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Oct. 1, 2009
Thin-film plate polarizers from Alpine Research Optics are optimized for use with Nd:YAG, Nd:YVO4, and Nd:YLF lasers operating at 1064, 1053, 532, 355, and 266 nm.


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Thin-film plate polarizers from Alpine Research Optics are optimized for use with Nd:YAG, Nd:YVO4, and Nd:YLF lasers operating at 1064, 1053, 532, 355, and 266 nm. They use a first-surface coating to separate orthogonal polarizations with a high extinction ratio (≥200:1), and are designed to work at Brewster’s angle (typically 56° angle of incidence), and can be tilt tuned (±3°) to optimize performance.
Saint-Gobain Crystals, Hiram, OH

Vertical-diode-stack laser

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The QCW High Power Vertical Diode Laser Stack is available in wavelengths from 808 to 9xx nm with power ranges up to 300 W QWC per bar and optional fast-axis collimation. The conduction-cooled stacks are available in one-bar, seven-bar, or eight-bar configurations. The compact, completely AuSn-soldered vertical stacks are designed for operation in high-temperature environments.
Dilas, Mainz, Germany
[email protected]

Fiber-laser marker

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TruMark 5020 is a fiber-laser marker scanner that converts pulse frequencies of up to 1 MHz. The modular system incorporates MOFPA (master-oscillator fiber-power amplifier) technology, allowing adjustable pulse duration. A mechanical lock prevents the laser beam from discharging between two marking procedures. It is suited for applications on metals and plastics.
Trumpf, Farmington, CT

Digital light source

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The Digital Light Source RS-5H simplifies the testing and calibration of optical instruments. The high-powered, color-tunable light source features 16-bit linear digital brightness control. Color and brightness are digitally controlled and can be changed in milliseconds. The system can output saturated blue, green, and red, and can simulate different illuminants. Brightness levels of thousands of lux can be achieved.
Gamma Scientific, San Diego, CA

Scan head

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The Intellicube 10 scan head comes in a compact sealed housing and is electrically and mechanically compatible with the company’s SCANcube 10. The digitally controlled system provides actual position and advanced status information.
Scanlab, Puchheim, Germany
[email protected]

Dichroic beamsplitters

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Hard-coated dichroic beamsplitters for image-splitting applications offer high image quality for both transmitted and reflected light when separating beams of light by wavelength for simultaneous capture of multiple images. For applications such as fluorescence-resonance energy transfer and real-time live-cell imaging, users can now separate two, four, or more wavelength ranges onto many cameras or regions of a single sensor.
Semrock, Rochester, NY

Joulemeter probes

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Two large-area pyroelectric joulemeter probes include the detector, fast integrating circuit, a thermistor, and an EPROM where calibration and wavelength-correction factors are stored. Model DPJ-25-DC is designed to measure at rep rates over 40,000 pps. DPJ-25-OB includes an optical black coating for flat spectral response from 0.25 to 15 µm.
Spectrum Detector, Lake Oswego, OR
[email protected]

Linear stage

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The PMT320 linear stage offers a repeatability of ±1 µm and travel distances from 600 to 1500 mm. It has a 320-mm-wide die-cast base profile and the 1000-mm-stroke stage weighs 70 kg. It has two drive options, a servo linear motor or DC rotary motor with precision ground ball screw.
Steinmeyer, Burlington, MA
[email protected]

Vibration-cancellation platform

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The STACIS FP active vibration-cancellation floor platform system, designed for scanning-electron microscopes, features sub-hertz vibration cancellation in an active hard-mount floor platform that fits most commercial SEMs. It has extended-stroke piezoelectric actuators and damped, powder-coated steel plates that sandwich four isolators and a digital controller. It measures 7 × 3 × 40 in., weighs less than 400 lb, and supports 2500 lb.
Technical Manufacturing, Peabody, MA
[email protected]

High-voltage amplifier

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The PZD350A high-voltage amplifier has a large signal bandwidth of 250 kHz (-3dB) and a small signal bandwidth over 350 kHz (-3dB). It offers precise control of output voltages (DC or peak AC) in the programmable ranges of 0 to ±350 V with an output current range of 0 to ±200 mA (bipolar model); 0 to +700 V with ±100 mA (unipolar model); 0 to -700 V with ±100 mA (unipolar model).
Trek, Medina, NY
[email protected]

RGB lasers

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A range of lasers is available with wavelengths of red, green, blue, and IR with output powers up to 200 mW. They have 5 to 30 VDC operation, with voltage, spike, and reverse polarity protection. At any voltage within this range, the lasers can be modulated analog and digitally simultaneously, at frequencies of up to 20MHz.
Z-Laser Optoelektronik, Freiberg, Germany
[email protected]

