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Optical-spectrum analyzer

Th 124919
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A new module for the AP1040A optical analyzer allows optical-spectrum measurement between 1520 and 1630 nm with a dynamic range of more than 60 dB, resolution better than 0.2 pm, and a wavelength accuracy of ±3 pm. Using the new module, the system can characterize tunable laser or transmitter spectral features, including linewidth, laser spectral symmetry, modulation spectrum, ultra-DWDM channel behavior and others.
Apex Technologies, Creteil, France

Nd:YAG laser

Th 124920
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The Aion Industrial-Y is an Nd:YAG-based laser with a pulse width of approximately 20 ns and an energy/pulse of up to 2 mJ. Two models are available with either 1064- or 532-nm wavelengths. The modular DPSS lasers offer M2 less than 1.3 and pulse-to-pulse stability better than 1.5% at 30 kHz. With power ratings up to 6 or 12 W, depending on model, the laser is suited for cutting applications and deep-penetration welding.
Bavarian Photonics, Munich, Germany

Integrating spheres

Th 124921
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New UP-75-F-Au and UP-100-F-Au integrating spheres with electrochemically gold plated surfaces are designed with multiple ports and plugs to allow flexible setups for different applications. The sphere surface offers a diffuse reflectance of about 95% from about 850 to 20 µm. The spheres are designed to form the basis of many IR measurement devices.
Gigahertz-Optik, Newburyport, MA


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Very small TECs measure 1/8 the size of conventional TECs and offer equivalent cooling performance. A 12-TEC standard configuration, measuring 3 × 4.5 × 0.75 mm, provides more than 0.5-W heat absorption with a temperature difference of 45ºC in a vacuum. Applications include use in LD coolants for fiberoptic communications, temperature adjustment of optical pickups, and for coolants in CCD sensors.
Seiko Instruments, Chiba, Japan

Die-bonding machine

Th 124923
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The new Model 410XP die bonder delivers 750× magnification and ±1- to 2-µm finished bond precision. The system is designed for bonding optoelectronic devices. The machine features a cube beamsplitter viewing system with fiberoptic illuminators, video image marker, servo motor-driven z motion, a wide range of closed loop bond loads, spot heating, and closed-loop temperature control.
Semiconductor Equipment, Moorpark, CA

All-optical broadcast switch

Th 124924
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A new all-optical, optomechanical 8 × 8 optical broadcast switch is designed for applications that require information from a source to be distributed to multiple destinations, such as storage-area networks, video on demand, and distributed data processing. The switch can be configured as a broadcast switch, a crossconnect, or a protection switch.
Advanced Optical MEMs, Irvine, CA

Broadband reflective coating

Th 124925
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The 3000-SI is a UV-VIS enhanced Al+SiO2 optical coating designed for OEM applications including N2 laser use. Optimized for maximum UV reflectance with >89% reflectance from 250 to 300 nm and broadband reflectance from 200 to 700 nm, the coating can survive mil-spec adhesion and temperature/humidity cycling.
Acton Research, Acton, MA

Fiberoptic illuminator

Th 124926
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The new Model 21 DC Fiberoptic Illuminator has been specifically designed as a cost-effective DC regulated light source for use in machine-vision applications. The 150-W, CE-marked halogen illuminator provides regulated light output that is stable to ±1% for any application when coupled to a standard fiberoptic component.
StockerYale, Salem, NH

Optical-spectrum analyzer

A new optical-spectrum analyzer is a portable, hot-swappable module for Agilent's Modular Network Tester (MNT). It offers a full range of diagnostic tests for characterization of the C-, L- and S-bands, including WDM analysis, data acquisition, and documentation. The module has built-in RISC processing for trace acquisition and data processing.
Agilent Technologies, Campbell, CA

Precision gantry

Th 124927
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The Ultra Precision Gantry has a magnetically preloaded x-y air-bearing system with more than 1 m of travel on each axis. It has a large granite base and rigid steel risers to provide a stable platform. The moving x-axis crossbeam has dynamic yaw control to enable the moving carriage to have continuous optical alignment with the workpiece on the reference surface. The gantry uses patented zero-cogging brushless linear servo motors.
Anorad, Shirley, NY

