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The IndyStar compact industrial excimer laser is built on the RoHS-Almeta tube design, which delivers several billion pulses.

Oct 1st, 2008
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Excimer laser

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The IndyStar compact industrial excimer laser is built on the RoHS-Almeta tube design, which delivers several billion pulses. The ArF laser produces stabilized energies of 8 mJ/pulse at 193 nm and 12 mJ/pulse at 248 nm, at repetition rates up to 1 kHz, with a beam cross section of 6 × 3 mm.
Coherent, Santa Clara, CA

Video imaging system

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The Fastcam MC2 video imaging system includes two camera heads measuring 35 × 35 × 35 mm and weighing 3.2 oz. It has a global electronic shuttering rate from 20 ms to 6 μs for slow-motion image capture in production line and automation fault-finding. The camera, based on a single CMOS sensor, is available in models with frames rates up to 500, 2000, or 10,000 frames/s.
Photron, San Diego, CA

Optical-design software

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LightTools 6.1 includes a Ray Path feature that identifies system elements that are contributing to light loss, scatter, unintentional reflections, or ghost images. It includes a library of BSDF data of reflective materials commonly used in luminaire construction and support for gradient-index lenses has been added. Several languages have been added: French, German, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Korean.
Optical Research Associates, Pasadena, CA

Laser lenses

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Low-absorption laser lenses in the Cool-Cut line are designed for use with high-power CO2 lasers and run cooler than conventional A/R-coated lenses. Their coatings absorb less than 0.15% of laser energy, protecting them against thermal damage and providing focal-length stability. They are available in diameters of 1.5 and 2 in., from 0.236 to 0.380 in. thick, with focal lengths from 1 to 25 in. in half-inch increments.
Laser Research Optics, Providence, RI


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A line of fully certified cylindrical and flat optics includes plano-concave, convex, crossed, toroid, and aspherical lenses. Flats include wedges, prisms, beam-splitters, corner cubes, windows, and mirrors. The optics come in various materials.
Hellma USA, Plainview, NY

Laser-alignment eyewear

Laser-alignment eyewear is designed for laser operators, technicians, engineers, maintenance, and service personnel who may need to safely observe light emitted from visible lasers at 400 to 700 nm while performing alignment procedures. Proper optical-density selection within this wavelength must take into account anticipated laser output power and maximum permissible exposure levels.
Laservision USA, Saint Paul, MN

LED spot projectors

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The MSPP Series of LED Spot Projectors are designed to replace conventional halogen point light sources. Available in two versions for narrow and wide lighting area applications, the projectors provide illumination over working distances of 500 to 2000 mm. They are constructed to IP67 standards, are RoHS compliant, and are resistant to water droplets and oil mist.
Moritex, Cambridge, England

Long-wavelength laser diodes

Long-wavelength semiconductor laser diodes are available ranging from 1.4 to 2.1 μm. The Pearl fiber-coupled module, at 1.9 μm, provides up to 20 W output power with better than 10% wall-plug efficiency, and at 1.4 and 1.5 μm, the module produces up to 40 W with better than 30% wall-plug efficiency; all are from a single 400 μm 0.22 NA fiber.
nLight, Vancouver, WA

Duplex micro Raman system

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The MMR Duplex double-wavelength micro Raman system features a modular design with 785/532 nm DM-1 adapters. A 1.3-megapixel CMOS camera is provided for sample imaging and capture. The system includes the LSI-XYZ for exact positioning; scanning range is 70 × 20 mm and the z-scanning range is 17 mm with 1 μm steps.
Lambda Solutions, Waltham, MA

Imaging optics for SWIR cameras

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Four fixed-focal-length imaging optics are specifically designed for SWIR (short-wave infrared) cameras and applications. Lens focal lengths include two 25 mm designs, a 35 mm, and a 50 mm design. Constructed for rugged environments with thumbscrews to lock the focus and iris functions, the lenses offer more than 75% resolution in the 700 to 900 nm wavelength range.
Navitar, Rochester, NY

