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The Optical Fiber Length Meter from Oz Optics measures the lengths of multimode, single-mode, and polarization-maintaining fibers, including fibers for nontelecom wavelengths.

Th 0801lfwams Tech

Optical-fiber length meter

Th 0801lfwams Tech
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The Optical Fiber Length Meter from Oz Optics measures the lengths of multimode, single-mode, and polarization-maintaining fibers, including fibers for nontelecom wavelengths. Fibers up to 500 m long can be measured with 1 mm resolution and less than 0.1% measurement error. Measurements are updated once per second for continuous monitoring.
AMS Technologies, Munich, Germany

IR-camera control and analysis software

Th 0801lfwflir
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ThermoVision ExaminIR software, compatible with Microsoft Windows XP and Vista operating systems, provides thermographic analysis and control functions for Flir SC series IR cameras. Features include real-time image analysis and playback, a new image segmentation tool, thermographic plotting capabilities, and multiple data recording options.
Flir Systems, Boston, MA

Megapixel lenses

Th 0801lfwnavitar
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Fourteen new megapixel fixed-focal-length lenses have been added to the Low Mag Video Lens line. Designed for machine-vision applications, the 1 in. megapixel lenses have focal lengths from 8 to 75 mm and the 2/3 in. megapixel lenses offer focal lengths from 5 to 100 mm.
Navitar, Rochester, NY

Wavelength-stabilized lasers

Th 0801lfwondax
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A 10 mW, 405 nm diode has been added to the company’s line of wavelength-stabilized lasers. A proprietary Volume Holographic Grating Power Locker is used to stabilize the laser diodes. The single-longitudinal-mode lasers have coherence length more than 1 m and a side-mode-suppression ratio of more than 25 dB. They are available in 5.6 mm TO cans and fiber-coupled modules.
Ondax, Monrovia, CA

Optical chopper

Th 0712lfwspectrum
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The SDC-5000 digital optical chopper is designed for use with pyroelectric detectors and instruments. It runs from 4 to 5000 Hz in either stand-alone operation or driven by an external clock. A precision etched blade has 3 and 30 slots and two fixed apertures. It includes a five-digit LED display, pushbutton controls, and a bidirection RS-232 connector.
Spectrum Detector, Lake Oswego, OR

DFB laser system

Th 0712lfwvescent
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The D2 series distributed-fiber-Bragg laser is a complete modular turnkey laser system that includes laser module, controller, spectroscopy module, and locking electronics. It provides stable tuning over the rubidium hyperfine spectrum with output power of 40 mW and a 1 MHz line width. It works in peak or side-lock mode.
Vescent Photonics, Denver, CO


Th 0712lfwschneider
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The MacroVaron 85 mm f/4.5 lens with continuous aberration suppression is designed for use in production inspection systems. It allows resolution down to 2.5 µm over a magnification range from 0.5× to 2×. It includes a 62 mm image circle and can be used for linescan applications up to 12k and down to 5 µm pixel sizes.
Schneider Optics, Hauppauge, NY

LD modules

Th 0801lfwanritsu
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The AF4B120F Series of 1.48 μm LD modules deliver 500 mW output power in a standard butterfly package. They are suitable as pumping light sources for EDFAs used as repeaters in rich-content distribution services, including optical CATV and GE-PON systems. The RoHS-compliant module can replace multiple pumping light sources in conventional EDFA designs, allowing for smaller EDFAs.
Anritsu Device, Richardson, TX

Temperature controller

Th 0801lfwarroyo
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The 5300 series temperature controller offers 60 W and 120 W of TEC control power in a compact 2U, half-rack enclosure. Features include 0.004ºC stability, 12 V compliance and a digital PID control. Thermistor, RTD, LM335 and AD590 sensor inputs are supported. Standard USB and RS-232 interfaces for computer control and an adjustable 4 to 12 VDC power supply are included.
Arroyo Instruments, Grover Beach, CA