C-mount lenses

The DVL3 Series C-mount lenses are equipped with a firm locking mechanism to ensure durability against vibrations on the machines. Designed for machine-vision applications, the lenses are available in focal lengths of 16 mm f1.4, 25 mm f1.4, 35 mm f2.0, and 50 mm f2.8. Single locking screw or triple locking screw designs are available to meet customer specifications.
Audio Visual Supply, San Diego, CA

Diode-laser module

The Fiberdrive 405 high-power, single-mode fiber-pigtailed 405-nm laser modules provide from 5 to 15 mW of 405-nm laser energy. The module is based on FiberMax, a proprietary fiber-coupling laser-packaging technology that provides maximum output and inherent laser thermal stability, eliminating the need to overdrive the diode to meet demanding applications.
Blue Sky Research, Milpitas, CA


Collimators and focusing beam-shaping devices have focal lengths from 18 to 76 mm and are available with SMA, ST or FC connectors. Glass lenses (BK-7) are designed for applications from 350 to 2000 nm. UV-grade fused-silica lenses provide radiation resistance and UV transmission down to 190 nm.
CeramOptec Industries, East Longmeadow, MA

CO2 laser

Th 124928
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The GEM Select 100 is a 100-W, 10.6-µm, RF-excited, waveguide CO2 laser designed specifically for scientific applications such as all-optical atom trapping. When coupled with the recommended power supply, the laser supports atom-trapping lifetimes longer than 10,000 seconds.
Coherent, Santa Clara, CA

CMOS camera system

The 1200 hs is a new high-speed, 10-bit CMOS camera system. It utilizes a unique on-board image memory in the camera head (up to 2 Gbytes) to provide ultrafast image recording at 1 Gbytes/s. A double-shot sequence provides the capture of two full-resolution frames with 100-ns interframe time. Applications include PIV and imaging of high-speed phenomena.
Cooke, Auburn Hills, MI

PbS-array spectrometer

Th 124929
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The BTC500 is a new PbS-array spectrometer designed for applications in long-wave NIR for wavelengths of 1000 to 2900 nm. The spectrometer integrates a 256-element PbS array in a compact, fiber-coupled spectrograph design. The device includes a USB 2.0-compatible interface, built-in 14-bit digitizer, and a Windows-based operating system.
B&W Tek, Newark, DE

Machine-vision software

Th 124930
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The DT Vision Foundry 3.5 machine-vision software includes a 2-D data-matrix tool to analyze 2-D barcodes in 360º rotation, even if the images are distorted, blurred, or water damaged, at speeds between 2 and 9 ms. Built-in applications can now network with other DCOM-based applications using DTiX information exchange.
Data Translation, Marlboro, MA

Pyroelectric crystals

Pyroelectric crystals, including LiNbO3, LiTaO3, TGS, and other crystals are now available. LiTaO3, in single-crystal form, has a pyroelectric coefficient of about 230 µmC/m2K and is applied in pyroelectric point detectors. Pyroelectric IR sensors using LiTaO3 wafers with a typical diameter of 10 to 15 mm and thickness from 0.05 to 0.15 mm are also available.
Del Mar Ventures, San Diego, CA

Ultrafast pulse shaper

Th 124931
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The Dazzler Ultrafast Pulse Shaper is a turnkey system that allows simultaneous and independent programming of both spectral phase and amplitude of ultrafast laser pulses with diffraction efficiencies greater than 50%. Dazzler systems include an acousto-optic module, RF generator, and a control laptop computer with software. Versions are available from the VIS to mid-IR.
Fastlite, Palaiseau, France

Nonlinear fiber

Nonlinear fiber with a high nonlinear coefficient is manufactured using a proprietary process in an ISO-9001-certified production facility. The fiber is designed for use in fiberoptic sensor applications and telecommunications where nonlinearity is used for sensing the physical parameters or modifying the optical signal.
Fiberlogix, London, England

Thin-film-measurement system

A new NIR-based thin-film measurement system is designed for measuring AR coatings in the telecommunications industry. The system uses an InGaAs detector-based spectrometer to measure reflected or transmitted light in the NIR range (900 to 1700 nm). The system can determine thickness, refractive index, optical constants, reflectance, transmission, and deposition rate with automated mapping.
Filmetrics, San Diego, CA

