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The Integral-Oct is an ultra-broadband ­coherent light source based on a low-threshold femtosecond oscillator pumped by a diode-pumped, solid-state module.

Th 0504lfwfemtolasers

Ti:sapphire oscillator

Th 0504lfwfemtolasers
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The Integral-Oct is an ultra-broadband ­coherent light source based on a low-threshold femtosecond oscillator pumped by a diode-pumped, solid-state module. The device offers a bandwidth of ­greater than 120 nm with a quasi-Gaussian spectral profile. It has output of more than 40 mW after the delivery fiber and is designed for ophthalomologic, endscopic, and materials-inspection applications.
Femtolasers Producktions, Vienna, Austria

Double-board camera

Th 0504lfwvideologyim
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The 20RD8 19.25-mm-diameter round double-board camera is -designed for space-constrained -applications. The camera offers 400 TVL color resolution and 0.3 lux in a 1/3-in. CCD. It has a depth of 14.29 mm. A black-and-white version is available, and both can be ordered in NTSC or PAL formats.
Videology Imaging Solutions, Uden, The Netherlands

Aspherical lenses

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Aspherical glass lenses from Panasonic have focal lengths from 0.69 to 20.0 mm,numerical apertures from 0.097 to 0.65, and mechanical diameters from 1.7 to 8.2 mm. The lenses can be used as pick-up lenses for optical drive devices, collimator lenses for laser diodes, coupling lenses for optical communications, and image-formation lenses for sensors.
Photonic Products,
Hertfordshire, England

Excimer lasers

Th 0504lfwtuilaser
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The Xantos S series of excimer lasers are designed with the ­entire gas-handling system built in. They come in versions with maximum repetition rates of 200 or 500 Hz and wavelengths of 193 or 248 nm. At 248 nm, the laser has a maximum energy of 18 mJ with an energy stability of better than 2%.
TuiLaser, Germering, Germany

Directly modulated laser

A directly modulated laser is based on Planar External-Cavity (PLANEX) laser technology. It is intended as a low-cost option for SFF 10-Gbit/s optical interfaces that achieve 80-km transmission distances over standard single-mode fiber without the need for dispersion compensation. The proprietary design approach uses a planar lightwave circuit with an integrated Bragg grating and a gain chip or SOA to form the laser cavity.
RIO, Santa Clara, CA

DPSS laser

Th 0503lfwrpmc
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The Bright Solutions wedge laser ­provides 1.5 mJ at 1064 nm in 1.5-ns pulses (1-MW peak power) at 1-kHz output. The laser is air/conduction cooled and measures 6 × 10.5 × 9 in. This monolithic laser source is based on proprietary electro-optic Q-switching technology and features a sealed laser enclosure insensitive to vibrations and harsh environments. It is designed for industrial, medical, and military applications.
RPMC, O’Fallon, MO

Optical tunable filter

Th 0503lfwsantec
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The OTF-930 is an optical tunable-­filter product. Linear Sliding technology uses dielectric thin-film filters to provide a full 80-nm tuning range with low polarization dependence and low dispersion characteristics. The filters do not require any thermal control. A wide variety of filter profiles is available.
Santec, Komaki, Japan

Radiation-tolerant camera

Th 0503lfwsira
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The APS250 video camera is designed to withstand a 5-Mrad dose of gamma rays and high radiation doses of more than 6 Mrad from beams of high-energy particles. The camera uses a STAR250 CMOS ­image sensor with a protective epilayer, supported with radiation-hard electronics. ­Applications range from nuclear-plant monitoring, particle ­accelerators, and fusion reactors, to scientific research where ionizing ­radiation is encountered.
Sira, Kent, England

Reflectometer standard

Th 0503lfwtaliescent
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The Series HREF high-resolution -reflectometer standard enables the verification of optical--reflectometer measurements at close reflection spacings. The standard is designed to speed development time and improve the quality of micro-optical assemblies such as transmitter/reciever optical subassemblies (TOSA/ROSA). It can also be used to verify the performance of reflectometers at the limit of their measurement range.
Taliescent, Tucson, AZ

Optical-stylus profiler

Th 0503lfwtamar
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The HRT 3000 is a noncontact, ­optical-stylus profiler that provides z-data in real time. It also has a traditional micro­scope for conventional x, y metrology, yielding a true three-axis noncontact profilometer. Using proprietary advanced signal-processing software technology, the profiler is designed for MEMS, semiconductor, LCD flat-panel display, and medical-device test and manufacturing applications.
Tamar Technology,
Newbury Park, CA

