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April 1, 2000
Photomultiplier tubes; Tunable fiber laser; Fiber-array package; CCD camera; and more.

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Photomultiplier tubes

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The H7680 and H7680-01 gated photomultiplier tubes feature a spectral response from 300 to 650 nm with maximum response at 420 nm. They have a repetition rate of 100 kHz and 107 minimum switching ratio. Gate pulsewidth is 30 ns for one version and 100 ns for another. Both have a 25-mm-diameter photocathode effective area and a 20-ns rise/falltime of the gate. Gate noise at 50 W is 60 mVp-p, luminous cathode sensitivity is 95 µA/lm, and anode sensitivity is 475 A/lm.
Hamamatsu Corp., Bridgewater, NJ

Tunable fiber laser

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A rare-earth-doped fiber laser for operation from 1.01 to 1.20 and 1.52 to 1.62 µm is tunable at 20 to 40 pm/K, with resolution limited by the temperature control. A standard Peltier element, for instance, gives a total tuning range of more than 2 nm. Linewidth is less than 15 kHz, S/N is better than 70 dB, and output power is up to 20 mW. The center wavelength can be specified with high accuracy for fine tuning over an atomic line.
Ionas A/S, Lyngby, Denmark

Fiber-array package

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A 60-W, continuous-wave, multihead fiber-array package operates at wavelengths from 780 to 840 nm. It delivers power through a 1200-µm-diameter bundle of 38 fibers packed within a standard SMA-905 connector, with beam divergence of <0.16 NA FWHM. The InGaAsP aluminum-free architecture provides resistance to dark-line and spot defects and to performance degradation at high ambient temperatures. The hermetically sealed devices include an optical sampling port and can be integrated into Yb-doped solid-state laser pumping and telecommunications applications.
Coherent Semiconductor Group, Santa Clara, CA

CCD camera

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The MegaPlus ES 4.0 CCD camera has 4 million pixels and captures 15 images/s using electronic shuttering, or 30 images/s with 2 x 2 binning. It includes a 2048 x 2048-pixel CCD interline transfer sensor with progressive scan readout and dark-current suppression. Each pixel is 7.4 µm square with a 60% fill factor incorporating a microlens. An 8-bit version allows a 256 gray-scale multiplication factor, and a 12-bit version reaches gray scale of more than 4000.
Roper Scientific MASD, San Diego, CA

Solid-state image sensor

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The KAI-2093M image sensor is a high-performance, front-illuminated interline CCD with resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, with 7.4 x 7.4-µm square pixels. It supports an optional interlaced operational mode and features an electronic shutter, exposure control, antiblooming protection, low smear, and dynamic range of 60 dB.
Eastman Kodak, Rochester, NY

Miniature CCD camera

The Model IK-M43A microminiature CCD camera is compatible with 1/2- and 1/4-in. heads and standard C-mount lenses. It includes a 410,000-pixel image sensor, a microlens for low-light sensitivity, and 470-line resolution. It outputs S-video and composite signals. It features minimum illumination of 15 lx and standard illumination of 200 lx at f1.6.
Toshiba Imaging Systems, Irvine, CA


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Prim Light and Prim Advanced spectrophotometers have a measurement range of 330 to 900 nm for a bandwidth of 10 nm. The Light is for routine measurements, while the Advanced is for kinetics, multiple wavelengths, and concentration measurements. Both are 11 x 8.7 x 7, weigh 5.5 lb, and can be used with a 12-V adapter.
SECOMAM, Domont, France

Optically clear adhesive

AngströmBond AB9080 optically clear adhesive and sealant can be cured with or without exposure to ultraviolet light. With UV, it will gel in 10 to 20 s, making it useful for optical-alignment applications. The sealant has an index of refraction of 1.41, permitting transmittance at wavelengths down to 300 nm. It bonds to glass, metal, and most plastics.
Fiber Optic Center, New Bedford, MA


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A line of micropositioning products includes metric-based optical rails 100, 250, or 500 mm long and 19 mm wide. Bench and base plates are 600 mm long and 100, 200, or 300 mm wide or 300 x 300 mm. Supporting posts come in 22 sizes, from 30 to 300 mm long with either 12- or 20-mm diameters.
Edmund Industrial Optics, Barrington, NJ