Glass aspheres

Th 0801lfwb M Optik
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Glass aspheres for LED beam directing reduce the angle of reflection to between 55º and 12º, depending on the type of LED and the desired task. Compared to plastic lens alternatives, these glass lenses provide energy conversion of 10 W or more, higher thermal stability, nonaging characteristics, enable molding solutions, and provide more uniform illumination. Special glasses for UV LED light up to 255 nm and for a high IR range are available.
B&M Optik, Germany

Night-vision filters

Filters for night-vision technology in the automotive and defense markets are designed for integration into IR cameras. A typical standard IR blocking filter provides transmission from 8 to 12 μm while blocking below 7 μm. The filters are manufactured in-house, from small prototype jobs to large-volume production. The coatings are RoHS compliant.
Barr Associates, Westford, MA

Pulsed-laser wavelength meter

Th 0801lfwbristol
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The model 821B-NIR measures the absolute wavelength of pulsed lasers and OPOs to an accuracy of +0.02 cm-1 over 630 to 1700 nm. The original model 821B-VIS is available and operates over the 350 to 1100 nm wavelength range. Both versions have a Fizeau interferometer-based design that uses a built-in wavelength standard for automatic calibration.
Bristol Instruments, Victor, NY


Th 0801lfwb W Tek
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A compact, lightweight spectrometer provides a high dynamic range, better than 90% peak QE, and a plug-and-play USB interface. It uses a low stray light holographic grating and an optimized optical bench. Designed for UV/VIS/Short-wave NIR spectroscopic measurement applications, the unit offers single or bundled fiber options through an SMA905 connector.
B&W Tek, Newark, DE

Solid-state UV laser

Th 0801lfwcoherent
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The AVIA 355-7 is a Q-switched, frequency-tripled, solid-state laser delivering over 7 W of average power at 355 nm. Highest average power is at repetition rates near 60 kHz, but it can operate at pulse rates as high as 100 kHz, for high throughput micromachining processes. Pulse width is less than 30 ns to minimize peripheral thermal effects.
Coherent, Santa Clara, CA

Video-tracking/image-processing package

Th 0801lfwcedip
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The new VILGA advanced video-tracking and image-processing package incorporates image-processing algorithms embedded in a compact, rugged package. The system provides video tracking from multiple video sources installed in the optical payload. Other features include electronic image stabilization and a real-time operating system.
Cedip Infrared Systems, Croissy-Beaubourg, France

Modeling and simulation software

Th 0801lfwcomsol
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Multiphysics 3.4 is an upgraded modeling and simulation software system. New features include multicore processor support, parallel computing throughout the solution process, a fluid dynamic solver method to simulate large problems in chemical engineering or heat transfer and parameter estimation in the Reaction Engineering Lab.
Comsol, Burlington, MA

Surveillance zoom lens

Th 0801lfwfujinon
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The compact D32x10R4D-41 is a surveillance zoom lens for day and night operations on CCTV systems. New features include megapixel-compatible high-resolution, long telephoto zoom capability, preset functionality, and remote iris control. The lens, which provides color images in daylight and black and white images in low light and darkness, does not require refocusing when shifting from daylight to low-light viewing.
Fujinon, Wayne, NJ

Image sensors

A family of 12 μm AT CCD image sensors offers improved quantum efficiency and sensitivity, low dark current, and high-speed amplifier design. Depending on application, the 12-megapixel FTF30341M and the 6-megapixel FTF3021M full-frame CCD sensors offer a choice between two high-speed dual-output registers using two different output amplifiers. The 4-megapixel FTF2021M is a full-frame sensor with four identical outputs.
Dalsa, Waterloo, Canada

UV fused-silica aspheric lenses

Th 271130
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TECHSPEC precision aspheric lenses are computer optimized to eliminate spherical aberration and minimize higher order aberrations. The UV fused-silica substrate provides a low coefficient of thermal expansion and a high operating temperature. The lenses have low f-numbers for optimum light gathering and focusing of low-intensity UV sources. The RoHS-compliant lenses have a 25 mm diameter with focal lengths of 25 and 30 mm.
Edmund Optics, Barrington, NJ

