Lumen Dynamics UV LED curing system integrates into production lines

Aug. 14, 2012
The OmniCure LC280 UV LED curing system provides low-temperature curing for display manufacturers.

The OmniCure LC280 UV LED curing system provides low-temperature curing for display manufacturers. It is modular for integration into production lines, and multiple systems can be joined together.
Lumen Dynamics
Mississauga, ON, Canada

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Lumen Dynamics Announces the OmniCure® LC280 - the New Generation of UV LED Curing Solutions for Optical Bonding

Mississauga, Ontario, CANADA – Lumen Dynamics introduces the OmniCure® LC280, a revolutionary UV LED curing system designed to enhance profitability by improving yields and production speeds for display manufacturers. Setting a new industry standard in UV curing solutions, the robust OmniCure® LC280 allows display manufacturers the ability to achieve maximum throughput performance and increased product yields through its unique combination of high power UV output and low temperature curing.

"The rapid increase in demand for flat panel displays coupled with the strong pricing pressures in this market has created a paradox for display manufacturers. To assist our partners in display manufacturing, we have broadened the OmniCure® product portfolio of UV curing solutions," stated Allan Firhoj, President and CEO of Lumen Dynamics. "The modular OmniCure® LC280 is a highly advanced UV LED curing system that reinforces our commitment and ingenuity in bringing enabling technologies to our partners."

The OmniCure® LC280 allows display manufacturers to overcome the challenges created by excessive heat produced by arc lamp curing systems, and thus allows for improved production line speeds and process yields. With the LC280, manufacturing engineers are able to increase production output with the ability to cure multiple units at a time or use in wider display applications. The modular LC280 design is easily integrated with new or existing production lines due to its utilization of existing production line infrastructure and the flexibility to adjoin multiple LC280 systems together.

Also, visit our website at and go to to learn more about the OmniCure® LC280.

About Lumen Dynamics
Lumen Dynamics Group Inc. is a global leader of innovative specialty light delivery solutions within the Life Sciences, Medical Devices, Optoelectronics and Graphics Digital Printing markets. Founded in 1984, the company offers market leading products through its industry recognized brands: X-Cite®, OmniCure® and Excelerate®. Lumen Dynamics is a technology company propelled forward by its commitment to providing customer solutions through the innovative application of light. The company is focused on advancing technology while continuously improving its contribution towards environmental sustainability. For more information about Lumen Dynamics, visit


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