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June 1, 2000
OptoLink offers information faster; Holographic gratings; InGaAs detector; and more

OptoLink offers information faster

Laser Focus World is now offering faster and easier access to information on products described in our New Products sections. Just go to our Web site: and click on OptoLink. Enter your choice of circle numbers, and your request for information will automatically be forwarded to the appropriate manufacturer or vendor. Of course, you can still circle the numbers on the Reader Inquiry Card and mail or fax as usual.

Roughness gauge

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The Lasercheck Surface Roughness Measurement Gage measures from 0.006 to 2.54-µm Ra roughness. The handheld measurement head is 3 x 1.4 x 1.75 in. and weighs 1 lb. Electronics to automate measurements in high-volume operations are available.
Optical Dimensions LLC, Lake Forest, CA

Holographic gratings

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Flat-field and imaging concave gratings for spectrographs work with CCDs and other array detectors. The holographic gratings allow the production of spectrographic systems using only one optical component, simplifying the alignment of the system and making the instrument robust.
Jobin Yvon Ltd., Stanmore, Middlesex, England

Sapphire optics

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Sapphire optics, including precision balls, lenses, windows, and front-surface optics capable of withstanding harsh environments, can be custom-fabricated. The optics have 9-Moh surface hardness and thermal stability to 2000°C and can withstand pressures up to 4000 psi, depending on configuration. Balls range from 0.005 to 0.5 in. in diameter, and concave and convex optics run from 0.5- to 6-in. diameters.
Meller Optics, Providence, RI

InGaAs detector

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The OMA V:InGaAs is a photodiode array detector for NIR spectroscopy. The 512 x 1 array in a camera head cryogenically cooled to from -50°C to -100°C is sensitive from 0.8 to 1.7 µm at a 1-MHz scan rate, with 16-bit digital detection. It is regulated by an EM-shielded detector controller and the controller and camera head can be placed up to 2 km from the host computer for use in extreme environments.
Roper Scientific, Trenton, NJ

Optical microscope

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The Aurora-2 near-field scanning optical microscope provides subdiffraction-limit spatial resolution, down to 30 nm, in an open-architecture platform. Applications include thin-film analysis, optical lithography, magneto-optical analysis, NSOM-Raman spectroscopy, and characterization of semiconductor lasers, optical fibers, and waveguides.
ThermoMicroscopes, Sunnyvale, CA

Telecentric video lens

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The model J54-798 video lens has a constant magnification of 0.5X with a telecentricity of 0.03°. The working distance is 125 to 150 mm, which means images are dimensionally accurate over a 25-mm range of focal points. The depth of field is ±3 mm at f/12.
Edmund Industrial Optics, Barrington, NJ

CCD tester

The Linear Programmable Standard Light Source System consists of an RS-5 linear programmable light source controller, a stabilized LED optical head, and a controller/head interconnection cable for characterizing the linearity and sensitivity of CCD cameras, components, and other sensors. Users can set light levels to one part in 65.535 in absolute NIST-traceable, radiometric, and photometric units.
Gamma Scientific, San Diego, CA

CCD beam profiler

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The BeamStar CCD laser-beam profiler characterizes pulsed and CW lasers from microwatts to watts with 12 decades of dynamic range. The BeamStar V has a spectral response of 350 to 1100 nm and the BeamStar U a response of 190 to 1100 nm. The profiler comes with camera, filters, plug-and-play PC card, and software.
Ophir Optronics, Danvers, MA

Objective lens

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The Quartz LQ78F3.8 objective lens for applications requiring UV imaging has a fixed focal length of 78 mm, an aperture range of f/3.8-f/22, and an angle of view of 6.64° diagonal. All surfaces are antireflection-coated.
Electrophysics Corp., Fairfield, NJ

CO2 laser platform

The C-200 CO2 laser platform is a desktop unit that measures 23 x 23 x 15.5 in. with a 16 x 12-in. work area. It is compatible with a series of Quick Change laser cartridges at 15, 20, 25, and 30 W. Applications include engraving, cutting, and marking of small products.
Universal Laser Systems, Scottsdale, AZ

Fiberoptic connector

A fiberoptic modular connector, the ODU-MAC, can accommodate fiberoptic termini for multimode glass and plastic optical fibers. Multimode fibers can range from 50/2125 to 200/230 µm. The termini for glass fibers have spherical micro lenses to allow simple alignment using expanded beam technology.
ODU-USA, Camarillo, CA

