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July 1, 2000
Fiberoptic couplers; Fluorine excimer laser; High-speed camera line; Infrared light pipes; and more.

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Fiberoptic couplers

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A series of 1 x 4 polarization-maintaining (PM) fiberoptic couplers for 1550 nm and other wavelengths has an extinction ratio >20 dB, uniformity <1 dB, and return loss >55 dB. The couplers are available in various types of PM fibers, and high-extinction-ratio fiber connectorization is available. Couplers are also available in 1 x 2 and 1 x 8 configurations.Micro-Optics, Hackettstown, NJ

Fluorine excimer laser

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The ExciStar S-1000 fluorine excimer laser delivers up to 1.5-mJ output at a maximum of 1 kHz at 157 nm. Maximum average power is 1.2 W with pulse duration of 15 ns FWHM. The tabletop laser measures 650 x 460 x 270 mm and weighs 60 kg.
TuiLaser, Munich, Germany

High-speed camera line

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The ILS-Ultra camera series is optimized for image capture of specific high-speed events. The ILS Ultra-8 is an ultrahigh-frame-rate (50 million frames per second), high-resolution (approx. 600 x 600 pixel) camera for applications, including analysis of electrical discharge phenomena and crack propagation in materials. The ILS Ultra-64 is a high-frame-rate (64 frames at 500,000 frames per second), moderate-resolution (256 x 256 pixel) camera for applications including fuel injection and combustion analysis. The ILS-5 is optimized for applications requiring high-quality images at a slower frame rate (16 images at 100,000 frames per second). All models interface to a standard PC.
DRS Hadland Ltd., Tring, England

Infrared light pipes

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A new custom line of low-scatter infrared light pipes have lengths up to 2 ft and inside diameters ranging from 1 mm to more than 1 in. The proprietary electrochemically deposited gold interior mirror finish achieves reflective efficiencies greater than 98%.
Epner Technology, Brooklyn, NY

Infrared detectors

A series of uncooled BX-type lead selenide infrared detectors has a D* of 1.2 x 1010 (minimum) and 1.8 x 1010 (typical) cm Hz1/2 W-1. They are designed for analytical instruments including NDIR gas analyzers and medical CO2 analyzers.
Cal-Sensors, Santa Rosa, CA

Laser sensor

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A lightweight, flexible, noncontact laser nano sensor uses auto-focus principles and has a resolution down to 5 nm and a frequency response rate and measurement speed up to 300 kHz. The Laser Nano Sensor has a measuring range from 8.8 to 300 µm, depending on model, with an accuracy <0.5% of the measuring range.
LMI Selcom, Southfield, MI

Color video camera

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The IK-MX1 color video camera for machine vision, clandestine security, or broadcast video measures 17 x 56 mm and weighs 20 grams. It uses a 1/4-in. CCD with resolution of 512 x 492, with an electronic shutter operating at 1/60 to 1/100,000 s. A single NTSC output connects to most frame grabbers.
Toshiba Imaging Systems Division, Irvine, CA

Miniature guideways

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The MINIRAIL series of miniature guideways for precision linear motion control is designed for optics positioning, semiconductor production, and other applications. The stainless-steel guideways are available in 7 x 360, 9 x 700, 12 x 950, and 15 x 950-mm sizes. Two preload and accuracy classes are available.
Schneeberger Linear Technology, Bedford, MA


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The T-501P 500-W solid-state recirculating chiller uses 825 W of input power, has stability of ±0.1°C, thermoelectric reliability, and low noise. The small package weighs 45 lb.
ThermoTek, Carrollton, TX


A 12.5-Gbit/s transmission on link lengths of commercial 50-µm-multimode fiber greater than 300 m has been recently demonstrated using a VCSEL operating at 850 nm. The laser supports direct modulation and was packaged in a low-cost optical subassembly designed to couple light efficiently into the new fiber. Target applications include optical backplanes in next-generation telecom equipment, as well as next-generation optical interconnect standards at 10 Gbit/s and greater.
Cielo Communications, Broomfield, CO


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A photocoupler is a photoelectric transforming device in which light from an IR LED is continuously reflected on a photo device before an electrical signal is output. There is electrical isolation and no feedback between input and output. It has a large current transfer ratio and comes in a plastic DIP package.
LEDopto, Aliso Viejo, CA

