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Dec. 1, 2003
Segmented photodiode; Vision systems; Dichroic Optics; MORE...

Segmented photodiode

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The UV-SPOT position-sensing detector is a common substrate photodiode segmented into four separate active areas, with a gap of 0.005 in. between the elements. The sensor can obtain position information with a resolution of better than 0.1 µm when the diameter of the light spot is larger than the spacing between the cells. The device covers the 200- to 1100-nm ranges, and specific responses within the spectral range can be achieved with the addition of notch or bandpass filters. Applications include targeting and guidance systems, machine tool alignment, and surface profiling.
UDT Sensors, Hawthorne, CA

Vision systems

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The SBC50 series of OEM single-board industrial smart cameras can hold several programs in parallel. Available programs include a 2-D matrix library, OCR, alignment checker, a measurement toolbox, and thread inspection. The system offers 640 × 480 progressive scan at 25 frames/s. It has a Sony CCD, 2-MB flash, and 8-MB DRAM. It can perform noncontact 2-D and 3-D measurement or 3-D laser triangulation. The system measures 60 × 60 × 10 mm and weighs about 25 g.
Vision Components, Burlington, MA

Dichroic Optics

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A line of dichroic coatings and beamsplitters for separating the various harmonics of solid-state lasers includes short wave pass and long wave pass optics optimized for 1064, 532, 355, and 266 nm. The optics are designed for laser manufacturers and systems integrators in applications including semiconductor metrology and micromachining. The flat optics are intended for first surface operation at 0° and 45° incidence and have a high-efficiency antireflection coating on the second surface. They come up to 3 in. and λ/10 flatness, with other sizes available.
Alpine Research Optics, Boulder, CO

Beam expanders

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The off-axis mirror design of a range of laser beam expanders produce no central obscuration and better than λ/5 wavefront distortion, thanks to surface accuracy of better than λ/10. The devices use zero-expansion glass-mirror substrates, and the mirrors come coated with aluminum and magnesium fluoride, for achromatic performance from the ultraviolet to the infrared. Standard models have exit apertures of 100, 150, and 200 mm with 5×, 10×, 15×, and 20× magnification systems. Horizontal and vertical beam displacements can be chosen by customers.
Optical Surfaces, Surrey, England

Rotary air-bearing stage

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The ABR1000 rotary air-bearing stage uses a slotless, brushless motor with a magnetic circuit design to produce high torque with minimal heat generation. The design is inherently zero cogging and free of torque ripple. Coupled with feedback multipliers and controls, the device can achieve resolutions of better than 0.03 arcsec, with positioning accuracy of better than 1 arcsec.
Aerotech, Pittsburgh, PA

Wavefront sensor

The AWS-50 wavefront sensor is based on an image multiplexing diffraction grating, which images two separate planes of the wavefront onto a CCD array. That allows the user to calculate Zernike polynomials or reconstruct the entire wavefront. The sensor measures the form of lenses, flatness of mirrors, and the surface shape of silicon substrates and optics.
Arden Photonics, Solihull, England

Visible fiber laser

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The visible Model ELP-775 fiber laser provides single-mode output from 5 to 30 W with wavelength options selectable between 770 to 780 nm. The laser has a beam quality of M2 < 1.1 in the red spectrum. The air-cooled, rack-mounted unit has an adjustable pulse frequency from 10 to ..20 MHz with a pulse duration of 2 to 3 ns. They have better than 10% wall-plug efficiency and a diode life of more than 10,000 hours.
IPG Photonics, Oxford, MA

Nonintensified CCD

Based on Cascade CCD technology, the DVS-24 camera from Defence Vision Systems responds like an intensified CCD camera but isn't damaged by light spots and works in daytime applications. A gain management system can be automatic or manual. It has user-selectable recursive averaging for noise reduction, variable Gamma using an internal look-up table, and frame smear reduction.
BFi Optilas International, Evry, France


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Miniature spectroradiometers include the Specbos 1100 UV for the 200- to 400-nm range, the 1200 with an internal pilot laser and automatic detection of the diffusor cap attachment, and the 1300 with a 50-mm-diameter integrating sphere for measuring total luminance from small-point light sources such as LEDs.
Data Optics, Ypsilanti, MI

