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Optical-design software

Th 131141
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The latest version, 9.3, of Code V optical-design software adds a new application programming interface that enables execution of the software's commands from any application supporting the Windows COM architecture, such as Visual Basic, C++, and MATLAB. It also adds the ability to apply diffractive properties to any substrate shape and the ability to create user-defined surface properties. The number of allowable system positions in a model increases to 99, letting the user model more multiconfiguration systems, such as scanners.
Optical Research Associates, Pasadena, CA

Fiber-coupled diode

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The 40W-xxx-1 fiber-coupled laser diode has brightness of more than 1 mW/cm2 SR, with a maximum output power of 40 W through a 100-µm fiber core with NA 0.22. It is available in several wavelengths and can be used in a variety of industrial applications, including pumping, materials processing, and medical uses.
Apollo Instruments, Irvine, CA

Fiber network ICs

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The L8628 transmitter and S8627 receiver photo ICs are designed for multimedia fiberoptic networks used in automotive applications. They have a maximum data rate of 50 Mb/s and use a TTL interface. The receiver has a monolithic structure fabricated by the PiN-BiP process, making it immune to external noise. The transmitter consists of a red LED, driver IC, and current regulator chip. They have an operating temperature of -40°C to 85°C and can be used in locations subject to excessive noise.
Hamamatsu, Bridgewater, NJ

Linear stage

Th 131142
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The ATS1000 linear ball-screw stage for laser machining applications has a small cross section and medium payload capacity. It includes a brushless, slotless servomotor and works with the company's drives and controls. Mounting holes have stainless steel helicoil inserts to protect them against thread wear and full bellows or hardcover waycovers to protect against debris.
Aerotech, Pittsburgh, PA

Laser-beam shutters

New laser-beam shutters are designed to operate in conjunction with the ICS-1 laser interlock control system. The LS line of beam shutters act as a combined shutter and beam dump. The shutters do not reflect the beam, for added safely and to eliminate the need for a separate beam dump.
Lasermet, Dorset, England

Diffuse reflecting material

Th 131144
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Diffuse reflecting material for the 250- to 2500-nm wavelength range is available for optical and lighting applications. Typical applications include use in reflection standards, Lambertion reflectors, integrating spheres, projection walls, background lighting of displays, laser cavities, coatings, and measuring systems.
IGS-Rainer Mitsching, Mering, Germany

Pedestal post system

Th 131145
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A new flexible, stable pedestal post system is designed for optical mounting at low beam heights for precision optomechanical applications. The posts can be used alone or with an extension post or a spacer to create a post of any height to 0.125 in. The system uses slotted clamping forks so that pedestals can be secured anywhere on an optical table. Precision ground 1-in.-diameter stainless-steel posts maintain long-term optical-system alignment and are available in 0.5-, 1-, 2-, 3- and 4-in. heights.
Newport, Irvine, CA

Optical fuse line

A new optical fuse line is placed on any optically amplified fiberoptic system to protect expensive equipment and the fiber cable itself from damaging power spikes and surges. Its passive operation causes an immediate drop in signal level when the transmitted optical power exceeds the fuse's pre-set power rating.
Molex, Lisle, IL

Double-clad fiber

Large-mode-area (LMA), Yb-doped, double-clad fibers for high-power fiber lasers and amplifiers are designed for military, industrial, and medical applications. The fiber features a 20/400-core/cladding size delivered with a low NA (0.06) core. This allows a typical mode-field area several times larger than standard double-clad fibers to provide higher output.
Nufern, East Granby, CT

Aspherical lens products

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New aspherical lens products are designed for light collimation and focusing between laser diode and single-mode fiber, such as in high-speed laser transmitters and high-power pumping lasers. The lenses have an ..antireflective coating in the C-, L- or S-bands or in a combination of multibands. Numerical apertures are from 0.5 to 0.7 with diameters from 1.5 to 2.5 mm. The working distance of the lens is from 0.8 to 0.9 mm.
Olympus, San Jose, CA

Pulse energy head

Th 131147
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The model PE50-DIF-U pyroelectric head is designed for UV lasers and features a high damage threshold and high repetition rate. The head measures pulse energy from 40 µJ to 10 J, up to 3000 Hz. Linearity is specified at 1% for more than 10% of full scale, while the maximum pulse width is 30 µs.
Calibration accuracy is ±3% at 308 nm. The maximum average power is 20 W with a maximum average power density of 25 W/cm2.
Ophir Optronics, Wilmington, MA

InGaAs photodiodes

Th 131148
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The FCI-H125/250G-InGaAs-70 series provides high bandwidth for Gigabit Ethernet, fiber channel, ATM, and SONET OC-48 applications. Responsivity is from 1100 to 1650 nm. The FCI-H155/622M-InGaAs-70 series of 70-µm InGaAs photodetectors are designed for ATM, SONET OC-3/OC-12, and SDH STM-1/STM-4 applications. They provide low-noise TIAs and an automatic gain-control function.
OSI Fibercomm, Hawthorne, CA

