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A family of 888 nm laser modules from QPC includes the Ultra-50, with output from 35 to 50 W, the Ultra-100, with output from 85 to 100 W, and the Ultra-5000, with output from 110 to more than 250 W.

Dec 1st, 2008
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Laser modules

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A family of 888 nm laser modules from QPC includes the Ultra-50, with output from 35 to 50 W, the Ultra-100, with output from 85 to 100 W, and the Ultra-5000, with output from 110 to more than 250 W. Power is delivered by 200 or 400 µm core fibers with 0.22 NA, with an SMA connector at the end.
AMS Technologies, Martinsreid, Germany

Fluorescence lifetime system

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The TemPro fluorescence lifetime system provides time-correlated single-photon counting. It has interchangeable pulsed laser diode and LED sources covering discrete emission wavelengths from 255 nm to NIR. Rotational correlation times can be measured with optional polarizers, and the system can be expanded into a monochromator-based system for time-resolved emission spectra.
Horiba Jobin Yvon, Edison, NJ

Beam profiler

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The USB L11058 large-format beam-profiling camera is designed to measure large ultraviolet beams. The 4008 × 2672-pixel format allows profiling of beams up to 24 × 36 mm without reduction optics. It provides frame rates of up to 3.1 frames/s at full resolution. It has a dynamic range of 59 dB.
Ophir-Spiricon, Logan, UT


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The LumiCam 1300 imaging photometer has measuring times 30% faster than its previous version. A Gigabit Ethernet interface allows for fast data transfer, and integrated version 4.0 software adds new analysis tools. The system also comes with a Windows DLL and a LabView driver for custom programs that allow integration into automated test sequences.
Instrument Systems, Munich, Germany

Goniometric cradles

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AGC series motorized goniometers are designed for applications in which 90° of angular travel is needed with the payload at the center of rotation. They can be mounted on standard optical tables or on rotary stages. They have accuracy of ±12 arcsec, repeatability of ±10 arcsec, resolution of 3.5 arcsec, maximum speed of 78°/s, and maximum load of 50 kg.
Aerotech, Pittsburgh, PA


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The AvaSpec-128 has a new cylindrical lens that increases sensitivity by a factor of four. The detector array, with a pixel height of 63.5 µm, can measure a full 128-pixel spectrum in 60 ms. The detector covers the 350 to 1100 nm wavelength range, and increased NIR sensitivity makes is useful for applications such as fruit sorting and water detection.
Avantes, Eerbeek, The Netherlands

Pointing laser

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The MiniGreen laser with integrated photodetector can be set to maintain constant output power up to 8 mW TEM00, operating over more than 30°C of change in ambient temperature. The diode-pumped solid-state laser measures 5.6 mm in diameter, and has a monolithic optical design. It is designed for applications that involved aiming, aligning, or pointing laser light.
Snake Creek Lasers, Hallstead, PA

Safety sign

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A series of lit laser safety signs come in four standard prints: Danger Class 3R, Danger Class 3B, Danger Class 4, and Notice. Standard size is 12 × 16 × 2 in. They come with a 20,000-hour bulb. Custom signs are also available.
Laservision USA, Saint Paul, MN

Ultrafast laser

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An E-O, Q-switched, diode-pumped, Nd:YVO4 laser offers a TEM00 pulse repetition rate of 100 kHz with greater than 1 W power, or more with an amplifier. Active Q-switching allows synchronization to external signals or events, and the beam quality allows for harmonic conversion where required. Applications include ranging, lidar, fluorescence studies, and lithography.
Advanced Optical Technology, Essex, England

Laser pump module

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A single-emitter-based pump-laser module delivers 20 W of fiber-coupled power into a 105 µm, 0.15 NA fiber. The module is designed for fiber-laser and direct systems for materials-processing applications. It offers more than 80% coupling efficiency, and can operate at wavelengths from 795 to 980 nm.
Bookham, San Jose, CA

Optical-design software

The V2R1 release of Advanced Systems Analysis Program (ASAP) 2008 now includes penalty functions, enhancement to polarization functions, and improvements to the Poincare Sphere visualization tool. The software has a larger set of roughness and scatter models, grouped by manufacturer where appropriate. It can automatically detect and manage duplicate geometry during IGES import.
Breault Research Organization, Tucson, AZ

