3D microscope partnership between Hamilton Thorne and ISee3D to benefit cell biology research

June 15, 2011
Beverly, MA and Toronto, ON, Canada--A technology partnership was formed between Hamilton Thorne and ISee3D to develop a single-lens 3D microscope adapter to expand cell biology research.

Beverly, MA and Toronto, ON, Canada--A technology partnership was formed between Hamilton Thorne, a provider of biophotonic laser systems, and ISee3D, a three-dimensional (3D) imaging company, to develop a single-lens 3D microscope adapter that will result in the support of 3D display by research grade microscopes currently only capable of 2D. The Hamilton Thorne collaboration with ISee3D will allow ISee3D to market their unique single-camera, single-chip, single-lens 3D microscope technology currently under development.

Under the agreement, Hamilton Thorne has exclusive rights to sell the ISee3D technology with its lasers within certain cell research and regenerative medical research markets. The product will support both inverted and upright configurations, and is expected to be released in the fall of 2011. The 3D lens provides researchers with an innovative way to view cells and easily conduct scientific processes. The adapter produces 3D images through the video channel via the camera’s optical port and is optimized for use in biological research. The adapter provides a cost-effective solution for this grade of camera/microscope configuration and may also be fitted with a universal adapter to support other high-powered microscopes.

"Hamilton Thorne is excited to be working with the superb technical team at ISee3D. We believe that the three-dimensional capabilities of ISee3D’s technology applied to microscopy can be a real game changer in cell biology," said Meg Spencer, CEO of Hamilton Thorne. "Coupled with our miniature lasers, researchers will have new capabilities in robotic micro surgery and will be able to fully visualize many types of cells, cultures and tissue sections. Further, we feel that ISee3D is well aligned with Hamilton Thorne’s vision and goals for developing ground-breaking solutions in the lab, and our technology synergies could open up new ways for researchers to see the world of cell biology."

Hamilton Thorne provides life-science solutions that reduce cost, increase productivity as much as ten-fold, and enable research breakthroughs in regenerative medicine, stem cell research, and fertility markets. The Company’s new Staccato and Stiletto laser systems also offer significant scientific advantages in the fields of developmental biology, cancer research, and advanced cell biology.

ISee3D says it is driving the universal adoption of 3D single-lens capture--from consumers and Hollywood to health care and military. The company is introducing the first commercially feasible single-lens, single-camera 3D capture technology. Scalable in size from 1 mm in diameter to more than 250 mm, the patented technology can be applied across many devices.

SOURCE: Hamilton Thorne; www.hamiltonthorne.com/news/press/2011/ISee3D%20and%20HT%20Partnership%20Final.pdf

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