Green-laser system

Th 124932
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The redesigned Diablo laser product line includes two models with 500- and 1000-mW single-frequency output at 532 nm. The green laser radiation is in the iodine absorption band and allows for stabilization to an absolute frequency reference. Applications include interometry, holography, and global Doppler velocimetry.
InnoLight, Hannover, Germany

Optical-fiber fusion splitter

The S199 Series are new multi-use, FITEL-brand, compact optical-fiber fusion splicers. Models include the single-core S199S, four-core tape-core S199M4, eight-core tape-core S199M8, and the 12-core tape-core S199M12. Features include a standard 25-s splicing time, clear monitor image definition, self-diagnosis function, and 250-splicing data memory.
Furukawa Electric, Tokyo, Japan

Machine-vision software

Th 124933
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Sherlock Essential general-purpose machine-vision software is a lower cost, base version of ipd's Sherlock software. The software features image capture, archiving, and playback from one camera, as well as the ability to define, process, and inspect regions of interest. It offers edge analysis capabilities, blob analysis, calibration, illumination control, and contrast detection.
ipd, Billerica, MA

AO frequency shifter

A new compact fiber-coupled all-optical frequency shifter is designed for use in interferometric fiber-sensor systems such as Mach-Zehnder and laser-Doppler configurations. This polarization insensitive device is available in frequencies from 35 to 45 MHz and either up-shift or down-shift.
Gooch & Housego, Somerset, England

CMOS image sensors

The MI-1300 is a new 1.3 megapixel, low-power CMOS progressive-scan active-pixel image sensor designed for digital still cameras, digital video cameras, and PC cameras. It utilizes an advanced DRAM CMOS process technology and sensor design to provide CCD-level image quality.
Micron Technology, Boise, ID

LiNbO3 drivers

A new family of 10-Gbit/s lithium niobate (LiNbO3) drivers can provide up to 7.5-V peak-to-peak amplitude from input voltages as low as 200-mV peak-to-peak. The economical drivers utilize plastic packaging for lower manufacturing costs. The x-cut modulators utilize a low-voltage 5-V supply and are designed for use in metro and long-haul transponders.
iTerra Communications, Fremont, CA

DPSS lasers

Th 124934
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A number of engineering enhancements have been added to the Gator Series diode-pumped solid-state lasers. The design improvements incorporate new features including variable repetition rate (5 to 15 kHz), external trigger capabilities, variable output power, parallel interface, and an option to switch wavelengths.
Lambda Physik, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Fiberoptic depolarizer

The PolaZero is a depolarizer for lasers that can be customer-specified with long coherence lengths up to kilometers. The patent-pending device measures 85 × 60 × 10 mm and the standard device is suited for lasers with a coherence length of up to 10 m. It is designed for eliminating polarization sensitivities in fiber sensors, instruments, and Raman amplifiers.
General Photonics, Chino, CA

On-site fiberoptic inspection system

The video PalmScope with a video microscope enables on-site inspection of fiberoptic connectors. The system features flexible image capture, video recording, and storage capabilities of up to 1 Gbyte on a removable CompactFlash card. Incorporating a 16-cm TFT LCD screen, the system can display and freeze 512 × 768 resolution, full-frame-resolution jpeg images on screen.
Moritex Europe, Cambridge, England

Multimode fiber coupler

Th 124935
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A new multimode fiber coupler is designed for fibers with NA of 0.22 and SMA 905 plug-in connectors with a coupling efficiency of 90%. Versions are available for 200-, 400- and 600-µm fibers as well as models for the transmission from smaller to larger core diameters. The standard version includes input power up to 15-W CW and 35-W pulsed.
LIMO, Dortmund, Germany

Diode lasers

Th 124936
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A broad range of high-power diode lasers based on GaAs (780 to 1000 nm) and InP (1300 to 1700 nm) has been introduced for industrial, medical, and defense applications. Several packages are available, including high-power, water-cooled stacks, and conductively cooled, fiber-bundle modules.
nLight Photonics, Vancouver, WA

Vision illuminator

IllumiCam uses patented and patent-pending holographic/diffractive hybrid optical technology to provide illumination uniformity control and computer control over selective multiple-wavelength LEDs, diode lasers, and standard light sources. The illuminator allows both simultaneous illumination of the workpiece being aligned as well as illumination for photo cure bonding within the same operation.
NanoVia, Londonderry, NH

