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The UVM-1 microscope operates in the UV through the near-IR, from 200 to 2500 nm.

Th 237466

Optical-analysis microscope

Th 237466
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The UVM-1 microscope operates in the UV through the near-IR, from 200 to 2500 nm. It can image either narrow bands or over a wide spectral range, depending on requirements. It is capable of transmittance, reflectance, polarization, and fluorescence. It images with submicron resolution and has a large number of UV, visible, and near-IR objectives.
Craic Technologies, San Dimas, CA

Patterned dichroic filters

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Patterned dichroic filters made with the latest photolithography equipment and precision deposition technology can contain multiple coatings on a single substrate with dimensions as small at 100 µm, with accuracy of ±1 µm and feature placement accuracy of ±5 µm. They can be designed for wavelengths from UV to near-IR and applied to many substrates.
Deposition Sciences, Santa Rosa, CA

White-LED modules

Th 0702lfwoptotech
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The new OTLA-0130 broadband white-LED light engine is designed for applications requiring the full UV-to-red spectrum. The module integrates a white LED with additional monochromatic LED die to expand the unit’s spectral output. It has a light-emitting source size of less than 2 mm diameter and each LED wavelength can be individually addressed for separate pulsing and intensity balancing.
Opto Technology, Wheeling, IL

Vacuum furnace

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The CVF 1000 ultra-high-clean vacuum furnace is designed for degassing and conditioning components for use inside a vacuum environment. It has a 24 × 30 × 24 in. stainless-steel, water-cooled chamber with hinged front door; thermocouple control to 1000°C; high-vacuum cryogenic pumping; molybdenum and inconel hot zone; full computer control with data logging; and recipe-driven procedures with optional chart recording.
Kurt J. Lesker Co., Clairton, PA

Positioning stage

Th 0701lfwpi
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The V-106 Quick Scan series of PCI-card-driven, high-speed voice coil positioning stages provide up to 20 mm of travel and resolution to 100 nm. The closed-loop stages are designed for motion-control applications in biotechnology, laser beam control, scanning, optics, lens fishing, and fiber optics.
PI (Physik Instrumente), Auburn, MA

Differential-interference-contrast module

Th 237462
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A differential-interference-contrast module has been designed specifically for video imaging. When used with the company’s high magnification lenses, the DIC allows users to image a microscopy sample to a video monitor, as opposed to using a standard microscope. The system produces a true 3-D representation of the surface geometry of a sample.
Navitar, Rochester, NY

Smart camera

Th 0701lfwvisioncomp
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The VC4458 smart camera is an integrated 1 GHz (8,000 MIPS) DSP. Suited for high-speed applications, such as controlling register marks in the printing industry, its 1/3 in. CCD sensor provides a 640 × 480-pixel resolution. Standard equipment includes an RS232 and an Ethernet interface, external trigger input and an encoder interface. It has SVGA video output, four digital PLC inputs, and four digital outputs.
Vision Components, Berlin, Germany

Enhanced range for 3-D laser scanner

Th 0701lfwoptech
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The enhanced-range option for the ILRIS-3D laser scanner increases the range by up to 40% over its normal range. The scanner is used in mining, monitoring, and large-infrastructure surveying. The new option improves accuracy and signal return at all ranges for more reliable measurements.
Optech, Toronto, ON, Canada

Polarized ring light

Th 0701lfworled
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The RL-9 LED ring light has a polarizing option that diminishes glare from reflective objects. Designed for use with inspection microscopes, light from the ring light passes through a polarizing film before arriving at the operator’s eye or the camera lens. The ring light can also be used for electronics, dentistry, and plastics applications.
Orled, Portland, OR

Optical-design software

Th 0701lfwopticalres
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CODE V 9.7 Optical Design Software has a new 2-D image-simulation function that models how an object would appear when imaged by the optical system. Using fast-Fourier-transform calculation, it takes into account diffraction, lens aberrations, distortion, relative illumination, and blurring due to the detector pixel size. A partial-coherence function and a Gaussian quadrature radial grid have also been added.
Optical Research Associates, Pasadena, CA

Compact C-mount lenses

Th 0701lfwschneider
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Xenoplan and Cinegon compact C-mount lenses now include built-in accessory threads for simplified filter mounting. Focal lengths range from 4.8 to 50 mm, featuring image circles with 2/3 or 1 in. formats and up to 22 mm diagonal. An enhanced-protection iris improves gray-scale calibration. The lenses can be used for high-resolution, megapixel machine-vision CCD and CMOS cameras.
Schneider Optics, Bad Kreuznach, Germany

YAG laser-rod transport package

Th 0701lfwvloc
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A spring-clip package is designed for the transport of YAG laser rods. It prevents the transported rod surfaces from incurring shipping damage due to slippage, contact with packaging materials, and container surfaces, or surface damage from the accumulation of foreign substances that reduces laser power output, focus, or operational life.
VLOC, New Port Richey, FL

Resolution target

Th 0702lfwappliedimage
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The QA-77 enhanced digital-camera resolution chart is based on ISO-12233 specifications but has extended resolution ranges. The range is from 100 to 4000 line widths per picture height on the central hyperbolic wedges and up to 2000 on the corner wedges. Additional features include Star Targets, short line-pair series, 5° slant bar and 5° dark gray square.
Applied Image, Rochester, NY

Dispersion-compensation module

Th 0611lfwteraxion
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The DCMX, a new platform in the ClearSpectrum product line, is an extended-reach, fixed chromatic-dispersion-compensation module (DCM). It was designed for 10 Gbit/s or 40 Gbit/s metro and long-haul DWDM networks, for spans up to 200 km. The DCMs are based on a patented multichannel Bragg grating technology.
TeraXion, Quebec, Canada

