May 1, 2000
OptoLink offers information faster; DPSS laser; Wavefront sensor; And more

OptoLink offers information faster

Laser Focus World is now offering faster and easier access to information on products described in our New Products sections. Just go to our Web site: and click on OptoLink. Enter your choice of circle numbers, and your request for information will automatically be forwarded to the appropriate manufacturer or vendor. Of course, you can still circle the numbers on the Reader Inquiry Card and mail or fax as usual.

Editor's Note: CLEO/QELS '00 (Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics and the Quantum Electronics and Laser Science Conference) will be held May 7-12 in San Francisco, CA. This preview of products being introduced at the technical exhibition includes information received by press time from exhibiting companies.

Photodiode array

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The LY series linear indium gallium arsenide photodiode array is designed for 25- and 50-GHz dense wavelength-division multiplexing spectral monitoring systems for telecommunications in the near-infrared. It is based on a low-noise complementary metal-oxide semiconductor multiplexer with 512 pixels on 25-µm pitch. Spectral responses of 0.9 to 1.7 µm and 1.2 to 2.2 µm are available in several pixel heights.
Sensors Unlimited, Princeton, NJ

DPSS laser

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The Gator 2000 diode-pumped solid-state laser offering green and ultraviolet output for materials processing is available with an attachable harmonic stage that delivers 5 W at 532 nm or 3 W at 355 nm. The industrial-grade laser drills holes smaller than 100 µm at 10 kHz in 15-ns pulses to optimize drilling rates, material-removal rates, and dimensional accuracy.
Lambda Physik, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Integrating sphere

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The FOIS-1 fiberoptic integrating sphere collects light and funnels it to an optical fiber for spectral analysis of light-emitting diodes, lamps, and other emission sources. The 2.25 x 2.25 x 2.125-in. unit consists of a 1.5-in. sphere encased in an aluminum housing, with a 0.375-in.-diameter input port that accepts wavelengths from 200 to 1100 nm and an SMA connector for coupling the fiber to a spectrometer. The unit has threads in various sizes and locations for mounting in a variety of configurations.
Ocean Optics, Dunedin, FL

Beam expander

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A motorized beam expander offers an expansion range from two to eight times. It is designed for a wavelength of 1064 nm and an entrance beam diameter of 8 mm; a separate unit for 532 nm and 8 mm is available. Windows-based software and automated adjustment motors control lens groups, allowing a user to align the zoom and focus positions remotely. Independent movements of the lens groups to create variations in the laser beam are also possible.
Rodenstock Precision Optics, Rockford, IL

Wavefront sensor

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WaveScope is a Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensor. It can become an adaptive optical system with the addition of a deformable mirror.
Adaptive Optics Associates, Cambridge, MA

Fiber aligner

FiberAlign130 uses a center-driven, noncogging linear motor that can reach up to 300 mm/s and accelerations of 1 G for alignment of fiber to fiber, fiber to laser, and fiber to waveguide. It has a resolution of 20 nm and includes software to perform standard alignment functions or customized routines.
Aerotech, Pittsburgh, PA


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The HyperSpec VS15 imaging spectrograph is for use with large 2-D detectors for hyperspectral applications that require very high spectral and spatial resolution. The device uses an aberration-corrected convex diffraction grating to eliminate smile and keystone distortions in the focal plane and has high-throughput f/2.0 optics. The entrance slit is 12 µm x 18 mm with a 6-mm spectral length.
American Holographic, Fitchburg, MA

Power/simmer supply

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The model 575 capacitor-charging power supply and model 866 simmer supply pair are designed for laser systems with low average power. The pair delivers charging power of 250 W at up to 1000 V and simmer current of 120 mA. The modules are designed with a low-profile, open-board assembly for integration into a variety of laser platforms.
Analog Modules, Longwood, FL


The Tempryte-FT series of chillers use closed-loop water recirculation to provide a constant-temperature source of clean water, with cooling capacities ranging from 350 W and 1200 BTU/h to 11,730 W and 40,000 BTU/h. Pump capacities range from 14.5 l/min to 10 gallons/min, with reservoir sizes from 1.5 to 18 gallons. Deionization packages are available.
Bay Voltex Corp., Livermore, CA