Assembly tool

Th 131149
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The FAST 35 Active Component Attach Tool can be configured to utilize laser welding, epoxy, or soldering methodologies to automate the active optical alignment, assembly, and fiber attach of active photonic components. The tool is built around the FAST 6 fiber-alignment engine, includes a laser, and utilizes an epoxy or solder attach process.
Palomar Technologies, Vista, CA

Portable industrial chiller

Th 131150
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DuraChill industrial capacity chillers ..are designed to provide cooling for laser applications including metal cutting. The air or water-cooled models provide more than 236,000 BTUs of heat removal for process temperatures from 32ºF to 86ºF. Temperature stability is ±2.0ºF.
PolyScience, Niles, IL

Motorized microscope stage

Th 131151
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The programmable H107 motorized stage is designed specifically for the Olympus I×81 inverted microscope. It provides resolutions down to 0.040 µm and repeatability to ±1.0 µm. The stage is suitable for specimen holders including slides, petri dishes, well plates, flasks, and haemocytometers.
Prior Scientific, Rockland, MA

High-speed camera

Th 131152
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The MotionXtra HG-100K camera features a 1.7 megapixel CMOS sensor capable of recording 1000 frames/s at full resolution and up to 100,000 frames/s at reduced resolutions. The camera utilizes a 1504 × 1128 sensor and a 5-µs shutter to eliminate motion blur. The system includes the camera, MotionCentral software, and an optional Hub Sync Unit.
Redlake, San Diego, CA

LED components

Th 131153
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LED components in TO-66 packages are available in more than 22 discrete wavelengths in the UV, violet, blue, green, yellow, red, NIR, and mid-IR spectrum from 350 to 1550 nm. The new high-power LED is also available as a white LED with a 5 × 12 matrix of 60 LED chips. Lifetime is more than 100,000 hours.
Roithner Lasertechnik, Vienna, Austria

Neutral-density filters

Th 131154
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A set of 12 neutral-density filters allows the user to obtain densities in the range of .001 to 2.5, or ..expressed in transmission 0.32% to 97.5%. The filters have a thin-film metal coating with density values from 0.01 to 2.0. Glass or quartz substrates are available from stock. Applications include microscopy, astronomy, and color imaging.
Rolyn Optics, Covina, CA

InGaAs Detector

Th 131155
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The Princeton Instruments OMA V:1024 detection system is based on a new linear photodiode array that provides improved resolution for multichannel, NIR spectroscopy. The InGaAs sensor utilizes a 1024 × 1 array with 25 × 500-µm pixels. The detector is optimized for QE to either 1700 or 2200 nm.
Roper Scientific, Tucson, AZ

UV camera

A 14-bit, back-illuminated CCD UV camera module with a 100% fill factor provides sensitivity in the 157 to 351 excimer regime. It is designed for applications such as the evaluation of optical coatings and developing subsystems for deep submicron IC inspection equipment. The device has a resolution of 1024 × 1024 pixels at frame rates greater than 100 frames/s.
Sarnoff, Princeton, NJ

Linear guides

Th 131156
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The Monorail Series BM Ball-Monorail and the Minirail Series miniature linear guideways are now available for two-day delivery and next-day delivery, respectively. The Minirail series of two-row, stainless-steel, mini-guideways utilize a ball-retainer design. The Monorail BM integrates a trapezoid-shaped rail cross section for higher rigidity and resistance to moment loads.
Schneeberger, Bedford, MA

Solid-state laser

Th 131157
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The V-Xtreme laser delivers pulse-repetition rates in the range of 200 to 400 kHz. Pulse-power variations are less than 4% peak-to-peak. The Q-switched laser provides an average power >8 W at 1064 nm and a typical pulse duration of about 120 ns at a 400-kHz pulse-repetition rate. Targeted applications include micromachining and surface structuring of metals, semiconductors, and plastics.
Spectra-Physics, Mountain View, CA

Mini-LED line light

Th 131158
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A compact, customizable, chip-on-board mini-LED line light is designed for barcode readers, OCR, linescan systems, and other applications with space constraints. The mechanical footprint is 10 × 57 mm with a recommended operating distance of 10 to 30 mm. Other wavelengths from near-UV to IR are available. OEM versions are also available.
StockerYale Canada, Quebec, Canada

Halogen-lamp holders

Th 131159
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A full line of halogen-lamp holders accommodates almost any lamp-positioning design and are offered with back, side, or bottom leads, and various wire gauges and insulations, and other connector types. They have spring-loaded contacts and are suited for lamps from 25 to 250 V with pin spacing from 1.3 to 9.5 mm.
Gilway Technical Lamp, Woburn, MA

