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June 1, 2003
Multispectral camera; Scan head; CW diode lasers; MORE...

Multispectral camera

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The MS3100 three-CCD camera acquires three channels of 1392 × 1040 (4.3 million) pixel images. It operates at frame rates up to 7.5 f/s and is available in two spectral configurations—RGB for color imaging and color-infrared, approximating Landsat bands, for multispectral applications. A common aperture and accurate alignment provide color fidelity and optimum image quality. The camera has smart features, multispectral configuration options, and analog preview.
Redlake, San Diego, CA

Scan head

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The intelliSCAN 10 is a scan head with the galvanometers driven by digital servo amplifiers instead of analog electronics. It allows real-time monitoring of all important galvo status parameters, such as position, speed, and amplifier current. The device allows remote diagnosis by providing other parameters, such as manufacturing date.
Scanlab, Puchheim, Germany

CW diode lasers

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The diode lasers in the F2 series are two-pin, fiber-coupled, single-stripe CW devices with center wavelengths from 790 to 980 nm. Output power ranges from 625 mW to 2.4 W, delivered through a 1-m-long multimode fiber terminated with an SMA connector. They operate at less than 2 V and have a typical numerical aperture of 0.14 (90% of encircled energy). The lasers are MBE-grown and have an aluminum-free active area design to reduce dark-line and spot defects.
Coherent, Santa Clara, CA

850-nm VCSELs

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The ZL6001/2 series includes 850-nm oxide-confined VCSELs that integrate a patent-pending optical system that minimizes variations in the optical far field when current and temperature change. The devices operate at up to 3.1 Gbit/s and are designed for equipment operating at 740 to 920 nm. The system produces a stable output beam that closely matches the circular shape of the fiber core, eliminating the need for customized connectors with lenses.
Zarlink, Jarfalla, Sweden

Avalanche photodiodes

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The S8890 series of silicon avalanche photodiodes cover the 400- to 1100-nm spectral response range, with a peak sensitivity of 67 A/W at 940 nm. ..Depending on the device, dark current ranges from typically 0.2 to 15.0 nA. They have a terminal capacitance range of 0.2 to 8.0 pF, and all have 100-nm gain at 800 nm. Effective active areas are 0.03, 0.19, 0.78, 1.77, or 7.0 mm2. Most come in a TO-5 package, although one comes in a TO-8.
Hamamatsu, Bridgewater, NJ

Fiberoptic probe

Versaprobe is a fiberoptic probe that uses a disposable sleeve to eliminate the need for cleaning between measurements. Replacing tips also eliminates the possibility of any carryover. The disposable quartz top can be used in almost any solution, allows measurement down to the UV range, and features cuvette-like pathlength accuracy.
C Technologies, Cedar Knolls, NJ

Lens-testing system

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OpticStudio is a testing system that qualifies the performance of a variety of optical lenses, from molded plastic to diffraction limited objectives. It ..includes a collimator section to create a diffraction-limited wavefront, a high-intensity light source, interchangeable narrow-band filters, and various test reticles. The lens to be tested is held in a universal three-jaw chuck, mounted on a nodal slide for off-axis measurements. The microscope include a video camera with a Sony CCD sensor.
Wells Research and Development, Lincoln, MA

Fiber-alignment system

The AlFiber3000 fiberoptics-alignment system is configurable for fiber-to-device, multifiber-to-device, and multifiber-to-device-to-multifiber alignment. It includes imaging, motion control, and data acquisition and offers a scan rate of 300 points/s. It supports automated loading and unloading of components. Glue dispensing, UV curing, and laser welding are available options.
Alfautomazione, Lissone, Italy

