Newport laser diode controller incorporates DSP-based PID control

Aug. 20, 2010
The 32 W Model 6100 laser diode and temperature controller has a 500 mA/1500 mA current supply range.

The 32 W Model 6100 laser diode and temperature controller has a 500 mA/1500 mA current supply range. It incorporates digital signal processor (DSP)-based PID control and ultrastable current control to achieve <0.001°C temperature stability and 1.3 μA (rms) ripple. Other features include a full four-line alpha-numeric menu system and two seven-segment displays for current and temperature readings.
Newport (MKS Instruments)
Irvine, CA



Newport Introduces the Model 6100 for Precise Laser Diode Control

Irvine, CA – March 10, 2010 – Newport Corporation, a worldwide leader in laser and photonic solutions that Make, Manage and Measure Light(r), announces the Model 6100 Laser Diode and Temperature Controller. The innovative instrument provides unmatched precision current and temperature control for laser diode applications. The 500mA/1500mA current supply range, along with the 32Watt Temperature Controller is ideal for all demanding laboratory applications.

Newport’s Model 6100 controller combines advanced stability for use with TO-can laser diodes (TO-56 and TO-9) and butterfly packages that require up to 1500mA of current. The new integrated laser diode and temperature controller model is an innovative design which incorporates advanced digital signal processor (DSP)-based PID control and ultra-stable current control to achieve < 0.001° C temperature stability and 1.3 µA (rms) ripple, respectively.

Other features include a full 4-line alpha-numeric menu system for easy navigation of functions and settings within the bench top instrument. Two large, 7-segment displays offer a clear view of actual current and temperature readings. Fast LIV measurement function is built into the unit, with analog input provision from a power meter. This driver is compatible with a variety of Newport’s laser diode mounts and accessories, making the Model 6100 well-suited for precise and reliable control in scientific and laboratory tasks.

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