Glass transfer tape

G-1015 Glass Transfer Tape is specifically designed for sealing and joining quartz parts. The material is a pure borosilicate glass type with a low thermal expansion value. When applied in a thin layer (0.001 to 0.002 in.) to quartz, the quartz parts can be joined without stress from thermal mismatch. The tape eliminates the need for direct fusing of quartz parts.
Vitta, Bethel, CT

CO2 laser optics

Th 131160
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A line of small CO2 optics is offered in 0.5- to 1.5-in. diameter sizes with coatings to match specific phase and polarization requirements. These zinc selenide optics feature less than 0.2% total absorption and are designed for use with 25- to 200-W lasers. The optics are available with focal lengths from 1 to 25 in. and are optimized for 10.6-µm radiation.
Laser Research Optics, Providence, RI


Th 131161
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The ROTOSPEC 1 spectrophotometer is designed for the characterization of special "effect" pigments, including pearlescent, multiplayer, and diffractive. Background fluorescence can be measured or excluded from measurements to determine true colors. It features monochromatic illumination and a goniometric sample mount surrounded by a revolving and detecting emission spectrometer.
McPherson, Chelmsford, MA

Smart cameras

The ZiCAM Zi-640 is a self-learning, machine-vision system embedded into a digital video camera. The integrated neural-network-based Zero Instruction Set Computer (ZISC) eliminates the need for programming to execute image-understanding algorithms. The real-time system is designed for inspection, recognition, presence/absence, and positioning applications.
PULNiX America, Sunnyvale, CA

Femtosecond laser

Th 131162
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The s-Pulse diode-pumped, femtosecond laser is doped with ytterbium to eliminate the need for a pump laser. It has a repetition rate of up to 20 kHz, is built on a compact mechanical base, and does not require external water cooling. It is designed for use in laser ablation, micromachining, and nonlinear optics applications.
Amplitude Systems, Talence, France


The Levante synchronously pumped OPO uses a modelocked Nd:VO4 laser as a pump source. It has available wavelength ranges of 1400- to 2100-nm signal and 2150 to 4400 nm with an output power of more than1 W at 75 MHz. The wavelength range can be further extended by intracavity frequency doubling of the signal wavelength. Bandwidth is less than 0.6 nm at 1600 nm, pulse length is less than 10 ps, and the typical time bandwidth product is 1.5 transform limited.
APE, Berlin, Germany


The APS 1010 polarimeter provides a web-based interface to allow users to access data. It has a wavelength range of 1300 to 1610 nm, power accuracy of 1%, dynamic range of 40 dB, relative SOP accuracy of ±2°, and a measurement rate of 40 Hz. It measures 224 × 283 × 44 mm and uses a fiber input connector.
Accilon Photonics, Hovas, Sweden

Coated ball lenses

Th 131163
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Uniball-C ball lenses range in size from 0.8 to 35 mm in a variety of materials, with a uniform antireflective coating. They have 20/10 surface quality and 3-µm spherical tolerances. ..Uses include fiberoptic couplers, optical- and data-collection devices, microscope objectives, endoscopes, and compression-molded preforms in microlens manufacturing.
Applied Image Group, Rochester, NY

Mode profiler

Th 131164
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The MPX-1 measures the mode power distribution of multimode optical fibers at 850 nm. It can also be used to calculate international standard parameters such as coupled power ration and encircled flux. Real-time visualization of the modal distribution allows users to study and optimize the effects of mode filters and fiber handling.
Arden Photonics, Solihull, England

CCD spectrometer

Th 131165
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The BTC111E USB2.0 CCD array spectrometer is a TE-cooled and temperature-regulated, 16-bit instrument. It includes a UV-enhanced CCD array of 2048 pixels with high detection sensitivity in the 200- to 1100-nm range. It can be configured ..for custom wavelength coverage from the UV to the NIR.
B&W Tek, Newark, DE

Micromachining station

The UMW-series micromachining workstations are based on ultrafast lasers, for laser ablation and machining inside transparent materials. The system can create features at micron and nanometer scale, even below the diffraction limit. It includes a machine-vision inspection system, computer control, and software using the industry standard G-Code format.
Clark-MXR, Dexter, MI

NIR camera

Th 131166
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An NIR camera operating in the 1460- to 1625-nm range uses a high-resolution CCD array treated with a phosphor coating. It measures 34 × 37 × 64.6 mm and has a high-speed electronic shutter for attenuation of high-level signals. Video output is available as an EIA signal format via a BNC connector on the rear panel.
Edmund Industrial Optics, Barrington, NJ

Polarization scrambler

Th 131167
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A handheld miniature polarization-scrambler card, PSM-001, is designed for hand-held and field instruments. It uses fiber squeezer technology to randomize polarization states, at a user-selectable rate from a few hertz to tens of kilohertz. It measures 3 × 4 × 0.8 in. and can be powered by batteries.
General Photonics, Chino, CA