Tunable diodes

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The NX8570 and NX8571 series of NEC wavelength-tunable DFB laser-diode modules are designed to serve as CW light sources in fiberoptic ..transmission systems that use external modulators. They feature integrated Etalon filters and wavelength modulators. They are tunable over eight channels with 50-GHz spacing or four channels with 100-GHz spacing, with output of 10 or 20 mW.
California Eastern Laboratories, Santa Clara, CA


iLabel is a machine-vision system that checks placement and quality of labels on packaged goods. It can inspect 300 labels/min. in sizes from 2.5 to 25 cm, and keeps a history of good and bad label images. It takes inspection statistics and can report them via Ethernet of RS-232.
ipd, Billerica, MA

Fiber test boxes

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Test fiber boxes in a rack-mount ..implementation can be used for network simulation, equipment testing and calibration, measurement enhancements for OTDRs, and other laboratory applications. Single-mode and multimode fiber (50 and 62.5 µm) are available in multiple lengths up to 49 km with various connector styles. Customization of test boxes and racks is available.
Delaire USA, Manasquan, NJ

Beam profiler

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The NanoScan beam profiler provides submicron accuracy for beam width and pointing measurements. Integrated software provides analysis of single and multiple beams and controls scan speed. Silicon, germanium, and pyroelectric detectors are available, with power meters standard on most. It has a dynamic range of about 35-dB optical and 70-dB electronic.
Photon, San Jose, CA

Fiber fusion splicer

The S121A optical-fiber fusion splicer is a palm-top device that weighs 980 g and comes with a camera-type case and shoulder strap. It performs splices at the press of a button in 13 s. It can operate on battery power or main current. A CCD camera and 2.5-in. color monitor provide an enlarged image of the fiber being spliced.
Furukawa Electric, Tokyo, Japan

Delayering and planarization system

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The CDP automatic is a chemical delayering and planarization system with automated controls for dedicated ..CMP applications. Programmable process options ensure end-result repeatability, making the CDP automatic ideal for planarizing semiconductor and optoelectronic wafers up to a diameter of 8 in. or delayering MEMS devices/ICs for fault analysis/reverse engineering.
Logitech, Glasgow, Scotland

Erbium fiber laser

A new commercial, tunable 80-W erbium fiber laser provides single-mode output in the "eye-safe" region of 1550 to 1567 nm. The unit includes a power supply, comes in a rack-mount package and requires no separate cooling. Output is via a fiber delivery fitted with a 5.0-mm collimator providing single-mode, M2 <1.05, beam. The output radiation is randomly polarized with a nominal line width of 1.5 nm and long-term power stability >2% rms.
IPG Photonics, Oxford, MA

Fiber-laser system

A frequency-locked narrow-linewidth DFB fiber-laser system is available for operation within the 1.02- to 1.20-µm and 1.52- to 1.61-µm wavelength bands. The system provides up to 1-W fiber-laser output, has a spectral width down to 1 kHz or below, and a frequency stability of 1 MHz/1000 s. The laser is available in OEM or turnkey versions with integrated control electronics and 110/220-V power supply.
Koheras, Birkerød. Denmark

Integrating spheres

Integrating spheres by Gamma Scientific are now available from Light Tec. Five standard models are available from 1 to 12 in. with two-, three-, or four-port configuration. Standard configurations are available for most measurements conforming to CIE or ASTM standards. Pressed polytetrafluorethylene and barium sulfate coatings are available.
Light Tec, Hyeres, France

CWDM module

A coarse wavelength-division multiplexer module has insertion loss of less than 1.5 dB (typically 1.2 dB). It has a passband of 13 nm and channel spacing of 20 nm and is designed for lasers that are not temperature controlled. The hermetically sealed module measures 80 × 56 × 10 mm.
Lightwaves2020, Milpitas, CA

Excimer lasers

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Compact Novatex excimer lasers are designed for lithography applications such as photomask writing, ..inspection, and metrology. It has a repetition rate of 1 kHz with stabilized output energy of 16 mJ at 248 nm for the KrF version and 6 mJ at 193 nm for the ArF version. The laser head is housed in a cleanroom-compatible stainless-steel cabinet.
Lambda Physik USA, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Switching controller

