The compact VCSEL comb generator delivers 1 mW power on the order of several gigahertz for time-based calibration of electro-optic instrumentation, sensors, detectors, and streak cameras.

Th 0803lfwsydorinst

Optical-comb generator

Th 0803lfwsydorinst
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The compact VCSEL comb generator delivers 1 mW power on the order of several gigahertz for time-based calibration of electro-optic instrumentation, sensors, detectors, and streak cameras. The ultrafast laser source has continuous or gated operation from 50 ns to 1000 ns with a trigger jitter of less than 2 ps.
Sydor Instruments, Rochester, NY

Ultrafast fiber amplifier

Th 0803lfwamplitudesilo
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The Tangerine ultrafast fiber amplifier offers 20 W output average power in either 10 ps or better than 700 fs versions, with high output energy. Suited for ultrafast micro- and nanomachining, nonlinear optics, nanophotonics, and life-sciences applications, the amplifier provides more than 10 µJ of pulse energy in a compact, rugged package.
Amplitude Systemes, Bordeaux, France

Wavelength meter

Th 0803lfwbristolsilo
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The new model 621B-MIR is designed to operate over the entire wavelength range of 4 to 11 µm. Michelson interferometer-based technology is used to measure absolute laser wavelength to an accuracy of ±0.004 nm, guaranteed by continuous calibration with a built-in wavelength standard.
Bristol Instruments, Victor, NY

FireWire B camera

Th 0803lfwtoshiba
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The CSF5M7C3L18NR is a remote-head FireWire B camera that uses a Foveon X3 layered CMOS sensor with 5 million photodetectors, each responsive to the full color spectrum. Suited for endoscopy, microscopy, and chip monitoring, the 5-megapixel remote-head camera measures 29 mm and comes on a flexible cable that extends to 3 m.
Toshiba Teli America, Irvine, CA

Blue-violet laser diodes

The blue-violet laser diode GH04P21A2GE has output power of 210 mW at 406 nm, for use with 6× recording devices for dual-layer Blu-ray and HD-DVD. It has a service life of 10,000 hours. It also produces 105 mW of CW optical output, and has typical beam divergence of 9º horizontal and 19º vertical.
Sharp Microlectronics of the Americas, Camas, WA

Tunable diode lasers

Th 0802lfwtoptica
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The DL pro 780 external-cavity diode laser has an alignment-free coarse tuning range of 30 nm. The AR-coated diode produced optical output power up to 80 mW with a continuous mode-hop-free tuning range of more than 50 GHz and linewidth og approximately 500 kHz. It has AC + DC FET current control with a Bias-T option integrated.
Toptica Photonics, Munich, Germany,

Raman laser

Th 0802lfwtorsana Laser
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The StarBright 785XM is a 785 nm laser designed for Raman microscopy. It has output power of 500 mW and beam quality of M2 better than 1.7, for short acquisition time and high spatial and spectral resolution. It has wavelength stability of about 20 pm/100 h, even under ambient temperature changes from 20ºC to 30ºC within an hour.
Torsana Laser Technologies, Nivaa, Denmark

X-ray detector

Th 0802lfwvds Vossk Hler
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The CCD-11000XR x-ray detector has a resolution better than 25 Lp/mm and can be read out at up to 6 frames/s. This high resolution allows the use of less expensive x-ray sources. The sensitive area is protected by integrated fiber optics and is therefore suitable for an energy area of 30 to 150 kV.
VDS Vosskühler, Osnabruck, Germany

Optical profiler

The tabletop Wkyo NT9100 Optical Profiling System is designed to have a lab-friendly footprint. It includes a dual-LED illuminator, a 10 mm scan, programmable fixed-magnification-FOV turret, and a motorized objective turret. It measures surface topography with subnanometer resolution at production-level speed. It includes automation and analysis software and optical modules and packages for customized applications.
Veeco Instruments, Woodbury, NY

Optical-spectrum analyzer

The AQ6375 optical-spectrum analyzer uses dispersive spectroscopy to measure a laser spectrum in the 1.2 to 2.4 µm range. It has resolution up to 0.05 nm and can measure the spectrum in the 0.1 µm wavelength span in 1 s or less. It allows evaluation of the spectrum from semiconductor lasers and the wavelength characteristics of optical devices.
Yokogawa Electric, Newman, GA

