Oct. 1, 2008
Through a subsidiary, Corning (Corning, NY) signed an agreement to acquire Optimum Manufacturing (Charlestown, NH), which will become part of Corning‘s Specialty Materials segment.

Corning acquires Optimum Manufacturing

Through a subsidiary, Corning (Corning, NY) signed an agreement to acquire Optimum Manufacturing (Charlestown, NH), which will become part of Corning‘s Specialty Materials segment. Optimum manufactures optical-mirror blanks, optical housings, and other precision-machined components for the aerospace and defense, scientific, medical, and communications industries. Corning was expecially interested in Optimum‘s experience in large, complex optical housings. Tim Donovan, president of Optimum, will join Corning‘s aerospace and defense leadership team, according to Andrew Filson, Corning Specialty Material‘s managing director of advanced optics.

OPTOmism announces call for papers

The OPTOmism: Photonics for the Green Revolution conference and exhibition, to be held jointly by Laser Focus World (Nashua, NH) and the Optoelectronics Industry Development Association (OIDA; Washington, D.C.) at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, CA, May 18-20, 2009, has announced its call for papers; deadline for abstracts is Oct. 31, 2008. Topics include solid-state lighting, solar photovoltaics, high-efficiency displays, high-efficiency communications and computing, photonic sensing, efficient manufacturing, and new and novel photonics developments for sustainable applications. To submit abstracts, go to www.optomismshow.com and click on “Online Abstract Submittal Form” in the left-hand navigational column.

Sales up for Photonic Products Group

Optical components company Photonic Products Group (Northvale, NJ) reported its consolidated financial results for its second quarter and first six months ended June 30, 2008. Revenues for the second quarter were approximately $4 million and revenues for the first six months were $8.2 million, up 9% and 13%, respectively, from the same periods last year. INRAD specializes in crystal-based optical components and laser instruments. Laser Optics specializes in precision custom optical components, assemblies, and optical coatings. MRC Optics‘ business specializes in precision diamond turned optics, metal optics, and optical assemblies. Its customers include leading corporations in the defense and aerospace, laser systems, and process control and metrology sectors of the photonics industry.

Intevac wins defense contract

Intevac Photonics, a division of Intevac (Santa Clara, CA), announced that its DeltaNu business unit was awarded a $1.029 million contract from the Department of Defense to develop advanced Raman spectroscopy systems for both military and civilian applications for detection of toxic material and pathogens. Under this year-long contract, new capabilities for ultra-sensitive detection and detection at long distances will be developed. Intevac Photonics provides high-sensitivity imaging products, vision systems, and miniature Raman instruments. Markets addressed include military, industrial, physical sciences, and life sciences.

OEwaves gets photonic-filters contract

Photonic products and solutions provider OEwaves (Pasadena, CA) was awarded a contract to develop bandpass and notch filters to support receiver systems for military and communication applications. Such agile filters enhance receiver system performances and reduce the total volume and power required by stringent military applications. The tunable microwave photonic filters are based on the patented technology of ultrahigh-quality-factor crystalline whispering-gallery-mode optical resonators. OEwaves was founded in 2000 and has licensed the exclusive rights to more than 20 patents and applications for the company‘s core technologies from the California Institute of Technology (Pasadena, CA).

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Also in the news . . .

Deposition Sciences (Santa Rosa, CA), manufacturer of thin-film optical coatings, was awarded an ISO 9001:2000 Management System Certification from SRI Quality System Registrar (Pittsburgh, PA). . . . Precision motion-control products and systems manufacturer class="ir-also-head" (Pittsburgh, PA) opened its Aerotech KK subsidiary in Tokyo, Japan. . . . Yamagata Fujitsu placed an order for the newly introduced Imprio HD2200 from nanopatterning lithography equipment provider Molecular Imprints (Austin, TX); the system will be used for patterned hard-disk-drive media. . . . Vacuum Process Technology (VPT; Plymouth, MA) was acquired by principals of Andlinger & Company and Ralf Faber; VPT is a manufacturer of vacuum thin-film deposition systems used for the fabrication of optical filters and photonics components. . . . Thermo Fisher Scientific (Madison, WI) received the highest overall vendor rating for infrared spectroscopy instrumentation according to the Worldwide Molecular Spectroscopy Survey published by Strategic Directions International.


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