The LTC3731 is a three-phase synchronous step-down switching controller with integrated MOSFET drivers that is expandable to 12 phases. Housed in a 5.3-mm-wide, 36-lead SSOP and a 5 × 5-mm leadless QFN, the single IC delivers up to 60 A for distributed power. It is designed for systems that require DC/DC conversion from a 4.5- to 32-V input source to output ranging from 0.6 to 6 V.
Linear Technology, Milpitas, CA

Spectral processor

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The Lambda Commander OSP 9500 programmable spectral processor ..includes an ASE broadband light source for researchers working in the C- and L-bands of telecom. One version covers 1520 to 1560 nm and the other 1520 to 1620 nm. It uses DLP technology from Texas Instruments.
Newport, Irvine, CA

Pump-laser chip

The LU800S060 pump-laser chip series with 808-nm wavelength is designed for solid-state laser applications. The new broad-area laser diode provides up to 6-W output power and is based on a proprietary telecom-grade chip-manufacturing process. The chip has an operating current of up to 6 A at 1.8-V typical voltage. It is mounted on a 2 × 2.9 × 0.5-mm diamond-copper submount or optional B-block mount.
Lumics, Berlin, Germany

Positioning system

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The APT (advanced positioning technology) six-axis stage uses a patent-pending mechanism for multi-axis ..positioning. Guided alignment linkage pin (GALPpin) technology combines the resolution and friction-free performance of flextures with the increased travel (12 mm) and compact construction found in bearing rails. The stage uses modular, interchangeable manual differentials or stepper-motor actuators on all axes.
Melles Griot, Cambridgeshire, England

Closed-drift ion-beam system

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The Diamondex closed-drift (CD) source features a gridless design that allows a high ion flux. It integrates an on-axis, hollow cathode-electron source (HCES), eliminating filaments that burn out or ..contaminate substrates. The source is intended for substrate cleaning, etching, or film deposition in optical, data storage, semiconductor, and tribiological applications.
Morgan Advanced Ceramics, Peachtree City, GA

Machine-vision lens

The Machine Micro Lens is a low-mass lens available in a wide selection of working distance and magnification combinations for applications that include recognition of chip mounter parts, 2-D codes, and integrated circuit patterns; component placement and automated alignment and inspection; and other machine vision applications.
Moritex Europe, Cambridge, England

Laser-transmission cables

Standard high-power laser-transmission cables are available with either an HP-SMA-905 or HP-635 connector. ..The unique HP-SMA905 connector holds the fiber tip cantilevered within an SMA905 connector ferrule, which is bored out to remove epoxy from the fiber perimeter, and reduces fiber breakdown. The HP-635 uses a 0.250-in.-O.D. × 1-in.-long stainless-steel ferrule that can be held in standard optical positioners.
Multimode Fiber Optics, East Hanover, NJ

ASE module

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The ASE SMP-4010 is a compact amplified spontaneous emission (ASE) module designed for sensing and spectroscopic applications, and as a light source for fiberoptic gyros. It can also be used for passive optical-communications testing, with broadband output across the C-band (1525 to 1565 nm). The module is offered in 7-, 10-, or 13-dBm versions with power stability of ±0.01 dB for all versions.
NP Photonics, Tucson, AZ

Green DPSS laser

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The TEGU is a compact DPSS laser that provides up to 1-W CW at 532 nm. The turnkey system features a linewidth of 10 pm, air cooling, and an M2 >1.2. The laser is designed for OEM integration and scientific applications, including light-scattering and spectroscopy.
New Laser Generation, Teltow, Germany

Blue-diode modules

The PPM25 blue-diode-laser module from Power Technology has an output power of 25 mW after optics and a center wavelength of 405 nm and is designed for OEM applications. It has a temperature coefficient of 0.06 nm/°C and includes TE cooling to keep the diode operating at 20∞C, for longer life and wavelength stability.
Photonic Solutions, Edinburgh, Scotland

