Noliac Establishes Operations in US; Appoints US CEO

March 8, 2002
Noliac A/S (, an international volume supplier of advanced multi-layer piezoelectric solutions, has launched its North American operations, and the appointed Lars Johansen, former president and CEO of IT FACTORY, to the position of President for Noliac, Inc.

Noliac A/S (, an international volume supplier of advanced multi-layer piezoelectric solutions, has launched its North American operations, and the appointed Lars Johansen, former president and CEO of IT FACTORY, to the position of President for Noliac, Inc. Johansen brings crucial experience in running a global company as Noliac establishes its formal presence in the U.S., enabling the company to better serve customers in one of the fastest growing markets for Micro Electrical Mechanical Solutions (MEMS) based on piezoelectric technology. With almost half of its current customers already located in North America, Noliac is entering a market where demand for its technology is already well proven.

Copenhagen-based Noliac has made pioneering advances in multi-layer piezoelectric technology that enable better performance and greater design flexibility than what is currently available in the market today. Noliac's state-of-the-art piezoelectric solutions deliver the highest displacement per unit size, have the lowest voltage requirements, and feature the smallest unit size available in the industry.

Moreover, Noliac can custom produce - in volume - advanced multi-layer piezoelectric components to meet the exact requirements of its customers' applications, including shape, size, operating temperature and frequency, electrode configuration, and a host of other factors.

"We are extremely excited about the formal launch of our U.S. operations, where we are seeing an extremely high demand for our pioneering piezoelectric technology," said Bj?rn Andersen, president and founder of the Copenhagen-based Noliac A/S. "Our ability to deliver application-specific piezoelectric solutions has been very well received in North America, and companies are eager to begin working with us on their projects. In addition, with nearly half of our customers already located in North America, we are pleased to be building an operation that can better serve the needs of these customers."

Noliac's advanced piezoelectric technology, an important advance for any company requiring the ability to position or adjust movement with the very highest degree of precision possible, is currently being used in a wide variety of industries and applications. These include automotive, telecommunications, biotech, information technology, instrumentation, medical and a host of others.

Noliac's pioneering technology enables the following substantive advances for companies designing applications that require micro-mechanical movement:

* Higher displacement per unit size - with strain levels reaching 0,2% Noliac components deliver 10-50 percent higher performance than products currently available;

* Smaller unit size - Noliac's advanced manufacturing processes enable highly compact solutions, a concept Noliac has proven with working actuators for Hard Disk Drive (HDD) stabilization application;

* Lower voltage requirements - Noliac can produce multi-layer ceramics with layers as thin as 10microns, which are required for low voltage applications; these solutions operate with voltages down to C-MOS levels (3,6V)

* Greater positioning resolution - Noliac's piezoelectric technology enables "step-less" very high precision applications;

* Higher operating temperature - Noliac can produce actuators based on four different ceramic materials that are optimized to comply with almost any environmental conditions, such as an operating temperature as high as 200 degrees Celsius;

* Higher operating frequency - Noliac is the only supplier of actuators based on hard doped PZT, which is especially suitable for applications operated at high frequency, such as piezoelectric motors.

To meet the specific requirements of customer applications, Noliac has the unique ability to custom design application-specific piezoelectric solutions based on the following variables:

* Shape/Size - Noliac can produce multi-layer piezoelectric solutions in virtually any shape or size that customers require, such as a ring, a disc, a bar, or even in the shape of a horseshoe. This flexibility facilitates a much easier and much faster design-in process for customers, and results in a much higher precision solution.

* Ceramic Material - Noliac has the unique ability to design solutions based on a range of ceramic materials, enabling the company to precisely match customer requirements in terms of stability, operating temperature, stroke frequency, precision, and other factors.

* Electrode Configuration - Noliac is the only vendor with the ability to design and produce custom electrode configurations inside of the ceramic material, enabling an even greater degree of customization for customers. For instance, Noliac can create an actuator in the shape of a ring that only expands on one side at a time, or a bender that can move in two axis, rather than just one.

Johansen was most recently President and CEO of IT FACTORY, a global supplier of CRM solutions and services, where he lead the company to a prominent industry position with 400 employees and 14 offices around the world in less than two years. While at IT FACTORY, Johansen was named a finalist for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in New England. Prior to founding IT FACTORY, Johansen was involved in setting up several businesses, including Complet Consulting, in partnership with Denmark-based Complet Data A/S. Johansen built Complet Consulting from 1 to 40 employees in two years, and in 1996 the company earned recognition from Lotus Development Corp. as the Nordic Business Partner which had the greatest impact on Lotus Notes sales. Johansen holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering from the Engineering College of Copenhagen, and has completed the Stanford University Executive Program for Growing Companies.

Noliac is an international volume supplier of advanced multi-layer Piezoelectric solutions. Noliac devices deliver the highest displacement per unit size, have the lowest voltage requirements in the industry, and can be custom manufactured to any specification that customers require. Specifically, Noliac designs and produces Ceramic Multi-layer Actuators and Ceramic Multi-layer Benders that are custom manufactured to meet customer specifications at very near the cost level of competing standard offerings.

Noliac is backed by international venture capital, allowing continued consistent growth. The Company is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, with U.S. headquarters in Boston, Mass. Find out more at

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