Marking lasers

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Redenergy fiber lasers are designed for a wide range of marking applications. The lasers include 25 selectable waveforms ranging from continuous wave to 500 kHz pulses. Users can tune peak power, pulse energy, and pulse frequency for their application. The company can also tailor beam quality to meet specific marking and micromachining requirements.
SPI Lasers, Southampton, England

CCD cameras

The LucaEM R is an electron-multiplying CCD camera for high-throughput in-line production inspection that provides single-photon detection sensitivity and high NIR quantum efficiency of 27% at 900 nm. The iKon-M 934 BR-DD is a megapixel CCD camera with approximately 70% quantum efficiency at 900 nm for luminescence imaging research of photovoltaic cells.
Andor Technology Belfast, Northern Ireland

White-light source

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The ELS-250 is a white-light source with high lumen maintenance, useful lifetime of 10,000 h, and a color rendering index of Ra = 94. It is based on electrode-less technology driven by a solid-state radio-frequency amplifier, which eliminates the primary degradation mechanism of high-intensity discharge lamps.
Asahi Spectra USA, Torrance, CA

Machine-vision camera

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The HX series of high-speed CMOS cameras provides frame rates up to 500 frames/s and resolutions better than 1.3 megapixels, for high-speed industrial inspection. The cameras can deliver frame rates up to 120,000 frames/s by restricting image data to one, two, or three regions of interest, with data transfer rates up to 680 MB/s.
Baumer Group, Southington, CT
[email protected]

Laser combiner

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The Dual Combiner provides alignment-free combination of any two lines of the company’s visible lasers. It provides a permanently aligned beam overlap with small dynamical tolerances of better than 20 µrad/°C. It can be used for drop-in replacement of gas lasers or as a way to expand the wavelength offering of existing light-engines.
Cobalt, Solna, Sweden
[email protected]

UV laser

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The MATRIX 355-1.5-70 laser produces 1.5 W of ultraviolet light at a repetition rate of 70 kHz for high-throughput applications. It provides pulse-to-pulse noise typically less than 2% rms, maximum pointing stability of ±15 µrad/°C, and beam quality of M² better than 1.3. It allows control over pulse energy and timing from the first to last pulse.
Coherent, Santa Clara, CA

EUV light source

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An extreme-ultraviolet light source for metrology, the EQ-10HR, operates at a pulse rate of 10 kHz to simulate the requirements of high-volume manufacturing for EUV lithography. It can be integrated into process tools and will run continuously for many billions of pulses.
Energetiq Technology, Woburn, MA
[email protected]

Integrating sphere

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The ISS-8K-100-VAHP integrating-sphere light source has uniformity within the 19-mm-diameter light output port area equal to or better than 98% within 90% of the port diameter. It is based around an 80-mm-diameter integrating sphere made from optically diffuse material, with more than 98% white-diffuse reflectance throughout the visible and near-infrared.
Gigahertz Optik, Newburyport, MA


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Loctite Ultra-Clear two-part silicones bond dissimilar substrates, especially glass, and maintain flexibility from -50°C to 230°C. They cure to handling strength in 15 minutes and have shelf lives of more than 12 months at room temperature. The 5620 cures in 30 minutes at room temperature; 5623 and 5625 cure in 24 hours at room temperature or one hour at 100°C.
Henkel, Rocky Hill, CT

Pattern generators

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1 × 81 pattern generators for 532 nm lasers come in one variant that generates a 20° full angle and one with a 10° angle. The are made of pure fused silica with transmission efficiency of approximately 95% and diffraction efficiency of approximately 75%. They are insensitive to misalignment and suited for single- and multimode lasers.
Holo Or, Rehovoth, Israel
[email protected]

Sensor modules

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Sensor modules can be adapted to a particular application with regard to the number of spectral channels, as well as the spectral transmission characteristics of each channel. The first sensor in this design has six channels, whose filters from 400 to 700 nm overlap one another and are uniformly distributed over this range.
MAZeT, Jena, Germany
[email protected]

Beam steerer

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The KTN solid-state scanner can steer a light beam in two-dimensional direction for both continuous- and step-scanning modes by controlling voltage. It operates over a wavelength range of 532 to 4000 nm. The scanner chip is composed of a small KTN crystal chip with electrodes. The module measures 20 × 30 × 60 mm.
NTT-AT, Tokyo, Japan