Image-analysis software

Th 0801lfweuresys
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Open eVision 1.0 is a suite of software tools for image processing and analysis. The system includes a software-based licensing system designed to help install the vision software tools and deploy the application on any platform. Open eVision can be downloaded from the company’s website for immediate use. A software development kit includes debug and release libraries.
Euresys, Itasca, IL

Two-axis module

The VersaMax MicroMotion two-axis module allows users to integrate motion control, servos, and low-end control into a single package. The module supports a speed command range of 6.25 to 500K pulses per second. Up to two modules can be connected to the controller for a total of four independent axes.
GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms, Charlottesville, VA

Portable coordinate- measurement machine

The Fusion FaroArm is a portable coordinate-measurement machine with 0.036 mm accuracy. The device uses a touch-probe along the surface of the object to be measured. A laptop computer simultaneously illustrates the 3‑D measurements on screen and records the data, creating a 3-D “blueprint” of a part or machine components. Applications include inspections, tool certification, CAD-to-Part analysis or reverse engineering.
Faro Technologies, Lake Mary, FL

Avalanche-photodiode detector

Th 0801lfwhamamatsu
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The S10362-11 series MPPC (multipixel photon counter) is an advanced Geiger-mode avalanche-photodiode detector for positron emission tomography, high-energy physics, DNA sequencing, and environmental analysis. It has an active area of 1 × 1 mm and is available in 100-, 400-, or 1600-pixel counts. Each pixel has a quenching circuit so that simultaneous photon events can be counted separately.
Hamamatsu, Bridgewater, NJ

Diffractive optical elements

Th 0801lfwholoeye
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A series of diffractive optical elements are available with various patterns, including dot arrays, dot-circles, circles, and cross patterns. These stock elements are replicated using plastic materials such as polymethyl methacrylate or polycarbonate. The elements have a standard size of 8 mm diameter and 1 to 1.2 mm thick, to fit standard laser modules.
Holoeye, Berlin, Germany

Low-absorption CO2 laser lens

The improved MP-5 ultralow-absorption CO2 laser lens utilizes a patented coating design, with a typical absorption of less than 0.10%. This enables lower thermal distortion, visible transmission for reduced set-up time, and detection of thermally induced stress. The coated zinc selenide (ZnSe) focusing lens is available in 1.5 and 2.0 in. diameters and ships in 14 standard replacement lens configurations for most popular OEM laser models.
II-VI Infrared, Saxonburg, PA

Raman scanning technologies

Th 0801lfwhoriba Jobin
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SWIFT (Scanning With Incredibly Fast Times) enables per-pixel measurement times of 7 ms. A 50,000 spectrum image can be obtained in six minutes. DuoScan scanning hardware allows the image pixel size to be chosen to match features of interest, for optimized mapping speeds. It retains the full confocal advantage of the Raman technique without laser wavelength restriction.
Horiba Jobin Yvon, Edison, NJ

UV/EUV photodiode

Th 0801lfwint Radiation
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The SXUV 100 ultraviolet/extreme ultraviolet (UV/EUV) photodiode has 10 × 10 mm square active area (100 mm2) diodes with single active areas and are available from 1 to 576 mm2. Quadrant diodes with several central openings are also available. The photon detector has high radiation hardness and is designed for long-term operation in high-particle-flux environments.
International Radiation Detectors, Torrance, CA

DNS Spectrometers

Th 0801lfwintevac
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A line of DNS spectrometers are integrated spectroscopy systems that offer high resolution, fast throughput, flexibility, and ease of use for scientific and industrial research, QA/QC, and OEM applications. The line includes DNS-150 with 0.4 nm resolution, through the DNS-750, which has 0.03 nm resolution. They can be easily configured with popular CCD cameras including the company’s MOSIR series
Intevac, Santa Clara, CA

Optical table

Th 0801lfwkinetic
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The vibration-damping 5300 series optical table has maximum dynamic deflection coefficients of less than 0.3 (10)-3 and an IRD-maximum relative motion as low as 0.8 (10)-9 in. Flatness is +0.005 in. overall and core shear modulus is 225,000 psi. It has a proprietary epoxy-bonded honeycomb core with a proprietary SPILLPRUF design. The table comes in sizes up to 6 × 20 ft, and up to 36 in. thick.
Kinetic Systems, Boston, MA