830 nm single-mode laser

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The LumiLase 830 nm single-mode laser, model ML1545, produces up to 50 mW power, is housed in a 5.6 mm TO-can and is also available as a bare die. The laser is designed for use in CW or pulsed applications requiring a low fast axis divergence, including laser pointers for dusty or underwater environments, distance measurement, laser illumination and range finding.
Modulight, San Jose, CA

Photodiode preamplifier

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The 5 mm2, blue/green enhanced photodiode preamplifier ODA-5WB-100K features 100 KO gain. The silicon detector-preamp offers wavelength response at 450 nm, typically 28 V/mW (min. 20), responsivity from 400 to 1100 nm, and a peak spectral response of 940 nm. It is hermetically sealed in a TO-39 can.
Opto Diode, Newbury Park, CA

Optical replication

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A proprietary replication process cost-effectively transfers the profile of a precision optical surface from a master, creating an exact duplicate on a variety of substrates. The process can produce both ruled and holographic diffraction gratings, reflective and transmission holographic optical elements, and dual-wavelength gratings, as well as plano and conic sections.
OPCO, Fitchburg, MA

Linear image sensors

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The DLIS-2K and the DLIS-4K reconfigurable line-scan CMOS sensors consist of four independently selectable and resettable rows with 2080 or 4096 optical each and a high-resolution mode of 4160 or 8192 pixels each, respectively. The sensors feature oversampling for enhanced sensitivity and HDR imaging.
Panavision Imaging, Homer, NY

3-D surface-metrology instrument

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Designed for automated inspection, the new SurPhase sensor allows 3-D measurement for the shop floor or in-line production. In less than one second, the system can measure roughness with Ra below 1 nm or profiles up to 400 μm high for 1M measurement points. Available in both turnkey and OEM versions, the system is insensitive to vibrations.
PhaseView, Seattle, WA

Integrated laser driver

The PHY1040 is an integrated laser driver and limiting amplifier IC for small-form-factor optical modules operating between 125 Mbit/s and 1.25 Gbit/s. It supports both VCSEL and continuous-mode DFB and FP lasers for DDM and non-DDM applications.
Phyworks, Bristol, England

USB interface for beam profiler

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A USB interface has been introduced for the NanoScan beam profiler. This new feature provides greater portability for the device, and is useful for field service applications, flexible manufacturing operations, and situations where test equipment is frequently moved to different workstations.
Photon, San Jose, CA

Piezo-stage controller

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The E-712 digital piezo-stage controller can control the trajectory of up to six axes during high-velocity motion on a millisecond timescale. Features include up to a 50 kHz sensor update rate, 20-bit D/A converters, a 600 MHz processor, an Ethernet interface for remote control through the internet, a real-time operating system, and proprietary linearization algorithms to reduce motion errors to 0.001% of the travel range.
PI (Physik Instrumente), Auburn, MA

Laser-diode drivers

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The PPS 200 series of laser-diode drivers delivers up to 200 Amps of pulse current. Features include a pulse rise and fall time of 15 μs, microprocessor control with flash memory, internal pulse and frequency generation, safety interlocks, and overtemperature shutdown for the laser and driver. Remote control is via RS-232 or USB interface.
Portable Power Systems, Gilbert, AZ

Laser-line nonpolarizers

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A line of laser-line nonpolarizers for visible and NIR applications utilize ion-beam-sputtering coatings and a Telecordia-qualified CADB epoxy-free bonding technique. Custom nonpolarizing beamsplitter cubes are available at 1550 nm with a phase separation of less than 10° in cube sizes from 1 to 25 mm. Nonpolarizing plate beamsplitters from 500 to 2100 nm have damage thresholds of more than 5J/cm2 at 1064 nm.
Precision Photonics (PPC), Boulder, CO

Megapixel camera

The compact GE1050 megapixel CCD camera has a Gigabit Ethernet interface that runs at 60 framems/s at 1000 × 1000 resolution, using area-of-interest readout. Features include a C-mount with adjustable backfocus, color or monochrome models, snapshot/global shutter, pixel binning, external trigger and sync I/O, RS-232 peripheral port, exposure and gain controls, and autoexposure.
Prosilica, Vancouver, BC

