Newport offers fast steering mirrors for optical systems

July 30, 2001
the new technology offers two-axis, high bandwidth tip/tilt motion with better than one-microradian resolution.

Fast steering mirrors from Newport Corp. offer two-axis, high bandwidth tip/tilt motion with resolution exceeding one microradian. Fast steering mirrors improve optical system performance in semiconductor inspection, lithography, and memory repair, laser-to-fiber coupling, free-space optical communications, marking and micro-machining, bio-medical instrumentation, and imaging and display systems.

These mirrors offer a more compact package than dual XY galvo scanners, eliminating the need to displace the beam to accommodate a second galvo or to compensate for polarization rotation due to an extra reflection. Fast steering mirrors have larger apertures, improved efficiency, and lower wavefront distortion than typical dual XY galvos and its rotational axes are coplanar, unlike dual XY galvos, eliminating the displacement jitter.

A broad selection of high performance mirror substrates, including high strength-to-weight ratio substrates plus a complete selection of coatings are available.

For more information, visit Newport Corporation.

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