Portable FBG measurement unit

Th 0801lfwmicron
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The Optical Sensing Interrogator si325/Portable BraggMETER FS4200 is a portable measurement unit for fiber-Bragg-grating (FBG)-based sensors. It is suited for measurements in remote civil, downhole oil and pipeline applications. It has a high-resolution 12.1 in. touch screen and a robust case.
Micron Optics, Atlanta, GA

Video endoscopes

Th 0801lfwmoritex
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The Lightscope video endoscope incorporates a high-resolution CCD sensor and quality optics for true-color images to be displayed and studied on a TV monitor. Available in four different lengths: 1, 2, 3, and 18 m, the endoscope has a focus range from 40 mm to infinity.
Moritex Europe, Munich, Germany

Laser and light curtain

Flex-Guard curtains, partitions, window shades, and window blocks provide laser and light containment while retarding flames and resisting abrasions. Regular duty is laser rated at 100W/cm2 for 100 s, medium duty is laser rated at 50W/cm2 for 100 s, and light duty is suitable for light blocking only. It is designed for lab, operating room, and manufacturing environments.
Kentek, Pittsfield, NH

Compact profiler

The Nanovea PS50 provides noncontact axial chromatism profiling with a measurement range from 20 μm to 27 mm on rough or polished surfaces. It has interchangeable optical measuring pens and a motorized table allows scans up to 50 mm. Users have a choice of Professional Mountains Map 2-D or 3-D software.
Micro Photonics, Irvine, CA

1550 nm laser chip

The ML 1470 is a high power, single-emitter 1550 nm laser chip housed in a 9 mm TO can. It is primarily designed for free-space applications requiring powerful laser beams at eye-safe wavelengths. Available in a variety of optical configurations, it is capped with either a flat window or collimating lens.
Modulight, Tampere, Finland

Aspheric lenses

Th 0801lfwopticalsurf
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A proprietary manufacturing technique provides aspheric lenses with a surface finish of 20/10 scratch/dig, surface roughness of 1 nm rms, and smooth slope errors. These diffraction-limited optics, up to 600 mm in diameter, are offered with a range of high-power laser coatings to maintain high transmission in demanding environments.
Optical Surfaces, Surrey, England

Objective for multiphoton system

Th 0801lfwolympus
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A new 25×, NA 1.05 water-immersion objective is designed for use with the FV1000-MPE multiphoton microscope system. The objective offers a wide field of view, flexibility for patch clamping and cover slip use, IR performance, and a deep-imaging correction collar for imaging far below the surface of living specimens.
Olympus, Center Valley, PA

Hollow-bore encoder

Th 0801lfwquantumdev
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The QD200 hollow-bore encoder provides bore sizes up to 0.625 in. The complete operational unit includes an integral dual ABEC 5, ball bearing, and an insert molded hollow-shaft support. Incorporating proprietary sensing technology, the encoder can obtain an incremental, 5000 PPR, plus-index pulse without the use of interpolation schemes.
Quantum Devices, Barneveld, WI

Piezo stage

Th 0801lfwpi
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The P-737 PIFOC Piezo-Z stage is specifically designed for biotech research microscopes utilizing deconvolution and 3-D imaging techniques. The nanopositioning Z-control system features up to 250 μm travel, millisecond responsiveness, and nanometer-precise motion under closed-loop control.
PI (Physik Instrumente), Auburn, MA

Imaging colorimetry software

Th 0801lfwradiantimg
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ProMetric 9.1 imaging colorimetry software is designed for the company’s PM series imaging colorimeters and for analysis of the acquired measurement data. New features include automated defect-analysis tools, integrated support for L*a*b* color space coordinates, an auto exposure function, an improved user interface, and increased measurement accuracy.
Radiant Imaging, Duvall, WA