Solid-state liquid chiller

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The MLA560 is a 560-W, 115- or 230-Vac, free-standing thermoelectric liquid chiller suitable for laser, medical, and laboratory applications. Features include a pump, reservoir, low-fluid-level detector, and a 7-ft power cord.
Melcor Corp., Trenton, NJ

Linear measurement device

The Laserscale BS75A is a linear measuring device for precision machining and semiconductor manufacturing applications. It uses a hologram grating with a pitch of ~0.55 µm placed between two glass plates with a low expansion coefficient. It uses beam diffraction and interference to detect precise positions.
Sony Precision Technology America, Lake Forest, CA

IR thermometer

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The Pyrofiber fiberoptic noncontact automatic emissivity correcting IR thermometer has a single digital and two analog outputs. The device uses pulse laser technology to measure infrared radiance inside a furnace while correcting for emissivity to get a true target temperature with an accuracy ±3°C. Temperature models between 259°C and 2981°C with target sizes from 1 to 58-mm diameter at focal distances from 101 to 3048 mm are available.
Pyrometer Instrument Co., Northvale, NJ

Nd:YAG laser workcell

The Versa Laser turntable robotic Nd:YAG laser welding and cutting workcell can handle high volumes of small and medium-sized parts weighing up to 1000 lb per station. It can be customized to handle a flexible load height and comes in table diameters of 58, 72, or 96 in. It includes a Class 1 enclosure, light curtains, gate interlocks, and fence barriers.
Genesis Systems Group, Davenport, IA

Antireflective coatings

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Antireflective coatings increase transmission and reflection in automotive, medical, ophthalmology, and communications applications. Substrates are typically glass supplied by the customer, but substrates of plastic and ceramics can be coated or supplied. Coatings can range from 0.0001 in. to 8 x 10 ft. in either prototype or production quantities.
Thin Film Technology, Buellton, CA

Zoom lens

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A f/3.0 zoom lens covers 90 to 300 mm at wavelengths of 3 to 5 µm, with MTF at 16 c/mm 50%. Thermal compensation is -30°C to 60°C. It comes with a standard RS-232 port for connection to a computer at 9600 baud. Complete optical and mechanical designing is available.
Optimum Optical Systems, Camarillo, CA

UV-curable coating

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TRA-CAST 243S01 is a clear, liquid material that cures in thick sections to a lens-like appearance. It cures to a rigid form under UV light, at a rate of 5 to 10 ft/min with a 200-W/in. medium-pressure mercury vapor lamp. Applications include bonding of optical components, as well as coatings for the automotive industry and laminations of circuit boards.
Tra-Con, Bedford, MA

Digital microscope camera

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The AxioCam for use with light microscopes has pixels measuring 6.7 x 6.7 µm, with resolution of the image size settable from 1300 x 1030 to 3900 x 3090 pixels. Integration time ranges from 1 ms to 40 s, allowing for imaging of weak signals in fluorescence microscopy. Peltier cooling goes to 10 K below ambient.
Carl Zeiss, Thornwood, NY

LCD panel assembly system

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The model 3200 tacker, model 6300 laminator, and model 6800 bonding system allow manufacturers of flat panel LCD displays to assemble panels in a variety of sizes. The tacker automates the application of anisotropic conductive film to a substrate, the bonder aligns and bonds the panels, and the laminator automates the applications of overlays, such as polarizing film, to the screen.
MicroJoin, Poway, CA

Parallel optical modules

The nLIGHTEN parallel optical modules include high-speed VCSEL technology, low jitter, better than -20-dBm Rx sensitivity, and 6-dB loss budget. The modules offer up to 12 channels of 1.25-1.5 Gbit/s/channel data rates, giving >4X density advantage over small form factor serial optics. They are available with a standard MPO optical interface.
W. L. Gore & Associates, Newark, DE

Pulse processing software

A11-B32 Connections Programmer's Toolkit version 5 has ActiveX controls to allow use of LabVIEW software with ORTEC multichannel scalers and pulse-height analyzers. The software also works with Visual C++ and Visual Basic. It operates under Windows.
PerkinElmer Instruments, Oak Ridge, TN


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A hand-held photometer has a dynamic range of 2.6 x 106, a sampling rate of 3 Hz, a screen refresh rate of 10 s, and RS-232 output. The user can select the units used, and the detector is interchangeable from a stock of more than 30 or with a custom-designed detector. Applications include interior light-level monitoring and industrial and laboratory safety.
Solar Light Co., Philadelphia, PA