The Jade CS1 compact spectrometer for ultraviolet, visible, and near-infrared wavelengths comes with a light source, multichannel detector, and microprocessor. It can store more than 300 spectra and download them to a PC through an RS232 interface. Software, a customizable user interface, and a battery charger are included.
Raman Technical Research, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, England

Fiber measurement system

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Test equipment for polarization-maintaining fiberoptic systems includes highly polarized sources with 40-dB extinction rates, wavelengths from 635 to 1625 nm, and rotatable polarizers for launching into optical fiber. Polarization extinction ratio meters can measure up to 40-dB ratios with 0.5° angular resolution. Reference patchcords maintain polarization to more than 30 dB and have the slow axis of the fiber aligned with the connector keyway to within 1°.
Oz Optics Ltd., Carp, Ont., Canada

CCD laser measurement system

The LK series CCD laser displacement meter is a semiconductor laser-based triangulation measurement system with 1-µm resolution and ±1% FS linearity. Accuracy for most applications is unaffected by target color, surface texture, or stray light. The device comes in models with 30 ±5-mm range or 80 ±15-mm range.
Keyence Corp. of America, Woodcliff Lake, NJ

Spot-curing system

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A small-area curing system for manual precision assembly has external, changeable optical filters, allowing the user to tailor spectral output to specific applications while protecting heat-sensitive substrates. Typical output power is 11,000 mW/cm2 at 320 to 480 nm. Lamp life of 2000 h is typical, and an IC chip controls cooling and monitors the lamp.
EFOS, Mississauga, Ont., Canada

Image-analysis software

VisiSize Solo software provides sizing and velocity measurements of high-speed droplet, particle, or bubble processes. It works with a range of laser-based or other imaging systems, can measure size and size-vs-velocity distributions at rates of up to 8000 particles/s, and can correct for out-of-focus particles if required.
Oxford Lasers, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, England

Infrared camera

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The PV320 uncooled infrared camera uses BST focal-plane-array sensor technology, with a spectral range of 1 to more than 14 µm for laser-beam profiling, thermal imaging, and night-vision applications. The camera detects a temperature range from 18°C to 523°C and has software to quantify temperatures. Objective lenses from 25 to 100 mm are available.
Electrophysics Corp., Fairfield, NJ

Compact spectrometer

The MicroPac miniature spectrometer engine uses linearly variable filters for wavelength separation instead of a diffraction grating. Versions cover the 400- to 700-nm range and the 600- to 1100-nm range. The device is 1.4 x 1.4 x 0.6 in. and rugged for field applications.
Optical Coating Laboratory Inc., Santa Rosa, CA

Heat exchangers

Coil tube-fin copper heat exchangers come in various lengths for OEMs for liquid-to-air heat transfer. The coils are available in lengths of 5 to 48 in. in 0.5-in. increments, with single- or dual-circuit tubing of 5 to 16 tubes and beaded or straight end-tube connections. Capacity is from 500 to 6250 W.
Lytron, Woburn, MA

Area CMOS imagers

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ACS-I XXX area image sensors are complementary metal-oxide semiconductors that come in resolutions of 512 x 512, 1024 x 1024, and 2048 x 2048, each with 12-µm-square pixels. The devices are capable of video output of more than 60 million pixels/s, have a signal-to-noise ratio more than 60 dB rms, and can operate in progressive or frame-integration mode.
Photon Vision Systems, Cortland, NY

Filter sets

Single-dye filter sets are designed to work with the fluorescent red protein mutant DsRed. One filter set is optimized for imaging with a black-and-white detector and a second is for imaging in color. Both are designed to reduce crosstalk between DsRed and yellow, green, or cyan fluorescent protein.
Omega Optical, Brattleboro, VT

Optical transceivers

Double-speed Fibre Channel optical transceivers operate at 2.125 Gbaud/s. They come in four form-factor package styles: a 1 x 9 transceiver housed in a wave-solderable, 9.8-mm-high package compatible with mezzanine card systems; a hot-pluggable gigabit interface converter for SC fiberoptic connectors; a small-form-factor transceiver for LC fiberoptic connectors; and a media interface adapter extender.
Methode Electronics, Chicago, IL

