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High-power vertical diode-laser stack arrays are available in wavelengths from 630 to 1900 nm with output power up to 100 W CW per bar.

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Diode-laser stacks

Th 0712lfwdilas
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High-power vertical diode-laser stack arrays are available in wavelengths from 630 to 1900 nm with output power up to 100 W CW per bar. The water-cooled stack is available with up to 70 stacked bars, with collimation for fast-axis and fast- and slow-axis configurations. The standard design includes a dust protective or hermetically sealed housing with an AR-coated window.
Dilas Diodenlaser, Mainz, Germany

Regenerative amplifier

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The femtoREGEN UC all-in-one femtosecond regenerative amplifier delivers 2 W at 200 kHz with 350 fs pulse duration, based on Yb-doped materials. The 34 × 78 cm system is robust for industrial use and can be customized to an OEM integrators needs for applications such as tissue engineering and nanoprocessing.
High Q Laser, Bregenz, Austria

IR transmitters

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Infrared transmitters with operating parameters chosen by customers for their applications are available in moderate production quantities. Specifiable parameters include emitted wavelength from 750 to 2200 nm, power output level, and package style. Chips can use various chemistries with crystalline structures in MQW, DDH, and DH architectures.
Lumex, Palatine, IL

Beam stabilization

Th 0712lfwmrcwoptics
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The Dynamic-2 laser-beam stabilization system can be equipped with piezo-driven x-y actuators and reaches bandwidths of more than 1 kHz. The actuators have a tilting range of ±4 mrad. The system can be used for alignment tasks such as adjusting femtosecond lasers into hollow fibers or overlapping UV lasers with electron beams.
MRC Systems, Heidelberg, Germany

Low-power detector

Th 0711lfwgentec
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The XLP12 thermopile-based eXtreme low-power detector is designed for low-power measurements in both the μW and mW regimes with low thermal drift. The detector has a broadband flat response and a noise-equivalent power as low as 1 μW. It is suited for all-pulsed or CW low-power lasers.
Gentec-EO, Quebec, Canada


Th 0711lfwosram
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The new Golden Dragon high-power LEDs are available with a 20º or 40º beam characteristic, depending on the lens, in red, yellow, blue, and green. Suited for accent lighting, spotlights, or desktop lights, the light sources measure less than 1 cm high, including the integrated lenses. Both models provide 60 lm brightness and 54 lm/W efficiency.
Osram Opto Semiconductors, Munich, Germany

QVGA daylight-readable module

A 2.0 in., 0.95-mm-thick, QVGA daylight-readable module utilizes LTPS technology and a proprietary gate driver circuit to remove the gate driver capacitors from the glass and place them directly on the flexible printed-circuit board. The module is designed for use in handheld mobile devices.
TPO Displays, Chunan, Taiwan

Flatbed laser machine

Th 0711lfwtrumpf
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The TruLaser 5030 flatbed laser machine uses a newly designed beam-guide and cutting-head interface, allowing all sheet thicknesses to be processed using a single cutting head. The machine automatically changes the laser beam depending on the material to be processed. Integrated collision protection folds the head away during a collision. The new Fastline process optimizes the entire cutting process.
Trumpf, Farmington, CT

Piezo positioning stage

Th 0711lfwpi
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The P-733.3CD xyz, three-axis, nanopositioning/scanning stage has an E-761 bus piezo controller. Featuring a parallel-kinematics design, it has a travel range of 100 × 100 µm in x/y and 10 µm in z. The stage uses direct metrology with capacitive sensors for up to 0.1 nm resolution. It has a 50 × 50 mm clear aperture for transmitted-light applications.
PI (Physik Instrumente), Auburn, MA

Mercury line filters

Th 0711lfwsemrock
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The new MaxLamp family includes mercury lamp filters to isolate the 365 nm i-line and the 254 nm UV line. Available in 50- and 25-mm-diameter versions, these bandpass filters offer an average transmission of more than 93% and more than 65% over the 365 and 254 nm bands, respectively, with higher and wider out-of-band blocking than incumbent filters. Applications include spectroscopy, optical metrology, and photolithography.
Semrock, Rochester, NY

Silicon drift detectors

Th 0711lfwthermofisher
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Large-area UltraDry silicon drift detectors for electron microscopes detect low-energy x-rays down to beryllium. They provide clear peak separations in the low-energy region for spectral interpretation and analysis. They are designed for use in the NORAN System SIX with Direct-to-Phase (DTP) software for compound determination and identification within the sample.
Thermo Fisher Scientific, Cheshire, England

