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The Excelsior-594 is a multilongitudinal-mode laser with 30 mW output at 594 nm.

Th 0808lfwnewport

Scientific laser

Th 0808lfwnewport
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The Excelsior-594 is a multilongitudinal-mode laser with 30 mW output at 594 nm. It is designed to excite fluorescent dyes in microscope and DNA sequencing applications and in flow cytometry. The stand-alone laser has an active light loop to provide output power stability over a wide temperature range.
Newport Spectra-Physics
Lasers Division, Mountain View, CA

Multispectral cameras

Th 0808lfwfluxdata
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The FD-1665 series of 3-CCD cameras contains three sensors, fitted with customer-specified optical filters, to simultaneously capture images through a single lens. It comes in 1.4-, 2-, and 5-megapixel resolutions. Users can select a preconfigured 3-, 5-, 7-, or 9-channel camera to configure an application-specific system. It can have any combination of narrow- or broadband filter coatings between 380 and 1100 nm.
FluxData, Rochester, NY


Th Piezosystem
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The Tritor 50 Cap is a nanopositioner with a travel of 50 µm. Solid-state hinges provide guidance without friction and free of mechanical play. It has subnanometer resolution in open-loop operation and 1 nm resolution in closed-loop operation. It measures 55 × 42 × 35 mm. A capacitive measurement sensor eliminates hysteresis.
Piezosytem Jena, Jena, Germany

UV objective

Th Specialoptics
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A UV microscope objective with an NA of 0.90 provides 280 nm spot imaging at a wavelength of 248 nm, and 410 nm spot imaging at a wavelength of 365 nm. Effective focal length is 5.5 mm. The objective is diffraction limited, with less than 0.07 waves rms wavefront distortion over the 100 µm field of view.
Special Optics, Wharton, NJ

2-D alignment tool

Th Pinpoint 2d
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The Microage 2-D laser alignment tool is designed for precision measuring, machinery alignment, calibration and, other industrial applications. The tool combines a compact laser transmitter with a receiver and digital display. It has a measuring resolution of 0.0001 in. and works over ranges of 100 ft.
Pinpoint Laser Systems, Peabody, MA

Terrestrial pump lasers

Th 3sphotonics
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The 1999 PLM series of medium- and high-power, 980 nm, terrestrial pump-laser modules deliver more than 450 mW at 600 mA. They come in a hermetically sealed, low-profile, 14-pin butterfly package with single-mode fiber pigtail. They have fiber Bragg grating stabilization, an integrated thermoelectric cooler, and back-facet monitor photodiode.
3S Photonics, Nozay, France

Interferometer mounts

Th 4dtechmounting
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A group of optical mounting components for use with large-aperture laser interferometers are designed to reduce set-up time and improve measurement repeatability. The rigid, vibration-resistant mounts interface with optics from most manufacturers to provide stable mounting in a broad range of measurement configurations. They come in 4 in. and 6 in. versions.
4D Technology, Tucson, AZ


Th 0808lfwaculight
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The Argos line of continuous-wave optical parametric oscillators now includes high- and lower-power single-frequency and broadband versions. The Model 2400-SF-15 and 2400-SF-5, for high-resolution, mid-IR spectroscopy, generate a minimum of 1 W and 300 mW, respectively, at wavelengths from 1.4 to 2 µm and 2.3 to 3.9 µm.
Aculight, Bothell, WA

DPSS laser

Th Cobolt Samba
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The Samba is a CW, solid-state laser operating at 532 nm with an output power up to 300 mW. The single-longitudinal mode laser has a measured linewidth of less than 1 MHz, with low noise less than 0.3% rms, and beam quality of m2 less than 1.1 over a temperature range of 10°C to 40°C. It consumes less than 25 W electrical power.
Cobolt, Solna, Sweden

Linear translation stage

Th 0808lfwaerotech
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The Nanotranslation Crossed-Roller (ANT-LX) stages incorporate direct-drive technology. They have 2 nm linear resolution, ±0.3 µm accuracy, ±0.05 µm repeatability, 5 g acceleration, 500 mm/s velocity, a maximum load of up to 8 kg, and a standardized, universal base-mounting pattern for use in a wide range of configurations.
Aerotech, Pittsburgh, PA