Surveillance modules

Th 0802lfwzarlink
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A family of video IP surveillance optical transceivers are plug-and-play copper-to-fiber converter modules that provide a secure link between video cameras and the control room over single-stranded multimode optical fiber. The modules measure 41 mm wide and consumer 1.5 W. They extend the distance between cameras and control room by up to 2 km.
Zarlink Semiconductor, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

TFT LCD systems

Th 0803lfwapollo
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Kits for TFT LCDs range in size from 6.5 to 82 in. diagonal, designed for use in industrial applications as well as medical, ruggedized, marine, and digital signage. The kits typically include an LCD, the appropriate industrial single-board computer, match BIOS, a backlight inverter, and data-interface cables with multiple O/S choices.
Apollo Display Technologies, Ronkonkoma, NY

Laser-diode bars

Th 0803lfwbookham
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New 808 nm, multimode, high-power laser-diode bars deliver more than 60 W in CW operation for pumping and fiber-coupled applications. The 40 W 30% fill-factor and 60 W 50% fill-factor laser-diode bars are available on passive cooler and microchannel cooler, are designed to deliver higher power, improved efficiency, and extended lifetimes to customer’s laser systems.
Bookham, Zurich, Switzerland

NIR camera

Th 0803lfwcedip
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The Jade SWIR NIR camera incorporates a high-quantum-efficiency TE-cooled MCT focal-plane-array detector to provide a spectral response from 0.8 to 2.5 µm. The camera operates at up to 200 frames/s at full image size (320 × 256) with output digitized over a 14-bit dynamic range. It uses PC–based ALTAIR real-time recording, analysis, and reporting software.
Cedip Infrared Systems, Croissy-Beaubourg, France

Fiber for benchtop spectrometers

Th 0803lfwceramoptic
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Drop-in replacement fiber bundles and assemblies for the Ocean Optics family of benchtop spectrometers are now available. Manufactured in-house, including preform design and fabrication, the fiber is optimized for increased NA and transmission characteristics. The fibers are available in any length, in core sizes from 50 µm to 2.0 mm.
CeramOptec, East Longmeadow, MA

Laser meter

Th 0803lfwcoherent
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The new LabMax meter measures laser power, pulse energy from single shot to 10 kHz, and is directly compatible with the company’s current and past sensors. Features include beam position display, data logging to USB flash drive and onboard memory, tuning and trend charting, external trigger input, and USB and RS232 PC interfaces with software and drivers.
Coherent, Santa Clara, CA

Preloaded filter wheels

Th 0803lfwedmund
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New, six-position TechSpec preloaded filter wheels come loaded with 1-in.-diameter filters. Packages include neutral density, short-pass, long-pass, dichroic, and band-pass. An additive/subtractive wheel package includes red, green, blue, cyan, yellow, and magenta color filters. The filter wheels are suited for DNA sequencing, fluorescence microscopy, laser-beam attenuation, and clinical instrumentation applications.
Edmund Optics, Barrington, NJ

LED driver boards

Th 0803lfwendicott
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Smart Force LED driver boards include two models. The SFDL Series driver board provides a maximum current of 180 mA to LED rails used in LCDs up to 12.1 in. diagonal. The SFDC Series driver board provides maximum current of 1000 mA for high-power HBLED backlight rails used in LCDs up to 20 in. diagonal.
Endicott Research Group, Endicott, NY

Device assembly system

Th 0803lfwficon
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The AL2000 automated photonic-device assembly system is designed for maximum flexibility. The platform has six-degree independent axes for submicron alignment. It provides both UV- and thermal-epoxy bonding options, and soldering and laser welding with 1 µm post-bond shift. Examples of fully automated assembly processes that have been implemented include miniature camera modules, laser-array assemblies, and microlens positioning and assembly.
ficon TEC, Bremen, Germany

GigE camera

Th 0803lfwgevicam
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The GP-151400 series includes four cameras with resolutions of 1392 × 1040 pixels and increased near-IR sensitivity. The camera is available in monochrome or color, with GigE Vision or iPORT compliant versions. It has S/N ratio of more than 60 dB and is user-selectable to output 12-bit/10-bit/8-bit images. It offers both auto iris and video iris controls for ITS, high-end surveillance, and military research applications.
GEViCAM, Sunnyvale, CA