GaN photodiodes

A range of gallium nitride PIN photodiodes are available for use as UV photodetectors in UV curing and sterilization, combustion monitoring, and spectroscopy. They have an active area of 0.5 mm2 and offer typical quantum efficiency of 40% at 360 nm, with a very high rejection of visible and infrared wavelengths. They deliver a frequency response of dc to >18 MHz with -3 dB of noise and responsivities of 0.1 A/W at 360 nm and 0.05 A/W at 250 nm.
Boston Electronics Corp., Brookline, MA

Acousto-optic filters

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Fiber-pigtailed acousto-optic tunable filters operate over an optical range of 1300 to 1700 nm. The devices have a spectral resolution of <1 nm at 1550 nm with a sidelobe level of -20 dB. They are pigtailed with single-mode polarization-maintaining filters, which can be connectorized with a variety of standard connectors.Brimrose Corp. of America, Baltimore, MD


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High-speed, closed-loop galvanometer optical scanners are based on position detector technology and moving magnet actuators. The model 6230 is for clear apertures up to 10 mm with small-angle step response times as fast as 300 ms. The model 6220 is for clear apertures up to 5 mm, with step response times to 250 ms.
Cambridge Technology, Cambridge, MA

Green laser modules

Diode-pumped all-solid-state green laser modules offer output up to 150 mW with stability less than 5% and come in sizes up to 12-mm diameter and 40 mm long. Also available are green laser pointers, with output from 1 to 5 mW.
Changchun New Industries Optoelectronics Technology Co. Ltd., Changchun, China

Pockels-cell driver

A fully integrated electro-optic driver and Q-switch provides 1.5-ns risetimes and repetition rates to 10 kHz. It can be ordered with any of the company's QX and IMPACT Pockels cells or retrofitted with stand-alone Q-switches. The unit measures 2.5 x 2.5 x 7.5 in. and weighs <750 g.Cleveland Crystals, Highland Heights, OH

YVO4 crystal

Yttrium orthovanadate (YVO4) is a positive uniaxial crystal with a wide transparency range and large birefringence, making it suitable for optical polarizing components in applications, including fiberoptic isolators and circulators, beam displacers, and Glan polarizers.
Coretech Crystal Co., Jinan, China

Barium borate crystals

Single-crystal barium borate (BBO) is available in both beta and alpha phases. They typically have a surface finish <10/5 s-d, surface flatness of Crystal Associates, East Hanover, NJ

Blue laser

A compact, diode-pumped, low-noise blue laser offers output power up to 15 mW at 473 nm TEM00. The Blue Point laser offers output up to 15 mW at 430 and 490 nm.
Crystalaser LC, Reno, NV

Deep-UV mirrors

Based on high-density aluminum coating technology, broadband deep-UV aluminum mirrors reflect 90%-92% at 193 nm. Available on UV-grade fused-silica, CaF2, or MgF2 substrates, the DUVAL mirrors have a surface figure of l/10 at 633 nm after coating. They come in round, square, or rectangular shapes.
CVI Laser Corp., Albuquerque, NM

Lithium niobate

Stoichiometric lithium niobate is available undoped or doped with magnesium oxide. The crystal inspires high laser damage resistance, lowers photorefractive effects, and causes a shift in transmission to further down in the UV, lowering transmission bandwidth.
Deltronic Crystal Industries, Dover, NJ

UV optics

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High-performance UV optical elements are made of fused silica and come in a variety of PCV, DCV, PCX, and DCX models. Broadband antireflection coatings that yield optimized ultraviolet throughput are available.
Edmund Industrial Optics, Barrington, NJ

Power supplies

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The 6000 series power supplies are for use with high-energy pulsed laser systems, such as lamp-pumped Nd:YAG and ruby lasers for medical and industrial applications, and are designed for research laboratories and production laser systems. The devices supply a square current pulse of electronically variable width with a short risetime to the laser lamp, creating energetic and controllable laser pulses.
Electron Tubes, Rockaway, NJ

Filter selector

A motorized dual-filter selector for two 1-in. filters has an oscillating mode variable from 0.1 to 10 Hz, with a transition time of 40 ms from filter to filter, TTL input command, and TTL monitor output.
Electro-Optical Products Corp., Fresh Meadows, NY

Infrared camera

The PV320 uncooled infrared camera has options that include a quantifiable version, a version with frame reset for beam profiling of pulsed lasers, a zinc selenide faceplate to prevent fringing when viewing coherent lasers, and a 10-bit RS-422 digital interface. The focal-plane array covers the spectral range from 1 to 14 µm and can detect a temperature range from 18°C to more than 523°C.
Electrophysics Corp., Fairfield, NJ