Free-space lasers

The ChromaLASE series of free-space lasers include TE coolers and integrated drive, control, and monitor electronics. Two laser-diode modules provide 25-mW output at 635 and 405 nm. Both have noise less than 0.25% rms and beam-pointing stability of better than 25 mrad with divergence of better than 1 mrad. Wavelengths to 980 nm are planned.
Blue Sky Research, Milpitas, CA

Surveillance cameras

The VC-C50i and VC-C50iR, the inverted ceiling-mount surveillance cameras capture images in low-light conditions and come with software that allows users to record video images remotely via a network connection. They have a large-aperture lens and a 1/4-in. CCD sensor that works down to 1 lux, with an IR illuminator for night performance.
Canon, Tokyo, Japan

Motion analysis system

The MotionBlitz motion analysis system captures fast events on a hard disk for slow-motion replay and analysis. The CMOS sensor has resolution up to 1280 × 1024 pixels, and the camera has a variable frame rate from 50 to 4000 frames/s. Images are stored in AVI and BMP format. An auto-save function allows long recording times.
Computer Modules, San Diego, CA

Optical adhesives

Optical coupling gel is a two-part, transparent, silicone gel for refractive-index matching for silica-to-fiber and other optical junctions. Optical elastomer is a one-part silicone elastomer for refractive index shifting for silica-on-silicon components. Photonic-grade encapsulent soft silicon elastomer is for protection of semiconductor lasers and photonic components.
Dow Corning, Midland, MI


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The cure ring radiometer for use with the company's UV and visible spot-curing systems measures the output power from a cure ring, which transforms a circular light spot to a 360° light beam. The system is used in the assembly of medical devices, such as catheter balloons, that require uniform 360° exposure.
Exfo, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada


A MicroPositioner for networking applications has two stable latch positions to protect it against power failure. A mirror or filter can be applied to the tip. It has typical switching time of 5 ms, cycle rate of 10 Hz, switching cycles of more than 102, and angular positioning accuracy of ±1 mrad.
FiberTec, Lengnau, Switzerland

Infrared photosensor

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The QSB34 PIN photodiode sensor has a surface area of 3 × 3 mm and a ..reception angle of 120°. An integrated filter is optimized for 880 to 940 nm. Typical response is 0.4 A/W at 900 nm, 25-pF capacitance typically delivers rise and fall times of 20 ns, and dynamic signal range is typically 60 dB.
Fairchild Semiconductor, San Jose, CA

Fiberoptic gyro

The DSP-3000 fiberoptic gyro is designed for motion sensing, stabilization, navigation, and pointing applications. It includes an all-fiber optical circuit that is insensitive to cross-axis error and robust for shock and vibration. It has a modular design and comes in 1-, 2-, and 3-axis configurations.
KVH Industries, Middletown, RI

Rotary tables

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The RotoRing series of direct-drive rotary tables combine axial brushless motoring modules and planar air bearings. They have torque from 10 to 50 nm, resolution of 2 to 10 arcsec, accuracy of 10 to 20 arcsec, run-out of 5 to 10 µm, table height of 37 to 45 mm, table OD of 150 to 450 mm, and table ID of 50 to 350 mm.
IntelliDrives, Philadelphia, PA

NIR fiber probe

The Model LSI-NIR-VT near-infrared vector probe is designed for diffuse reflectance spectroscopy and will interface with most existing FTIR, AOTF, and dispersive spectrometers. It is made of stainless steel, PVC, and polyamide. Standard cable length is 2 m, but custom lengths are available, as is a serial port interface.
Lambda Solutions, Waltham, MA

High-power laser modules

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The DH/DL series of high-power laser modules, for measuring and sensing applications, have TEC and internal fans for temperature control. Output is from 630 to 980 nm with up to 1-W optical power and a precise spot or line-beam shape. They come in a 42 × 180-mm aluminum housing.
Lanics, Seoul, South Korea

Stepper-motor designer's kit

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The Simple Step 17 designer's kit includes an integrated motor, an RS485 to RS232 converter card, a db-9 female connector cable, a switch push button, an opto sensor, a 4-pin connector for the converter card, extra wiring for I/O, and a CD-ROM. It can be set to execute a preset string of commands on power-up.
Lin Engineering, Santa Clara, CA