Vibration-isolation system

Th 0803lfwhalcyonics
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The Nano-20 is an active vibration-isolation system specifically for scanning-probe microscopes. It measures 8 × 8 × 2.7 in., offers 0 to 17.6 lb., and has active vibration isolation in all six degrees of freedom. The isolation effect begins at 0.6 Hz and reaches more than 99.0% isolation (–40 dB) over 10 Hz.
Halcyonics, Goettingen, Germany

Mini spectrometer head and module

Th 0803lfwhamamatsu
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The C9410MA mini spectrometer head and the C9408MA mini spectrometer module both have a response range of 640 to 1050 nm. Designed for installation into measurement equipment, the head contains an integrating optical system and an IR-enhanced-type CMOS linear image sensor. The module connects to the PC via a USB port to power the module and allow communications.
Hamamatsu, Bridgewater, NJ

Photoelectric sensors

Th 0803lfwidec
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The new IDEC-DATASENSOR SR21 photoelectric sensors are designed to detect labels or color marks on packaging. The microprocessor-controlled slot sensors have a 2 mm slot width, 12-bit resolution, 20 µs response time, and a throughput speed of 25 kHz. The sensors have an optical feedback-correction system and settings can be changed without stopping the machine.
Idec, Osaka, Japan

Diode lasers

The Intense-HPD Series 6000 are high-brightness, single-mode 830 nm lasers with up to 200 mW of power. Manufactured using patented quantum-well intermixing technology, the lasers provide more than 11 million hours of operation at 25ºC. Industry-standard packages of 5.6 mm, 9 mm, and C-mount are available.
Intense, Glasgow, Scotland

Machine-vision lenses

Th 0803lfwmoritex
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The MML-HR series of machine-vision lenses (MMLs) are optimized for megapixel cameras, up to 2/3 in. CCD chip size, and provide resolution of 0.3 µm with high coaxial illumination uniformity across the entire field of view. The MMLs are telecentric, maintaining a constant view angle to the subject.
Moritex Europe, Cambridge, England

Laser eyewear

The new Avenger is a rugged, ballistic-rated, polycarbonate protective-eyewear frame with an adjustable comfort-saddle bridge that accepts a clip-in prescription insert. The frame is available in seven narrowband, two broadband, and two alignment filters, offering protection for users of argon, DTP, Nd:YAG, telecom, CO2, diode, alexandrite, and dye lasers.
Kentek, Pittsfield, NH

Microscope stages

Th 0803lfwklughammer
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The KL HS and KL HCS hot and cold stages for microscopes can be combined with almost any upright or inverted microscope. The stages enable direct observation of materials samples during heating and cooling phases. Designed for connection to a CCD camera, the images show actual temperature and date. The temperature range is from –190ºC to 700ºC. Sample areas vary from 20 × 20 mm to 139 × 147 mm.
Klughammer Industrie, Germany


The CS-2000 spectroradiometer can measure luminance as low as 0.003 cd/m2, enabling contrast measurements of 100,000:1. It maintains a half bandwidth of less than 5 nm throughout the entire measurement wavelength range, enabling precise color measurements with true 1 nm data. Measurement angles of 0.1º, 0.2º and 1º can be selected. Memory allows storage of 100 measurements.
Konica Minolta Sensing Americas (KMSA), Ramsey, NJ

Polarization controller

Th 0803lfwlightwaves
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A high-speed (µs) polarization controller offers microsecond response time for 40 Gbit/s PMDC and polarization mux/demux applications. A driver-PCS option is provided. The device is driven by a 0 to 5 VDC to produce endless polarization control. It is offered in three- or four-cell designs and features voltage control, low loss, and has no moving parts.
Lightwaves2020, Milpitas, CA

Copper-plated submount technology

Th 0803lfwstellar
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A copper-plated submount technology supports p-side down, edge-emitting, high-power laser-diode mounting applications. Features include planarized copper metalization, up to 75 µm thick, for high thermal transfer, AlN (up to 230 W/mK Tc), and BeO (up to 320 W/mK min Tc) thermally conductive ceramics, flatness of 0.0025 mm/cm, straight walls, and dead-sharp metallization edge radii of 5 µm.
Stellar Industries, Millbury, MA

Picosecond lasers

HYPER-RAPID picosecond lasers with up to 50 W TEM00 average power and pulse repetition rates of up to 1 MHz are intended for industrial micromachining. The picosecond laser beam can be focused to submicron diameter, with each controllable single pulse removing a 10 nm layer of material with no thermal side effects.
Lumera Laser, Kaiserslautern, Germany

