision software toolkit that bundles board-level acquisition and control with image-processing capability. It features a new geometric search tool. The toolkit has a full suite of software libraries for image acquisition, display, and control, and includes an extensive list of image-processing functions.
DALSA Coreco,
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
[email protected]

Telecentric lenses

Th 0607lfwedmund
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The TML-HP series of telecentric lenses provides scientists, engineers, and vision-system designers the ability to make accurate, noncontact measurements of small objects. The lenses are available in three fixed-focus versions that provide 1x, 2x, or 4x magnifications for automated metrology applications in on-line and off-line production environments.
Edmund Optics, Barrington, NJ
[email protected]

SLED sources

The SDL-101S line of benchtop SLED sources was specifically designed for OCT, fiber sensor, and test-and-measurement applications. The source is temperature stabilized to 0.05ºC and can operate in either constant current or constant power modes with a power stability of +0.0005 dB. Wide wavelengths from 750 to 1600 nm can be selected. The unit comes with USB, RS232, Ethernet, and GPIB ports.
General Photonics, Chino, CA
[email protected]

Imaging spectrometer

Th 0607lfwheadwall
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The Micro-Hyperspec sensor is a small, lightweight, robust hyperspectral imaging spectrometer for applications involving unmanned aerial vehicles and unmanned ground vehicles. The sensor is based on a patented, aberration-corrected, concentric, f/2.8 optical design, which features unique holographic diffraction gratings. Available spectral ranges include VNIR, NIR, and custom wavelength ranges.
Headwall Photonics, Fitchburg, MA
[email protected]

Pattern generator

Th 0607lfwholoor
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A high-efficiency pattern generator, part of the Multi Spot series, generates 6 x 8 = 48 points. It has a separation angle of 0.625º pitch between the beams at a wavelength of 1064 nm. Similar optics can be designed for 266, 532, 632.8, and 1550 nm with custom separation angles. The beams can be transformed to spots by a single focusing lens.
Holo/Or, Rehovat, Israel
[email protected]

Flat-field correction feature

The FFC Processor utility has been introduced as a free software upgrade for the IPX-2M30, IPX-2M30H, IPX-4M15, and IPX-11M5 series cameras. The utility provides a flat-field-correction file containing the correction factors the camera needs to perform on-board flat-field correction while acquiring images. This eliminates vignetting and sensitivity variations.
Imperx, Boca Raton, FL
[email protected]

3-D sensor system

3Di technology (Intelligence in Three Dimensions) can track and identify objects, along with their position, orientation, and movement. By reducing the amount of nonessential data being processed, the sensor system provides an analyzed result in real time and requires less bandwidth than traditional systems. The system is designed for military and security markets.
Neptec, Houston, TX
[email protected]

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