UV imaging lenses

Multi-element UV imaging lenses for high-resolution and large-field-of-view (FOV) materials-processing applications include 50-, 80- mm and 100-, 150-mm doublet objectives at 193 and 248 nm. Also available is a 5× 150-mm EFL telecentric triplet lens with 0.02 NA at 248 nm with 1-cm FOV, as well as other lenses.
JPSA Laser, Hollis, NH

Ion lasers

The Solano line of air-cooled ion lasers have the laser head and power supply integrated into a single package measuring 370 × 133 × 163 mm. Multi-line versions have up to 70 mW of power, and single-line versions have output at 458, 488, or 514.5 nm. They are designed for biomedical applications including confocal microscopy and DNA sequencing.
Spectra-Physics, Mountain View, CA

Tunable lasers

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TLB-7000 lasers operate at 633 and 850 nm and are designed for in-field phase-shift interferometry, atomic cooling, and spectroscopy, with linewidths less than 600-kHz and tuning ranges up to 150 GHz. TLB-7000-XP lasers are laboratory versions with output powers up to 50 mW at 780 and 850 nm, with linewidths less than 300 kHz and tuning ranges up to 70 GHz.
New Focus, San Jose, CA

Aspheric lenses

Aspheric lenses with throughput of better than 98% at 1550 nm, are available in a choice of low-loss, AR-coated optical glasses and can be optimized for a designated wavelength range. Standard components come mounted or unmounted in diameters from 1 to 2.5 mm and focal lengths of 0.8 to 5 mm.
Moritex Europe, Cambridge, England

Compact projector

The View Light LT170 compact projector based on Digital Light Processing technology measures 123 × 85 × 280 nm. The portable unit has brightness of 1500 lumens, contract ratio of 1000:1, and maximum display resolution of U-XGA. It supports up to 16.77 million colors and can project images up to 200 in. in size.
NEC Viewtechnology, Tokyo, Japan

Violet laser diode

The IQ2 instrument-quality violet laser-diode module from Power Technology emits 20 mW at 405 nm ± 10 nm and anamorphic correcting prisms to produce a circular, astigmatism-free beam. It has a precision current source and a PID temperature controller and operates in CW mode or with analog or TTL modulation.
Photonic Soutions Edinburgh, Scotland

ASE sources

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The Scorpion 1-µm amplified-spontaneous-emission (ASE) source covers a wavelength range from 995 to 1060 nm. This source is also available with Gaussian spectral shape. The C- and L-band Scorpion ASE source covers 85 nm of spectral bandwidth at the 10-dB point. Both sources have an output power of 13 dBm.
NP Photonics, Tucson, AZ

Pulsed UV laser diode

A pulse laser diode emits 375-nm pulses as short as 50 ps. The system has a dedicated one-channel or multichannel driver box, with an internal pulse clock that runs at up to 40 MHz and can be divided by 2, 4, 8, and 16. An external sync input can also trigger laser pulses from single shot to 40 MHz.
PicoQuant, Berlin, Germany

DPSS lasers

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The TORUS series of single longitudinal mode, diode-pumped, solid-state lasers are completely free of mode hops. The 1064-nm system outputs a 750-mW CW TEM00 beam with an M2 < 1.2 and linewidth less than 5 MHz. Frequency-doubled 532-nm output is available at 25 to 300 mW. A separate module provides laser current, temperature control, and diagnostics.
Pro-Lite Technology, Milton Keynes, England

Beam steerers

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The 12-4006-30 in-line beam steerer has clear aperture of 6 mm, maximum deflection of ± 30 mrad, and sensitivity of 40 µrad/degree. Specs for model 12-4006-25 are 10 mm, ± 25 mrad, and 15 µrad/degree; and for 12-4006-20 are 15 mm, ± 20 mrad, and 15 µrad/degree. All have T > 98% at 633 nm.
Special Optics, Wharton, NJ


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The KPRV2021 and 2022 differential pin photoreceivers for OC-768 networks include transimpedance amplifiers that operate at up to 43 Gbit/s. They have optical-to-electrical bandwidth of 40 and 33 GHz and differential conversion gains of 300 or 1000 V/W, respectively. They come in MSA-compliant small-form-factor packages with direct access to differential RF output.
u2t Photonics, Berlin, Germany