Rotary motion simulators

Th 0712lfwaerotech
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The ARMS series of direct-drive rotary-motion simulators provide angular rates, accelerations, and positioning for the testing of inertial components and systems such as MEMS, gyroscopes, inertial measurement units, avionics, and accelerometers. Resolution can be as fine as 0.02 arcs, with an accuracy of ±2.5 arcsec and repeatability to ±0.5 arcsec, with rate resolution to 0.002º/s and stability to 0.0001%.
Aerotech, Pittsburgh, PA

Laser marking system

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The LF050 5-W CW fiber-laser marking system is designed for marking and coding electronic components, with character heights below 150 µm and line widths below 30 µm. It offers marking speeds up to 800 characters/s and line speeds up to 10 m/s. It can mark foils, films, bags, and composite packaging materials.
Alltec Selmsdorf, Germany

Superluminescent diodes

Th 0712lfwanritsu
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The AS8Y100M30M superluminescent diode has optical output power of 1 mW at 800 nm and comes in a single-mode fiber-coupled coaxial module. The AS8C1150Z30M has optical power of 5 mW at 800 nm and typical spectral half width of 17 nm, and comes in a f/5.6 can package. They are designed for applications that require high power and a wide spectrum, including sensing and measurement applications. Anritsu, Richardson, TX

Optical subassembly

Th 0712lfwbookham
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An MSA-compatible, 2.5 Gbit/s transmit optical subassembly (TOSA) is designed for the TDM, CWDM, and DWDM SFP markets, and can also replace 14-pin butterfly direct-modulated lasers on card applications. It transmits at rates of 125 Mbit/s to 5.3 Gbit/s over 1600 to 6000 ps/nm dispersion, with an extinction ratio of more than 10 dB.
Bookham, San Jose, CA

IR camera

Th 0712lfwcedip
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The Adamant IR camera is a thermal surveillance system based on a 640 × 512 MCT, 15-µm-pitch focal-plane array. The three-fields-of-view optic is packaged in a military-spec, marine-qualified enclosure weighing 9 kg. The triple-fields-of-view lens has a wide 21.7º × 17.5º FOV, a medium range 6.9º × 5.5º FOV, and a narrow 1.7º × 1.4º FOV enabling detection of a tank-size target at 16 km.
Cedip Infrared Systems, Croissy-Beaubourg, France

Time-digital converter

Th 0712lfwagilent
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The Acqiris TC890 time-to-digital converter has six independent stopwatches for precise timing measurement from a common start event to multiple stop events. It records multiple hits on each of its six input channels with timing readout resolution of 50 ps and double pulse resolution of less than 15 ns. Data throughput is 25 million events/s.
Agilent Technologies, Santa Clara, CA

Strain sensor

Th 0712lfwamstech
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A fiber-optic distributed strain and temperature sensor from Oz Optics is designed for monitoring large structures such as oil pipelines, bridges, dams, and power lines. It generates and measures stimulated brillouin scattering in optical fibers. It measures strain with an accuracy of 2 µE and temperature with an accuracy of 0.1ºC at a length of up to 40 km with spatial resolution of 10 cm.
AMS Technologies, Munich, Germany

EMCCD cameras

The iXon and Luca electron-multiplying charge-coupled-device camera lines incorporate the company’s iCam firmware and software. It uses dedicated timing patterns to provide frame rates up to two times as fast as previously. It allows bidirectional communication between the camera and a PC, as well as tight synchronization with other peripheral equipment such as a filter wheel, laser AOTF, or z-stage.
Andor Technology, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Optics catalog

Th 0712lfwanchor
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A 100-page, full-color fall catalog features new commercial-grade achromats, large PCX condenser lenses, elliptical beamsplitters, and concave spherical mirrors. The optics are designed for industrial and commercial production applications.
Anchor Optics, Barrington, NJ

UV imaging

The QDI ImageUV imaging system for the QDI 2010 microspectrophotometer allows users to acquire both images and spectra of micron-scale samples in the ultraviolet, visible, and near-infrared. They can be acquired in transmittance, reflectance, polarization, and fluorescence. A software package allows the user to control a number of digital imaging sources.
Craic Technologies, San Dimas, CA


Th 0712lfwelectrooptical
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The HCA-S-400M series of 400 MHz photoreceivers from Femto (Berlin, Germany) has a bandwidth from DC to 400 MHz for optical measurements with rise times as low as 1 ns. They use either a silicon or InGaAs photodiode covering the 320 to 1700 nm range. They include an HF amplifier with gain of 5 × 103 to measure signals with optical power down to 4 µW.
Electro Optical Components, Santa Rosa, CA