Optical interrupter switch

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The QVE00039 phototransistor optical interrupter switch for noncontact interruption switching is an infrared LED coupled to a silicon sensor. The package has a 2.4-mm-wide center slot and 0.25-mm aperture and comes in a 254-mm wire-lead configuration. Operating temperature is -40°C to 85°C. Typical risetime is 8 µs and falltime is 50 µs.
QT Optoelectronics, Sunnyvale, CA

FTIR microscope

The AIM-8800 is an automated, high-sensitivity FTIR microscope that can be controlled through a PC. Options include an ATR objective and mapping software. It can interface with the company's spectrophotometers and data processing software and includes a micromanipulator system.
Shimadzu, Columbia, MD

Code disks

Polycarbonate code disks to replace glass scales in encoders for angular and linear position measuring have track sizes down to 0.02 mm with a tolerance of 0.003 mm and an operating temperature of -10°C to 100°C. The Mayplexc transmissive disks are available in thicknesses of 0.52, 1.02, and 1.52 mm. An aluminum coating makes the Mayplexcreflex reflective disks 0.1 mm thicker.
LasIRvis Optoelectronic Components, Bedford, England

Flip-chip photodiodes

Flip-chip photodiodes have both contacts on the same face, providing a front face without bond wires. The technology is available for n-type silicon wafers with a resistivity up to 50 W/cm. Filters are possible on glass substrates or directly evaporated onto the photodiode active area. Two-dimensional custom arrays can be built with solder-type contacts or bumped wafers. Hybrids can be assembled with high-specification photodiodes stacked on each other.
Pacific Silicon Sensor, Westlake Village, CA

Laser power meter

The Orion/TH laser power meter supports more than 50 different thermal heads in the microwatt to 20-kW range. The connector head automatically configures and calibrates the meter when plugged in, and users can set a preferred startup configuration. The device is shielded against electromagnetic interference, corrected for major laser wavelengths, and operates as a portable meter with an 18-h battery.
Ophir Optoelectronics, Danvers, MA

OEM lasers

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LGK red HeNe lasers have a wide range of polarized or unpolarized powers up to 20 mW in a sealed tube. LGK green HeNe lasers have power up to 2.5 mW. LGR air-cooled argon-ion lasers emit at 458, 488, and 514 nm up to 40 mW. All are designed for OEM and research use.
Polytec PI, Auburn, MA

CCD camera

The STC-1000 high-speed machine-vision CCD camera has a 2:1 interlace mode allowing scanning of 60 or 120 fields/s. It is switchable to progressive scan mode with a rate of 30 or 60 frames/s. It has square pixels, 56-dB signal-to-noise ratio, 659 x 494 pixel area, and manual gain of 0 to 25 dB.
Sensor Technologies America, Carrollton, TX

Optical receivers

Series C and D fiber-coupled and amplified differential optical receivers allow detection and amplification of the difference between two optical signals at bandwidths of 10 GHz -3 dB, with useable gain out to 20 GHz. Built-in multistage transimpedance amplifiers provide optical conversion gain from 200 to 15,000 V/W or more.
Martin, Froeschner & Associates, Livermore, CA


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Polarizers, color filters, and focusing attachments expand illumination capabilities of a fiberoptic light source in microscopy, machine vision, and borescopic inspection applications. A holder attaches devices to output ends of light guides or goosenecks via a thumbscrew.
AEI North America, Marcellus, NY

Laser eyewear

The Uvex LSK Laser Skyper is a family of diffuse-viewing-only laser eyewear. Containing a wraparound polycarbonate unilens, the eyewear has adjustable lens inclination and temple length. Available filters include YAG/CO2, argon/KTP, CO2, YAG/KTP, HeNe, alexandrite, IR diodes, diode/YAG, and alexandrite/seven lasers.
Uvex Safety, Smithfield, RI

High-resolution monochrome camera

Progressive-scan 1/2-in. monochrome CCD cameras incorporate the IEEE 1394 digital interface. The XCD-SX900 has 1280 x 960-pixel resolution at 7.5 frames/s and the XCD-X700 has 1024 x 768-pixel resolution at 15 frames/s. Both cameras are one piece with dimensions of 44 x 33 x 116 mm and a weight of 250 g. An electronic shutter allows exposures of 1/100,000 s to 2 s.
Sony Electronics, Park Ridge, NJ