The TLMx300x series of low-current, surface-mount LEDs based on AlInGaP have forward current of 2 mA. Super red LEDs feature a dominant wavelength of 630 nm and typical luminous intensities from 2.5 to 12.5 mcd. Orange has a dominant wavelength of 606 nm and intensities from 5 to 20 mcd. Yellow are at 587 nm with intensities of 4 to 20 mcd.
Vishay Intertechnology, Malvern, PA

Linear image sensors

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A series of linear image sensors based on InGaAs include the G9211 series one-stage, TE-cooled NIR sensors, with a response range of 0.9 to 1.7 µm and sensitivity of 0.8 A/W at 1.5 µm. The G9208 series has two-staged TE-cooled devices with a response range of 0.9 to 2.55 µm and sensitivity of 1.1 A/W at 2.3 µm.
Hamamatsu Corp., Bridgewater, NJ

Ronchi rulings

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High-precision ronchi rulings, made from chrome on soda-lime glass, are for imaging and testing targets for the evaluation of resolution, distortion, and depth of field in a number of optical systems. The targets have line-to-line parallelism less than 2 arcsec and come in sizes from 1 to 4 in.2, with resolutions from 50 to 5000 linepairs/in.
Edmund Industrial Optics, Barrington, NJ

Software tool

PatFlex is a patent-pending software tool that enables a vision system to locate an object, feature or pattern whose perspective has changed or whose surface is curved, warped, wrinkled, or stretched. This technology can be used for applications where the object changes shape during production, such as packaging operations using pouches and bags.
Cognex, Natick, MA

Hybridized deflector array

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A 100-element, hybridized, linear silicon photodiode array is designed for use in particle counters, medical instrumentation and industrial sensing. It utilizes a proprietary polymer coating process to create a mask that blocks any light outside the pixels for improved spatial fidelity and spatial resolution. The array is directly hybridized with 1-MW gain transimpedence amplifiers and mounted on a single printed circuit board.
AMS Technologies, Munich, Germany

Low-profile blue LED

The new QTLP603C-EB is a low-profile, blue LED with a 1.6 × 0.8-mm footprint and 0.35-mm height. The LED provides a maximum of 3.15 V at 5 mA. The LED does not require auxiliary drive circuitry and produces typical luminous intensity of 20.0 to 25.0 mcd at 5 mA, has water-clear optics and moisture-proof packaging. The product is designed for backlighting keypads and pushbuttons in cell phones, PDAs and compact, portable product designs.
Fairchild Semiconductor, San Jose, CA

Fume hoods

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The Series 1411 Fume Hoods are available in stainless steel, white polypropylene and fire-retardant white polypropylene for design flexibility, chemical resistance and operator safety. The fume hoods are available in 3-, 4-, 5-, 6-, and 8-ft. widths and 30-, 36-, and 42-in. depths as standard sizes. Custom sizes are also available.
Clean Air Products, Minneapolis, MN

Polarization stabilizer

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PolaStay is a reset-free polarization stabilizer. The system includes a polarization controller, in-line polarization monitor and proprietary algorithm. PolaStay actively maintains a stable output state of polarization (SOP) against rapid input SOP fluctuations commonly found in fiberoptic systems. The device enables applications including fiberoptic sensing, amplifier noise, fiber PMD reduction and coherent communications.
General Photonics, Chino, CA

ASE light source

The compact ASE light source uses proprietary technology to provide up to 15-dBm output power across the C-band, spectral and power stability, and flat gain. With a footprint of 70 × 90 × 15 mm, the unit is designed for applications requiring a built-in, full-function, broadband light source.