Laser diodes

A line of single-wavelength laser diodes is designed for analog and other applications that require ultranarrow linewidth and low phase noise. The lasers emit at 1310 or 1550 nm, with RIN down to -160 dB and emission linewidths below 100 kHz at emitted powers as low as 500 mW.
Eblana Photonics, Dublin, Ireland

Glass-molding press

Th 0712lfwdyna
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The GP-5000 glass press is for compression molding of optical elements. It features a vacuum and inert gas purging system and provides high-precision position, force, heating, and cooling profiles throughout the molding process. It is user programmable and includes precision position control, load control, temperature control, and fluid process control.
Dyna Technologies, Sanford, FL

Excimer laser

Th 0712lfwcoherent
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The Xantos XS self-contained excimer laser is designed for simplified installation. It contains an internal gas compartment, consisting of a premixed laser gas bottle and all necessary gas supply equipment. It allows automatic refilling without external gas and vacuum lines. It is available in all fluoride wavelengths: 157, 193, 248, and 351 nm.
Coherent, Santa Clara, CA


A new catalog includes more than 1500 new products, including off-the-shelf blackened optics, NIR linear polarizers, corner cube retroreflectors with BBAR coating, long travel stages, fixed-focal-length lenses, and other optical components.
Edmund Optics, Barrington, NJ

Ti:sapphire oscillator

Th 0712lfwfemtolasers
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The Integral turnkey Ti:sapphire ultrafast oscillator allows users to choose power levels up to over 400 mW. Depending on the model, it provides pulses of faster than 10 fs and near-Gaussian-shape spectra of over 120 nm bandwidth. It can be operated via a 19 in. user interface or a computer interface for full process integration.
Femtolasers Produktions, Vienna, Austria

RGB sensor

The S10170 RGB color sensor is designed for use in RGB-LCD backlight monitors in portable devices or LCD monitors, detectors for various sources, and color detection applications. The three-channel sensor includes three photodiodes. The red sensor is sensitive from 590 nm upward, the green from 480 to 600 nm, and the blue from 400 to 540 nm.
Hamamatsu, Bridgewater, NJ

Single-emitter lasers

Th 0712lfwintense
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The HPD Series 6100 single-mode laser diodes provide up to 200 mW of kink-free power, with low astigmatism and a Gaussian far field. They are available in wavelengths of 980 ± 5 nm and 980 ± 10 nm, in a selection of standard packages such as 5.6 mm, 9 mm, and C-mount. Monitor photodiodes and other wavelengths are available.
Intense, Glasgow, Scotland

Pattern generator

The Multi Spot series pattern generator provides an array of 15 × 15, or 225, points. The separation angle is 0.5º pitch between the beams for a 1064-nm laser, creating a 7 × 7 degree full-angle picture. The standard diameter of the optic is 25.4 mm, but other sizes and designs for other wavelengths are available.
Holo/Or, Rehovot, Israel

Diode drivers

The LDX-36000 series of high-power laser-diode drivers now includes eight new models. The sources operate in quasi-continuous-wave mode with output ranges from 20 to 220 A or CW mode with output from 10 to 125 A, with compliance voltages from 10 to 70 V.
ILX Lightwave, Bozeman, MT

Radiometer/ photometer

Th 0712lfwlabsphere
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The SC 6000 programmable radiometer and photometer allows for up to 100 programmed calibrations. It allows users to create, upgrade, or expand a calibration in minutes using a variety of interchangeable detector assemblies, integrating spheres, light sources, and power supplies. It measures luminous and radiant flux, luminance, radiance, intensity, illuminance, and irradiance.
Labsphere, North Sutton, NH

DPSS laser

Th 0712lfwcobolt
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The Jive 75 diode-pumped, solid-state laser from Cobolt has output power up to 75 mW CW at 561 nm. Optical noise is better than 0.3% rms. It comes with single-mode fiber coupling and is designed for confocal microscopy applications.
Laser Lines, Banbury, Oxon, England

Filter catalog

The 2007 catalog, Precision Optical Filters for Fluorescent Microscopy, includes 15 new high-performance sets for fluorescent proteins and 10 new sets for FRET applications. It also includes a fluorophore reference table, light source and detector spectral data, and guidelines for choosing filter sets.
Omega Optical, Brattleboro, VT

Optical engine

Th 0712lfwliekki
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The 100 W CW optical engine module integrates the entire fiber amplifier or laser glass elements such as active or passive fibers, pump combiners, fiber Bragg gratings, and filters into a thermally engineered package. They contain ytterbium-fiber-based CW laser and amplifier modules emitting in the 1030 to 1090 nm range.
Liekki, Lohja, Finland