Fiber-optic illumination technology

Th 0803lfwlumitex
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Patented new technologies BendiGlo, HoloGlo, CircleGlo, and Selective Lighting are designed to backlight or illuminate rectangles, ovals, circles, semicircles, holes, and other unusual geometries. Patented UniGlo technology, which uses optical fiber mounted on a back-reflector, creates lighting panels as thin as 0.013 in. A proprietary computer-controlled etching process ensures light distribution with uniform brightness to 75 F-L with no heat, EMI, or ESD.
Lumitex, Strongsville, OH

Ultrafast-pulse measurement system

The FROG Scan ultrafast-pulse measurement system is based on second-harmonic generation (SHG) Frequency Resolved Optical Gating (FROG). VideoFROG real-time pulse-measurement software is combined with a high-speed translation stage. The system measures pulses from 400 to 1800 nm and from 15 fs long to tens of picoseconds.
Mesa Photonics, Santa Fe, NM

Laser shields

Th 0803lfwnoir
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The number-34 frame with a detachable prescription insert is now available, as well as ten other frame style options. More than 75 filters are available, 40 of which are CE certified. Designed for medical, dental, industrial, scientific, and military applications, the laser shields use specialized narrowband peak absorbers and absorb specific laser lines at high optical densities.
NoIR Laser Shields, South Lyon, MI

Transparent white OLED

Th 0803lfwosram
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Under laboratory conditions, a transparent white OLED tile prototype has achieved a luminous efficiency of better than 20 lm/W at a brightness of 1000 cd/m2. The large-scale prototype with color coordinates of 0.396/0.404 (CIE x/y main emissive side) lights up an area of nearly 90 cm2. Whether powered on or off, the device has a transparency rated at 55%.
Osram Opto Semiconductors, Santa Clara, CA

Piezo beam-steering mirror platforms

Th 0803lfwpi
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Six new closed-loop and open-loop models for mirrors up to 50 mm diameter join the S-330 piezo tip/tilt platform family. They offer optical beam deflection to 20 mrad, more than 3 kHz resonant frequency for submillisecond step response, resolution to 20 nrad, parallel kinematics, differential drives for temperature stability, and closed-loop versions.
PI (Physik Instrumente), Auburn, MA

Alignment tool

Th 0803lfwpinpoint
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A lathe and spindle alignment system is designed for aligning lathes and turning centers, adjusting boring mills and aligning drive shafts. The Microage system provides information on runout, centerline offset, parallelism, concentricity and other parameters. The tool measures to a precision of 0.0001 in. and the laser allows for alignments over distances up to 150 ft.
Pinpoint Laser Systems, Newburyport, MA

Bare-fiber adapter

Th 0803lfwpromet
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The FIBO bare-fiber adapter is for large-diameter optical-fiber end-face inspection. Designed for use with a FIBO interferometer, the removable adapter allows mounting of bare fibers from 125 to 1500 µm. It is made of precision-machined hardened stainless steel, features a loading dock that prepositions bare fiber for optimal measurement efficiency, has a form factor of 60 × 18 × 18 mm, and weighs 143 gm.
Promet International, Shoreview, MN

Defect-analysis software

Th 0803lfwradiantimg
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TrueMURA defect-analysis software module for ProMetric 9.1 systems provides automated defect detection analysis of flat-panel displays correlated with human perception of brightness, color, and blemishes. The software is based on a model of human perception that allows a grading of LCD mura in a way designed to match human observers.
Radiant Imaging, Duvall, WA

Motorized zoom lens

Th 0803lfwresolve
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A 4 to 40 mm HD Motorized Zoom Lens is designed for use with 1/3 in. three-chip high-definition cameras. The compact 10× zoom lens delivers 720-line progressive and 1080-line interlaced resolution. The f/2.2 zoom can focus on an object at 1300 mm through infinity at any object distance and has focus tracking.
Resolve Optics, Bucks, England

Air-cooled peltier accessories

Th 0803lfwthermofisher
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A new series of air-cooled Peltier accessories, for use with UV-VIS spectrophotometers, is designed to deliver precise temperature control in a compact, air-cooled design. Built-in magnetic stirring maintains thermal equilibrium throughout the sample. Stir speed is regulated by an external control module and software. User selectable temperatures range is from 20ºC to 60ºC.
Thermo Fisher, Madison, WI