Autofocus device

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Used in automated optical-inspection (AOI) systems, the LaserTrac AutoFocus distance-measuring device provides real-time autofocus of microscope systems used for inspecting semiconductor wafers, microvia plates, flat-panel displays, glass reticles, and many other substrates. LaserTrac is proven for objectives ranging from 5x to 150x. Through the use of direct-drive systems, piezoelectric elements, and voice-coil actuators, the system has been able to obtain bandwidths of 10 to geater than 100 Hz depending on the application.
Axsys Technologies, Rochester Hills, MI

Large-mode-area fibers

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New large-mode-area (LMA) fibers utilize PCF technology to provide single-mode guidance over the UV-to-telecom wavelength range. The fibers have core diameters of 8, 15, 20, 25, and 35 µm respectively, resulting in mode-field areas up to 530 µm2. Designed for cleaving and stripping using conventional tools, the fibers are available with hermetically sealed ends and FC/PC connectors.
Crystal Fibre A/S, Birkerød, Denmark

Detector material

VisGaAs is a broad-spectrum performing substance that enables both visible and NIR imaging on a single photodetector. The visible and NIR images can be simultaneously acquired, displayed and analyzed for comparison. The new material is made using a new method for processing standard InGaAs detector material that enhances the short-wavelength spectral response. The detector material can operate from 400 to 1700 nm.
Indigo Systems, Goleta, CA

Handheld optometer

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The new handheld X1-1 Optometer features a high contrast, 4-line LCD with a detector ID enabling simultaneous operation and display of up to four detector inputs for measurements of color chromaticity coordinates x, y, and u´, v´, illuminance/luminance, correlated color temperature, UV-Vis-NIR irradiance/radiance ..and luminous/radiant power. The optometer is designed for use with a variety of single, multisensor- and sphere-based detector heads.
Gigahertz-Optik, Newburyport, MA

Virtual lab for designers

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The Virtual Lab (V Lab) is a prototyping program for designers requiring precision motion control components for their system's configuration. Accessible on the company website, the program allows users to experiment with the company's product line of galvanometers and resonant scanners to meet their performance objectives. The program results can be seen graphically and in 3-D simulation.
GSI Lumonics, Billerica, MA

Web inspection system

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The FlawScan system is an embedded smart system for web inspection in paper, nonwoven material, plastic film and laminated steel manufacturing. It provides real time display of defect images, a real time roll-map of defects for on-line and off-line control and user-programmable alarm settings for each defect class.
i2S Line Scan, Pessac, France


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The new LightWise LW-1.3-G-1394 intelligent camera utilizes Fill Factory's new IBIS-5A CMOS image sensor and Xilinx FPGAs. The compact camera is designed for the industry automation and security markets. The new sensor supports a full global electronic shutter at frame rates up to 30 f/s progressive at full 1.3 Megapixel resolution (1280 × 1024) and more than 90 f/s VGA (640 × 480). There is an on-board image buffer for 3 color frames or 9 monochrome frames.
Imaging Solutions Group, Rochester, NY

Machine-vision software

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Sherlock 6.3 is the newly released version of Windows-based, software environment for machine-vision development and deployment. New features include optional OCRplus, an optical character-recognition platform with tunable parameters to customize the behavior of the underlying algorithms, and support for composite variants of the new RSS14 stacked barcode.
ipd, Billerica, MA

Monochrome microscope camera

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The 2-megapixel, MicroFire monochrome microscope camera utilizes a 2/3-in. Kodak CCD sensor with 7.4-µpixel aperture for high light sensitivity. The CCD sensor (without a color filter mask) provides a uniform sensitivity over a resolution area of 1600 × 1200 pixels. The camera is intended for fluorescence microscopy, material analysis and the recording of dim objects.
Jenoptik, Jena, Germany

Fiberoptic cables

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PCNIR series high-power fiberoptic cables are designed for use with high power laser diodes, Nd: YAG lasers ..and other Vis/NIR sources. Fifteen different core diameters are available from 100 to 1600 µm. The epoxy-free, free-end high-power SMA connectors, high-power polish, and metal sheathing enable these cables to withstand power levels up to 4000 W. The cables are intended as a cost-effective replacement for damaged OEM cables.
JT Ingram Sales and Marketing, Oviedo, FL

Scanning electron microscopes

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The new EVO series of scanning electron microscopes feature new high-resolution electron optics, analytical chamber design and specimen stages, a unique system upgrade concept and new XVP (extended variable pressure) imaging. The XVP capability of the EVO 40, 50 and 60 series provides imaging and analysis of specimens within a pressure range of 1 to 750 Pa using water vapor or air.
LEO Electron Microscopy, Thornwood, NY

