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The MicroVista NIR camera is a back-thinned CMOS camera optimized for near-IR imaging.

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CMOS camera

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The MicroVista NIR camera is a back-thinned CMOS camera optimized for near-IR imaging. The camera has proprietary antireflection coatings, a 100% fill factor, a 1280 × 1024 format, 10.8 µm square pixels, supports 30 frames/s full frame, and has a Camera Link data port. Applications include biometrics, NIR microscopy, low-light NIR imaging, medical imaging, hyperspectral imaging, and surveillance.
Intevac, Santa Clara, CA

Laser diodes

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The HPD6020 830 nm high-power single-emitter laser diodes are single-mode lasers with up to 200 mW of output power. The lasers, based on patented quantum-well intermixing technology, are available in wavelengths of 830 nm ±5 nm in a selection of standard packages including 5.6 mm, 9 mm, and C-mount.
Intense, Glasgow, Scotland

Inspection device

Th 0710lfwmoritex
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The Super Optical Device 3 (SOD-III) includes an optical body that uses coaxial episcopic illumination to image flat surfaces. It is used with a metallurgical microscope lens to produce high-quality images. Applications include LCD and wafer defect inspection and alignment, optical alignment, and automated inspection of small components.
Moritex Europe, Munich, Germany

Tunable top-notch filter

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A tunable top-notch filter blocks a narrow bandwidth while maintaining up to 80% throughput between 350 nm and 2.5 µm. These filters allow access to Raman shifts as low as 10 cm-1, with a minimum of OD 4 and a tuning range of several hundred nanometers. Designed as a high-throughput replacement solution for triple spectrographs, the compact, all-glass holographic filters are based on volume Bragg gratings, offer simple alignment, and have USB control.
Photon etc., Montreal, Canada

Bandpass filters

Th 0709lfwlakeshorecryo
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A line of bandpass filters based on metal mesh technology has center wavelengths from 15 to 200 µm. They offer center wavelength transmission up to 80% with a tolerance of ±0.1 µm and out-of-band transmission down to 0.5%. They are 1 mm deep and have stable, repeatable performance down to 4K.
Lake Shore Cryotronics, Westerville, OH


The Mercury II encoder has programmable resolution, output frequency, and alarms. It provides digital output from the sensor and differential output from the encoder and has a double-shielded cable for noise immunity. It provides gain, offset, and phase correction, and has fail-safe and discrete left and right limits.
MicroE Systems, Natick, MA

Telephoto imaging lens

Th 0710lfwsunex
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The DSL208 day/night telephoto imaging lens for CMOS and CCD cameras has a lens-limited field of view of 22º on 1/3 in. or 17º on a 1/4 in. sensor. This narrow field of view provides a telephoto effect and multimegapixel resolution. Features include a 21.3 mm total track length, M12 barrel, and an all-glass optical design optimized for VIS through NIR for day and low-light imaging.
Sunex, Carlsbad, CA

Beam analyzer

The M2-200S beam-propagation analyzer is 26 × 17 × 44 cm in size and reports beam quality in less than two minutes. It covers wavelength ranges of 250 to 370 nm for quad and tripled YAGs, 400 to 700 nm for doubled YAGs, 650 to 1100 nm for fundamental YAGs, and 1000 to 1800 nm for fundamental plus telecom.
Ophir-Spiricon, Logan, UT

Piezomotor stage

Th 0709lfwpi
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The M-686 low-profile, XY, open-frame, piezomotor stage with 0.1-µm-resolution linear encoders is designed for automated positioning applications in inspection and microscopy. The motor provides speeds up to 100 mm/s and response time in milliseconds. It has a clear aperture of 78 × 78 mm and operates closed-loop. Travel is 25 × 25 mm.
PI (Physik Instrumente), Auburn, MA

Bright LEDs

Luxeon Rebel LEDs deliver minimum flux levels of 90 and 100 lumens of cool-white light. They maximize light output with the company’s thin-film flip-chip technology. LEDs with outputs of 70 and 80 lumens are also available.
Philips Lumileds Lighting Co., San Jose, CA

CCD cameras

The GE4900 16-megapixel CCD camera has 4872 × 3248-pixel resolution and runs at 3 frames/s over a GigE Vision-compliant interface. It incorporates a Kodak KAI-16000 progressive-scan CCD sensor with electronic global shutter for capturing high-speed motion. Exposure times are programmable from 1/100,000 to 60 s.
Prosilica, Burnaby, BC, Canada

Design software

Version 4.7 of Optical Communications Design Suite includes OptSim and its multimode companion ModeSYS. The version includes a new DFE/FFE EDC model with MMSE criterion coefficient optimization and advanced D(Q)PSK models for bitrate up to 100 Gbit/s and beyond. OptSim allows the simulation of models based on standards such as 10GBASE-LRM and ITU G.959.1.
RSoft Design Group, Ossining, NY