Optical-design software

Th 124937
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Newly released LightTools 4.0 is illumination design-and-analysis software for the Windows/PC platform. A new user interface includes more streamlined information presentation and facilitates the construction and analysis of complex illumination systems. Other new features include improved simulation convergence and CATIA data exchange as well as an extensive library of materials, light sources, surface finishes, coatings and filters.
Optical Research Associates, Pasadena, CA

Superluminescent LEDs

New miniature DIL packaged, high-power, broad-bandwidth superluminescent LEDs (SLEDs) are designed for low-cost test and measurement, sensor, and OCM applications. The devices are available at all wavelengths around 1310, 1400, 1480, 1550, and 1620 nm, as well as at power and bandwidth levels of up to 25 mW ex fiber and up to 200 nm at FWHM.
Opto Speed, Rüschlikon, Switzerland

Reference flats

Reference flats manufactured from glass, zerodur, and silica are designed for applications including astronomy, laser-beam steering, and optical-flatness testing. The flats have a surface accuracy of 1/30 l p-v. and a surface roughness of 10 Å rms on individual reference flats up to 600-mm diameter.
Optical Surfaces, Surrey, England

Atomic-force-microscope tips

Specialty and replacement probes are available for atomic-force microscopes (AFM) manufactured by Digital Instruments, Veeco, TopoMetrix, Park Scientific, and ThermoMicroscopes. Standard AFM probe types include PNI premounted probes, contact probes, noncontact, and tapping probes. Specialty probes include silicon scanning-probe-microscope sensors for lateral force, force modulation, electrostatic force, and magnetic force.
Pacific Nanotechnology, Santa Clara, CA

DPSS lasers

Th 124938
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The DS Series of UV (351/355 nm) DPSS, Q-switched lasers deliver beam-mode quality with M2 < 1.1 and up to 20-W TEM00 profile. A choice of Nd:YLF, Nd:YAG, and Nd:YVO4 platforms is available. Typical output performance includes pulse-to-pulse instability of less than 1% rms.
Photonics Industries International, Bohemia, NY

Diode-pumped femtosecond laser

The T-Pulse is a diode-pumped femtosecond (fs) laser source. It provides an output of more than 1-W average power at 1030 nm, with <200-fs pulses oscillating at a pulse repetition frequency of 50 MHz. The spectral linewidth is <8-nm FWHM with a per-pulse energy of 20 nJ. The laser head footprint measures 60 × 20 cm. The laser is optimized for fluorescence imaging applications.
Pro-Lite Technology, Milton Keyes, England

Optical fiber

FreeLight EasySplice long-distance optical fiber has been designed to deliver consistent splice performance to ensure optimal signal integrity and reduce the need for amplifiers and repeaters to compensate for signal degradation. The new fiber reduces splice loss by 20% over the company's original FreeLight non-zero-dispersion G.655 terrestrial fiber.
Pirelli, Milan, Italy

10-Gbit/s modulator drivers

Th 124939
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The Model 9030 combines a 10-Gbit/s modulator driver and a bias controller into a single 8 × 25 × 77-mm-long package. The product is designed to snap together with a 77-mm-long x-cut or z-cut lithium niobate modulator to provide optical eye diagrams with typical extinction ratios of 14.5 dB.
Picosecond Pulse Labs, Boulder, CO

Nd:YAG lasers

A series of high-power, DPSS Nd:YAG lasers have average powers ranging from 35 to 420 W, beam quality value from low M2 to 30, and wavelengths from 1064 to 532 nm. The systems are designed for high-volume-production use of laser applications in aerospace, automotive, microelectronics, PCB production, and ablative lithography.
Powerlase Limited, West Sussex, England

Power supply

Th 124940
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The R65 power supply unit (PSU) provides 65-W single output in the ..industry standard 3 × 5-in. footprint. The PSU can operate at full loads to 60ºC, compared to 40ºC to 45ºC for others in its class. Five models are available with output ratings ranging from 5 to 48 V with continuous-power output of 65 W and currents from 1.35 to 12 A.
Radius Power, Orange, CA

Excimer-laser ablation system

The UP193HE excimer-laser ablation system is specifically designed for solid-sampling introduction to ICP, ICP-MS, noble-gas MS, and stable-isotope MS instruments of all makes and models. It has an energy density of >35 J/cm2 at the sample, a homogenized beam, and a 193-nm wavelength.
TuiLaser, Munich, Germany