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BL-B and BL-W Ultra-Bright series LEDs offer up to 30 times the light intensity of typical LED lamps. Devices, which can provide outdoor display applications in ambient light conditions, emit 150 to 6000 mcd at 20 mA.
American Bright Optoelectronics Corp., Brea, CA

Image-analysis software

IPLab/Mac comes with refined scripting, image-analysis, and quantitation commands, and processes images related to microarray technologies, fluorescence microscopy, and other applications. It contains a normalization utility and a segmentation function, and includes 3-D reconstruction and projection software with deblurring and rendering capabilities.
Scanalytics, Fairfax, VA

Laser sensors

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The compact 7700 series of Class 2 laser sensors will detect small objects at 12 in. in proximity mode and offer a distance of 150 ft in reflective mode. Connection is by a sealed standard 4-pin Pico-style connector. The laser spot size is less than 1 mm at 2 ft.
Automatic Timing and Controls, Lancaster, PA

Two-axis laser microgage

Used for measurement, the two-axis Microgage 2D has a precision of 0.001 in. with up to 35 ft of separation between the laser and receiver. A processing unit provides x and y measurement readings. The device works from batteries or a power supply and has software and an RS232 interface.
Pinpoint Laser Systems, Newburyport, MA

Laser processing system

The BluWave UV tripled Nd:YAG laser processing system is available with a 12 x 12-in. x-y table with 2-µm repeatability. The laser produces 3 W at 355 nm and requires no cooling water. Options include larger tables, galvanometer beam steering, machine vision, and frequency-quadrupled output.
PhotoMachining, Pelham, NH

CO2 laser

The PRC STS 4000-W CO2 fast-axial-flow laser clean-cuts stainless steel up to 3/4 in. thick and uses industrial-grade gases at low consumption rates. The laser cuts stainless and galvanized steel as thin as 0.080 in. at speeds up to 225 in./min using nitrogen. The pulse modes include superpulse and gated pulse.
PRC Laser Corp., Landing, NJ

Velocimetry sensor

Miniature S-100Z laser Doppler velocimetry sensors provide accurate noncontact velocity measurements in manufacturing and production applications with available resolutions of 2.5, 5, 10, 20, 40, 80, 160, and 320 µm/pulse. Their compact housing contains a signal-processing unit, a 680-nm semiconductor laser, and a 98 x 33 x 30-mm optical sensor.
Canon USA Semiconductor Div., Lake Success, NY

Flat-panel image detectors

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The PaxScan 4030 amorphous-silicon flat-panel image detector has a 40 x 30-cm digital radiographic panel for applications requiring single-frame acquisition rates. The PaxScan 2520 product line is designed to interface with x-ray-based imaging systems and includes a software toolkit for installation. Gadolinium oxysulfide or cesium iodide scintillator materials are available.
Varian Medical Systems, Palo Alto, CA

UV/visible curing system

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The CoolCureXL is a pulsed low-heat UV curing system that has a mercury-free lamp powered by synchronized high-speed electronic pulses, resulting in high quantum yield. The design is instant on/off and has multiple lamp options. Three separate modules aid placement in automated machines.
Xenon Corp., Woburn, MA

Optics polishing system

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A polishing system includes 99.99% pure alumina abrasive powders in regular and deagglomerated grades in seven particle sizes and water-based suspensions in eight sizes from 0.05 to 3.0 µm. Lapping pitch comes in five grades. Ferrites, zinc sulfide, silicon, semisoft crystals, and other materials can be polished.
Meller Optics, Providence, RI

Echelle spectrograph

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Coupled with KestrelSpec Echelette software and a cooled CCD camera, the SE 200 echelle spectrograph system provides high resolution over the ultraviolet to near-infrared region of the spectrum. The spectrograph uses an echelette grating and cross-dispersing prism to separate multiple orders over the height of the CCD. Wavelengths at each end of the orders overlap so the software can provide a continuous linearized spectrum consisting of several thousand spectral units.
Catalina Scientific Corp., Tucson, AZ