InGaAs quadrant detectors

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Two large-active-area InGaAs quadrant detectors are available in 1- and 3-mm active-area diameters. The FCI-InGaAs-QXXX photodiodes have four separate active areas. They are suited for position sensing and beam alignment/profiling. Responsivity is from 1100 to 1620 nm. Applications include nulling and centering applications.
OSI Fibercomm, Hawthorne, CA

Imaging microscope

A microscopic-image-analysis system consists of a microscope, ring light, camera, frame-grabber card, computer, and image-analysis software. The new-generation microscope has a 45° inclined head with 360° rotation. The eyepiece is WF 10×, zoom objective is 5× to 30× and the working distance is 8 mm. The microscope is suited for industrial and medical applications.
Process Dynamics, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Linear actuators

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A series of motorized linear actuators, the M-230, M-232, and M-235, features low-friction ball screws and ..high-resolution encoders with line drivers or stepper motors. The fastest model achieves 50 mm/s while providing submicron resolution. Other models provide design resolution of 5 to 100 nm and pushing forces to 30 lbs.
Poytec PI, Auburn, MA

IR cameras

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The SpIRit 160 and 320 infrared cameras have thermal imaging sensitivity of 0.08°C at 25°C. They provide wireless transmission of images and data, ..GPS image locations, and the ability to store from 7000 to 65,000 images or six hours of video. Applications include predictive maintenance, surveillance, search and rescue, defense, industrial processing, and medical uses.
Sexton, Holland, MI

Laser tuner

Chromos TLS is a portable, programmable laser tuner for testing fiberoptic network equipment. It covers either the C- or the L-band, or both together, with no wavelength gap. Software allows users to dial up specific wavelengths at specific times in particular patterns to view changes in optical powers over time.
PerkinElmer, Wellesley, MA

External-cavity laser

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The Aztec external-cavity laser fine-tunes through 40 GHz in 20 µs. The ..coarse tuning range is 10 to 30 nm. Wavelengths from 630 to 2300 nm are available. The laser is designed for high-speed sensing and measurement applications.
Southwest Sciences, Santa Fe, NM

Machine-vision camera

The iMVS camera series offers a dynamic range of 120 dB, transfer rate of up to 10 Mpixel/s, and spectral area of 400 to 1000 nm. The microEnable III, a 64-bit/66-MHz PCI frame grabber, enables the parallel operation of two iMVS cameras with different parameters at a frame-grabber card. The system is designed for machine-vision applications.
Silicon Software, Mannheim, Germany

Free-space CO2 laser

The UL-60 is a 60-W RF-excited, free-space, air-cooled, CO2 laser. The unit includes a common mounting plate, built-in fans, RF supply, and optional built-in red-dot pointer and/or 90° output. The laser unit measures 29.25 × 5.38 × 6.35 in.
Universal Laser Systems, Scottsdale, AZ

Ultrafast green laser

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A modelocked, frequency-doubled, Nd:YVO4 laser, the Vanguard 2000-HM 532 produces 2 W of ultrafast output at 532 nm. It has a pulse duration of 12 ps and a repetition rate of 76 or 80 MHz and is aimed for synchronous pumping of dye lasers and research applications requiring visible picosecond pulses.
Spectra-Physics, Mountain View, CA

Atomic-force microscope

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The EnviroScope atomic-force-microscope system is designed for applications including advanced material science and polymer studies. The scanner head includes a piezoelectric tube scanner, a laser, and a quadrature optical detector. It has a sealed chamber, and can purge and exchange gas and liquids, and heat and cool samples.
Veeco, Santa Barbara, CA

UV laser-diode module

A high-power instrument-quality ultraviolet laser-diode module emits up to 10 mW at 375 ± 5 nm. The module contains a PID temperature controller and precision current source. The unit is available with a circularized beam or standard elliptical output and includes high-quality glass optics, an adjustable focus, and optional beam-expanding optics. It can operate in CW mode or with analog or TTL modulation.
Power Technology, Little Rock, AR