Fiber-optic assemblies

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Vacuum-sealed fiber-optic assemblies transmit UV, visible, and NIR optical energy in and out of vacuum environments, with fibers continuous through the seal to ensure zero insertion loss. The assemblies are certified at 10 to 9 cm3/s torr. Standard configurations include silica fibers or fiber bundles with 50 to 2000 µm cores.
CeramOptic, East Longmeadow, MA


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The colorPol IR 1550 BCA T2 HT polarizer offers an extinction ration better than 40 dB and the insertion loss undercuts 0.1 dB. The filters offer transmittance of more than 98% with antireflection coating and contract more than 10:1 in the 1280 to 1450 nm and 1480 to 1650 nm ranges. It is available in thicknesses of 0.2, 0.25, and 0.5 mm.
Codixx, Barleben, Germany

Positioning system

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The LFA-1012 linear-focus actuator uses a zero-translation tangential flexure for high-speed travel. It has a clear aperture, 10 mm stroke length and standard 12 mm optics mount, with an optional DIN mount available for microscopes. Resolution is 150 nm, with 200 nm repeatability short-term and 50 ppm/1000 h long-term, with 2.2 lb continuous and 3.5 lb. peak force.
Equipment Solutions, San Jose, CA

Light source

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The RS-5NVIS digital light source is designed for testing and calibration of ANVIS radiometers and spectroradiometers. It has a feedback-stabilized LED optical head with a diffusely illuminated area that can be filtered. It allows light level setting to 1 part in 65,535 in absolute, NIST-traceable, ANVIS radiance, and luminance units.
Gamma Scientific, San Diego, CA


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A custom 6× beamsplitter assembly provides 3 kW output at 10.6 µm. The internal mirror mounts are top-adjusted and water-cooled. The optics are mounted in a cartridge for easy removal, and the mirror mounts are within a sealed aluminum box. On the outside of the box are mounts for external water-cooling, purge, and an interlock connector.
Haas Laser Technologies, Flanders, NJ

Spot curer

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The iCure AS200 is an inline fiber-optic system that provides heat by infrared radiation for rapid curing of adhesives in automated manufacturing processes. A light guide offers precise, localized heating, and the system comes with a wide array of accessories and light guides for use with multiple applications.
IRPhotonics, Hamden, CT

Fiber-coupled diode

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The 6398-L4 series fiber-coupled diode laser protects diodes from destructive power feedback during operation. It generates 10 W of output in the 910 to 980 nm range, and delivers it through a 100 µm fiber with NA of either 0.22 or 0.15. It has a simplified electrical design for easy integration into OEM systems.
JDSU, Milpitas, CA

CMOS camera

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The Kalypso 023-USB 1/3 in. CMOS camera comes with a USB 2.0 inteface and offers 10-bit digitization depth at a resolution of 752 × 480 pixels. The camera achieves more than 55 dB, and in the high dynamic range mode it achieves more than 80 dB. It measures 50 × 29 mm and operates between -20°C and 80°C.
Kappa Opto-electronics, Gleichen, Germany

Bandpass filters

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Bandpass filters for infrared and terahertz applications are designed with patterned, cross-shaped, and other resonant opening geometries that allow the transmission of light at specific wavelengths. Filters in diameters of 12.5, 19, and 25 mm are available with center wavelength transmissions up to 85%, tolerance of ±0.1 µm, and out-of-band transmission down to 0.5%.
Lake Shore Cryotonics, Westerville, OH

Nonball lead screw

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The Mini Series nonball lead screw is built for miniature applications such as data storage drives, and laser and optical focusing mechanisms. The device is offered in antibacklash and general-purpose lead screw assemblies in the company’s NTB, NTG, and B series. The screws are made of 303 stainless steel with a proprietary coating.
Kerk Motion Products, Hollis, NH

Fiber-coupled diodes

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Fiber-coupled diode lasers reach 10 kW of output on a 1500 µm fiber. The main applications are heat-treating, such as hardening engine parts in automotive manufacturing, and cladding for the prevention of wear in the oil industry.
Laserline, Muelheim-Kaerlich, Germany

IBS coatings

High-precision ion-beam-sputtering coatings are available for special requirements, such as low-loss supermirrors, complex filter designs, or coatings on crystals. The company’s express service provides coatings and optics within 24 hours, one to two weeks, or three weeks for special prototypes. The coatings are thermally and mechanically stable and can be placed on sensitive substrates.
Laseroptik, Garbsen, Germany


