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Feb. 1, 2000
Sealed CO2 lasers; Raman system; Spectroscopy detection system; Radiometer; and more.

Sealed CO2 lasers

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Sealed CO2 lasers have guaranteed output powers of up to 50 W and feature a long lifetime and modular design for add-on options. They are designed for applications in which TEM00 beam quality and stability of performance are required. The direct-current-excited lasers are wavelength tunable over a range from 9.3 to 12.1 µm. They are easily convertible to several isotopic versions.
LaserTech Group, Mississauga, Ont., Canada

Raman system

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The portable CDIR632-512 Raman system includes a f/3.0 spectrometer and a two-dimensional, fast-Fourier-transform charge-coupled device that is thinned, back-illuminated, and thermoelectrically cooled. A 17-mW helium-neon laser provides excitation. The probe, of two-fiber confocal design with >10-8 laser line rejection, provides high throughput. Spectral coverage is from 200 to 3500 cm-1, with spectral resolution of 6 or 12 cm-1. Windows-based acquisition software is included.
Control Development, South Bend, IN

Spectroscopy detection system

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The Spec-10 detection system for spectroscopy is based on front- or back-illuminated CCDs with 20 x 20-µm pixels for maximum full well and spectral resolution. The system comes in rectangular array formats to provide fast spectral rates (small heights) and full spectral coverage (large widths). A variety of coatings are available to boost quantum efficiency, and deep-depletion devices can provide higher sensitivity in the near-infrared. The system is designed to handle Raman, fluorescence, chemiluminescence, and emission spectroscopy, in particular.
Roper Scientific, Tucson, AZ


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The Laser Power Radiometer IL1400A/SEL100FQ/K15 features a 100-mm2 detector, flat response filter from 400 to 1060 nm, and an attenuator for measuring continuous laser light over a spectral range of 100 to 300 nW. It can zero out ambient light to isolate the laser beam for measuring visible and near-infrared lasers such as argon, HeNe, Nd:YAG, and imaged optical beams. Preprogrammed detectors require no setup, and the device, which runs on four AA batteries, can be equipped with an RS232 interface.
International Light, Newburyport, MA

Fiberoptic illuminator

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Board-run 150-W fiberoptic illuminator for microscopy, machine vision, and borescopic inspection applications has built-in infrared filtering. An external side port provides easy access for color, daylight, and custom filter changes, even while units are stacked. Fiberoptic accessories include ringlights, goosenecks, incident lights, light guides, polarizer sets, filters, and focusing attachments.
AEI North America, Marcellus, NY

Deep-UV mirrors

Based on high-density aluminum coating technology, broadband deep-UV aluminum mirrors reflect 90%-92% at 193 nm. Available on UV-grade fused-silica, CaF2, or MgF2 substrates, the DUVAL mirrors have a surface figure of l /10 at 633 nm after coating. They come in round, square, or rectangular shapes.
CVI Laser Corp., Albuquerque, NM

Laser-safety barrier

Laser-safety barrier's frame is constructed of steel track and brackets that attach directly to the ceiling or wall, or the device can be supported by the company's floor supports. Curtains are made from specially layered laser protective fabrics. Systems can be custom-designed for size, shape, and application.
Trinity Technologies, Minneapolis, MN

Display coatings

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The Duralan II antireflective coating works with flat-panel displays used in high-ambient-light environments. The coating can be combined with other Duralan II filter features to meet a variety of custom requirements. Filters are available in thicknesses from 0.02 to 0.25 in. and sizes up to 22 x 44 in.
Silver Cloud Manufacturing, Millville, NJ

Laser autocollimator

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ThetaScan TL40 dual-axis laser autocollimator, which can emit a beam smaller than the aperture of the objective lens, can measure and align surfaces as small as 1 mm2 to 0.1 arc sec, including surfaces with nonmirror reflectivity such as polished metal, silicon wafers, and coated glass. Features include a maximum working distance of 1 m and maximum measurement range of 3600 arc sec in each axis.
Micro-Radian Instruments, San Marcos, CA

Laser camera interface

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The PCI-LCAM laser camera interface facilitates connection of a host computer to a laser imager. The device handles laser protocol requirements and image data-format conversions via the firm's Film Format Protocol. The interface runs on the host computer under Solaris or Windows NT.
Analogic Corp., Peabody, MA

Nanopositioning systems

The large through hole (up to 4 in.) in the stage center of the Nano-H nanopositioning system allows easy access for optical lenses, atomic probes, or fiberoptics. The unit can custom-mount to any microscope. The Nano-Drive closed-loop servo/driver comes in one, two, or three-axis versions, with either an analog (0-10 V) or digital (20 bit) interface and bandwidth switching.
Mad City Labs, Madison, WI

IR inspection camera

Designed for general-purpose thermal imaging, the TherMonitor IR Reporter includes an IR50 Camera and Reporter Software package. The unit will detect short circuits, overloads and overheating, insulation failure, motor and bearing wear, faulty connections, refractory lining breakdowns, and other thermal surveillance IR applications requiring immediate plant-wide detection.
Thermoteknix Systems Ltd., Cambridge, England

Digital camera

The Phantom 4 high-speed digital camera comes in color or black-and-white versions. The latter has the option of real-time control of the dynamics range, which allows portions of the sensor receiving a high light content to be stopped down automatically. Those areas receiving less light remain unchanged. The standard setting for Phantom cameras is for a 512 x 512-pixel array at up to 1000 frames per second. The software interface allows reducing the setting to a 128 x 32-pixel array at 32,000 frames per second.
Photo-Sonics, Burbank, CA