Spectroscopy system

Th Amo Aixscan
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The AIXSCAN measurement and control system is designed for time-resolved spectroscopy based on femto- or picosecond pulses. The multichannel, 100-megasamples/s data-acquisition system averages up to 1 million transients by real-time data processing, increasing the signal-to-noise ratio by a factor of 109. It controls static and fast time delay stages and shakers for jitter-free pump-probe measurements.
AMO, Aachen, Germany

Multimode pump module

Th 0808lfwbookham
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An uncooled, fiber-coupled, multimode laser-diode pump module meets Telcordia standards and offers up to 6 W in 105 µm multimode fiber with a 0.22 NA. It comes in a hermetically sealed, two-pin package with floating anode/cathode. It supports various pumping applications, and allows service delivery to fiber customers farther away from the central office or the cable head-end.
Bookham, San Jose, CA

Irradiance meter

Th 0808lfwbw Tek
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The BSR-112 is a miniature spectral irradiance meter designed for field, industrial, and lab applications. It comes with a USB 2.0/1.1 interface to attach to a desktop or laptop. It includes software for characterization and measurement of many lighting devices and systems. Abilities include timeline recording, data smoothing, color measurement, and other data handling functions.
B&W Tek, Newark, DE

Diode-laser arrays

Th 0808lfwcoherent
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The FAP 200 diode-laser array delivers either more than 50 W at 976 nm or more than 30 W at 808 nm from a 200-µm-core fiber with an NA of 0.22. The FAP 400 provides either more than 40 W at 880 nm or more than 45 W at 808 nm from a 400-µm-core fiber with an NA of 0.22. Both use aluminum-free active-area technology for long lifetimes.
Coherent, Santa Clara, CA

Industrial cameras

The Genie C1410 (color) and M1410 (monochrome) cameras are GigE Vision–compliant and designed for industrial imaging in semiconductors, robotics, and traffic control. The cameras have a 2/3 in. CCD sensor from Sony and run at 22 frames/s. They have global electronic shutter with exposure control, on-board, flat-field correction, and color conversion.
DALSA, Waterloo, Ont., Canada

Green laser

The G-1000 green laser is designed for integration into laser-based microprojectors for embedded handsets and other mobile devices. The company says the laser allows brighter full-color images and a longer battery life than systems relying on LEDs.
Corning, Corning, NY

Laser spectrometer

Th 0808lfwdelmar
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The OB laser spectrometer includes a CW, ultrawide-tunable, narrow-line laser. It also has a high-precision wavelength meter, an electronic control unit driven by a USB interface, and a software package. It can cover the spectral range between 275 and 1100 nm, with intracavity frequency doubling and a combined Ti:sapphire and dye laser.
Del Mar Photonics, San Diego, CA

Quantum dots

EviDot lead sulfide quantum dots are available in wavelengths from 850 to 1500 nm and can be used in a number of NIR applications. Quantum dots at 850, 1100, and 1500 nm are available immediately.
Evident Technologies, Troy, NY

Laser bar

Th 0808lfwdilas
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A fiber-coupled diode-laser bar delivers up to 50 W of CW power at 808 and 976 nm through a 400 µm SMA-fiber with an NA of less than 0.22. It measures less than 100 × 31 × 20 mm in an industry-standard package with a all plug efficiency of better than 35% and typical spectral width less than 4 nm.
DILAS, Mainz, Germany

Shortpass filters

Th 0808lfwedmund
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Techspec high-performance shortpass filters feature a rejection ban optical density of 4.0, with ≥ 91% transmission in the pass band. The UV-grade fused-silica filters are available at 12.5 and 25 mm sizes, 3 mm thick, with cutoff wavelengths of 400, 450, 500, 550, 600, 650, and 700 nm.
Edmund Optics, Barrington, NJ

NIR video cameras

The Find-R-Scope model 85700 and 85706 cameras allow imaging in the near-IR. They are sensitive from the visible to 1800 and 2200 nm, respectively. They use a 2.54 cm PbO-PbS detector and electronics to provide high resolution, low geometric distortion, low noise, and long-term stability. A standard BNC-style coaxial cable connects them to monitors, framegrabbers and other devices.
FJW Optical Systems, Palatine, IL