Telescope pointing software

MaxPoint telescope pointing correction software models and corrects errors in a telescope mount to improve pointing accuracy. It is designed to operate between the telescope and the control software and can work with most Windows-based controllers. It is built on the open standards ASCOM platform.
Diffraction Limited, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Industrial-laser enclosure

Th 131168
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The OTE-3500 industrial laser enclosure is a two-compartment design. With easy access, the upper compartment contains an optical table for mounting the laser system. The lower compartment contains the motion tables and fixture for the laser ..process. Submicron motion tables are available for micromachining applications. Both compartments are separately sealed, avoiding cross-contamination. Any laser type and wavelength can be used.
Haas Laser Technologies, Flanders, NJ

Fiber Q-switch

A fiber-coupled acousto-optic Q-switch designed for use with 1-µm fiber lasers operates at wavelengths from 1000 to 1100 nm. Based on tellurium dioxide, it has an insertion loss less than 2 dB, polarization-dependant loss less than 0.5 dB, extinction ratio less than 50 dB, back reflection less than -50 dB, rise and fall times of 65 ns, and frequency of 80 MHz.
Gooch & Housego, Somerset, England


Th 131169
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With focal lengths of 750 mm, the 750S scanning spectrometer and 750I imaging spectrograph use an auto-calibrating precision-wavelength drive system and an auto-calibrating grating system. Motorized slits are continually adjustable from 0 to 2 mm in 2-µm steps. Kinematically mounted gratings measure 110 × 110 mm and are designed for easy interchange.
Jobin Yvon, Edison, NJ

Liquid-crystal lens

The LCVL1 liquid-crystal variable lens has no moving parts and provides a focal length that can be electronically controlled. It has a focal power of infinity to 50 cm, aperture of 5 mm, and typical switching speed of 1 s. Larger apertures can be provided. Applications include zooming, focusing, and laser beam control.
CRL Opto, Fife, Scotland

VUV beam delivery

Th 131170
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A vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) beam delivery system is designed for excimer lasers, particularly those operating in the 157- to 193-nm range. The inert-gas-purged system consists of multiple modules used to control the intensity, fluence, shape, and energy distribution of a laser beam. Seals and gaskets are shielded from UV laser light.
JPSA Laser, Hollis, NH

DFB fiber laser

Th 131171
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The BASIK diode-pumped, DFB fiber-laser module provides 100 to 200 mW of single longitudinal CW output and linewidth less than 1 kHz. The lasers can operate within either the 1030- to 1090-nm range or 1535- to 1570-nm ..range, and the wavelength can be set to 0.1-pm long-term accuracy or tuned at a rate of more than 20 kHz.
Koheras, Birkerod, Denmark

Excimer laser

Th 131172
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The 500-Hz OPTexPro excimer laser is designed for integration into medical systems for LASIK and PRK refractive eye surgery, and dermatology, as well as industrial applications. It is available at 157, 193, 248, 308, and 351 nm, and uses air cooling, a solid-state pulser, stable energy discharge preionization, and Windows-based software.
Lambda Physik, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Blue laser

A fiber laser that emits at 470 nm, the LU0470F010 module has output power up to 10 mW. The TE-cooled module measures 13 × 8 × 15 mm with less than 2 m of fiber and comes in a 14-pin butterfly package with a beam quality of less than 1.05 and power stability less than 2%.
Lumics, Berlin, Germany

Liquid-crystal attenuator

A liquid-crystal-based variable optical attenuator (VOA) offers continuous tuning with no moving parts. The VOA is programmable and controlled by DC voltage, has a pluggable driver board, and is GR-121 qualified. Also available in 4- or 8-channel versions, it can be used for equalizing power and dynamic gain, channel balancing, and gain-tilt adjustment in fiberoptic networks.
Lightwaves2020, Milpitas, CA

Nd:YAG mirrors

Th 131173
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The Laser Rmax mirrors for Nd:YAG lasers have a reflectivity of more than 99.8% at 1064 nm, with a drift of less than 1% on the 0.2% transmitted signal, allowing the signal to be used as a control signal in a laser system. The optical coating, applied by an ion-assisted vapor-deposition process, have damage thresholds 2 to 3 times that of conventional ion deposition.
Laser Components, Santa Rosa, CA

Miniature LEDs

Miniature SMD LEDs for automotive and industrial applications are available in typical wavelengths from 465 to 630 nm. The TLMx2100 MiniLED series provides 10 mA of illumination, and the TLMx2300 provides 20 mA. They are embedded in a white, 2.3 × 1.3 × 1.4-mm package with a 120° angle of intensity and a non-diffused lens.
Vishay Intertechnology, Malvern, PA

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