Positioning system

The VersaPoint three-axis rotational platform is designed for alignment of integrated optics, planar waveguides, and similar devices. The three axes can rotate around a central point without causing any lateral displacement. The device can carry loads up to 40 N and can provide angular resolution below an arc sec per axis.
Elektronik Laser Systems GmbH, Dieberg, Germany

Gas conversion

Single-gas argon- or krypton-laser systems can be converted to mixed-gas systems and add new optics for less than half the cost of a new plasma tube. The systems have applications in flow cytometry, research, and entertainment.
Evergreen Laser Corp., Durham, CT

Nonlinear crystals

Bismuth borate (BiB306) is a new nonlinear material for second-harmonic generation (SHG) of visible wavelengths. It is easily fabricated, highly nonlinear, highly damage resistant, and completely insensitive to moisture. Samples are available for SHG 1064/532 nm at sizes of 3 x 3 x 5 mm.
F.E.E. GmbH, Idar-Oberstein, Germany

Analog-to-digital card

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CompuScope 82G is an analog-to-digital converter and scope card for the PCI bus with deep on-board acquisition memory of up to 2 billion samples/s. It includes 2-Gsample/s digitization on one channel, simultaneous sampling of 1 Gsample/s on two channels, and wide analog bandwidth. It is compatible with the company's oscilloscope software, GageScope.
Gage Applied Sciences, Montreal, Que., Canada

Diffraction gratings

StabilSil diffraction gratings, for telecommunications applications at 980 nm or 1300 to 1700 nm, are replicas in 100% low-thermal-expanding glass. With <0.15-dB loss, low scatter, and low polarization dependency, the gratings are available as planar or concave gratings with blazed or sinusoidal surface features, as well as prism gratings and transmission gratings.
Geltech, Orlando, FL

Power meter

A dual-channel laser power and energy meter operates with Windows CE. It comes with software that allows the user to perform ratios and statistics with power meters and/or energy meters. It includes high-resolution graphics on an oversized screen and computer interfaces.
Gentec, Quebec City, Que., Canada

Protective eyewear

Millennia laser protective eyewear is a one-piece wraparound polycarbonate lens for protection from temple to temple to keep incidental and reflected laser beams from entering the eye. It is available with polymer filters and with a detachable retainer for use in active or warm environments.
GPT Glendale, Lakeland, FL

InGaAs sensors

The G8160, G8163, and G8180 InGaAs linear image sensors for the analytical market include a programmable gain charge amplifier, correlated double sampling, a digital shift register followed by an offset compensation circuit, and a programmable logic device on a CMOS multiplexer chip. They can also come as part of a complete evaluation kit, including a multichannel detector head.
Hamamatsu Corp., Bridgewater, NJ

Birefringence measurement

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The Exicor birefringence measurement system maps low levels of retardation in scientific-grade optics, industrial glasses, laser optics, and photolithography optics. Using a HeNe laser at 632.8 nm, it has a range of 0.01 to 100 nm, resolution of ±0.005 nm or 1%, measurement time of 1 s, modulation frequency of 50 kHz, and measurement spot size of 1 mm.
Hinds Instruments, Hillsboro, OH

Band-selecting optics

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A line of band-selective laser resonator optics with specially coated rear mirrors and output couplers can lock a CO2 laser to a particular wavelength band for specific industrial applications. For example, the laser can be set to the 9.3-µm band for circuit-board drilling and plastics engraving. The optics are available for CO2 gas mix lasers and isotope gas mix lasers.
II-VI, Saxonburg, PA

Femtosecond laser

The Wattlite is a turnkey femtosecond fiber laser, ytterbium (Yb) fiber amplified for wavelengths from 1030 to 1070 nm. It has average power of up to 1 W, pulse duration down to 100 fs, and repetition at 50 MHz. It is designed for direct femtosecond and picosecond laser applications and as a seeder for ultrafast Yb amplifier systems.
IMRA America, Ann Arbor, MI

Laser mirrors

Cooled metal mirrors for high-power CO2 and YAG lasers withstand incident radiation up to 50 kW and provide surface uniformity of l/4 and reflectivity of 99%. Mirrors up to 300 mm are available in circular, elliptical, ring, or rectangular shapes.
Infrared Optical Products, Farmingdale, NY