Long-path-length time-delay circuits

Compact, ultralong-path-length delay circuits are based on the patented Hydex material system. They utilize miniaturized PLC circuits to less than 1 cm2. These circuits are used for phased-array antennae, optical switching, optical clock distribution, OTD multiplexing, PMD compensation, differential phase-shift key, optical pulse replication, and sensor applications.
Little Optics, Annapolis, MD

Digital camera adapter

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A new digital camera adapter allows the user to couple a digital camera or camcorder to any C-mount or standard SLR lens, microscope or telescope, permitting digital recording of subject matter. The adapter comes with a male M37 × 0.75 thread. It also fits into any standard 30-mm microscope eyepiece port.
Navitar, Rochester, NY

Thermoelectric liquid chiller

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The MRC600 is a 600-W, dual-voltage 115/230 AC, free-standing thermoelectric liquid chiller for use in ..laser, medical, and laboratory applications. The compact, solid-state chiller is designed to use water or a coolant solution, produces no CFCs, has accuracy control to ±0.1°C (at constant ambient temperature and heat load) and RS232 or RS485 serial communication. The unit has settable alarms for low- and high-temperature limits.
Melcor, Trenton, NJ

InGaAs sensor

New InGaAs sensors have active areas from 40 µm to 1 cm. They are available in chip form or in a wide range of standard packages. Features include low dark current, low capacitance, and high responsivity, mesa structure and dielectric passivation. They are suitable for DC 3-GHz and fiberoptic applications.
New England Photoconductor, Norton, MA

Long-travel motorized actuators

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The new LTA series of compact, motorized micrometer replacement actuators combine high-resolution (50-nm) motion with a long range of travel (50 mm) for use in benchtop optomechanical systems. The LTA-HS is optimized to provide speeds up to 5 mm/s. The LTA-HL is optimized for high load applications, such as vertical motion of highly loaded stages. Vacuum compatible versions are available with operation to 10-6 Torr.
Newport, Irvine, CA

Piezoelectric fiber modulator

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The PFM-50C piezoelectric fiber modulator is designed for imaging, sensing, and phase control in optical instruments. The fiberoptic stretcher module uses a proprietary design to produce a stretch of 4.5 mm using 10 m of fiber (using 250 µm diameter, SFM-28 fiber). The modulator uses a piezoelectric ceramic cylinder to stretch or compress fiber coils and change their optical path length.
New Scale Technology, Victor, NY

Optical amplifier

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The PGE60850 is a variable-gain optical amplifier, designed for use in long-haul and Metro DWDM optical networking systems. It provides a flat response across a wide gain range of 15 dB and has an optical power output of +20 dBm, ensuring compatibility with systems with differing link losses. The amplifier features mid-stage access and supports up to 12 dB of mid-stage loss for dispersion compensation modules, OADMs and other high-loss optical components.
Northlight Optronics, Järfälla, Sweden

CMOS image sensor module

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The new P1616MC-AS is a 600 dpi linear CMOS image sensor module fabricated by cascading 40 individual sensor chips, each with 192 photo-sensing elements. The overall module length is approximately 14 in., providing a sensor read width of 324.2 mm. Applications include industrial inspection, semiconductor wafer inspection, x-ray imaging and large area document scanning systems with wide read width format requirements.
Peripheral Imaging, San Jose, CA

In-line optical polarization analyzer

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The new PS2300B in-line optical polarization analyzer is specially designed not to alter the properties of the light passing through the device. The analyzer is intended for applications such as monitoring of data traffic and PMD measurement and mitigation. The device is furnished as a small optical head, controlled via an RS232 computer interface with user-friendly software.
Optellios, Ewing, NJ

Video measurement system

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Six new, low-cost, SmartScope MVP video measurement and inspection systems are designed for small shops and customers with limited budgets. The models provide measurement ranges from 6 × 3 × 5 in. to 12 × 12 × 6 in. Features include a 6.5 to 1 zoom lens with manual or motorized operation, color CCD camera and 1.0 µm linear scales.
Optical Gaging Products, Rochester, NY

Fizeau interferometer

The I-Fizeau is a vibration-insensitive Fizeau interferometer that allows precise measurements of surface figure to be made without bulky vibration-isolation equipment. Measuring surface flatness and curvature to nanometer levels can be performed on a standard tabletop. The instrument is based on a patented phase-shifting module. The technology enables portable and handheld instrument applications.
Optical Device Engineering (ODEC), Tucson, AZ