Phase mask

A phase mask with a grating size of 4 x 4 in. allows replication of gratings over a large area for integrated optics. Gratings can be produced down to 200-nm period with a period accuracy of 0.1 Å.
IBSEN Micro Structures A/S, Copenhagen, Denmark

Remote-measuring sensor

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The Microgage 1000R measurement and alignment system has a remote sensor head for receiving a laser beam. A digital readout tells the operator the precise orientation of the receiver. The device can measure displacements of 0.001 in. and can be enhanced to detect changes down to 0.00001 in. Laser and receiver elements can be separated by up to 40 ft.
Pinpoint Laser Systems, Newburyport, MA

Heater control adapter

The UCA-350 unipolar heater control adapter allows users to convert the company's laser-diode controllers and temperature controllers into resistive heat controllers. They allow users to safely drive heaters to a set temperature or set heater current up to 4 amps.
ILX Lightwave, Bozeman, MT

Flat-panel monitor

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The D6015TM 15-in. flat-panel monitor is designed for medical uses. It uses a Fujitsu XGA panel with multidomain vertical alignment. It has a viewing angle of 160° horizontally and vertically and a contrast of 300:1 at 0 lx. It has typical brightness of 225 cd/m2 and is available with surface acoustic wave or resistive touch options.
Planar, Beaverton, OR

Microlens arrays

NanoLens microlens arrays come in large formats to >25 cm diagonal and can be made from common optical glasses and polymers or materials such as germanium, zinc selenide, and calcium fluoride. The arrays have 100% fill factor, <λ/8 rms over 90%+ clear aperture, and planar accuracy of <2-µm deviation over the lens field.
NanoSciences Corp., Oxford, CT

Enlarging lenses

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Apo-Rodagon-N lenses are available in 45-, 75-, and 90-mm sizes for imaging applications requiring high reproduction quality. The apochromatically corrected lens eliminates visible color fringes or high contrast borders and is a preferred lens for black-and-white imaging applications.Rodenstock Precision Optics, Rockford, IL

Silicon photodiode

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*** The PSS-QP50-6SD quadrant silicon photodiode is a 7.8-mm-diameter array with a 42-µm gap between quadrants. Other array sizes are available. Spectral response ranges from 350 to 1000 nm. The array is housed in a TO-8 case with a glass window. The circuit included contains four amplifiers, each with a gain of 104.
Pacific Silicon Sensor, Westlake Village, CA

Pulse characterization

Online monitoring of ultrafast lasers is available with the Spider autocorrelator. The device uses interferometry to reconstruct the complete electrical field distribution of an ultrafast pulse from laser oscillators, regenerative amplifiers, or single-shot systems. The standard version covers the 750-900-nm spectral range, is optimized for pulsewidths of 40 to 150 fs, and requires 100-mW input for an 80-MHz repetition-rate laser.
Inrad, Northvale, NJ

LED lamp kit

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The EXL series LED lamp kit allows users to switch from incandescent bulbs to LEDs in exit signs. The lamps comply with UL924 light output requirements and fit most standard exit sign fixtures, either single- or double-sided, without modifications, adapters, or rewiring. The lamps operate on 120 V, ac or dc, and draw <2 W.LEDtronics, Torrance, CA

Fusion splicers

RSU fusion splicers from Ericsson Cables AB splice fibers or fiber combinations with different mode field diameters. Software in the devices use overlap and pull values to calculate the differences between fiber gaps and can be set for different splicing methods.
Amherst Fiber Optics, Brentwood, TN

Spectral sensors

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Spectral sensors are spectrometer modules for quality control and on-line process control. The PSM1000 modules work in the UV-visible range for every kind of color measurement. PSM1700 and 2200 modules are designed for the near-IR range and can carry out both quantitative and qualitative on-line analysis.
Polytec PI, Waldbronn, Germany

Data-acquisition module

StreamStor can receive data in image and video capture applications at 800 Mbit/s and store up to 765 Gbytes. It is compatible with PCI-based image acquisition cards. It is Windows-based and LabVIEW compatible.
Boulder Instruments, Longmont, CO

Thin-film deposition system

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The Smart Jar thin-film vacuum deposition system for optic coatings of lenses and glass, as well as semiconductor materials, is a turnkey system capable of magnetron sputtering and electron beam gun deposition. It uses 70 x 35 in. of floor space and stands 7 ft 10 in. high when the bell jar is fully raised.
T-M Vacuum Products, Cinnaminson, NJ