Optically coupled isolators

The OPI125/6/7/8 series isolators consist of a GaAs IR LED coupled to a photodiode, a linear amplifier, and a Schmitt trigger, integrated on a single silicon chip. The hermetically sealed devices are capable of up to 15 kV of input-to-output isolation voltage. Using proprietary Photologic sensor technology, they provide four output options and can drive 8 TTL loads directly at data rates up to 250 kBaud.
Optek, Dallas, TX

LED driver

Th 0801lfwrecom
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The RCD-24-0.35 constant-current, high-power LED is designed to withstand ambient temperatures of over 80ºC at full load. It has an efficiency of up to 98% and a lifespan of up to 100,000 hours. Suited for DC supply applications, it has an output voltage of 1.2 V to 35 V and an output current of 350 mA.
Recom, Sprendlingen, Germany

Polymer cleaning solution

Red Spray Formula First Contact Polymer Solution is designed to clean and protect any size or shape optic, mirror, or crystal without touching the surface. The solution’s polymer film prevents recontamination. The spray can be applied with either manual or pressurized spray systems.
Photonic Cleaning Technologies, Platteville, WI

Fluorescence filter set for nanocrystals

Th 0801lfwsemrock
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The Molecular Probes Qdot 625 nanocrystal fluorescent label and a matched BrightLine fluorescence filter set are designed to work together for imaging or quantification, such as live-cell, single molecular dynamic imaging. The filters use “no burnout” ion-beam-sputtering optical-filter technology. The labels use a nanocrystal structure combined with a customizable surface for a wide range of biological applications.
Semrock, Rochester, NY

LED profiler system

The IMS-5000 LED profiler measures critical spatial distribution and optical properties of LEDs. The instrument’s CCD camera and micromotion alignment stages ensure precise positioning of the sample for accurate measurement. The computer-controlled instrument includes proprietary software to measure spectroradiometric, photometric and colorimetric characteristics that can be viewed in 2-D and 3-D polar views and standard formats.
SphereOptics, Concord, NH

Fluorescence correlation spectrometer

Th 0801lfwsensortech
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The patented QuantumXpert is a three-channel, bench-top fluorescence correlation spectrometer. The fully integrated FCS instrument does not require a fluorescence microscope and requires no alignment. It is designed as an alternative to confocal laser microscopy systems. The FCSXpert Software allows simultaneous detection in three channels and concurrent measurement of autocorrelation, cross-correlation, and photon-counting histogram.
Sensor Technologies, Shrewsbury, MA

Digital radiometer/photometers

Th 0801lfwspectronics
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The AccuMAX Series of digital radiometer/photometers provides readouts for UV irradiance, visible illuminance, and luminance light readings. The readout units are specially calibrated for use with a full line of interchangeable sensor detectors. They are designed for laboratory and life-science applications including florescence inspection and UV dosing.
Spectronics, Westbury, NY

Pyroelectric joulemeters

Th 0801lfwspectrumdet
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A line of spectrally flat, pyroelectric TRAP joulemeters incorporates a unique wedge TRAP, based on technology developed at NIST, in three different configurations. They provide a flat spectral response from 0.2 to 20 μm and are designed for calibration of joulemeters and energy probes across the spectrum.
Spectrum Detector, Lake Oswego, OR

Multi SMD tricolor LED

Th 0801lfwvishay
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The VLMRGB343 is a multi-SMD, tricolor LED with separate control for red, green, and blue LED chips in a 3.2 × 2.8 mm PLCC-4 package. The LED offers a luminous intensity range of up to 285 mcd for red, 560 mcd for green, and 200 mcd for blue. They are optimized for backlighting and illumination in automotive, consumer, and general applications.
Vishay, Malvern, PA

LDTD technology

Th 0801lfwthermofisher
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Laser-diode thermal-desorption (LDTD) technology offers fast sample analysis for drug discovery, drug development, food safety, and environmental applications. The LDTD technology consists of a semiconductor-based laser diode that allows scientists to rapidly analyze compounds. It increases the analysis speed of compounds by 20 to 100 times, compared to established techniques based on liquid chromatography with mass spectrometry.
Thermo Fisher Scientific, San Jose, CA