Pixel-counting sensor

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The Presence Plus pixel-counting sensor is a 512 x 384 CMOS pixel array with a programmable microprocessor, controller, lens, lighting, mounting bracket, and cable. The device captures a 256-level gray-scale image, converts it to black and white pixels, and compares the designated-color pixel count with user-programmed thresholds to render a pass or fail judgment of the target.
Banner Engineering, Minneapolis, MN

Diode-pumped laser

At 400 W of output power, the Model LDP-400M diode-pumped CW Nd:YAG laser has an M2 value of 25 and provides a highly circular cross-sectional beam profile. Applications include cutting, welding, and heat treating.
PRC Laser, Landing, NJ

Laser-diode-array driver

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CQ power supplies operate at pulse rates from 0 to 3500 Hz and pulsewidths from 30 to 1000 µs with up to a 20% duty cycle. The units generate pulse currents from 0 to more than 147 amps with fast rise- and falltimes to maximize efficiency for high-repetition-rate, short-pulsewidth applications.
Plex Systems, Monrovia, CA

Er:YAG laser optics

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Standard and custom optics for Er:YAG lasers can be fabricated from sapphire, zinc selenide, silicon, and calcium fluoride as plano-convex and plano-concave lenses, turning mirrors, beamsplitters, beam combiners, and windows. Laser parts are designed for new and replacement applications in medical-, surgical-, and dental-laser systems. Sizes range from 15 to 38 mm with 25-600-mm focal lengths at 633 nm.
Meller Optics, Providence, RI

Electro-optic driver

The compact electro-optic driver provides 1.5-ns risetimes and repetition rates up to 10 kHz. The unit can be ordered with the entire range of QX and Impact Pockels cells and also retrofits to stand-alone Q switches.
Cleveland Crystals, Highland Heights, OH

Dichroic color filters

Filters are made from Schott Borofloat glass, which provides thermal shock resistance and can withstand high operating temperatures over long periods. The filters come in 20 standard colors in rectangular, square, or diameter sizes up to 580 x 380 mm and thicknesses of 1-3 mm.
Docter Optics, Mesa, AZ

Beam-manipulation components

Beam-manipulation components for CO2 and Nd:YAG lasers include beam expanders, cutting and focusing heads, beam-steering units, and polarizers. Typical applications include materials processing with low to medium power and high speeds.
Laser Components, Santa Rosa, CA

Laser mirrors

Cooled metal mirrors for high-power CO2 and YAG lasers withstand incident radiation up to 50 kW and provide surface uniformity of lambda/4 and reflectivity of 99%. Mirror sizes reach 300 mm in circular, elliptical, ring, or rectangular shapes.
Infrared Optical Products, South Farmingdale, NY

Modular LED lighting

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VarioFlash modular LED lighting system is available with either infrared LEDs or white LEDs. Numerous lighting arrangements are possible with each module. No special control unit is required because every module is a strobe.
The Imaging Source, Charlotte, NC

Fiberoptic delivery systems

Laser fiberoptic delivery systems for Dr. Ettemeyer GmbH & Co. shearography inspection equipment allow noncontact, full-field analysis of materials such as composites, fiber-reinforced plastics, and bondings. The inspection system measures material deformation under any mechanical load such as force, temperature, pressure, or vibration to identify defects and debonding as small as 1 µm.
Point Source, Winchester, Hampshire, England


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The CV free-standing laser-cooling chillers provide cooling from 200 W to 2 kW and temperature stabilities of ±0.1°C. Units are compatible with deionized water and come with safety interlocks and filters to protect the laser equipment. Options include conductivity meters, bacterial-growth eliminators, and an RS232 interface package.
Thermal Exchange Ltd., Leicester, England

Photodiode amplifiers

The 10531 UV enhanced photodiode amplifiers provide a higher than normal voltage output at wavelengths below 600 nm especially in the blue and UV region. Applications include biomedical and pollution-monitoring processes.
Integrated Photomatrix, Hilliard, OH

Micro drivers

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MicroDriver linear actuators offer 0.1-mm resolution. The Model R212 has a 12-mm total travel. Models R225 and R250 offer 25 and 50 mm, respectively. All units can exert a 9-lb linear force, are tolerant of side loads, and do not bind when clamped radially., Thousand Oaks, CA

High-power LEDs

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High-power LEDs offer continuous drive currents up to 300 mA and a typical expected lifetime of 25,000 h. Different wavelengths/powers available from stock include 660 nm/90 mW, 810 nm/250 mW, 880 nm/250 mW, and 920 nm/250 mW. Diverse emission angles of 20°, 40°, 120°, and 140° are available.
Roithner Lasertechnik, Vienna, Austria

Blackbody calibration source

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The P300 blackbody calibration source has a 51-mm aperture opening and uses a uniformly heated spherical cavity that achieves an emissivity value of 0.999 or better over its entire temperature range. The device will provide any temperature in the range of 100°C-1200°C accurately to ±0.25% of reading ±1°C.
The Pyrometer Instrument Co., Northvale, NJ

Laser power meter

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Laserstar-RP laser power/energy meter measures repetitive pulses from Q-switched, excimer, long-pulse, and pulsed-diode lasers, as well as high-power industrial YAG lasers and alexandrite and ruby devices. Information provided includes pulse energy, average power, frequency, min and max values, missing pulses, time jitter, and standard deviation. The unit can store 50,000 data points in nonvolatile memory, which can then be sent to a PC for analysis.
Ophir Optronics, Danvers, MA

Micromachining laser

The Gator 2000 diode-pumped solid-state Nd:YAG laser can micromachine metal, ceramic, and diamond, including the drilling of holes smaller than 100 µm. Features include a 10-kHz repetition rate, 10-W average output power (6 W at 532 nm and 4 W at 355 nm), and high-peak power (a 15-ns pulse).
Lambda Physik, Fort Lauderdale, FL

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