X-ray fluorescence platform

Th 0503lfwthermoelec
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The MicroXR microbeam XRF platform is designed for semiconductor metrology. It uses a combination of microbeam x-ray collimation technology and traditional energy-dispersive XRF (EDXRF) spectroscopy. This results in a nondestructive metrology technique that measures the thickness and composition of up to five layers of deposited metals simultaneously.
Thermo Electron, Waltham, MA

Femtosecond laser

Th 0503lfwthorlabs
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The FSL1010 Series of fiber-coupled femtosecond lasers provides pulse lengths less than150 fs, center wavelength of 1550 nm, and a fixed repetition of 80 MHz. Two models offer output powers of 10 or 150 mW. The portable benchtop units automatically align to an optimizing operating point after they are turned on and remain stable without user adjustment.
Thorlabs Instruments,
Karlsfeld, Germany

Hand-held NIR spectrometer

Th 0503lfwvalleyoptics
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The IntelliSpectro-lite spectrometer utilizes a proprietary optical design to enable hand-held, battery-operated applications. The unit interfaces to a PC or palmtop via a USB port. Base-32 firm operating software is included. An on-board memory chip stores data, including wavelength calibration coefficients, linearity coefficients, and serial numbers for tracking purposes.
Valley Optics, Fremont, CA

Optical sensor

The TCND5000 reflective sensor includes an IR emitter and PIN photodiode in a single package. It is designed for object-presence sensors, touch sensors, and proximity sensors in consumer, industrial, and automotive applications. It has an operating distance from 2 to 40 mm and measures 6.0 × 3.76 mm with a height profile of 3.9 mm.
Vishay, Malvern, PA

Camera Link breakout box

Th 0503lfwvivid
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The CLB-501 Camera Link breakout box provides access to data transferred between a camera and a frame grabber over a Camera Link connection. A standard header-style connector, located on the rear panel, monitors and/or sources all video, control, and communication data. A single unit supports the Camera Link “base” configuration, while two CLB-501s can be combined to support the “medium” configuration.
Vivid Engineering, Shrewsbury, MA

Multimode diode bar

The 9xx-nm 120-W, CW ­multimode laser-diode bar is designed for pumping solid-state disk and fiber lasers, as well as direct applications of laser-diode output. The lasers have enough power for material processing, marking, and printing; medical applications such as skin resurfacing and hair removal; and military/aerospace applications such as laser warning and targeting.
Bookham, San Jose, CA

UV-curable adhesive

UV15-7 is a a one-component, optically clear, nonyellowing UV-curable polymer. The 100% reactive ­system is free of solvents and volatiles. It provides nearly instantaneous ­curing at room temperature when exposed to a UV light source of adequate wavelength and intensity. After ­curing, the polymer has a shore-D hardness of 60 and an elongation of 6% to 8%.
Master Bond, Hackensack, NJ

Laser sintering system

The EOSINT M 270 laser sintering system is powered by a 200-W ­single-mode ytterbium fiber laser. The new fiber laser offers a small focus diameter for improved detail resolution and part quality, while the variable-focus technology and fast motors ensure a high building speed.
EOS, Krailling, Germany

Laser spot tracker

Th 0504lfwanalogmodule
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The Model 741DP quadrant tracking detector/processor is a laser spot tracker with flexibility for missile and platform applications. A range of n-type silicon detectors are temperature-controlled and give highest performance at 1.06 µm. Independent five-channel noise detectors have long acquisition ranges for different background light and spot positions and circuits to resist sunlight blinding.
Analog Modules, Longwood, CA

Two-line laser

Th 0504lfwcobolt
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The Dual Calypso has CW single-beam output at both 491 and 532 nm with power of 20 mW. The diode-pumped, solid-state laser has root-mean-square noise of less than 0.3% and peak-to-peak noise of less than 3%. The industrial device is designed as a replacement for argon-ion lasers. It comes in two versions, with an OEM system-­integration controller or a CDRH controller for stand-alone lab use.
Cobalt, Stockholm, Sweden

Erbium fiber

Th 0504lfwcoractive
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Er-25-05-PM polarization-­maintaining, erbium-doped, single-clad fiber has been optimized for C- and L-band PM-laser and EDFA applications. It has a highly doped photosensitive ­erbium core in a panda-style polarization-maintaining fiber. Power-conversion efficiency is 70% at 1480 nm pumped and peak absorption is 25 dB/m at 1530 nm.
CorActive High-Tech,
Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