Receiver module

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The VSK10R05 10-Gbit/s receiver module is designed for applications using electronic dispersion compensation. It has optical sensitivity of 19 dBm, optical overload of ±2 dBm, and bandwidth of 10 GHz. It comes in an MSA-compliant 17-pin surface-mount, small-form-factor package. Power consumption is less than 250 mW.
VSK Photonics, Lake Forest, CA

Stable blue/violet laser-diode modules

Thermoelectrically cooled blue/violet laser-diode modules offer better than 1% wavelength and power stability, greatly increased pointing accuracy, and longer laser-diode lifetime. The modules produce elliptical output beams and output powers of 1.5 mW at 375 nm, 4 and 25 mW at 405 nm, and 4 mW at 440 nm. The laser-diode temperature can be controlled to a set-point temperature from +15°C to +25°C (user adjustable) with a stability of ±0.05°C.
Photonic Products, Bishops Stortford, England

PM fiber

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PMF-488-B1 and 633-B1 polarization-maintaining fibers have an operating wavelength of 488 and 633 nm with a beat length of <1.2 mm and <1.5 mm, respectively. They have a bow-tie stress structure for high birefringence. Uses include fiberoptic sensors and laser delivery in spectroscopy and other applications.
StockerYale, Salem, NH

IR-camera cores

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The SCC500 Series of IR camera cores is based on common electronics and mechanical interfaces to simplify design and integration for system-level OEMs. The SCC500L has a resolution of 160 × 120 and the SCC500H has a 320 × 240 resolution. Both have an architecture that combines custom, high-efficiency, IR-specific video processing hardware with an upgradeable, general-purpose control processor, running a commercial real-time operating system.
BAE Systems, Nashua, NH

Aspherical cylindrical lenses

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Aspherical cylindrical lenses are available for laser applications. The lenses can be produced from all-optical glasses as well as from quartz materials. Polished and ground on both sides, the lenses are available with antireflective coatings and other custom specifications.
B & M Optik, Limburg, Germany

Handheld spectroradiometer

The FieldSpec HandHeld Pro is a field-portable spectroradiometer that weighs 2.7 lb. The 512-channel, photodiode-array spectroradiometer covers the 325- to 1075-nm region and offers spectral resolution of 3.5 nm at 700 nm. Scanning three times as fast as previous models, the instrument utilizes RS3 operating software. Applications range from remote sensing, precision agriculture and forestry to industrial light measurement and mining.
Analytical Spectral Devices, Boulder, CO

Polarization measurement tool

A polarization measurement tool is designed for liquid-crystal technologies. The tool performs retardance and eigenmode measurements of liquid crystals and FOV enhancing films. It makes contrast ratio measurements of polarizing films in transmission and retro-reflection. The tool performs depolarization measurements of color filters as well as complete polarization analysis of beamsplitter and waveplates used in projection systems.
Axometrics, Huntsville, AL

Visible-laser source

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The Model 7401 visible-laser source has an output power of 1 W at 635 or 650 nm and 2 W at 670 or 690 nm from a 400-µm 0.22-NA fiber. The portable, self-contained system includes the driver, TE cooler, and microprocessor. The source is designed for use in research of light-activated materials.
High Power Devices, North Brunswick, NJ

Micromachining system

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The PPM-1600 is designed for large-area micropatterning of polymers. Designed for use in large-area microstructure-array manufacturing, the tool has flexibility in the type of shapes it can produce. The tool offers feature sizes down to a few microns and can accommodate sheet sizes up to 1.4 × 1.4 m.
Exitech, Oxford, England

Confocal imaging unit

The CellMap confocal imaging unit is designed for use by individual scientists. The CellMap IC integrates 488-and 532-nm lasers and is used for visualization of GFP/FITC/TRITC/Cy3 labeled proteins and structures. The CellMap ID, integrating 405- and 488-nm lasers, is suited for autofluorescence studies and for studying DAPI/CFP stained nuclei. The unit is initially available on the Nikon TE2000 and E600 microscopes.
Bio-Rad, London, England