Fiberoptic spectrometers

Th 0801lfwstellarnet
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Miniature green-wave fiber-optic spectrometers include 15 models that cover the UV-VIS-NIR wavelength ranges from 190 to 1150 nm. Detector options include 2k/3k-element CCD or PDA arrays with no moving parts. Connection is via a PC’s USB port. SpectraWiz software is included for spectroscopy measurements.
StellarNet, Tampa, FL

Machine-vision camera systems

Th 0801lfwtoshiba
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The CS4200B and CS4300Bi remote-head monochrome analog camera systems are both available with a choice of unique heads, able to be positioned up to five meters away from the camera control unit by cable. The CS4200B has a 1/2 in. interline CCD sensor and the CS4300Bi has a 1/3 in. interline CCD. Both deliver RS170 timing, 50 dB signal-to-noise ratio, and 570 × 485 resolution.
Toshiba Teli America, Irvine, CA

CW green lasers

Th 0801lfwzecotek
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The GFL series green lasers covers all wavelengths in the green spectral range corresponding to conventional ion gas (Ar and Kr) and solid-state lasers, with new wavelengths in the 515 to 560 nm range. The lasers are based on a proprietary technology for intracavity doubling of unpolarized Yb-doped fiber lasers. Uses include bioinstrumentation, medicine, printing and imaging, material processing, and fundamental research.
Zecotek, Singapore

Laser light sources

Th 0801lfwphotonicprod
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Two high-power, IR-wavelength GaAlaS laser diodes from Opnext, the HL8337MG and the HL8338MG, are light sources for industrial and medical sensor applications and as a light source for other types of optical equipment such as distance meters, barcode scanners and high-resolution CTP. The sources have a lasing wavelength of 830 nm and a high optical output power of 50 mW CW, a multi-quantum-well structure, a small package size of 5.6 mm, and a built-in photodiode for monitoring laser output, which allows for easier control of the auto power circuit.
Photonic Products, Hatfield Broad Oak, England

Metrology services

A dedicated 193 nm metrology lab features the Coherent LPX 200 ArF excimer laser, which enables a variety of tests to be performed at 193 nm, including transmittance, reflectance, and absorption measurements on fused silica, magnesium fluoride (MgF2), and calcium fluoride (CaF2) components and materials, as well as laser damage testing over a range of pulse energies and operating conditions. The expanded testing capability provides improvement of 193 nm coatings to support microlithography and LASIK.
Alpine Research Optics, Boulder, CO

Spectroradiometer system

Th 0801lfworboptix
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The SP-100 multifunctional spectroradiometer system is a fully NIST traceable spectroradiometer that offers versatile swap-and-go interchangeable head attachments that allow measurement of spectral radiance, irradiance, and flux. Measurement units and calibration files are automatically managed when the heads are attached. The SP-100 comes bundled with simple, easy-to-use software and USB connectivity. The system is designed to measure flat-panel displays and LED backlights in laboratory and production environments.
Orb Optronix, Kirkland, WA

Optical-comb generator

A compact ultrafast VCSEL optical-comb generator delivers 1 mW of power on the order of several GHz for the most demanding applications. The comb generator provides accurate, time-base calibration of electro-optic instrumentation, sensors, detectors, and streak cameras. It features continuous or gated operation from 50 to 1000 ns with a trigger jitter of less than 2 ps.
Sydor Instruments, Rochester, NY

Laser marking system

Th 0801lfwlasit
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The CompactMark, a multi-axis rugged, industrial laser marking system is designed for marking metals, plastics, and many organic materials. It is fully air-cooled, eliminating the need for water chilling. Flexible preview and SmartFocus ease positioning of single parts. A 19 × 15 in. pallet provides optimal throughput when marking multiple parts. Custom large sizes are available and the system can be customized with five axes and additional features, including W axis, pick and place, palletized shuttles, conveyors, and pneumatic lifts, as well as an expanded work area.
Lasit, USA, Branford, CT

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