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Series SML-HI505xxx-TR OctoLEDs are LEDs with surface-mount technology. They deliver up to 7000 mcd, depending on color, and are designed for applications requiring surface mounting, such as front-panel, PCB multi-LED and industrial control indicators. They are 11 mm high and occupy a circuit board footprint of 6 × 6 mm.
Lumex, Palatine, IL

Thermoelectric module

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The OptoCooler UPF40 thermoelectric module is designed for temperature control on optoelectronic devices, such as semiconductor optical amplifiers and laser diodes. It can be integrated directly into the packaging. It pumps up to 72 W/cm2 at 25°C and can move a maximum of 3.7 W of heat with an active footprint of 5.1 mm2.
Nextreme, Durham, NC

Ultraflat optics

Wafer-based optical fabrication and ion-beam-sputtering coatings allow for production of quantities of ultraflat optical components, such as solid silicon etalons for use as tunable dispersion compensators and optical-frequency discriminators. A NIST-traceable metrology system measures thickness variations of <15 nm across a 50 mm diameter. Components with surface quality as low as 20/10 are available.
Precision Photonics, Boulder, CO

VCSEL array

The PO-CS1-70-W808 VCSEL laser produces 70 W CW output at 808 nm, with a spectral width of approximately 0.8 nm, thermally stable emission wavelength at 0.06 nm/K, and a low beam divergence of approximately NA 0.14. The device is immune to back-reflections and not subject to catastrophic optical damage. It can also operate in quasi-continuous-wave or pulsed mode.
Princeton Optronics, Mercerville, NJ

Laser scriber

The SolaryX 420 laser scribing system is a flexible, semiautomated laser system for scribing the interconnect patterns of thin-film-on-glass solar panels. It is designed to accept 420 mm square glass substrates and is available in single- and dual-wavelength versions. It can hold two 1064 nm lasers, two 532 nm lasers, or one of each.
Newport, Irvine, CA

Rotary stage

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The DT 65-LM positioning rotary stage is 25 mm tall and 105 mm long. It weighs 0.35 kg but supports loads up to 80 N. Driven by a piezo linear motor, it has positional accuracy of 0.015°, repeatability of less than 0.003°, and a maximum surface run of 20 µm. It can achieve speeds up to 360°/s and accelerations of more than 10,000°/s2.
Steinmeyer, Burlington, MA

Microchip lasers

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The SNP-30F-GM1 microchip laser delivers 250 mW output at 1064 nm in 0.7 ns pulses with energy of 8 µJ at a repetition rate of 30 kHz, with 11 kW peak power. It measures 142 × 37 × 35 mm, and is designed for supercontinuum generation and for precision micromachining applications that require line widths narrower than 10 µm.
Teem Photonics, Grenoble, France

Optical top

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The 730 Series vacuum-compatible optical top has design features and uses special cleaning of process materials and a vacuum pump-down procedure to achieve a high level of vacuum compatibility. It is built entirely out of stainless steel and has a honeycomb core. Outgassing is kept to a minimum.
Technical Manufacturing, Peabody, MA

HDTV camera

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The IK-HR1D HDTV camera has full 1080 progressive-scan resolution. The 1/3 in., 2.1 million megapizel CMOS sensor has a rate of 60 frames/s, eliminating motion artifacts. It measures 1 3/4 × 1 3/4 × 4 1/16 in., with digital and analog RGB output, autoelectrical shutter, and auto or manual white balance controls. It is aimed at specialty-broadcast, machine-vision, and scientific-imaging applications.
Toshiba Imaging Systems Division, Irvine, CA

Fluorescence system

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The Halcyone fluorescence lifetime measurement system is a hybrid that includes a fluorescence upconversion spectrometer and a time-correlated single-photon-counting unit. It can resolve fluorescence decay kinetics with femtosecond resolution within a window of 3.2 ns and a 400 to 1600 nm spectral range. With an amplified femtosecond laser, it has 1 ms windows with resolution of 200 ps.
Ultrafast Systems, Sarasota, FL

Solid-state laser

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The Cobalt Mambo CW, solid-state laser operates at 594 nm and has an output power of 25 mW. Based on proprietary PPKTP conversion technology, the laser features noise of less than 0.3% rms, beam quality of m2 better than 1.1, and a temperature range of 10°C to 40°C. Designed for fluorescence analysis applications, it comes in a hermetically sealed package.
Cobolt, Stolna, Sweden

