NeoPhotonics ultra-low-loss ROADM chosen for ECI's optical platforms

September 25, 2008--New ultra low-loss ROADM meets the requirements for 40 Gbit/s operation in next-generation metro and long-haul networks.

September 25, 2008--NeoPhotonics (San Jose, CA) and ECI Telecom Ltd (Tikva, Israel) announced at the European Conference and Exhibition on Optical Communication (ECOC 2008) in Brussels that NeoPhotonics' new ultra-low-loss reconfigurable optical add/drop multiplexer (ROADM) modules are being used in ECI Telecom's optical networking platform. The ultra-low-loss ROADM incorporates NeoPhotonics' advanced planar-lightwave-circuit (PLC) technology to significantly reduce the insertion loss and increase the passband, thus meeting the requirements for next-generation 40 Gbit/s optical transmission systems.

"NeoPhotonics' ultra-low insertion loss and wide passband PLC ROADM, complementing ECI's existing [wavelength-selective switch] WSS ROADM, has enabled us to meet and surpass performance goals for next-generation optical platforms, which we are now deploying in metro and long-haul networks around the world," said Oren Marmur, vice president, Optical Networking Line of Business of ECI Telecom."In line with ECI's 1Net, a comprehensive framework focused on the optimized transition to next-generation networks, NeoPhotonics' PLC ROADM helped us achieve greater flexibility and cost-effectiveness, while guaranteeing compatibility with future 40 Gbit/s operations."

"The incorporation of NeoPhotonics' ultra-low-loss DWDM MUX/DMUX into the popular ROADM configuration we are currently shipping lowers insertion loss by more than 2 dB, significantly decreases ripple, and increases the passband by 50%, which are critical parameters in cascaded and 40 Gbit/s [dense wavelength division multiplexing] DWDM architectures," said Ferris Lipscomb, vice president of marketing at NeoPhotonics. "The NeoPhotonics ultra-low-loss ROADM is suitable for any of the popular 40 Gbit/s coding schemes and can be used in architectures which cascade up to 16 nodes."

The new NeoPhotonics ROADM module builds upon the NeoPhotonics line of planar-lightwave circuit (PLC) products, including arrayed-wavelength gratings (AWGs) and variable-optical multiplexers (VMUXs).


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