Optics Industry Report

Jan. 1, 2002
ARO acquires five-acre site for a new campus; MEMS collaboration seeks to accelerate time-to-market; Motorola forms subsidiary for new wafer technology ...

MEMS collaboration seeks to accelerate time-to-market
Colibrys SA (Neuchâtel, Switzerland) and Coventor Inc. (Cary, NC) have entered into joint development and manufacturing agreements for the development of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS). Focusing initially on MEMS for optical communications in the form of building blocks for eventual use across many applications, they expect evaluation samples and performance data on the first two devices, steerable mirror arrays and optical shutters, by the first quarter of this year.

CDT licenses LEP display technology to Dow
Cambridge Display Technology (CDT; Cambridge, England) and the Dow Chemical Company (Midland, MI) have reached an agreement licensing CDT's polyfluorene light-emitting polymer (LEP) technology to Dow. The two companies had been working separately to develop polymers for use in LEP displays, a version of organic light-emitting-diode (OLED) displays. The agreement, which is only for material intellectual property (IP), provides Dow access to CDT's IP covering polyfluorene-based LEPs and establishes guidelines for future development between the companies. Dow will focus on LEP materials development, performance, and scale manufacturing, and plans to commercialize materials for fabrication of full-color displays in 2002. Dow announced the commercial availability of its green LEP in October 2000 and plans to launch red materials by the end of this year and blue materials in the next nine months. As part of the deal between CDT and Dow, CDT has made available to Dow the polyfluorene blue LEP for further development.

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