PCI camera

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The new FASTCAM-X 512 PCI card and remote CMOS camera operates from within the user's Windows PC to provide 512 x 512-pixel resolution with ..speeds up 32,000 f/s. The camera will be available in both 30-bit color and 10 bit monochrome configurations. The 2K model provides operation up to 2000 f/s and the 32K model operates up to 32,000 f/s. Standard memory is 1.3 GBytes.
Photron USA, San Diego, CA

Machine-vision camera

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The IK-SX1 is an industrial camera utilizing a 2/3-in., progressive-scan CCD. Two versions of the camera are available: one with new CameraLink 8-bit digital output, the other with LVDS (RS-644) 8-bit digital output. Optimized for machine vision applications such as bar code reading, on-line inspection, gauging and character resolution, the camera provides frame rates up to 15 f/s with 1.4 million effective picture elements (1392 × 1040).
Toshiba America Information Systems, Irvine, CA

Passive Q-switch crystals

YAG:CR+4 crystals are used in solid-state lasers as a passive Q-switch material for Nd+3 or Yb+3 co-doped laser materials. They have a clear aperture of 5 to 10 mm, an optical length of 0.5 to 40 mm, an optical-axis orientation of [100], and a wavelength range of 950 to 1100 nm. Damage threshold is greater than 5 J/cm2 and long-term stability is greater than 15 years.
UltraRAD, New York, NY

Configurable power supply

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The SMP Series is a line of medium-power, modular chassis-mount AC-DC power supplies that are customizable ..for unusual voltages and power combinations. Available for power ratings of 250, 350, 450, 600 and 1,000 W, the power supplies feature power factor correctable inputs, an end-mounted fan for cooling and controls capable of up to 12 independent outputs with voltage choices from 3.3 to 48 VDC.
Sola-Hevi-Duty, Skokie, IL

Diffuse reflectance standards

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Zenith Diffuse Reflectance Standards are designed for calibration of optical equipment, photometers, radiometers and spectrophotometers. The standards are made from a high reflectance polymer material that has reflectance values up to 99% over the spectral range of 250 to 2500 nm. The standards are available in 1- and 2-in. diameters. Calibration data is supplied from 250 to 2500 nm, in 50-mm increments.
SphereOptics Hoffman, Contoocook, NH

Scanning microscopy stages

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The P-733.DD direct-drive (DD), piezo stages provide a resonant frequency of 2.3 kHz, allowing scanning rates of ..hundreds of Hz for the capture of transient data. The stage provides better than 0.3-nm closed-loop resolution. A novel parallel-kinematics layout produces symmetrical dynamic behavior. Parallel metrology can monitor all controlled degrees of freedom simultaneously and compensate for any off-axis motion in real time.
Polytec PI, Auburn, MA

Laser-diode controller

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The Vue-HC is a compact laser-diode controller. It consists of 45-A and 90-A CW and 50-A and 100-A QCW controllers, with the driver and diode-mount combined in a 3 × 4 × 5-in. package. The controllers include software with built-in standard and advanced operating functions, including constant power and constant current modes, diode current limits, and LIV curve acquisition.
VueMetrix, Sunnyvale, CA

Logarithmic digital stereo camera

A new digital logarithmic stereo camera is designed for real-time, distance measurement with automatic image correction. Bidirectional digital camera interfaces allow camera parameter changes during operation. The camera is equipped with flexible C/CS-mount lenses (4-mm focal length) and has a measurement range of approximately 300 to 1200 mm. The camera's pixel rate is 8 MHz, allowing calculation of 400 f/s with an image size of 120 × 160 pixels.
3D Image Processing, Augsburg, Germany

Beamsplitter tube assembly

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A new coaxially illuminated beamsplitter tube assembly is designed for use in the Rolyn Modular Microscope Line. Light from the 10-W lamp is bounced off the plate beamsplitter and illuminates the item under observation directly through the objective lens of the microscope.
Rolyn Optics, Covina, CA