Line-scan camera

The MS2200 three-chip line-scan camera uses a color-separating prism and three linear CCD arrays to separate incoming light by color and acquire true-color images. The camera is available in configurations for standard red, green, and blue color imaging and multispectral imaging based on visible and near-infrared wavelengths. It has parallel digital output at 8 or 10 bits/channel, line rates to 15 kHz, support for interchangeable F-Mount lenses, and an RS-232 interface.
Duncan Technologies, Auburn, CA

Integrating spheres

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Integrating spheres are available in sizes up to 3 m in diameter. Spheres and sphere systems are available for measurement of laser power, lamp flux, reflectance, and transmittance, and as uniform calibration sources. Customized and OEM designs are available.
Labsphere, North Sutton, NH

Industrial CCD camera

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The GP-MF622 is a 1/2-in. black-and-white industrial CCD camera for machine-vision applications. It produces 570 lines of resolution with a minimum illumination of 6 lx and a signal-to-noise ratio of 56 dB. It has 11 shutter speeds from 1/60 to 1/96,000 of a second. It has shock resistance of 80G and vibration resistance of 10G.
Panasonic Industrial/Medical Group, Secaucus, NJ

Power sensor

OEM power sensor heads for integration into laser systems are available at 50 W (the LT-50) and 200 W (LT-200). They measure 60 x 60 x 30 mm and can fit behind the rear mirror of a high-power laser. They have a clear aperture of 19 mm and can measure output power from a beamsplitter, holographic beam sampler, wedge, or at the end of the line.
Gentec Electro-Optics, Que., Canada


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The Spectruma GDA 150 glow discharge spectrometer has measurement times ranging from 30 s to 5 min for monitoring industrial processes such as diffusion and electroplating. The GDA 750 can analyze up to 62 elements in boundary layers of metallic materials. Coatings can be measured to depths as low as 200 µm. The GDA 750 can be equipped with an F-glow discharge lamp for analysis of ceramics and glass.
Spectro Analytical Systems, Kleve, Germany

Avalanche photodiodes

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The 581 series large-area avalanche photodiodes have a 3-mm diameter and a gain of 200 in a hermetically sealed package. They include a built-in temperature monitor to stabilize the detector's responsivity over a range of ambient temperatures and signal levels. Applications include spectroscopy, flow cytometry, retinal imaging, and environmental monitoring.
Advanced Photonix, Camarillo, CA

Cell washers

Spectrophotometer cell washers are available in a single and a double unit. They clean one or two spectrophotometer cells at a time. A glass assembly is mounted on a vacuum flask, which is connected to a vacuum source. Washing agent from a reservoir is sucked through capillary tubes to spray and clean the interior walls of the cells, which dry as the vacuum pulls air through.
NSG Precision Cells, Farmingdale, NY

Dark field illumination system

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A dark-field illumination system includes an adapter with a glass stage and a fiberoptic ring light that provides cool, shadow-free, intense illumination. It is designed for microscopy applications to enhance edge definition of translucent biological specimens and for inspection of clear plastics, glass, and film.
Stocker & Yale, Salem, NH

Backlighting panels

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Backlighting panels for LCDs, membrane switches, and special backlighting applications are woven from plastic optical fibers and have brightness of about 30+ Ft-L at 30 mA, >100,000-h operation, and average power of 5 mW/in.2. A 2 x 16 LCD panel with a viewing area of 16 x up to 200 mm can be backlit with a single LED. Standard LED colors include green, white, blue, red, amber, and yellow-green.
MacroVision, Doylestown, PA


A 2.5 Gbit/s, 850-nm oxide VCSEL is for use with serial and parallel optical transceivers. The lasers have lower current thresholds and smoother slope efficiencies. They are available as bare die or can be built into TO-cans or optical subassemblies.
Emcore, Albuquerque, NM


Silicon, NPN phototransistors have internal capacitors connected from collector to emitter, helping to reject high frequency noise and save circuit board space. Capacitors of 1000 pF are standard, but others are available. The devices have a 60°-acceptance angle and are available in four sensitivity ranges. The OP770 has an exposed lens and the OP775 has a counter-sunk lens.
Optek Technology, Carrollton, TX

Goniometric radiometer

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The model LD 8900 Goniometric Radiometer is an angular scanning optical profiler that measures the intensity distribution of widely divergent optical sources to angles as large as 144°. It has a dynamic range >36 dB and measures mode field diameter with an accuracy of ±5% for a nominal 10-µm single-mode fiber. It is available with either a silicon or an InGaAs detector.
Photon Inc., San Jose, CA

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