Cooled CCD camera

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The ORCA-R2 cooled CCD camera contains an ER-150 progressive-scan CCD with 1344 × 1024 pixels that is capable of simultaneous exposure and readout. Normal readout and rapid readout deliver full-resolution images at frame rates of 8.5 and 16.2 frames/s, respectively. Using rapid readout, 8 × 8 binning, and 8 subarrays, the camera can attain 115.1 frames/s.
Hamamatsu, Bridgewater, NJ

Micromachining lasers

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The AVIA 355-28 micromachining laser delivers 28 W of output at 355 nm, at 110 kHz. Features include PosiLock, a proprietary technology to achieve repeatable spot positioning at the work surface, Pulse EQ, which provides constant pulse energy across a range of varying pulse repetition rates and an automated harmonic crystal shifter for constant output power over the laser’s lifetime.
Coherent, Santa Clara, CA

UV-NIR spectrometers

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Back-thinned spectrometers, covering the spectral range from 190 to 1100 nm, minimize stray light by using a holographic aberration-corrected flat-field concave grating and optimized optical bench. The instruments have 2 nm FWHM spectral resolution, wavelength accuracy of ±0.5 nm and a slit width of 25 µm.
Edmund Optics, Barrington, NJ

Butterfly laser-diode module

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The 1550 nm EP1550-NLW-B butterfly laser-diode module is used for high-bandwidth coherent communications applications. The lasers have a guaranteed emission linewidth specified at 400 kHz and below with highly linear light current characteristics and high side-mode suppression ratio (SMSR). They offer a narrow linewidth of 350 kHz, 6 mW output power, and come in an industry-standard 14-pin butterfly package.
Elliot Scientific, Hertfordshire, England

Ultrafast fiber laser

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The SC500-FC is a quasi-CW, supercontinuum fiber-laser source with average power of 0.25 W and a single-mode fiber-delivered output that can be spliced or connected to any system or DUT. The turnkey broadband source offers a repetition rate of 20 MHz, brightness of more than 100 µW/nm, and delivers a continuous optical spectrum from below 500 nm to beyond 2 µm.
Fianium, Southampton, England

Silicon compounds catalog

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A catalog called Silicon Compounds: Silanes & Silicones introduces 300 new compounds and polymers, including new silicone macromers with controlled optical and surface properties. Technical data for over 2800 compounds as well as information on surface modification, organic synthesis, optical coatings, polymer synthesis, self-assembled monolayers, catalysis, composites, and nanofabrication are included.
Gelest, Morrisville, PA

Portable spectrophotometer

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The LCRT-2005-S handheld, portable spectrophotometer measures regular (in-line) transmission of windows and glasses with and without reflection reducing coatings in the lab or on-site. The measurement configuration is identical to the luminance set up in CIE 130 and DIN 5036. Both detectors for light source reference and transmittance are BTS256 diode-array sensors.
Gigahertz-Optik, Newburyport, MA

Hexagonal elements

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A series of hexagonal elements create six spots organized in a hexagonal shape. A seven-spot version also includes a spot in the center of the pattern. The element features transmission efficiency of 95%, diffraction efficiency of 75%, and insensitivity to misalignment or beam wandering.
Holo-Or, Rehovat, Israel

Blue lasers

The DENICAFC 488 (Double Enhanced Intra-Cavity Frequency Conversion) blue lasers are designed as a replacement for argon-ion lasers in flow cytometry, DNA sequencing, confocal microscopy, cell sorting, and Raman spectroscopy applications. The lasers provide an optical output power up to 20 mW at 488 nm.
Klastech Karpushko Laser Technologies, Dortmund, Germany

Low-scatter IR optics

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Low-scatter IR optics are available in sizes from 3 to 300 mm, in asphere, cylinder, sphere, and plano/flat configurations. The optical surfaces are precision polished, rather than diamond-turned to decrease surface roughness from about 75 Å to only 10 Å and reduce light scatter. This minimizes signal-to-noise ratio for maximum performance in multispectral systems.
Optimax Systems, Ontario, NY

Fizeau interferometer

The FizCam 3000 utilizes dynamic interferometry to acquire all measurement data in less than 1 ms. Suited for metrology of large optical elements, the unit is insensitive to vibration and air turbulence, enabling use in difficult environments without additional isolation. The turnkey instrument includes 4Sight advanced wavefront-analysis software, 4× motorized optical-zoom imaging, and remote-control focus and zoom.
Laser Physics, Cheshire, England

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