Light-detector amplifier

The A430 detector amplifier is a PC board module that integrates into PLCs and data-acquisition systems for gathering light measurements. It provides photodetector current amplification and 0- to 5-Vdc output. It has adjustable gain from 10 nA to 50 µA full-scale with built-in threshold monitoring for alarm systems. It uses 5 to 9 Vdc, and a 5-Vdc bias voltage is available for vacuum photodiodes.
International Light, Newburyport, MA

Tunable fiber laser

A tunable rare-earth-doped fiber laser with both robust single polarization and longitudinal mode operates from 1.01 to 1.20 µm and from 1.52 to 1.62 µm. Tunability is 25-40 pm/K, with resolution limited by the temperature control, and a total range of more than 2 nm, with a standard Peltier element. Linewidth is <15 kHz, signal-to-noise ratio is >70 dB, and output power is up to 20 mW.IONAS A/S, Lyngby, Denmark

Thin-film depositionsystem

The SPECTOR thin-film deposition system for DWDM filters offers deposition rates of 3.2 Å/s for Ta2O5 and 2.4 Å/s for SiO2 with uniformities better than 0.07%. It is available with l/4 transmission-based monitoring for 50-, 100-, and 200-GHz filters. An optical monitor with a tunable laser detector and system software provides automated filter production, and deposition can cease within 7 ms.
Ion Tech, Fort Collins, CO

Etalon filters

Solid etalon fibers produce 100-GHz spacings for high-speed telecommunications. The fibers are on the order of 1 mm thick and are diced to meet customers' requirements in the lateral dimensions.
Iridian Spectral Technologies, Ottawa, Ont., Canada

Infrared camera lenses

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*** Four series of lenses are available for infrared cameras. For long-wavelength infrared, the Strix is an f/1.4 lens available in 13-, 25-, 50-, and 100-mm versions, while the Surnia is an f/0.86 lens in 25- and 50-mm versions. For the mid-infrared, the Asio, an f/2.3, and the Alba, an f/4, come in 13-, 25-, 50-, and 100-mm versions.
Janos Technology, Townshend, VT

NIR array detectors

The IGA 3000 series of near-infrared array detectors is spectroscopic-grade InGaAs detectors in a linear array or 128, 256, or 512 pixels. Spectral coverage from 0.8 to 1.7 µm is standard, with detectors up to 2.2 µm optional. Detectors have quantum efficiency up to 85% and low dark noise for applications, including photoluminescence measurement, laser-diode characterization, telecommunications, Raman spectroscopy, singlet oxygen sensing, and environmental monitoring.
Jobin Yvon, Edison, NJ

Optical testing

An optical testing service tests optical materials, coatings, and detectors for damage caused by UV processes for a range of UV wavelengths down to 157 nm. Materials, including doped and undoped fused silica, calcium fluoride, and exotics—from samples to complete assemblies—can be put through statistical life testing, nondestructive testing, or damage-threshold assessment.
JPSA, Hollis, NH

Diode drivers

The DL series of OEM diode drivers is available in pulsed and continuous-wave modes. Available output ranges from 500 W to more than 3 kW in various voltages, with power factor correction and universal input.
Kaiser Systems, Beverly, MA


VibraLite breadboards come in a variety of configurations. The HC-5700 series is similar to the company's optical tables, with a 3/16-in. ferromagnetic stainless-steel top, a 3/16-in. carbon steel bottom with black polyurethane finish, plated steel honeycomb core, and standard tapped mounting holes, in sizes up to 48 x 96 in. and 2 or 4 in. thick. The AL-5500 aluminum breadboard and the SS-5600 stainless-steel breadboard with aluminum core are also available.
Kinetic Systems, Boston, MA

Rotary table

The DRT-100 rotary table offers speeds up to 10 revolutions/s, accelerations up to 400 revolutions/s2, and 4-arc sec resolution. The table is 100 x 100 x 65 mm. The direct-drive design eliminates gear wear, torque variation, and backlash, and it can be controlled and driven by any brushless servo system.
Kollmorgen NEAT, Lawrence, MA