Inspection tool

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The PQEye print-quality inspection tool is based on a smart camera with resolution up to 1280 × 1024 pixels. It measures 120 × 50 × 35 mm without a lens. It is run by TI digital-signal processors that operate at 1 GHz and supply computational power of 8000 MIPS. It can detect defects a few pixels in size on media moving at up to 300 m/minute.
Value Engineering Alliance, Cambridge, MA

Moisture analyzer

The Halo+ mini cavity-ring-down spectroscopy analyzer can measure trace moisture in ultra-high-purity gases down to parts-per-trillion levels. It provides calibration-free measurement for semiconductor fabrication, laboratory calibration, and industrial process-control applications.
Tiger Optics, Warrington, PA

Linear air-bearing stage

Th 0710lfwaerotech
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The ABL 1500 Series Linear Air-Bearing Stage incorporates an active air preload on all air-bearing surfaces. Designed for scanning and inspection, the stage uses the BLMC series brushless linear servomotor and has travel up to 500 mm. Linear-encoder feedback provides subnanometer resolution. The noncontact, air-bearing design requires no maintenance. It is suited for clean-room and medical applications.
Aerotech, Pittsburgh, PA

Cutting laser

Th 0709lfwlpkf
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The MultiCut Stencil Laser cuts standard SMIT stencils at a rate of 13,000 to 18,000 apertures per hour. It is based on a high-power fiber laser that requires little maintenance. The beam-delivery system allows it to cut small apertures of any shape without table motion. It is suited for cutting BGA and µBGA stencils.
LPKF Laser & Electronics, Wilsonville, OR

Optical-channel monitor

Th 0710lfwams
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The optical-channel monitor from Princeton Lightwave provides data on optical transmission signals in DWDM networks with a scan time of less than 100 ms. It is based on patented spectrum-analysis technology that includes a fixed fiber grating and a detector array for an accuracy of more than 50 pm.
AMS Technologies, Munich, Germany

Industrial cameras

Th 0710lfwbasler
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The Pioneer family of cameras includes ten cameras with GigE Vision-compliant interfaces. The piA640-210gm/gc camera has a Kodak KAI-0340 CCD sensor for up to 210 frames/s at VGA resolution. The piA1000-48gm/gc has a Kodak KAI-1020 CCD image sensor for 48 frames/s, full speed at 1 megapixel. The piA1600-35gm/gc has a Kodak KAI-2020 CCD image sensor for 35 frames/s with 2-megapixel resolution.
Basler, Ahrensburg, Germany

Biofuels analyzer

Th 0710lfwapectrics
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The EP-NIR 2750i biofuels analyzer is designed for biodiesel quality control and to analyze biodiesel blend percentages in real time. The analyzer incorporates the new eCalTransfer capability and an integrated sample interface. It has a scanning rate of 100 scans/s and a spectral range of 128 photometric channels.
Aspectrics, Houston, TX

Laser-diode stack array

Th 0710lfwdilas
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A conduction-cooled, quasi-continuous-wave (QCW) stack array is available in configurations of 100 W per bar or 150 W per bar. Suited for high-temperature applications, the stack arrays feature AuSn solder technology and have standard wavelengths at 808, 940, and 980 nm. Unique mounting and cooling technology allows the bars to be stacked vertically for uses requiring QCW power in a small area.
Dilas Diode Laser, Tucson, AZ

LWIR zoom lens

A 3× zoom lens features continuous infrared zoom technology for focal lengths between 25 and 75 mm and an angular FOV from 6 to 18 degrees. While traditional long-wave-IR lenses focus at two or three preset positions, this lens maintains a sharp image at all focal lengths, suiting it to applications in which temporary image loss is unacceptable.
Computer Optics, Hudson, NH

NIR linear polarizers

Th 0710lfwedmund
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TECHSPEC NIR linear polarizers provide uniform performance across a broad spectral range, with extinction ratios from 40 dB at 830 nm to 50 dB at 1310 and 1550 nm. Average transmission is more than 30% for a wavelength range of 1000 to 2000 nm. In-stock sizes from 12.5 to 50 mm diameter and wavelength ranges from 750 to 850 and 1000 to 2000 nm are available.
Edmund Optics, Barrington, NJ

Scanning-electron microscope

The Nova NanoSEM 30 series field emission scanning-electron microscope (SEM) features new low-kilovolt performance for enhanced surface characterization, high current for compositional analysis capabilities and operation in low vacuum to characterize uncoated and insulating samples. The series integrates new Shottky-gun and beam-deceleration technologies.
FEI, Hillsboro, OR