UV laser-diode system

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The Radius 375-8 is a compact, solid-state, UV laser-diode system. It produces 8 mW of CW output at 375 nm. The laser is designed for applications such as biological and chemical detection, confocal microscopy, flow cytometry and semiconductor test and measurement. The cooled laser system measures 1.75 × 8.6 in. and includes a laser head, control box, and power supply.
Coherent, Santa Clara, CA

Quadrant detectors

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Several quadrant photodiodes have been added to a line of position-sensing products including silicon for the UV-VIS and InGaAs for 1 to 1.7 µm. They are available as components (with a TE-cooled option) or as integrated four-channel receiver modules. Applications include laser-beam steering and tracking.
Electro-Optical Systems, Phoenixville, PA

Electro-optic phase modulator

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The Kantan is an electo-optic phase modulator with an aperture measuring 4.5 × 4.5 mm, resonance frequencies up to 200 MHz, a small sealed housing, resonant and nonresonant versions and compatibility with the Linos Microbench system. The device is driven by a resonant electrical circuit. The resonance frequency is tunable (±2%) by the user. Applications include laser frequency stabilization, passive cavity locking, or laser mode locking.
NLG-New Laser Generation, Teltow, Germany

Line-scan camera

The HS-41 line-scan camera combines TDI technology, programmability and a Camera Link frame grabber in a small-body format. Based on the PIRANHA2 camera, the HS-41 is a 2048-resolution camera that includes programmable stage selection. It provides line rates of more than 52-kHz. Applications include automated postal-letter sorting, document scanning, and web inspection.
DALSA, Waterloo, Canada


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UV and NIR versions of the OL 770 high-speed, USB interface spectroradiometer are now available. The OL 770 UV/VIS has a wavelength range of 200 to 780 nm and spectral resolution of 0.6 nm. The OL 77 VIS/NIR has a wavelength range that extends from 380 to 1100 nm and has a spectral resolution of 0.75 nm. Applications include production |and lab testing, as well as LED and display measurements.
Optronic Laboratories, Orlando, FL

Fiberoptic connectors

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Single-mode AMP Netconnect LightCrimp Plus fiberoptic connectors feature a new splice-engine technology that allows for the precision alignment of cabled fiber to the factory-polished, stubbed ferrule, enabling installers to obtain low insertion loss and low reflectance. The fiber can then be terminated by stripping, cleaving, and crimping the connector. The connectors exceed TIA/EIA 568 B.3 and ISO/IEC 11801 insertion-loss and return-loss specifications.
Tyco Electronics, Harrisburg, PA

Digital color camera

The MicroPublisher RTV (Real Time Viewing) is a new, high-resolution IEEE 1394 FireWire digital color camera. The camera is available with a 5 million- or 3.3 million-pixel sensor and features a video-like frame rate to simplify scanning, framing and focusing. It has 30-bit color digitization for bright-field, dark-field, and fluorescence work.
QImaging, Vancouver, BC


The Uniblitz 174 CS90 small-form-factor shutter features a 90-mm aperture that fits into a 7.0-in.-diameter housing and has a unique damping system. The patent-pending shutter has a six-bladed design with dual actuators. The shutter is designed for use in CCD systems, large-format video cameras, and telescopy applications.
Vincent Associates, Rochester, NY

High-speed image sensor

The MT9V403 high-speed VGA image sensor with TrueSNAP technology can image up to 200 f/s at full resolution. It features a freeze-frame electronic shutter that stops even the fastest motion with clear accuracy. It provides control of parameters such as exposure time, frame rate, and windowing functionality. Output is monochrome or color digital video in 659-H × 494-V pixel format.
Micron Technology, Boise, Idaho

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Digitizer system available in seven different models

Nov. 26, 2023
The Star-Hub digitizer system can be used with any cards from the M5i.33xx PCIe digitizer family.

High-speed cameras offer UV-extended capability

Nov. 25, 2023
The Phantom T3610, T2410, and TMX high-speed cameras (TMX 7510/6410/5010) are available in a UV variant.

Linear voice coil motors offer peak force of 2.20 N

Nov. 24, 2023
The LVCM-013-032-02M and LVCM-013-032-02 are 12.7 mm diameter linear voice coil motors.

Image sensor has use in home and professional security

Nov. 23, 2023
The OS08C10 image sensor features both staggered high dynamic range (HDR) and single exposure dual analog gain (DAG).

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