Component analyzer

The All-Band component analyzer is a test system for characterizing optical components across the entire telecom wavelength range, including the O-, E-, S-, C-, L-, and U-bands. It contains a single internal tunable laser that covers 1260 to 1630 nm. It can test all passive components but is optimized for fiber-to-the-premises and coarse-WDM applications.
EXFO Electro-Optical Engineering, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

X-ray target

A high-power transmission target consists of two layers-an interaction layer of tungsten and a backing layer that provides improved heat transfer and lower focal spot temperature. The target is designed for inspection of objects with low-contrast or high-absorption structures.
Feinfocus, Garbsen, Germany


The January 2005 optics and optical components catalog contains more than 7000 products. Among the 200 new products included are near-IR neutral-density filters, longpass filters, and a variety of high-resolution micro-video lenses. Also included are application notes ranging from lens design to machine-vision illumination.
Edmund Industrial Optics,
Barrington, NJ

Balanced photodiodes

Th 0504lfwdiscoverysemi
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The balanced photodiode, Lab Buddy, is a benchtop instrument that balances two photodiodes through use of an integrated optical-delay line. The unit offers ±300-ps variable optical delay, photodiodes from 10 to 40 G with built-in bias voltage, front-panel removable fiberoptic connectors, and switch-selectable photocurrent monitoring for balance adjustment.
Discovery Semiconductors,
Ewing, NJ

Miniature collimator

The OptiFocus Collimator is one-third the size of typical c-lens and GRIN-lens collimators, and is designed for telecommunications, biomedical, and sensing applications. It is designed for use in passive optical components, triplexors, optical monitors, and sensors.
Corning, Corning, NY

Fixed lenses

Th 0504lfwfujinon
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A series of fixed-focal-length lenses are designed for either 1-in. or 2/3‑in. formats. They have focal lengths of 12.5, 16, 25, 35, 50, or 75 mm. The 2/3-in. lenses are designed for 5-megapixel CCD cameras. They offer an enhanced image-recognition rate and have a focusing device and a stable body for protection from vibration and shock.
Fujinon, Wayne, NJ

Graphite molding

Th 0504lfwgraphicast
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The ZA-12 casting process uses permanent graphite molds to produce parts from the zinc aluminum alloy ZA‑12 to produce high-precision components for electromechanical and electro-optical applications. The process produces mold castings with critical dimension tolerances of ±0.003 in./in. for the first inch and ±0.001 in./in for additional inches.
Graphicast, Jaffrey, NH

Raman spectrometer

The Raman Explorer is a Raman spectrometer for OEM and laboratory users. The multichannel, multispectral device uses a retroreflective, concentric design for Raman analysis. It is compact and can be used in areas such as industrial process monitoring and control. The device allows users to measure extended wavelength ranges or multiple spectral ranges on a single plane.
Headwall Photonics, Fitchburg, MA

Fiber-coupled diode

Th 174816
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The JOL-100-CPXF-4P passively cooled, fiber-coupled diode-­laser module delivers output power of 100 W from a single fiber with core diameter of 0.4 mm, NA 0.22. The module is designed for ­applications such as pumping of solid-state ­lasers or direct materials processing such as quasi-simultaneous welding.
Jenoptik Laserdiode,
Jena, Germany

Faraday cages

Th 174817
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A line of Faraday cage options is available for use with the company’s vibration-isolation workstations. They are produced with high-density, 16-mesh copper screen and provide attenuation up to 100 dB below 500 kHz, 60 dB below 50 MHz, and 20 dB below 5 GHz. The can have two hinged front doors, a roll-up door, or sliding doors.
Kinetic Systems, Boston, MA

IR-conversion screens

Th 0504lfwlasercomp
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A range of IR-conversion screens to make IR beams visible now includes the LDT-008 card covering the 800-to 1600-nm spectral range. Also new is the LDT-1064CL, which has a grip measuring 100 × 30 mm for reaching deep inside laser systems, and an active area of 30 × 30 mm.
Laser Components, Hudson, NH

Five-axis laser system

Th 0504lfwlaserdyne
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The Model 450 five-axis laser system is designed for precision percussion and trepan drilling of turbine engine blades, nozzle guide vanes, shrouds, and components of similar size. It includes optical focus control for ­ceramic-coated and metal surfaces and active optical sensing to monitor the state of optics during drilling.
Laserdyne Systems, Champlin, MN