Machine-vision camera

Th 124941
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The new IK-SX1 is an industrial camera utilizing a 2/3-in. progressive-scan CCD. Both a new CameraLink 8-bit digital-output version of the camera and an LVDS (RS-644) 8-bit digital-output version are being produced. The camera is designed for machine-vision applications such as barcode reading, on-line inspection, gauging, and character recognition at up to 15 f/s with 1392 × 1040 resolution.
Toshiba, Irvine, CA

3-D surface profiler

Th 124942
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The Talysurf CCI 3000 noncontact 3-D surface profiler provides 0.1-Å resolution over a 100-µm gauge range. The profiler has 0.03-Å RMS repeatability. It uses a patented algorithm to find the coherence peak position of an interference pattern produced by a selectable xbandwidth ..light source. All materials, including glass, liquid, inks, and metal, and all surfaces having reflectivity between 0.3% and 100% can be measured.
Taylor Hobson Precision, Rolling Meadows, IL

Lighting-simulation software

OptisWorks enables users to analyze the effect of light, including light levels, distribution, photometric performance, colorimetric analysis, and standard compliance directly within its SolidWorks parts and assemblies. The software is fully integrated with the SolidWorks CAD program and allows the user to quickly check potential configurations for design optimization.
SolidWorks, Concord, MA

Stable blue/violet laser-diode modules

Th 124943
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Thermoelectrically cooled blue/violet laser-diode modules offer better than 1% wavelength and power stability, greatly increased pointing accuracy, and longer laser-diode lifetime. The modules produce elliptical output ..beams and output powers of 1.5 mW at 375 nm, 4 and 25 mW at 405 nm, and 4 mW at 440 nm. The laser-diode temperature can be controlled to a set-point temperature between 15°C and 25°C (user adjustable) with a stability of ±0.05°C.
Photonic Products, Bishops Stortford, England


Th 124944
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The new ETA-CSS-NIR is a spectrometer for the 1250 to 2500-nm spectral range. Utilizing transmission gratings and a unique polychromator design, the spectrometer is suited for harsh industrial environments as well as for medical applications. The spectrometers are available in ..19-in. racks, plug-in units or as OEM modules.
Steag ETA-Optik, Heinsberg, Germany

Telecom-imaging camera

The SP-1550M telecom-imaging camera now incorporates a new phosphor with three times the response of the former material, making it more suitable for low-level telecom signals. The camera is used for analyzing NIR telecom devices in the 1460- to 1625-nm range.
Spiricon, Logan, UT

Automated fiber-alignment system

The waveguide devices auto-alignment workstation includes machine-vision tools, a six-axis motorized stage and power-measurement equipment. The entire alignment process can be finished in 10 minutes and includes part loading, rough alignment, fine alignment, metrology, bonding processes, and post-bond metrology. The auto-alignment software contains several patented auto-alignment algorithms.
Accelink Technology, Wuhan, China

High-speed spindle

Th 124945
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The ASR2000 high-speed spindle provides angular positioning and velocity control for applications including disk-drive testing, imaging, and wafer inspection. It includes a high-speed brushless servomotor, instrument-grade precision ABEC-7 angular-contact bearings, and can accelerate to 6000 rpm in less than 1 s. The spindle is balanced to ISO 1940 G1.0 tolerances.
Aerotech, Pittsburgh, PA

Linear CCD detectors/cameras

Th 124946
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A new series of linear CCD detectors and cameras includes internal USB interfaces. The industrial-grade CCDs can be used over the 360- to 1100-nm region. The scientific-grade CCDs can be used over the 200- to 1100-nm range and are optimized for spectroscopy. Upconversion coatings for the 1550-nm range are available, as well as 2048-element (29-mm length) and 3000-element (21-mm length) arrays.
Ames Photonics, Ames, IA

Bandgap fibers

Th 124947
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New air-guiding photonic-bandgap fibers are available in four versions guiding at 900, 1070, 1300, and 1550 nm. Light is guided in the hollow core as opposed to traditional fibers using the total internal reflection-guiding technique. The core diameter for these fibers spans from 9 to 15 µm; fibers up to 100 m are available. Applications include high-power delivery, short-pulse delivery, and particle guidance.
Crystal Fibre, Birkerød, Denmark