Backplane connector system

A backplane LC connector system features a small form factor LC connector to join active devices with fiberoptic components. Axial float allows the connectors to self-align inside the adapter. Doors on each port prevent dust and laser hazards. The system is available with two, four, or eight ports.
Molex Fiber Optics, Lisle, IL

Image sensor

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The KAI-2000M interline CCD has 1600 x 1200 pixel resolution with 7.4- x 7.4-µm square pixels, electronic shutter, exposure control, antiblooming protection, low smear, and dynamic range of 60 dB. At 40-MHz clock rate, the dual output architecture allows 30 full frames/s readout, with a progressive scan option. Peak quantum efficiency is > 40%.
Eastman Kodak, Rochester, NY

DUV laser source

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Indigo-DUV deep-UV solid-state laser source provides 772-nm pulses with an average power of 1.5 W at up to 5 kHz in fundamental mode and up to 10 mW at 193 nm with a linewidth of <0.03 pm under the harmonic-generation scheme. It operates on 110 or 220 Vac and can be paired with a Nd:YLF diode-pumped laser for higher power.
Positive Light, Los Gatos, CA

Large-area photodetectors

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A new series of large-area, quadrant, PIN photodiodes is intended for use in a variety of applications. Positional sensitivity is enhanced by low dark current, low-noise characteristics, and a small gap between quadrants of these detectors. Typical packaging options include T05, T08, and TO18 cans as well as injection-molded plastic encapsulation, and the detectors also can be provided in a "chip on board" configuration, including amplifiers and signal-processor electronics to meet OEM requirements. Performance characteristics and packaging of these detectors can be customized for military applications.
Advanced Photonix, Camarillo, CA

Pyroelectric detectors

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The LIE 50X single-element pyroelectric detectors from InfraTec GmbH come in a TO-39 housing with an active surface of 3 x 3 mm. They have a thermally stable black absorbing layer for wide spectral response for use with modulation frequencies of up to 45 kHz in applications from 1 to more than 25 µm. Window options include narrow bandpass filters in various spectral ranges for gas analysis.
Laser Components, Santa Rosa, CA

Illumination design software

LightTools version 2.1.2 illumination design and analysis software allows the user to create parabolic, elliptical, and hyperbolic reflectors that are either rotationally symmetrical or cylindrical, using six new command buttons. It allows improved importing of system models from other CAD programs in STEP and IGES format and includes enhanced lamp source modeling software.
Optical Research Associates, Pasadena, CA

Spectrographic instruments

A new line of spectrographic instruments features compact design. The AH4200 is a dual-beam spectrometer that uses a true reference beam imaged on the same detector as the sample beam. Only 2.5 x 2.5 x 4.5 in. in size, the AH4200 has a f/2.0 throughput. The AH6100 is a single-beam spectrometer that measures 3 x 3 x 5 in. with a f/2.5 design. Both devices include a concave holographic grating to produce low stray light levels and feature a 512-element diode array. The VS15 is a compact, high-throughput imaging spectrograph for use with large focal-plane-array detectors. With a distortion-free 18-mm spatial x 12-mm spectral focal plane, it is intended for hyperspectral imaging applications where very-high spectral-spatial resolution is required.
American Holographic, Fitchburg, MA

Broadband UV mirrors

A line of broadband ultraviolet mirrors have a dielectric coating that offers average reflectivity >98% from 248 to 390 nm, allowing a single mirror to be used for most applications. The mirrors have flatness specifications of l/4 or l/10. Round or square substrates are available in standard and custom sizes.
Melles Griot Photonics Components, Irvine, CA

Beam-positioning system

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The SpotOn PCI for Windows (95/98/NT 4.0) is a computerized instrument based on a PCI board that simultaneously measures position and power of CW laser beams. It is available with four-quadrant or lateral-effect detectors, 1-µm accuracy, and 0.1-µm resolution. It can use either a single or dual measuring heads simultaneously.
Duma Optronics, Nesher, Israel

VCSEL transceiver series

The HFT248X Series is an 850-nm VCSEL duplex optical front-end package for high-speed data communications. The single-package transmitter/receiver is compatible with the MTRJ standard and interfaces with standard MTRJ-style optical connectors. The product's power-monitor diode can be used with appropriate feedback-control circuitry to set a maximum power level for each VCSEL. Power-attenuating coatings are available on the laser transmitter to simplify design and assist in meeting eye-safety requirements. The PIN + preamp converts optical power into a differential output electrical signal designed to be ac-coupled into a data quantizer.
Honeywell Sensing and Control, Freeport, IL