Pulse generator

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The Model 9530 Digital Delay/Pulse Generator utilizes an innovative 19 in. 1U form factor and a 100 MHz low-amplitude clock input, which is suited for laser system integration by directly referencing a photodiode signal. Features include eight independent width and delay outputs, RS232, USB and Ethernet, 20 MHz internal rate generator with a 10 ns period resolution.
Quantum Composers, Bozeman, MT

Galvonometer mirrors

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High-precision-coating Galvonometer mirrors are used in laser-system applications such as scanners, barcode readers, sweeping remote sensors, marking systems, and laser light shows. Made from BK-7, fused silica, or silicon, the substrates are coated with a highly reflective (better than 99%) protected metal or multilayer dielectric tuned for the required wavelength band.
Reynard, San Clemente, CA

Laser interferometric vibrometer

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The LSV Series laser interferometric vibrometer is designed for noncontact determination of temporal changes in the position of objects or surfaces of arbitrary roughness. It detects mechanical vibrations at frequencies from 0 to 500 kHz with subnanometer resolution. The working distance can be continuously adjusted over a wide range, using a zoom objective.
SIOS Messtechnik, Limenau, Germany

Motorized filter wheel

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The FW-2000 motorized filter wheel can introduce one of eight 25.4 mm filters of transmissive windows in series with an optical path. The 104 mm filter wheels are interchangeable and accommodate filter/window thickness from 1 to 8 mm. The clear aperture diameter is 23 mm and can be continuously rotated through 360°.
Terahertz Technologies, Oriskany, NY

NIR spectrometers

The NIRX-SR series of NIR spectrometers cover the 0.9 to 2.3μm wavelength range using an InGaAs PDA detector. A 512-element version provides a spectral resolution of less than 16 nm while the 1024 model provides less than 8 nm. Intended for liquid-chemical analysis via cuvette-system dip probe, they use a dual-stage TEC cooler and a high-speed USB 2.0 interface.
StellarNet, Tampa, FL

12-megapixel CMOS camera

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The CleverDragon CSC12M25BMP19 is a CMOS-based machine-vision camera that uses a proprietary, patented 12-megapixel, 1.9 in. CMOS monochrome, progressive-scan sensor. It provides 4096 (H) × 3072 (V) pixel resolution, with 25 frames/s full-frame speed and a Camera Link interface. Uses include machine vision, parts inspection, robotics and medical applications.
Toshiba Teli America, Irvine, CA

LED measurement system

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The portable S-471 LED Optometer features microprocessor control and three measurement data-presentation options: direct display with analog bar, RS-232C computer interface and analog voltage input. It has a silicon photometric detector and LED holding sockets for many common LED types. All sockets meet CIE Publication 127, Conditions A and B.
UDT Instruments, San Diego, CA

Smart camera

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The 5-megapixel VCSBC4012 single-board intelligent camera features a CMOS sensor with a programmable resolution up to 2.592 × 1.944 pixels. It contains a 400 MHz processor with a 3.200 MIPS computing power. Full resolution frame rate is 11.6 frames/s and VGA skipping allows for a maximum frame rate of 102 frames/s. Available in color or black and white, the camera includes 64 MB DRAM and has an Ethernet interface.
Vision Components, Ettlingen, Germany

Pulsed diode-pumped lasers

Part of a new line of air-cooled, pulsed diode-pumped lasers, the model DP10 produces 8 mJ of pulse energy in the IR (1064 nm) with an 8 ns pulse width. It operates at a repetition rate from single shot up to 200 Hz with TEM00 mode quality. Green (532 nm), UV (355 nm) and DUV (266 nm) are also available.
Photonics Industries, Bohemia, NY

Linescan illuminator

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The COBRA 2 Linescan Illuminator increases brightness by a factor of two over the company‘s previous product. This chip-on-board approach to LED-module fabrication yields an unbroken line of semiconductor light source for high uniformity and clear line-scan images. Designed for machine-vision applications, the illuminator is available in lengths up to 3 m long and with optional water-cooling for a 5× intensity increase.
StockerYale, Salem, NH

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