Video recorder

The Wavestore OPAL network video recorder is designed for megapixel and IP network camera recording in security and surveillance applications. It has 9-, 16-, or 32-camera recording capacity and 250, 500, or 750 GByte internal storage. Stills can be exported into jpeg, png, or bmp, or printed directly.
BFi OPTiLAS, Milton Keynes, England

Beam combiner

Th 237465
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An all-fiber beam combiner has been developed for red and blue solid-state lasers. Utilizing fused-fiber technology, the single-mode fiber acts as a spatial filter for higher-order laser modes and produces a TEM00 true Gaussian profile for the combined and collinear output beams. Uses include biomedical applications such as flow cytometry and fluorescence microscopy.
Point Source, Hambie, England

Blue lasers

Th 0702lfwcoherent
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The Sapphire all-solid-state, 488-nm laser line now has a 500 mW output option in its HP version in a 215 × 140 × 51 mm laser head. The LP version offers 75 mW output in a 125 × 70 × 34 mm head. Both have M2 less than 1.1, divergence less than 1.2 mrad, pointing stability below ± 30 µrad over 2 h and ± 3°C, and noise less than 0.5% rms from 20 Hz to 2 MHz.
Coherent, Santa Clara, CA

Modeling tutorials

Th 0702lfwcomsol
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A series of free tutorial CDs based on Multiphysics software introduces users to modeling, simulation, and virtual prototyping. The CDs provide introductions to Multiphysics modeling, acoustics simulations, RF simulations, AC/DC simulations, and the company’s Reaction Engineering Lab.
Comsol, Burlington, MA

Automated laser processing

Th 237468
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The LaPro VS3 series of automated laser processing systems can be configured for marking, micromachining, thin-film trimming, and other applications. Laser sources specific to the intended application are supplied with wavelengths from UV to IR and pulse widths from femtoseconds to CW. High-speed, high-precision automatic part handling with linear motors is available.
Citam Oy, Turku, Finland

X-ray camera

Th 0702lfwdalsa2
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The XR-4 scientific and medical x-ray camera is a 16-megapixel CCD for high-resolution radiography applications. It can operate at 10 frames/s, requires no frame grabber, and uses standard Gigabit Ethernet output. Three models have fields of view of 7.5 × 7.5, 7.5 × 15, or 15 × 15 cm.
DALSA, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Laser modules

Th 0702lfwedmund
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A line of EO laser-diode modules is designed for integration by OEMs for medical, industrial, and R&D applications. Output is TEM00 with an M2 less than 1.5. Collimated beams have divergence of less than 0.5 mrad, and the modules can be focused. Ten models, both modulated and unmodulated, at 635 and 785 nm offer output power from 1 to 6 mW.
Edmund Optics, Barrington, NJ

Semiconductor laser

Th 0702lfwelk
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The Model 3200S semiconductor laser provides 2 to 4 mW output at 635 or 670 nm and can operate as a CW or pulsed source. Pulse frequency is from 1 to 14.28 Hz. A rechargeable battery provides six hours of operation. The laser measures 3.5 × 0.75 inches and has an operating temperature of -10°C to 40°C.
Elk Industries, Melbourne, FL

Optical components

Th 0702lfwelliotsci
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A range of optical components includes right-angle and swivel post clamps, 1 in. post clamps, lens holders, kinematic base plates, fixed mirror holders, rotation units for waveplates, iris diaphragms, filter holders, lockable mirror mounts, kinematic mounts, flipper mirrors, flipper mounts, and 0.5 and 2 in. mirror mounts.
Elliot Scientific Ltd. Harpenden, Hertfordshire, England


The Intellium Z100 HR is a 100 mm Fizeau interferometer with a high-resolution camera of 1500 × 2000 pixels, for measuring large slope angles in transmission and reflection. It uses IntelliWave software with IntelliPhase for vibration-insensitive acquisition. The compact instrument is designed to be mounted on a larger system, and a variety of accessories is available.
Engineering Synthesis Design, Tucson, AZ

Fault locator

Th 0702lfwfiberinst
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The Pocket Fault Locator is designed for finding excessive bends and breaks in fiber-optic cable. It comes in 1.25 and 2.5 mm models. It includes an all-aluminum housing, a 650 nm laser, and heavy-duty belt holster.
Fiber Instrument Sales, Oriskany, NY

Digital light source

The RS-5A programmable digital light source is designed for testing and characterizing CCD, CMOS, and other image sensors, detectors, and cameras. Optical heads provide narrowband, quasi-monochromatic, or broadband white spectral output from the UV into the NIR. It can be controlled through a rear panel, through a desktop controller, or through a standard RS232 connection.
Gamma Scientific, San Diego, CA

PMD compensation

Th 0702lfwgeneralphot
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The PMD-601 compensation development platform allows users to develop system-specific algorithms to compensate for polarization-mode dispersion in 40 Gbit/s systems. The modular, plug-in platform contains polarization controllers, variable differential group delay lines, and a high-speed polarimeter for monitoring. Driver software is also included.
General Photonics, Chino, CA

NIR photomultiplier

Th 0702lfwhamamatsu
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The H10330 near-IR photomultiplier tube comes in three models, the -25 with a spectral range of 950 to 1200 nm, the -45 with 950 to 1400 nm, and the -75 with 950 to 1700 nm. Each comes in a high-vacuum housing with a built-in thermoelectric cooler, with no external vacuum pump required. Start-up time is approximately 20 minutes.
Hamamatsu, Bridgewater, NJ

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