DPSS laser

The DeltaTrain turnkey system, a microprocessor-controlled CW all-solid-state diode-pumped deep UV laser at 266 nm, can be integrated into any OEM system with remote control via an RS-232 interface. The crystal shifter extends the laser lifetime by moving the BBO crystal through 100 reproducible positions across its usable cross section.
Laser Analytical Systems GmbH, Berlin, Germany


The DMI 500 laser-based displacement-measurement interferometer has a compact configuration and flat base for easy mounting or for securing to a desired position. It has a resolution of 0.083 µm, accuracy of 3 ppm with environmental compensation, range of 500 mm, and slew rate of 100 mm/s.
LaserMax, Rochester, NY

Diode laser

A fiber-coupled diode-laser module is available at 976 and 980 nm. It measures 79 x 25 x 18 mm, has an optical output of 15 W, and has a 200-µm fiber with numerical aperture 0.22. Applications include pumping of fiber lasers and medical uses.
LIMO GmbH, Dortmund, Germany

Positioning devices

A line of piezo positioning devices based on the company's Torque-Block technology consists of mirror positioners, actuators, and piezo-adjustment attachments for micrometers. They have both open- and closed-loop capabilities, with a resolution of 5 nm in closed-loop mode.
Linos Photonics, Milford, MA

Slab resonator

A passively Q-switched zigzag monolithic slab resonator is made by using liquid phase epitaxy to grown Nd:YAG on a Cr4+:YAG, with two to three times the Nd dopant concentration of traditionally grown Czochralski crystals, improving optical efficiency. The passive Q-switch leads to peak-power pulses with subnanosecond durations. Dielectric mirrors are deposited directly onto the slab's end faces.
Litton Airtron Synoptics, Charlotte, NC

Wire saw

The AWS1 wire saw uses fine lapping and cutting technology to cut or wafer fragile or difficult materials, such as cadmium zinc telluride, with minimal material loss and sample damage. The saw will slice samples up to 120 mm in diameter with a maximum boule/sample length of 102 mm.
Logitech Product Group, Westlake, OH

Heat exchangers

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Aspen stainless-steel heat exchangers have new loops that are orbital welded to improve the unit's cleanliness, appearance, and pressure drop. Liquid side returns eliminate trapped particles that could contaminate the cooling fluid. The units come in six standard sizes.
Lytron, Woburn, MA


KRS-5 optical quality crystals can be grown as large as 200 mm in diameter with a thickness of 100 mm. KRS-6 crystals can be grown to 250-mm diameter at 100 mm thick. Polished samples are available.
MacroOptica Ltd., Moscow, Russia

UV spectrophotometer

The VUVaS 3000 vacuum ultraviolet spectrophotometer offers dual beams in the 115- to 380-nm range for applications including lithography at 157 and 193 nm. A clean stainless-steel chamber can be window- or valve-isolated from the system. Special samples as long as 300 mm can be accommodated, and holders are available for large or awkward samples.
McPherson, Chelmsford, MA


The MLA560 is a 560-W, 115- or 230-Vac, freestanding thermoelectric liquid chiller. It measures 15 x 11 x 18.1 in. and weighs 48 lb. It includes a built-in temperature controller to stabilize liquid temperature to within 2°C, with a controller to stabilize temperature to within 0.25°C optional.
Melcor, Trenton, NJ

Sapphire substrates

Sapphire substrates with a 2-in. diameter are highly polished on one face for epitaxial deposition of GaN for production of blue LEDs. The wafers have a side surface roughness of <0.30 nm (Ra) and are (0001) oriented and flat to <5 µm. Smaller sizes to customer specifications are also available.
Meller Optics, Providence, RI

Broadband source

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The EBS-4022 laser is a 22-dBm broadband source, flattened within 1 dB over its 40-nm wide, C-band spectrum. It can replace a set of tightly packed DFB lasers for telecommunications test sets or a tunable laser for wide-dynamic-range testing of dense wavelength-division multiplexing components.
MPB Technologies, Pointe Claire, Que., Canada


The Merlin series of chillers have cooling capacities from 750 to 5000 W. They have high- and low-temperature safeties, an audible alarm, computer interfacing, and stability to ±0.1°C. The chillers include an integrated fluid-pressure reducer and flow controller and a simplified controller.
NESLAB Instruments, Portsmouth, NH

Fiberoptic power meter

The Lab Boy fiberoptic power meter plugs into a Palm organizer to save measurements for downloading to a spreadsheet. The device allows automated data logging and differential measurements.
Noah Industries, Melbourne, FL