Dispersion- management modules

The MOSAIC compact dispersion-management modules enable access to undistorted pulse delivery in complex optical systems. All models feature new high-dispersion mirrors and cause minimal beam displacement. The modules are suited for nonlinear microscopy, using dispersion precompensation that provides enhanced tissue penetration depths and reduced thermal loading of samples.
Femtolasers Produktions, Vienna, Austria

Fusion splicer

Th 0710lfwfujikura
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The Large Diameter Fiber (LDF) series of fusion splicers performs splices using an arc-fusion technique, eliminating the need for an external gas supply. An intuitive graphical interface enables users to program the splicer’s automated alignment system. New attenuation modes for polarization maintaining fiber are included.
Fujikura, Tokyo, Japan

Atom-probe microscope

Th 0710lfwimago
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The LEAP HR microscopes allow materials-research scientists to analyze specimens in three dimensions with near-atomic resolution and compositional imaging. The LEAP 3000 HR configuration provides voltage-pulse-mass resolution and the LEAP 3000X HR configuration includes a laser-based atom-probe capability as well as voltage pulsing.
Imago, Madison, WI

Mini DIL pump laser

The LU0977M250-2002F41A uncooled, 980 nm Mini DIL pump laser provides 275 mW optical output power in a temperature range from 0º to 70ºC. With a footprint of 7 × 13 mm and a maximum height of 5 mm, the modules are designed for use in single-channel fiber amplifiers deployed in high-speed optical-telecommunications networks.
Lumics, Berlin, Germany

Epoxy-resin system

Th 0710lfwmasterbond
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The EP27 epoxy-resin system is designed to cure at low temperatures. In 6-mil-thick films, EP27 will set in two hours at 40ºF and will cure in 48 to 72 hours. It has a noncritical mix ratio of 2 to 1 by weight or volume, a low mixed viscosity of 2000 cps, and chemical resistance to aggressive solvents.
Master Bond, Hackensack, NJ

Video cameras

Th 0710lfwepix
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The SV5C10 12-bit color and the SV5M10 12-bit monochrome 5-megapixel 10 frames/s cameras feature an external trigger, a flexible interface cable, and software control. The area of interest is adjustable for higher frame rates. High-quality, uncompressed video-rate sequences can be captured to computer memory or to a hard drive.
Epix, Buffalo Grove, IL

Buffered CMOS cameras

Buffered USB 2.0 CMOS cameras are designed for simultaneous image acquisition from multiple cameras. The cameras include 1.3-megapixel monochrome models with 8- and 10-bit gray levels and 3-megapixel color models. All have on-board frame buffers and are suited for machine-vision and stereo-vision applications. OEM board-level cameras are available.
Mightex Systems, Toronto, Canada

Laser repair system

Th 0710lfwnewwave
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Optimized for high g-force gantry operation, the QuikLaze 200 laser system and BDS1000 beam-delivery system combine to create a rugged optomechanical platform that withstands 3g. The integrated FPD system is designed for LCD repair, semiconductor failure analysis, and light micromachining.
New Wave Research, Fremont, CA

Filter sets

Three fluorescence filter sets for use with CoralHue Keima-Red fluorescent protein include versions of both longpass and bandpass emission filters to accommodate a variety of single- and multifluor applications. Keima-Red has a large Stokes shift, useful for tracking protein-protein interactions and for multifluor use in fluorescence cross-correlation spectroscopy.
Omega Optical, Brattleboro, VT

CCTV video displays

Th 0710lfwpacer
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The TVS range of professional CCTV video displays includes CCTV LCD monitors with high-specification graphics cards and a compact 8.4 in. TFT/4-channel DVR with jpeg compression for retail and home security. Designed for surveillance systems, the RoHS-compliant displays integrate advanced video-processing technology from input to output.
Pacer USA, Blue Bell, PA

Axisymmetric- polarization elements

Th 0710lfwphotoniclattice
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A line of photonic-crystal elements generates beams with axisymmetric polarizations at a wavelength of 1064 nm. Models include the PLR-1064 and PLA-1064 polarizers, LMR-1064 and LMA-1064 laser mirrors, and the SWP-1064 segmented wave plate. Applications include optical trapping, laser cutting, optical lithography, and microscopy.
Photonic Lattice, Senai, Japan

Digital line-scan SWIR camera

Th 0710lfwsensorsunl
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The SU-LDH digital line-scan SWIR camera is designed for spectroscopy and machine-vision applications. The NIR InGaAs camera increases line rates for 1024 pixels to more than 40,000 lines per second, suitable for optical-coherence tomography and high-data-rate industrial process control.
Sensors Unlimited, Goodrich, Princeton, NJ

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