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Sept. 1, 2003
Vibration control system; Low-temperature microscope system; Facet passivation reactor; MORE...

Vibration control system

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The 8000 series vibration control system uses active feedback to damp vibrations from 1.0 to 1000 Hz for instruments such as interferometers and photo-imaging microscopes. The tabletop unit dynamically isolates all six possible translational and rotational modes of vibration. The system has a natural frequency of 0.7 Hz, produces no low-frequency resonance and has a load capacity of 330 lb.
Kinetic Systems, Boston, MA

Low-temperature microscope system

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The CryoView 2000 low-temperature microscope system is capable of simultaneous NSOM, SPM, or confocal modes of operation. Low-temperature measurements in all SPM modes can be made simultaneously in conjunction with standard far-field optical microscopes using upright, inverted, or dual microscopes. Maintaining a free optical axis from both above and below, the system offers high-vacuum, low-temperature (less than 10° K) operation with multiple ports for flexibility.
Nanonics Imaging, Jerusalem, Israel

Facet passivation reactor

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A new passivation and facet-coating reactor utilizes a proprietary Native Nitride Ion Beam Epitaxy (N2IBE) process to increase damage threshold, improve output power, and extend the lifetime of edge-emitting semiconductor lasers. The reactor consists of a load-locked, stainless-steel, vacuum chamber containing an ion gun for facet milling and passivation, and two electron-beam guns and effusion cells for producing antireflection and high-reflection coatings.
Comlase, Stockholm, Sweden

Imaging spectrographs and monochromators

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The SpectraPro 2000 series imaging spectrographs and monochromators feature USB interfaces, on-board filter-wheel control and optional dual spectrograph ports. The USB feature is directly compatible with Roper Scientific CCDs and allows control as either a monochrometer or spectrograph from a laptop. The Series is available in 150-, 300-, 500-, and 750-mm focal lengths. The compact 150-mm SpectraPro 2150i is available with motorized slits and is also suited for double monochrometer configurations.
Acton Research, Acton, MA

Diode laser

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An acetylene-stabilized diode laser, Model C2H2LDS-1540, uses the saturated absorption line of acetylene as a reference. It can be used as a calibration reference-frequency light source for wavelength-division multiplexers, as well as for optical spectrum analyzers. It provides oscillation power of 1 mW and linear polarization.
Noeark, Osaka, Japan

Translation stages

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Stainless-steel linear translation stages, Models 9067 for 1-in. travel and 9066 for 0.5-in. travel use crossed-roller bearings and are aimed at applications such as fiber alignment and high-stability positioning in laser systems. They have less than 25-µrad angular deviation in any axis and straight-line accuracy better than 3 µm.
New Focus, San Jose, CA

MEMS analyzer

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The MMA-300 system for full-field 3-D characterization of MEMS dynamics includes a scanning laser Doppler vibrometer and stroboscopic video microscopy. It measures out-of-plane vibration with amplitudes to ±10 m/s with 2-pm resolution and frequencies from near DC to 30 MHz, and in-plane motion with better than 2-nm resolution and frequencies from DC to 1 MHz, simultaneously.
Polytec PI, Auburn, MA

Float glass

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Borofloat borosilicate float glass now comes at a thickness of 1 in., for antiballistic windows, lenses, and medical-diagnostic applications and applications that require a sight glass under extreme pressure or hydrolytic conditions. It is available in sheet sizes of 45 × 33 in., 66 × 51 in., and 90 × 66 in.
Schott HomeTech North America, Yonkers, NY

Optical mold inserts

NiColoy electroformed mold inserts are replicas of machined metal optics made with submicron accuracy. They can be used to produce multiple identical stampers and inverted patterns for use in the mass production of plastic optical components. Replicas include Fresnel lenses, lenticulars, spherics, and aspherics, as well as glass or photoresist originals.
NiCoForm, Rochester, NY

Filter couplers

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Couplers for polarization-maintaining filters and tap filters are manufactured using thin-film-filter technology. The couplers are environmentally stable and have a minimum extinction ratio of 20 dB. Split ratios of 50/50, 20/80, and 10/90 are available for PM filter couplers and ratios from 1% to 5% for tap filter couplers.
Senko Advanced Components, Marlboro, MA

Ultrafast amplifier

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The Spitfire HPR all-solid-state, single-stage, regenerative amplifier offers pulse duration from less than 50 fs to more than 80 ps, M2 <1.5, output power of 2.25 W, and repetition rates to 5 kHz. Output wavelength is tunable from 750 to 840 nm with other wavelengths available on request. The primary application is pumping OPAs.
Spectra-Physics, Mountain View, CA

Laser welding service

Laser welding technology is aimed at the microfluidics industry and aids in the design and production of smaller devices for bioanalysis, drug delivery, and drug discovery. Partnered with Leister Technology, the company supplies products for manufacturing laser plastic welding and microfluidic components for bioengineers. A mask welding technique allows sealing of existing microtiter plates.
Photo Sciences, Torrance, CA

