Application note: photonic integrated circuits for gas sensing (a PDF by PICs4all)

PICs are used for more than telecom -- see this note by PICs4all for details on gas sensing with PICs.

A new PDF application note from PICs4all describes how photonics integration can aid gas sensing, and in particular tunable laser diode absorption spectroscopy (TDLAS), by combining all elements of a TDLAS gas sensor on a single PIC, which is then coupled to fiber-optic sensors such as hollow-core fibers and fiber-coupled gas cells to create a complete sensor.

The application note can be downloaded here:

PICs4All (Photonic Integrated Circuits Accessible to Everyone) is a coordination and support action by the EU H2020 ICT program whose purpose is to publicize photonic integrated circuit (PIC) technology and ways to get access to advanced fabrication facilities for PICs. (For more info, see

To find out more about the use of PICs in gas sensors, contact Martijn Heck, coordinator of the PICs4All Application Support Center (ASC) at Aarhus University in Denmark, at: [email protected]

(Thanks to Ruben Alemany of PICs4all for making this public)

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