The ILRIS-36D scanner includes a profile scanning feature designed to eliminate alignment overlaps and speed up post-processing. New software synchronizes the rotational speed of the pan-and-tilt based with vertical scanning action to capture a complete or selected portion of a continuous 360º scene and automatically monitor rotational speed.
Optech, Vaughan, Ont., Canada

Megapixel CCD

The GC2450 CCD camera runs 15 frames/s at 2456 × 2048 resolution over a Gigabit Ethernet Vision-compliant interface. The housing measures 33 × 46 × 43 mm. It is based on a Sony 5-megapixel ICX-625 progressive-scan CCD sensor with global electronic shutter capable of capturing high-speed motion events.
Prosilica, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Video lenses

Th 0712lfwnavitar
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The Low Mag video-lens line now includes 27 new lenses designed for machine-vision applications. Included are 1 in. and 2/3 in. megapixel lenses, 2/3 in. compact fixed-focal-length lenses, and 1/2 in. wide-angle lenses.
Navitar, Rochester, NY

Optical-design software

Th 0712lfwopticalresassoc
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Version 9.8 of CODE V optical-design software includes new macro functions for manipulating simulated image pixel data. They allow users to perform such actions as combining multiple images, adjusting gamma, or compensating for known detector characteristics. A macro accesses the programs TOR analysis feature to let the designer optimize for best fabricated performance.
Optical Research Associates, Pasadena, CA

High-speed camera

Th 0712lfwphotron
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The Fastcam MC1 high-speed camera system is designed for production-line fault finding and process control. The remote head measures 35 mm3 and delivers 2000 frames/s at full resolution and up to 10,000 frames/s at reduced resolution. A 1 GByte memory option provides 2 s of record time at 2000 frames/s and 8 s at 500 frames/s. A 2 GByte option doubles that.
Photron, San Diego, CA

Alignment system

Th 0712lfwpinpoint
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The 2D Microgage laser alignment tool is aimed at precision measuring, machine alignment, calibration, and other industrial applications. It uses a compact laser transmitter, a receiver, and a digital display. Laser motion is read to an accuracy of 0.0001 in. The device provides a bright red beam and operates to a distance of 100 ft.
Pinpoint Laser Systems, Newburyport, MA

PMT system

Th 0712lfwvertilon
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The PhotoniQ IQSPF580 data-acquisition system has 32 channels for capturing data from photomultiplier tubes. It can interface with multianode PMTs, avalanche-photodiode arrays, and other types of multielement optical sensors. It has trigger rates approaching 1 MHz on all input channels, dynamic range of 84 dB, and single-photon sensitivity.
Vertilon, Westford, MA


Th 0712lfwpolyscience
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The 6000 Series recirculating chillers are designed to handle process temperature from -10ºC to 40ºC. They come in a wide variety of cooling capacities, compressor sizes, and pump types. They come with one-touch temperature control and bright LED readouts visible across a room. Audible and visible alarms warn when a preset parameter is exceeded.
PolyScience, Niles, IL

Laser autofocus

Th 0712lfwprior Scientific
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The LF210 laser autofocus combines intelligent microprocessor control and advanced optics to provide fast and reliable autofocus that eliminates the need to manually adjust the focus trim and loop gain. Its precision optics easily adjust to different microscopes and optical systems. It allows programming of gains, servo loops, speed, and other parameters.
Prior Scientific, Rockland, MA

Custom optical modules

Th 0712lfwresolveoptics
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Custom optical-module designs typically include relay lenses and beamsplitters or prisms to create many images from a single image and position them precisely onto several sensors. The modules are designed to customer specifications and include custom optics and coatings.
Resolve Optics, Chesham, Buckinghamshire, England

Photon detector

Th 0712lfwsensl2
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The SPMScint is a solid-state detector sensitive to single photons, for use with scintillators in radiation-detection applications. The detector consists of an array of Geiger-mode avalanche photodiodes, each individually coupled to a quench resistor. It has energy resolution of 12.5% at 511 KeV with a 3 × 3 × 15 mm3 LSO scintillation crystal.
SensL, Blackrock, Cork, Ireland

Ti:sapphire laser

Th 0712lfwzecotek
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The model TIS-SF-787 single-frequency, CW Ti:sapphire laser has a line width less than 10 kHz for use in fundamental research such as atomic cooling and trapping. It has a wavelength range from 690 to 1000 nm, and can reach the 345 to 500 nm range with a resonant frequency doubler.
Zecotek Medical Systems, Vancouver, BC, Canada

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