Power meter

The Laserstar-RP laser power/energy meter measures repetitive pulses from Q-switched, excimer, long-pulse, pulsed-diode, YAG, alexandrite, and ruby lasers. It provides information on pulse energy, average power, frequency, minimum and maximum values, missing pulses, time jitter, and standard deviation. It can store 50,000 data points in nonvolatile memory and send them to a PC for analysis.
Ophir Optronics, Danvers, MA

OPO system

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The Opolette OPO system is tunable from 410 nm to >2.4 µm and measures 15 x 6 x 5 in. It is customer-installable and can be used in applications including spectroscopy, LIF, time-resolved absorption, environmental monitoring, and bio-imaging.
OPOTEK, Carlsbad, CA


A refrigeration circuit provides close temperature stability, a temperature range of 5°C to 90°C, a capacity range of 600 to 1300 W, and heaters for heating and cooling applications. The chiller measures 20 x 15 x 22.5 in. Rack mount chillers are also available in 600- and 800-W sizes.
Opti Temp, Traverse City, MI

Fiber-coupled laser diodes

The 903 line of 9-mm, mounted laser-diode-based fiber-coupled packages has >80% coupling. With an optional 0.11 NA fiber, they can achieve four times the brightness of a typical 0.22-NA unit. They are available in wavelengths from 635 to 1064 nm and power levels to 1000 mW for medical, night-vision, and printing applications and pumping of other solid-state lasers.
OptoBrite Devices LLC, Woodinville, WA

Fiberoptic circulators

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Fiberoptic circulators use polarization-maintaining fibers. Light transmitted along port T travels out through port 1, and light traveling back through port 1 is routed through port R. Applications include DWDM networks, fiber amplifiers, fiber sensors, and integrated optics.
OZ Optics, Carp, Ont., Canada

Picosecond lasers

Industrial picosecond lasers have a TEM00 beam profile and frequency-converted output up to 200 nm. Applications include marking, drilling, and cutting of metals, ceramics, glasses, and semiconductors.
Passat Ltd., North York, Ont., Canada

X-ray detector

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A digital x-ray camera is based on a monolithic 16 x 16-in. amorphous silicon sensor that is the same size as conventional x-ray film. The flat-panel detector has spatial resolution of 1024 x 1024 pixels at 400 µm each and gray-scale resolution of 65,000 levels, providing images with better dynamic range than film in real time.
PerkinElmer Optoelectronics, Santa Clara, CA

Nd:YAG laser

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The model DS20-355 Nd:YAG laser produces 10-W nearly diffraction-limited TEM00 mode at 355 nm. The Q-switched diode-pumped laser has repetition rates ranging from single shot to >50 kHz, producing >1-mJ/pulse at up to 10 kHz. The pump diodes are user-replaceable. Applications include micromachining, via-hole drilling, and cutting.
Photonics Industries, Bohemia, NY


An interferometer for FTIR spectroscopy is a single monolithic structure containing two mirrors and a beamsplitter fused with top and bottom glass plates of the same material. The device has a uniform coefficient of thermal expansion for stability under high temperature and vibration. A double-pass configuration accommodates any wavelength. The device is available in quartz or BK 7 for near-infrared or with a KBR beamsplitter for far-infrared.
PLX, Deer Park, NY

Positioning system

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The NanoCube XYZ nanopositioning system piezoelectric flexure stage provides a motion range of 100 x 100 x 100 µm, resolution <10 nm, and fast response. Open loop and closed loop versions are available. The device measures 44 x 44 x 44 mm and can be combined with the company's other systems, such as manual stages and six-axis automated hexapod systems.Polytec PI, Auburn, MA

Beam-modulation device

The PMH module for 100-MHz beam modulation comes with a choice of laser diodes from 400 to 2200 nm. It is active low TTL compatible and capable of modulating 0 to 120 mA while supplying 0 to 200 mA of bias current. It uses 12-Vdc and a maximum of 350 mA and features a 0-V on/5-V off inhibitor circuit and a 10-mV/mA monitor for laser-diode drive current.
Power Technology, Little Rock, AR

Modelocked lasers

Nd:YLF modelocked lasers have output of 1047 nm at >15 W, 523 nm at >7 W, and 349 nm at >3 W; pulsewidths of <15 ps; and repetition rates ~100 MHz. Amplification is achieved using the company's MPS gain module technology, and modelocking is achieved with Sesam technology from Time Bandwidth Products.Q-Peak, Bedford, MA