LED color calibration

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The PM-LED is a turnkey system that ..allows manufactures to calibrate LED display panels that are used to build large video screens. The CCD-based colorimeter system performs color and luminance measurements and automatically corrects the display's control electronics. It has a 14-bit dynamic range and can automatically locate and measure each LED on a panel.
Radiant Imaging, Duvall, WA

Benchtop erbium laser

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A benchtop version of the Scorpion erbium microfiber laser module is housed in a self-contained unit that includes front-panel controls, and LCD display, and as RS-232 connector. The turnkey system, based on Windows-compatible software, provides up to 100 mW of output at any C-band wavelength for university and R&D laboratories.
NP Photonics, Tucson, AZ

Metrology stylus

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The Dektak 8 advanced-development profiler stylus for surface metrology uses low-force tip technology and 3-D data analysis for characterization of MEMS, semiconductors, data-storage devices, and other surfaces. It provides 7.5-angstrom, 1-sigma step-height repeatability, and a vertical range of up to 1 mm on samples up to 200 mm2.
Veeco Instruments, Santa Barbara, CA

Laser protection filter

Laser protection coatings have been developed based on thin-film rugate notch filters. Rugate technology utilizes a single film with a continuously varying refractive index to allow filters to be designed with spectral characteristics that are very difficult or impossible to design using conventional techniques. Filters protect against specific laser wavelengths in the VIS to optical density less than OD5.
Advanced Technology Coatings, Devon, England

Differential probe

The E2696A InfiniiMax 6-GHz active differential probe allows engineers to measure and validate differential signal designs, helping to shorten design cycles and reduce overall design costs of RF and microwave circuits used in aerospace and defense, communications, and handheld electronics devices. The probe offers 320-fF diffential input capacitance for minimal reactive loading and disturbance of signals in the DUT.
Agilent Technologies, Santa Clara, CA

Nd:YAG optics

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A series of high-flatness optics are designed for Nd:Yag, Nd:YVO4, and Nd:YLF laser systems that require extremely low wavefront distortion. The components are specified to deliver (l20 surface flatness at 632.8 nm after coating. Included in the line are mirrors with better than 99.8% reflectivity, windows with more than 99.5% transmission, partial reflectors at 25%, 50%, 75%, or 90% nominal reflectivity, and polarizers with an extinction ratio of better than 100:1. They are produced on 1- and 2-in. diameter fused-silica substrates, and are available for either 0° or 45° angle-of-incidence operation.
Alpine Research Optics, Boulder, CO

Micro-IR camera

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The LTC550 MicroIR is an environmentally qualified, IR camera designed for day and night surveillance and general imaging applications. Based on IRIS' 320 × 240 uncooled MicroIR technology, the camera produces imagery for situational awareness, independent of darkness, and obscurants such as fog or smoke, without the need for artificial illumination. Lenses are available from 18 mm wide to 100/300-mm dual FOV.
BAE Systems, Nashua, NH

Flat voice-coil actuator

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The model LA05-30-001 is a thin, rectangular shaped linear actuator with a total stroke of 0.4 in., a continuous stall force of 3.4 lb and a peak force rating of 8.5 lb (for maximum 10 s). The device is a two-wire, hysteresis-free, cog-free, direct-drive linear servo with infinite position sensitivity. Applications include use in pick-N-place machines and weaving equipment.
BEI Technologies, San Marcos, CA

Virtual-instrumentation driver

A comprehensive LabVIEW 6.0 driver for the Model 555 digital delay/pulse generator has been introduced. LabVIEW is a platform for virtual instrumentation architecture that allows users to run remote testing, or testing using many instruments from a single control panel or PC. This National Instruments-certified instrument LabVIEW driver brings all the typical functions from the front panel to the desktop.
Berkeley Nucleonics, San Rafael, CA

Laser power probe

The new Comet laser power probe is a small laser power meter from Ophir Optronics. It is menu driven and offers both automatic and manual operation. The probe is calibrated for both CO2 and YAG lasers and is temperature compensated. It measures power from 200 to 10,000 W with an accuracy of ±5%.
Bfi OPTiLAS, Milton Keynes, England

40-W OEM laser

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The GEM-40 is a CO2 laser providing more than 40-W output power at 10.55 to 10.63 µm with more than 98% TEM00 spatial mode and M2 <1.2 beam quality. The OEM laser is designed for medium- to high-volume marking, engraving, and desktop manufacturing. Available in both air- and liquid-cooled models, the laser measures 412 × 91 × 140 mm and features a rise time less than 60 µs.
Coherent, Santa Clara, CA

Interferometry software

Durango Interferometry Software version 3.00 is a major upgrade from version 2.90. New features include separate map window and 3-D window types, dynamic tabs, and improved map-window zooming, scrolling, and panning. A new phase-tilt tool animates phase maps by applying tilt fringes based on the cursor location. A new FFT-based diffraction analysis and window type yields PSF, encircled/ensquared energy and MTF. The software now imports all varieties of Code V .INT files.
Diffraction International, Minnetonka, MN