Wafer-positioning systems

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Designed with nonmagnetic piezo motors and with low overall system magnetics, a new line of precision motion systems is tested to operate down to 1 x 1010-Torr vacuum levels. All mechanical parts are UHV-rated to eliminate outgassing. Designed with a 350-mm-long footprint, the systems provide full travel for 300-mm wafers and feature crossed roller bearings and noncontact linear encoders to 0.1-µm resolution.
Bayside Motion Group, Port Washington, NY

High-speed lenses

Universe HI-speed (low f/#) lenses feature all-glass and metal construction and are available in C-mount and straight barrel styles. They range from 25-mm f/0.95 to 75-mm f/1.3 and fully cover a minimum of 16-mm imager diameter.
Universe Kogaku (America), Oyster Bay, NY

Fiberoptic adhesive

Tra-Bond F131 is a clear, low-viscosity adhesive for terminating fiberoptic connectors and bonding optical lenses, mirrors, and other components. It cures at room temperature or in 15 minutes at 65°C. The nonpistoning material exhibits a glass transition temperature of 95°C. Options include premixed and frozen syringes.
Tra-Con, Bedford, MA

Industrial DPSS lasers

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The Tornado series is a line of industrial-grade, diode-pumped solid-state lasers that couple the output of a 200-W diode-laser stack into the end of a Nd:YAG rod. The S240-TN50-106Q version delivers average power of >35 W at 10 kHz and 1064 nm, with a nominal 2-mm-beam diameter characterized by a nearly flat-top beam profile.
Spectra-Physics, Mountain View, CA

Thermally conductive epoxy

EP121AO is a low-viscosity, thermally conductive, electrically insulating epoxy for potting, casting, encapsulation, and sealing for service temperatures up to 500°F. It has a long pot life at ambient temperatures and is cured at temperatures from 275°F to 400°F.
Master Bond, Hackensack, NJ

Optical modeling software

Version 2.1 of TracePro optomechanical 3-D modeling software includes modeling of thin-film stacks, gradient-index materials, and the temperature dependence of material and surface properties. Additions include a database of bulk scatter in human tissue, a temperature feature for calculation of thermal dependence, enhanced thermal emission modeling, and a bitmap source converter.
Lambda Research Corp., Littleton, MA

Coated optics line

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A line of optical products for lighting applications such as architecture, entertainment, and fiberoptics includes blank-molded or ground and polished standard precision optical components from 4 to 260 mm. Components include aspheric condenser and spherical singlet lenses; concave first surface mirrors; heat-absorbing filters; and ellipsoidal and parabolic reflectors of Schott B270 superwite, F2 high-refractive index, Duran borosilicate, Pyrex, KG1, KG3, or other borosilicate glass material types in a variety of coatings. Custom-designed elements are also offered.
Docter Optics, Mesa, AZ

KrF excimer laser

Operating at 2500 Hz and 248-nm wavelength, the ELS-6010 is a KrF laser designed to provide full imaging capability for 200- and 300-mm lithography steppers and scanners with >0.7 NA lens designs. Application requirements are met through a line-narrowed bandwidth of <0.5 pm at FWHM and <1.4 pm at 95% energy integral and a dose stability performance of <±0.35%. The ELS-6010 incorporates a new high-voltage power supply, laser discharge chamber, and wavelength stabilization module. The ELS-6010 can deliver full 20-W power at unlimited duty cycles.
Cymer, San Diego, CA


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The Lambda 800 UV/Vis spectrophotometer is a double-beam, double-monochromator system for 175 to 900 nm, with a low-noise photomultiplier and a large, demountable sample compartment that can be changed to a 150-nm integrating sphere, a General Purpose Optical Bench, or a VN absolute specular reflection/collection sphere module. It performs self-diagnostic tests and instrument calibration each time it is activated.
PerkinElmer Instruments, Norwalk, CT

Diode-laser arrays

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New 10° x 1° FWHM arrays consisting of stacks of 2 to 15 bars mounted on an efficient water-cooled heat exchanger are now available. CW powers range from 32 to 320 W and QCW peak powers from 80 to 600 W. Higher powers and custom configurations are available.
Industrial Microphotonics Co., St. Charles, MO

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