The compact micropositioner has two goniometric arcs concentrically stacked and mounted on a 360° rotational stage with a 45:1 turn ratio. The 1.255-in. tall, 0.5-in. square stage has two countersunk mounting holes or can be epoxied in place. The precision-machined aluminum arcs are etched with white on black vernier scales.
Charles Supper Co., Natick, MA

Digital CCD camera

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The PixelFly 12-bit digital CCD camera delivers speeds up to 140 frames/s. CCD sensor types include VGA, SVGA, or HiRes SVGA and deliver resolution up to 1360 x 1024 pixels. Applications include high-resolution microscopy, spray imaging, bioluminescence, ion imaging, spectroscopy, ballistics, particle image velocimetry, FLIM, medical x-ray imaging, and low-light-level imaging.
The Cooke Corp., Auburn Hills, MI

Fiberoptic headset

A fiberoptic headset provides interference-free communication in electrically noisy environments. An optical system converts between acoustic signals and a modulated light-intensity signal. Low light loss in the fiber allows cable lengths to 1500 m with no need for intermediate amplification. Immune to EMI, the headset is also suitable for use in the MRI environment.
Micro Optics Technologies, Middleton, WI

Thin-film measurement tool

The FilmExpert FTIR thin-film measurement tool extracts thickness, index-of-refraction, carrier-concentration, and composition information from compound semiconductor layered structures. Data come from IR-reflectance measurements with no artifacts or biases from backside reflections. Layers as thin as 100 nm are measured with typical precision better than 5 nm 1-s.
On-Line Technologies, East Hartford, CT

Embedded vision processor

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Boosted by the Pentium II processor's higher speed and MMX technology, the Mamba embedded vision processing platform is designed to off-load time-critical and computer-intensive tasks from a host system. In multiboard configuration systems, each CPU has exclusive access (up to 800 Mbit/s) to its local memory, and each board operates independent of the host.
Coreco, St. Laurent, Que., Canada

Rod lenses

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Glass and acrylic rod lenses for machine-vision high-temperature and chemical environments are available in lengths up to 48 in. The lenses increase the intensity of fiberoptic line lights by projecting the light output into a structured line. Applications include web inspection, where quality-control cameras look for pinholes or flaws in fabric.
Dolan-Jenner Industries, Lawrence, MA

Infrared process imager

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The Thermalert MP50 is an industrial infrared process imager that provides edge-to-edge temperature imaging, monitoring, analysis, and control on continuous-sheet and web processes. It has a scan rate of 48 Hz without analog outputs and 38 Hz with analog outputs. RS-485 communications allow data travel of 3000 ft.
Raytek Corp., Santa Cruz, CA

Laser mirrors

DLHS dielectric-coated mirrors are usable at 0° and 45° angles of incidence and can perform as dichroic long- or short-pass filters. They have reflectivity greater than 99% and flatness of l/10. A front-surface rms <1 nm produces very low scattering losses. Coatings can be optimized for the UV, visible, near-infrared, and YAG wavelengths.
Linos Photonics Ltd., Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, England

Power detector probes

The 150- and 300-W fan-cooled power detector probes have an extreme-damage-threshold coating for UV light. Models PS-150 and PS-300 resist more than 300 mJ/cm2 of maximum pulse energy density and more than 25 MW/cm2 of maximum peak power density (in tests done at 248 nm).
Gentec Electro-Optics, Dalton, Que., Canada

Color CCD camera

The DSP GP-KS1000 color microcamera has a 1/2-in. 830 x 970-pixel CCD array that produces 560 lines of resolution with S/N of 54 dB. The camera head measures 17 mm in diameter by 42 mm long without lens. Included are 8-bit digital-signal processing, an auto/manual electronic shutter, built-in full-field color bars, and vertical and horizontal edge enhancement.
Panasonic Industrial/Medical Group, Secaucus, NJ

Fluorescence standards

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Fluorescence standards provide thermal stability and reproducibility for front-surface fluorescence applications in the paper, textile, and cosmetic industries. Devices come in 1- and 2-in. diameters in a variety of spectra.
Labsphere, North Sutton, NH

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