Nanodiamond/polymer composite helps to cool LEDs

Carbodeon is granted a U.S. patent for nanodiamond-containing polymers.

Dec 9th, 2015
Nanodiamond/polymer composite helps to cool LEDs
Nanodiamond/polymer composite helps to cool LEDs
High-output LEDs are cooled with the assistance of a nanodiamond-containing polymer that is highly thermally conductive. (Image: Carbodeon)

Nanodiamond and carbon nitride maker Carbodeon (Helsinki, Finland) has been granted a U.S. patent (number 9,085,723) for technology it has developed that enables detonation-synthesized diamond particles (nanodiamonds) to be combined with polymers for use in fields such as LED lighting and electronics.

Diamonds are one of the most thermally conductive materials known. In the new material, nanodiamonds are mixed with thermoplastic polymers in controlled amounts, enabling the plastic material to conduct heat at predetermined rates that depend on the mix ratio; the material is also highly wear-resistant.

The patent was filed after Carbodeon’s R&D during 2012-2013 in which they discovered that the thermal conductivity of thermoplastics can be significantly enhanced by adding nanodiamonds; interestingly, relatively small quantities of diamond usually suffice.

Source: Carbodeon

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