Electrochemical gas sensors

A new electrochemical sensor measures oxygen, carbon monoxide, and hydrogen sulfide. A dual sensor detects both carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulfide. The sensors are drop-in replacements for current 20- and 32-mm-diameter sensors and offer an alternative to pellistor and IR sensors.
e2v, Essex, England

UV optical components

Th 124948
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TechSpec UV fused-silica right-angle prisms are available in standard tolerance for UV imaging and high tolerance for beam steering and laser-based applications. TechSpec precision UV fused-silica optical windows have diameters ranging from 10 to 25 mm. The windows are offered either uncoated or with new VIS 0° AR coating. TechSpec UV fused-silica ND filters have optical densities from 0.3 to 3.0 and are spectrally flat from 200 to 700 nm.
Edmund Industrial Optics, Barrington, NJ

Picosecond laser

Th 124949
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A new diode-pumped picosecond Nd:YAG laser is designed for micromachining applications. It offers a compact, solid-state design and up to 100-µJ energy per pulse at 1064 nm. Wavelength outputs at 532, 355, or 266 nm are available using optional-harmonics units. Pulse energy of up to 2.5 mJ is possible using an optional regenerative amplifier.
Eksma, Vilnius, Lithuania

Broadband light sources

The FLS-2200 broadband light-source series is a suite of superluminescent, light-emitting diode (SLED) benchtop units designed to characterize SWDM networks, passive optical networks and optical components. They generate power density greater than -30 dBm/nm. The basic source includes an SLED with a conventional wavelength range centered around 980, 1310, 1480, 1550, or 1620 nm. A second type has two SLEDs covering the 1460- to 1625-nm range for CWDM or dual window (1310/1550 nm) applications.
EXFO, Quebec City, Canada

Image intensifiers

Th 124950
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The V7090 series of photocathode proximity-focused image intensifiers is designed for low-light-level imaging, multichannel detector applications, and for integration into shutter cameras. The model V7090-60 GaAs photocathode has a spectral range of 520 to 920 nm and peak sensitivity of 161 mA/W at 830 nm. The model V7090-61 blue-enhanced GaAs photocathode has a spectral range of 370 to 920 nm with peak sensitivity of 152 mA/W.
Hamamatsu, Bridgewater, NJ

Optical correlator

Th 124951
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The OC-VGA12000 optical correlator provides processing capability of 120 f/s. It can process live or still images of 640 × 480 pixels showing 256 gray scale. The device is designed for real-time machine-vision applications. The correlator comes with a Windows-based compatible interface to perform operations such as image and filter display, hardware control, and filter generation.
INO, Quebec City, Canada

EDFA pump laser

Th 124952
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The IPO980-120md is a 980-nm laser-pump source contained in an 8-pin, mini-DIL package to meet new industry standards. The monolithic chip inside the laser includes proprietary nonabsorbing mirrors that act as spatial-mode filters to stabilize single-mode output and epitaxial structures to deliver output power of up to 120 mW for uncooled laser pumps.
Intense Photonics, High Blantyre, Scotland

Tunable optical filters

A new series of tunable optical band-pass filter products for 50- or 100-GHz channel spacing across the C- or L-bands has been introduced. The filter design is based on a miniaturized free-space optical monochromator, enabling high adjacent-channel isolation, low insertion loss, low PDL, and low dispersion. The devices include intelligent adaptive tracking technology, which utilizes servo control to track the filter center frequency to match incoming signal frequency.
iolon, San Jose, CA

Galvano scanner

The dynAXIS M is a high-performance closed-loop galvanometer scanner that operates in the 12- to 16-mm aperture range. The scanner features an innovative position-detector system and novel rotor design that provides maximum stiffness and rigidity. To optimize drift behavior, precision, and stability, it is equipped with a temperature-feedback line and a scanner heater for temperature regulation and stabilization.
Scanlab, Puchheim, Germany

Laser-diode test system

Th 124954
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The System 25 customizable test-system kits are used for light-current-voltage (LIV) characterization of laser diodes and assembled laser-diode modules (LDMs). The system provides up to 5-A laser drive current, precision voltage measurements, two channels of photodetection, selectable photodiode detector types, optional laser mount, and up to two temperature controllers in an easy-to-assemble kit.
Keithley Instruments, Cleveland, OH

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