Tunable laser capacity doubling by NeoPhotonics reflects coherent communications demand

San Jose, CA--PIC modules and subsystems manufacturer NeoPhotonics is doubling capacity for narrow-linewidth tunable lasers for 40G and 100G coherent networks.

San Jose, CA--Photonic integrated circuit (PIC) modules and subsystems designer and manufacturer NeoPhotonics Corporation (NYSE: NPTN) is doubling capacity for production of low-noise, narrow-linewidth tunable lasers for 40 gigabit per second (40 Gbps) and 100 Gbpscoherent communications networks.

"Our narrow linewidth tunable lasers are key components for coherent transport in telecommunications systems, which we believe is rapidly emerging as a dominate architecture for 40 and 100 Gbps networks," said Tim Jenks, CEO of NeoPhotonics. "We believe there is currently a shortage of these critical products while demand continues to grow. We are in the process of more than doubling our production capacity of narrow linewidth tunable lasers with minimal expected additional capital expenditures. We anticipate our added capacity to be on-line in the first quarter of 2012."

The NeoPhotonics products are compact, widely tunable laser assemblies optimized for narrow linewidth with up to 35 mW launch power in the C band and 20 mW in the L band. Their narrow linewidth and frequency stability are enabled by a NeoPhotonics phase-shifted distributed feedback (DFB) laser chip and a proprietary packaging technology, while the assembly also includes an integrated wavelength locker as well as industry standard electrical and firmware interfaces.

NeoPhotonics maintains headquarters in San Jose, CA and ISO 9001:2000 certified engineering and manufacturing facilities in Silicon Valley and Shenzhen, China.

SOURCE: NeoPhotonics; www.neophotonics.com/news/newsneo_1632893.aspx

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