Echelle spectrometer

Th 0504lfwltb
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The Aryelle-Butterfly echelle spectrometer is designed for simultaneous elemental analysis by laser-induced plasma spectroscopy. It can detect elements in the 175- to 750-nm wavelength range with spectral resolution of 35,000 in the VUV range and 15,000 in the UV-Vis-NIR range. It comes with either a CCD with chopper or with an intensified CCD.
LTB Lasertechnik Berlin, Berlin, Germany

Pump laser

The LU0975TO40 uncooled laser module has up to 4-W output power from a multimode fiber for pumping fiber lasers. The laser comes in a TO220 packaged coupled with a 100/125-µm fiber with NA of 0.22. The fiber is terminated with a standard 2.5-mm-diameter ceramic ferule. FC/PC or SMA connectors are optional.
Lumics, Berlin, Germany

Spot LED lights

The MG Wave coaxial spot LED lights (MCEP Series) provide high illumination for machine-vision applications. A constant-current detection-control system locates the limiting resistor in the power source for control of heat emission. The LEDs come with either a single-lamp-type fiber-guide connection or a three-lamp guide.
Moritex Europe, Cambridge, England

Achromatic waveplate

The Subwave AQWP650+ achromatic quarter waveplate is designed for DVD/CD read/write combination drives. It can be used as a drop-in replacement for existing waveplates or as the basis for new designs. It provides 90° ± 4° phase retardance across a 630- to 805-nm range, and comes in sizes from 1 to 10 mm on a side.
NanoOpto, Somerset, NJ

Design software

OptiSystem 4.0 design software for optical communication systems allows users to run technically advanced optical-link simulations with MathLab 7. New features include new signal representation for modeling WDM and closed-loop systems; new numerical engineers for filters, modulators, and photodetectors; a polarization analyzer; and new tutorials and applications projects.
Optiwave, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Diode arrays

The Sirilas SPL LG81 laser-diode array is designed for solid-state pumping, material processing, illumination, and industrial applications. It has a microchannel cooler and produces 30 W of CW output power at 808 nm in a TO236 package. Each module contains a laser bar with 16 individual emitters.
Osram Opto Semiconductors, San Jose, CA

Piezo motor

Th 0504lfwnewscale
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The SQ-306 Squiggle piezo ­motor measures 4 mm in diameter and 20 mm in length with 6-mm ­travel and 250-nm position resolution. The speed can be controlled from ­microns per second to more than 10 mm/s. They are available in a metal housing to drive miniature linear ­positioning stages. They generate no magnetic fields and can be made entirely of nonferrous metals.
New Scale Technologies, Victor, NY

Optical table

Th 0504lfwnewport
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The SmartTable includes two active vibration dampers that dissipate to all natural vibration modes of the optical table without creating any additional resonances at lower frequencies. It can reduce resonant structural vibrations and settling time by up to a factor of 10. Built-in sensors and analog output allow users to monitor vibrations in real time.
Newport, Irvine, CA

Diode stack arrays

Th 0504lfwnlight
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Cascades diode-laser stack arrays provide 50, 60, 80, or 100 W of CW power from 790 to 980 nm and 20‑W CW power from 1435 to 1570 nm. The can include both fast- and slow-axis collimation optics and can be configured horizontally or vertically, with a maximum 20 bars high or 6 bars across.
nLight, Vancouver, WA

Photodiode prototypes

A domestic wafer fab produces quick photodiode prototypes in both 100- and 150-mm wafers. The fab has a Class 1000 clean room and 6‑in. wafer line.
Opto Diode,
Newbury Park, CA

Green laser

The DM50-527 diode-pumped, Nd:YLF, Q-switched laser has 50 mJ/pulse at 1 kHz and 527 nm. Options include an automated power attenuator, fiber-coupled output, TEM00 output, and twin-pulse operation with separation of 1 µs or higher. The device is designed for applications such as pumping of Ti:sapphire or dye lasers, high-speed imaging, and laser annealing.
Photonics Industries, Bohemia, NY

Optical crystals

Optical-grade lithium tantalite is a substrate for advanced waveguide-based devices, such as sensors and frequency converters. It can also be used for wavelength conversion. The substrates can be provided in boule and in 2- and 3-in. wafer configurations.
SAES Getters Group, Milan, Italy

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