Metal-halide illuminator

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The Dolan-Jenner Fiber-Lite MH-100 ..metal-halide illuminator provides bright white light and allows for controlled transmission in the UV region. The illuminator includes a 20% to 100% intensity control via rheostat, an adjustable iris to allow varying intensity without changing color temperature, removable bandpass filter, and an external filter holder. The 100-W metal-halide bulb within the illuminator has a lamp life of about 6000 hours and a color temperature of 5300 K.
Edmund Industrial Optics, Barrington, NJ

Frequency-stabilized lasers

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The OFS-3100 series of frequency-stabilized lasers is designed for spectroscopy and interferometry, industrial and environmental sensing, aerospace, and research applications. The lasers provide a frequency stability of 1 MHz and a linewidth less than 2 kHz. The portable laser system is offered in 1514- to 1605-nm wavelength range and is available with 20-, 50-, or 100-mW continuous-wave optical output power.
DiCOS Technologies, Quebec, Canada

48-in. light lines

Improved capability to manufacture 48-in.-long light lines has been announced. The process uses a proprietary method to align and nest fiber in a linear array, ensuring optimal packing and parallel fiber placement. The product offers concentrated output in a very uniform pattern.
Fiberoptics Technology, Pomfret, CT

Optical-loss test set

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The Model 1300 optical-loss test set is designed for TFOCA (tactical optic-fiber connector assembly), TFOCA-II, MIL-C-28876, and standard hermaphroditic fiberoptic connectors. The integrated test set is specifically intended to test and verify multi-..fiberoptic cable assemblies. The set includes two optical sources and two power meters in a single unit with an integral interface connector.
Fiber Systems International, Allen, TX

PMT modules

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The H9170-45/H9170-75 photomultiplier tube (PMT) modules combine a PMT, an air-cooled TE cooler and an HV power supply with a protection circuit. The H9170-45 covers the 950- to 1400-nm range with peak sensitivity of 5 mA/W at 1300 nm while the H9170-75 covers up to 1700 with peak sensitivity of 3 mA/W at 1500 nm. The modules utilize a proprietary semitransparent NIR photocathode technology.
Hamamatsu, Bridgewater, NJ

Fluid control system

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The Model STRH for precision fluid control in analytical and process instrumentation integrates a patented CeramPump valveless piston-pumping principle with precision stepper control. The unit will dispense 0 to 100 µl per stroke at up to 50 ml/min, with continuous metering, at pressures up to 100 psig.
Fluid Metering, Syosset, NY

Adaptive-optics control system

The Clarifi system provides closed-loop control for Intellite's MEMS-based, deformable mirror shape at rates of up to 30 Hz based on feedback from a video camera. The system includes a 16-mm diameter, 37-actuator silicon deformable mirror, CCD video camera, PC with Clarifi mirror-control software, a video frame grabber, a high-voltage mirror driver and interface box, and interconnecting cables.
Intellite, Albuquerque, NM

Color filter VGA

The CyberDisplay color filter VGA is a 0.44 in. diagonal 640 × 480 color-pixel display. The miniature footprint VGA is designed for computer generated graphic applications and video applications such as digital still cameras, mobile devices with Web browsing capabilities, video games, and DVD viewers.
Kopin, Taunton, MA

Excimer laser

The new 2-kHz Novatex industrial excimer laser is available at 248-nm (KrF) or 193-nm (ArF) wavelengths, with stabilized average powers of 32 and 12 W, respectively. Intended for photo-mask writing applications, the laser has a bimodular design that separates the laser head from the external supply.
Lambda Physik, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Compact lenses

New, compact ML-N lens series are designed for use with picture sensors in shape recognition applications including food labeling inspection, surveillance and defective product identification. The series utilizes a nontelecentric optical system that provides high resolution and low TV distortion.
Moritex Europe, Cambridge, England

LED light engines

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LED light engines that utilize super-bright LED and proprietary Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramic on Metal (LTCC-M) technology are designed for traffic signals, automobiles, road signage, and industrial light applications. The initial two LED light engines feature either a 7-element LED array or a 134-element LED array.
Lamina Ceramics, Westampton, NJ

Polarization controller

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A polarization controller utilizes liquid-crystal (LC) technology. This fiberoptic PC provides real-time control of the state of polarization of lightwaves in single-mode fibers. It consists of three or four LC retarders in a 10-pin DIL package. The control over the state of polarization is achieved by individually changing the voltages applied to each retarder, which controls the retardation.
Lightwaves 2020, Milpitas, CA

Epoxy adhesive

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EP51FL is a new flexible epoxy resin with a 1:1 mix ratio, weight or volume. It cures rapidly at room temperature and has a setup time of 30 to 40 minutes. It is a 100% reactive system and no solvents or volatiles are emitted during cure. The adhesive ..can bond to substrates including metals, glass, ceramics, wood, various rubbers, and most plastics.
Master Bond, Hackensack, NJ

Wafer measurement system

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The MicroLine 400 critical-dimension measurement system automatically measures linewidth, overlay, and other critical features of wafers and photomasks. The system measures features from 0.5 to 400 µm in size. Measurement repeatability is 4 nm (1 sigma) with a 100× objective lens. A motorized X-Y stage provides better than 25-µm stage positional accuracy. A vibration-isolation table is also included.
Micro-Metric, San Jose, CA

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