EPIC president Drew Nelson appointed High Level Group member of EU Photonics KET

Feb. 27, 2013
Brussels, Belgium--EPIC president Drew Nelson was appointed as a member of the new High Level Group as technology representative for the Photonics KET.

Brussels, Belgium--European Photonics Industry Consortium (EPIC) president Drew Nelson, also CEO and president of epitaxial wafer supplier IQE (Cardiff, England), was appointed as a member of the new High Level Group as technology representative for the Photonics Key Enabling Technologies group (Photonics KET).

Nelson attended the inaugural meeting on 27 February 2013 of the European Commission Key Enabling Technologies High Level Commission expert group that was launched to assist the European Commission in the implementation of the strategy to boost the industrial production of KETs-based products in Europe. The global market in KETs is forecast to grow from about 650 billion euro ($851 billion dollars) in 2008 to more than one trillion euro ($1.31 trillion dollars) in 2015. World-leading industries in the fields of automotive, communication, aeronautics, defense, health, and energy are all intensive users of KETs.

"I will be a vigorous supporter and promoter of KETs at regional, national, and European level and take every opportunity to help design and implement policies to help the competitiveness of Europe through the rapid deployment of KETs," said Nelson. "I expect from the KET high level group that it is able to persuade the European Commission through evidence based examples and debate to adapt EU policies throughout each Directorate General that fully support KETs implementation throughout Europe."

The expert group advises the European Commission on KETs related policy issues, follows up the implementation of the European strategy for KETs adopted by the European Commission on 26 June 2012, and promotes the development of KETs policies by the Member States.

Carlos Lee, director general of EPIC, is a member of the working group on "Promotion and Implementation of KETs Policies at National and Regional Level". "KETs offer a fantastic opportunity for all of Europe, we must explore and embrace its potential. Especially in Photonics, there are many opportunities ahead of us," says Lee. The group aims to foster the industrial deployment of European KETs in order to keep pace with main international competitors, restore growth, create jobs and help address today's major societal challenges. Lee has a background in microelectronics which was acquired through several management positions held at the international association SEMI. Together with the advisory board he advocated several years for a more competitive semiconductor and photovoltaic manufacturing industry.

Drew Nelson is a fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering and was named a regional winner at the Ernst & Young's London & South Entrepreneur Of The Year Awards. He has an overview on various cross-cutting KETs including lasers for advanced manufacturing, sensors and imaging, photovoltaic, lighting, silicon photonic semiconductors, optical communication, and many other photonic related technologies.

EPIC is a membership-led not-for-profit industry association that promotes the sustainable development of organisations working in the field of photonics, encompassing the entire value chain from LED lighting, PV solar energy, silicon photonics, optical components, lasers, sensors, displays, projectors, optical fiber, and other photonic-related technologies. EPIC says it fosters a vibrant photonics ecosystem by maintaining a strong network and acting as a catalyst and facilitator for technological and commercial advancement.

SOURCE: EPIC; http://www.epic-assoc.com

IMAGE: EPIC president DrewNelson was appointed a member of the new High Level Group as technology representative for the Photonics Key Enabling Technologies program. (Courtesy EPIC)

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