Zecotek introduces compact, ultra-narrow-linewidth laser

Sept. 20, 2007
September 20, 2007, Vancouver -- Zecotek Medical Systems has announced commercial production of its new-generation CW single-frequency Ti:Sapphire laser for high-precision applications.

September 20, 2007, Vancouver -- Zecotek Medical Systems Inc. today announced it has initiated commercial production of its new-generation CW single-frequency Ti:Sapphire laser for high-precision applications. The latest product in Zecotek's line of lasers, the model TIS-SF-787 offers an ultra-narrow linewidth, a super-wide tunable range, a new level of compactness, and frequency-stability.

"Our new ring Ti:Sapphire laser combines excellent reliability and the best available radiation frequency stability, with a traditional super-wide tunable range," said Dr. A. F. Zerrouk, chairman, president, and CEO of Zecotek. "The TIS-SF-787 model also allows for key operational regimes to be activated in hands-free mode, considerably improving the user experience and making possible the automation of tuning procedures and smooth frequency scanning."

Existing Ti:Sapphire lasers are limited to a laser line width of 50 to 100 kHz. Zecotek's TIS-SF-787 laser has an ultra-narrow linewidth at less than 10 kHz, expanding the market for new applications in fundamental research (atomic cooling, atomic trapping, quantum manipulation, and optical pumping), contemporary cutting-edge technologies (atomic lithography, optical metrology, and high-density data recording) as well as microelectronic/nanofabrication technologies including state-of-the-art atom-optical techniques, such as direct-write atom lithography for the production of enhanced nanostructures and unique atomic patterns.

The TIS-SF-787 laser also features an exceptional wavelength range, from 690 to 1000 nm, which can be expanded into the short-wavelength 345 to 500 nm domain using Zecotek's existing resonant frequency doubler. In this configuration the radiation linewidth remains less than 10 kHz for the fundamental radiation and less 20 kHz for the second-harmonic radiation.

Other features include high generation efficiency and a small form factor. Zecotek's TIS-SF-787 laser has high generation efficiency with output power reaching up to 2/3.8 W with pump radiation power of 10/18 W. As to the small form factor, Ti:Sapphire lasers are typically pumped by powerful DPSS lasers. The small dimensions of the Zecotek TIS-SF-787 model represent an alternative to existing configurations. It offers the end user greater convenience and space saving and is designed to enhance its use in laboratory and manufacturing environments.

The efficient electronic control system of the TIS-SF-787 model has a wide range of convenient and interactive control options. An exclusive feature is the Smart-Relock function that allows reliable and uninterrupted frequency stabilization of the laser even under considerable ambient disturbances. The laser is offered with a number of options, including stabilization to an atomic resonance, a computer-controlled interface, and OEM versions for special applications.

The company is currently taking orders for shipment to customers for January 2008. The TIS-SF-787 model will be manufactured for Zecotek under contract with its associate company, Tekhnoscan Lasers of Novosibirsk, Russia, and distributed under the Zecotek trademark through Zecotek Laser Systems Pte Ltd., the company's wholly owned subsidiary. The company anticipates that with its improved performance and cost parameters, the TIS-SF-787 model has the potential to capture significant market share of the growing demand for Ti:Sapphire lasers in the biotechnology, superconductivity, and nanotechnology industries.

For more information, please visit www.zecotek.com.

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