Design and simulation software

ModePROP 1.0 is a new eigenmode expansion propagation package that accounts for forward and backward propagation and radiation modes. It provides a rigorous, steady-state solution to Maxwell’s equations, based on the highly stable Modal Transmission Line Theory. The algorithm provides full vector analysis for general structures in 2-D and 3-D. It is suited for waveguide/fiber-based systems, plasmonic devices, filters, mode converters and photonic-bandgap applications.
Rsoft, Ossining, NY

Fiber-Bragg-grating components

The Power Spectrum product line includes fiber-Bragg-grating components for incorporation into fiber and semiconductor lasers used in industrial, military, and aerospace markets. The PowerSpectrum-HPR is a high-power reflector for CW or pulsed lasers up to 800 W. The PowerSpectrum-NLS is a narrowband laser stablilizer, athermally packaged with standard or polarization-maintaining fiber.
TeraXion, Quebec City, Montreal, Canada

Digital line-scan NIR camera

Th 0803lfwsensorsunl
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The SU-LDH digital line-scan NIR InGaAs camera has an increased line rate for 1024 pixels to more than 46,000 lines/s. It is suited for Fourier-domain optical coherence tomography (FD-OCT). For high-data-rate industrial process control and machine vision, the camera provides a wavelength response from 0.8 to 1.7 µm.
Sensors Unlimited, Princeton, NJ

Mid-IR measurement

A collimation measurement system for testing lasers and optics in the mid-infrared is designed for wavelengths between 3 and 5 µm. The system exploits a principle of optics to acquire the beam collimation in a single beam-size measurement for real-time results.
Photon, San Jose, CA

CCD-array imagers

The P-Series high-speed linear photodiode-array imagers provide an extended spectral range, center split, dual-channel readout, and ultralow image lag. They come in standard array lengths of 2048 and 4096 elements with either glass of UV-enhanced fused-silica glass and an 80 MHz pixel data rate. The two-phase CCD readout requires 5 V clocking.
Pacer International, Newbury, Berkshire, England

Optical-alignment course on DVD

A training course entitled Introduction to Optical Alignment with Lasers comes on multiple DVDs and provides more than 10.5 hours of content, ranging from alignment fundamentals and safety to advanced alignment procedures. Topics include kinematic adjustments and movements, optomechanical metrology tools, and trouble-shooting.
Optical Short Course International, Corvallis, OR

Excimer-laser base

Th 0803lfwjpsa
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An industrial excimer-laser base is a self-contained laser base, gas-handling, and utility system. It allows an excimer laser to be easily set up without installing ventilation systems. The portable module holds the laser, gas-handling system, power supply, vacuum pump, and gas bottles, along with a HeNe alignment laser.
JP Sercel Associates, Manchester, NH

Vibration detection

Th 0803lfwcyberoptics
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The WaferSense Auto Vibration System monitors three-axis accelerations and equipment vibration to maximize throughput in wafer processing. The wireless, wafer-like accelerometer is available in 200 or 300 mm format and is designed to move through process equipment and handling systems, including cassettes, SMIFs, and FOUPs. It has a range of ± 2 G.
CyberOptics Semiconductor, Beaverton, OR

Silicon photomultiplier

The SPMPlus is a large-area version of the company’s SPM detectors that incorporates an array of silicon photomultiplier pixels. The detector is packaged in a format suitable for scintillator coupling or free-space/fluorescence applications and is available with interface and preamplifier electronics. It has total active area of 1.3 cm2, but can be customized to other sizes.
SensL USA, Mountain View, CA

5-megapixel camera

The Pike F-505 uses a Sony ExView HAD CCD sensor with 5-megapixels resolution in a 2/3 in. format. It comes in black-and-white and color versions and is equipped with a FireWire IEEE 1394b interface, with a frame rate up to 15 frames/s at full resolution. Two copper connectors allow several cameras to be linked.
Allied Vision Technologies, Ahrensburg, Germany

Microscopy filter

An addition to the BrightLine series of optical filters is optimized for second-harmonic-generation (SGH) microscopy. The short-wave-pass dichroic beamsplitter is designed for SGH imaging as well as multiphoton fluorescence using a femtosecond near-infrared laser. Minimal pulse broadening—less than 1% in a 100 fs laser pulse—allows deep sample penetration.
Semrock, Rochester, NY

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