488-nm laser

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The Starbright 488 laser is a compact 488-nm laser designed for ease of integration and for getting close to the sample. The unit includes a controller that can be delivered in a heatsinked aluminum box or as a single flat PCB to be heatsinked. The laser offers low heat dissipation, low power consumption, and no audible noise.
Torsana Laser, Skodsborg, Denmark

Vacuum pump

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The Model MZ 2 VARIO-SP is a compact, two-stage, oil-free mechanical pump. The pump provides variable speeds of 350 to 2200 rpm, 0.7 Torr, 42 L/min. and more than 20,000 hours typical diaphragm life. An electronically controlled 24-VDC motor has a choice of control signals, with no external controller needed. The pump is designed for use in excimer lasers, gas analyzers and for leak testing.
Vacuubrand, Cedar Grove, NJ

Polishing/inspection workcell

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The Icon System is an integrated polishing/inspection workcell. It combines fully automated optical connector processing, from air polish through final finishing and quality testing with in-line inspection including surface defects analysis and interferometric measurements.
Krell Technologies, Morganville, NJ

Imaging package for analog/digital cameras

Imaging combo packs integrate Global Lab Image/2 analysis software (GLI/2) with a specific Data Translation PCI frame grabber. Frame grabbers include the DT3145 camera link board for standard cabling to digital cameras, the DT3162 variable scan board for high-speed image acquisition, and the DT3120, a low-cost board for color cameras.
Data Translation, Marlboro, MA

Broadband Ti:sapphire laser

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The all-in-one Integral is a laser source with an ultra-broad-spectral bandwidth. It features high stability ..that permits "hands off" operation and is a user-friendly, compact, prismless, state-of-the-art modelocked oscillator with a repetition rate of about 75 MHz and more than 95-nm bandwidth at 800 nm. It measures 500 x 260 x 82 mm. It is well suited for biomedical imaging technologies such as optical coherence tomography (OCT), terahertz imaging, and multiphoton microscopy.
Femtolasers, Vienna, Austria

IR camera

The Jade SWIR is designed for use in the 0.8- to 2.5-µm short-wavelength spectrum, allowing the camera to see through paint coatings to reveal hidden blemishes. The camera uses a thermoelectrically cooled MCT focal plane array sensor, operates at up to 100 f/s at full image size (320 H × 256 V) and provides output digitized over a 14-bit dynamic range.
CEDIP Infrared Systems, Croissy-Beaubourg, France

Mini spectrometer interface

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The USB2EPP cable attaches to the DB25 connector of any EPP2000 spectrometer to provide spectral data transmission at USB2 speeds. USB2 ..transports spectral data 40 times faster than USB1 peripherals.
StellarNet, Tampa, FL

Double and tri spots

A series of double and tri spots are designed to facilitate high-power laser marking, scribing, and other processing tasks. The double and tri spot splits a laser beam into two or more beams, each with a well-defined angle of propagation. Combined with the focusing function of a standard lens, it generates an array of spots in the focal plane.
Holo Or, Rehovot, Israel

Raman filters

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Raman-spectroscopy edge filters are designed for industrial, analytical and research laboratory use. These novel thin-film filters have three times the Stokes-edge steepness and higher signal transmission than comparable holographic filters. The filters combine ion-beam sputtering technology with proprietary manufacturing tools.
Semrock, Rochester, NY

Glass/quartz components

Glass and quartz components including wafers, wedges, light pipes, windows, prisms, etalon plates, thin and flat optics, lenses, rods, rings and filters are being manufactured. Materials include semiconductor-grade quartz, industrial-grade fused silica, UV fused silica, borosilicate, crown glass, optical glass and Pyrex. In-house diamond sawing, core drilling, edging, grinding, polishing, and CNC shaping are also available.
Mark Optics, Santa Ana, CA


New M3 optics are designed as the base in the optical-communications technology for next-generation passive and active modulators, switches, and amplifiers. Micro-optics are designed for collimation, beam shaping, and fiber coupling of high-power, industrial diode lasers.
LIMO, Dortmund, Germany

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