Crystal services

Precision polishing, rework, and coating of laser crystals with enhanced ion-assisted deposition coatings raise the crystals' laser damage threshold and extend multiband design capabilities.
Quality Thin Films, Oldsmar, FL


The QS6-2 HW is a water-cooled BBO Q-switch with high average power of 150 W and output of 5 kV. It comes with a 1-kHz driver that provides a 1.5-ns risetime or a 20-kHz driver that provides 3.5-ns risetime.
Quantum Technology, Lake Mary, FL

Zinc sulfide windows

Cleartran zinc sulfide windows have scatter ±7% cm-1 and transmission from 0.35 to 14 µm for multispectral applications requiring a single aperture for several wavebands, such as an aircraft system that must allow a visible camera, a laser rangefinder, and a mid- or long-wavelength detector to operate through the window. The material can be fabricated into precisely contoured windows.
Rohm and Haas Co./Advanced Materials, Woburn, MA

Beam profiler

The LS-2000U LaserTest beam profiler has a USB interface that allows any standard camera to be plugged into the USB port of a computer. The system uses 32-bit Windows-based software and allows a range of statistical functions, including XY profiles, beam statistics, and M2 measurements.
SensorPhysics, Oldmar, FL

Tuning gratings

Holographic gratings are designed for wavelength tuning of external-cavity diode lasers. The groove depth is optimized to yield maximum efficiency for one state of polarization, and the gratings have low stray light and a flat diffracted wavefront. Applications include spectroscopic instruments for WDM.
Spectrogon US, Parsippany, NY

Sealed CO2 lasers

The Firestar series of CO2 lasers offers power less than 250 W at a wavelength of 10.6 µm for industrial applications such as cutting, marking, and engraving.
Synrad, Mukilteo, WA

Air cooling system

The Model 9229-733P2 water-to-ambient-air cooling system is a drop-in component for cooling lasers. It has 110 W of dissipation for every 1°C of initial temperature differential between air and water entering the heat exchanger.
Thermatron Engineering, Methuen, MA

Optical-design software

RayCAD optical-design and ray-tracing software allows users to perform simultaneous optical and electromechanical design within AutoCAD, letting them see the effects on mechanical parts while calibrating an optical system. It can generate documentation with actual ray traces and 3-D optical components and comes with a library of catalog lenses.
Thorlabs, Newton, NJ

Ti:sapphire laser

The Tiger-CD is a cavity-dumped femtosecond Ti:sapphire-laser system with repetition rates to 4 MHz, pulse energies of 25 nJ, pulsewidths of <200 fs, and a center wavelength of 830 nm. The laser head measures 46 x 93 x 19 cm. The device includes an integrated, air-cooled pump laser and works from standard wallplug voltages.Time-Bandwidth Products, Zurich, Switzerland

Green laser module

The TIM-622 diode-pumped green laser module produces output of 532 nm at 10 to 150 mW. The beam diameter is <2.5 mm. It runs on 12 Vdc and measures 143 x 102 x 92 mm.
Transverse Industries Co. Ltd., Taipei, Taiwan

Tapered amplifier diode

The TA 100 tapered amplifier diode-laser system has CW output tunable from 765 to 795, 790 to 825, 920 to 960, and 1030 to 1070 nm, with output power up to 500 mW and coarse tuning of at least 10 nm. It has long-term stability (8 h) <12 MHz, coherence length >100 m, a polarization ratio <1:100, an operating ambient temperature range of 15°C to 26°C, and power consumption of <200 W.TuiOptics, Munich, Germany

Safety eyewear

Laser Skyper diffuse-viewing-only laser eyewear consists of a wraparound polycarbonate lens with antifog, antiscratch, antistatic, and UV protective coating. Filters are available for a range of wavelengths, covering YAG/CO2, argon/KTP, CO2, YAG/KTP, HeNe, IR-diode, diode/YAG, and alexandrite/7 lasers.
Uvex Safety, Smithfield, IL

Temperature controller

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The LFI-3751 PID Autotune temperature controller calculates PID settings that reduce temperature overshoot and improve settling times. The effects of thermal disturbances on the thermoelectric load are reduced, improving temperature stability.
Wavelength Electronics, Bozeman, MT

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