Machine-vision IR camera

Th 0808lfwflir
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The ThermoVision A320G infrared camera for machine vision is compatible with GigE Vision and supports the GenICam protocol, for integration with digital cameras and third-party software. An external signal can control the image streaming. It has digital I/O for triggering and synchronization with external equipment. Infrared monitor software can run nine cameras simultaneously.
FLIR Systems, Boston, MA

Diamond-turned optics

Th Gs Plasticoptics
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A Nanoform 200 diamond turning machine from Precitech gives the company the ability to rapidly manufacture large-departure freeform optics. The machine gives the company the capability of quicker delivery times in the areas of rapid prototyping and limited-production runs of polymer optics.
G-S Plastic Optics, Rochester, NY

IR camera

The IMSPEC camera for spectral analysis of infrared scenes allows users to combine one IR image, of 3 to 5 or 8 to 12 µm bandwidth, with a spectral analysis of the signal. The imaging spectroradiometer gives IR images at 15 different wavelengths with up to 150 Hz frame rates. It can measure moving objects with high radiometric accuracy.
HGH Systemes Infrarouges,
Igny, France

Machine vision

Th 0808lfwimperx
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The Bobcat series of cameras for machine vision has a common platform for all its models. The cameras measure 45 × 45 × 39 mm and have field-upgradable firmware. Sensors and frame rates in the series include Kodak VGA at 120 and 210 frames/s, Sony 1.4M at 24 frames/s, Sony 2.0M at 16 frames/s, and Sony 5.0M at 15 frames/s.
Imperx, Boca Raton, FL


Th 0808lfwinfrared
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The Femto-Second Pulse Acquisition Spectrometer is a turnkey system for femtosecond pump-probe 2-D vibrational spectroscopy or any type of pulsed measurement. In includes a host computer and LabView-based LASPEC software, which controls the components and data acquisition. All the user has to do is focus the laser energy into the entrance slit.
Infrared Systems Development, Winter Park, FL

Pump diodes

Th 0808lfwintense
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The Series 6020-808 lasers are 808 nm, single-mode laser diodes for green laser pumping. They offer up to 200 mW output power, with low astigmatism and a Gaussian far field. OEMs can directly couple their output to a crystal. They can pump a variety of solid-state sources, including vanadate, YLF, and Nd:YAG.
Intense, Glasgow, Scotland

IR optical fiber

Th Irphotonics
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Multimode infrared optical fiber is a long, ultralow-loss fiber with less than 3 dB/km at 3 µm. The fiber was designed for remote spectroscopy applications in the chemical processing industry. The company provides fiber for medical, defense, and spectroscopy applications.
IRphotonics, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Precision micromachining

Th Jpsa Picosecond
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A picosecond-laser micromachining system allows the company to engineer hard substances such as ceramics and diamond metals, as well as soft materials such as polymers. The company has used the system to produce silicon carbide mirrors. It can produce features as small as a few microns on surfaces up to 12 × 12 in.
JPSA, Manchester, NH

Optical-design software

Th Lambda Research
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TracePro 5.0 optical-design software adds enhanced light-source modeling, allowing users to combine multiple sources with various spectra into one model. A light-source property wizard lets users import light-source properties, such as radiation patterns, from manufacturer’s data sheets. The new release also enhances the user interface.
Lambda Research, Littleton, MA


Th Lightwaves2020
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A liquid-crystal-based variable optical attenuator has no moving parts and offers a wide band from 1260 to 1620 nm. It is voltage controlled and designed specifically for power management in optical networks. It comes sealed in a 7.2-mm-diameter coaxial package for easy integration onto circuit boards. Dynamic range is up to 40 dB attenuation, 50 dB on request.
Lightwaves2020, Milpitas, CA

Positioning stages

Th 0808lfwlm76
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Slipstream Series 1 linear stages feature 0.2 mm/300 mm accuracy and 0.1 mm repeatability. They are available in travel lengths up to 6 m and have T-slots on three sides for installation and accessories. Motor options include a NEMA 23 Stepper and a 100 W or 200 W servo motor with encoder.
LM76, East Longmeadow, MA

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