The TA-7600 series tapered amplifier for atomic and precision spectroscopy maintains low power densities even after amplification, avoiding damage to the semiconductor chip and still maintaining the high-quality transverse-mode structure of the seed source. The amplifier delivers more than 1 W and offers fiber-coupled input. Wavelengths of 767, 780, 795, and 852 nm are available.
Oclaro, San Jose, CA

Interference filters

SoFI solar-interference filters for quality checking and further development of solar cells convert the illumination spectrum of a lamp, such as xenon, into the equivalent of the solar spectrum, as defined by the IEC 60904-9 standard. The Class A filters produce spectra with narrower specifications than the standard.
Optics Balzers, Balzers, Lichtenstein
[email protected]

Solar simulator

The improved uniformity Model 10500 Low Cost Solar Simulator delivers one sun output up to a 35-mm-diameter illuminated field and three suns over smaller fields. The simulator is an ASTM, IEC, and JIS Class A AM 1.5 G output device. It is designed as an alternative to more fully featured solar simulators for applications that do not require a large-area illuminated field.
Abet Technologies, Milford, CT

Single-frequency DFB lasers

High-power single-mode, single-frequency DFB lasers operate at wavelengths between 760 and 1080 nm at powers up to 400mW. They feature narrow linewidths of less than 10 MHz and optional linewidths in the 10 KHz range are possible. SMSR is more than -40 dB and operating temperature range is -40°C to 85°C. Fiber-coupled and free-space package options are available. Applications include trace-gas sensing, atomic clocks, Raman spectroscopy, confocal microscopy, fiber-laser seeding, imaging, and terahertz spectroscopy.
Ahura Scientific, Wilmington, MA
[email protected]

Pen-type fiberoptic cleaner

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Neoclean-E is a simplified pen-type cleaner with a replaceable cleaning cartridge, for cleaning the end-faces of fiber connectors and in-adapter ferrules. It features an antistatic microfiber tissue that removes and secures all contaminants. Over 750 ferrule cleaning cycles per cartridge are possible. It is suitable for cleaning both PC and APC connectors. Versions are available in 1.25 and 2.5 mm.
AMS Technologies, Munich, Germany
[email protected]

Miniature non-MEMS resonant scanner

The SC-3 miniature non-MEMS resonant optical scanner features one fixed frequency from the range of 100 Hz to 1000 Hz. Mirror sizes are 6 mm diameter, 7 × 7 mm or 12 × 7 mm with a scan angle to 50° peak-to-peak optical and no radiated EMI. An AGC-type driver provides both sine-wave and TTL-level square-wave reference signals.
Electro-Optical Products, Fresh Meadows, NY
[email protected]

100 W fiber-coupled laser diode

A fiber-coupled laser diode delivers up to 100 W power out of a 105 µm core-diameter fiber with an NA lower than 0.12. The PLD-100 series is assembled using long-life 90-µm-wide single-emitter chips and proprietary micro-optics. The wall-plug efficiency exceeds 50% due to nonsaturated mode of operation at a thermally conductive passive cooling. Available wavelengths cover all 9xx nm spectral range.
IPG Photonics, Oxford, MA

Scanning/transmission electron microscope

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Tecnai Osiris scanning/transmission electron microscope (S/TEM) includes new patent-pending ChemiSTEM technology, which reduces the time for large field-of-view elemental mapping from hours to minutes. The 200 kV S/TEM microscope is designed for semiconductor-manufacturing and materials-science applications in both high-volume industrial and multi-user research laboratories.
FEI, Hillsboro, OR

Compact laser workstation

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The ILT1000 compact Class I laser workstation can be integrated with most fiber-delivered lasers. While the ILT1000 can be configured for cutting and marking, it is most commonly used for precision welding applications. It uses proprietary ILT HMI-2200 system control and data management software, allowing the operator to control motion, laser, vision (Part Find), lighting, live video, shield gas, and data collection from one interface.
Innovative Laser Technologies
[email protected]

Pocket optical-power meter

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The KI 9600 Pocket Optical Power Meter is a practical handheld tool with interchangeable connectors, multiwavelength referencing, multifiber ID tone detection, and display hold. A new general use InGaAs detectors suits all 600 to 1650 nm applications with a fiber core diameter up to 200 µm. Each instrument receives 2% traceable calibration at nine wavelengths.
Kingfisher, Victoria, Australia

Laser marking system

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The Maestro 3000 Series Integrated Control Box is designed for integration into galvanometer-based laser-marking prototype systems. It features an integrated power supply that supplies power directly to the laser-marking scan head. It combines an Ethernet-based LEC-1 controller, a power supply, and interface hardware (laser extension and I/O boards) into a slim and lightweight 1U rack-mountable enclosure.
Lanmark Controls, Boxborough, MA
[email protected]

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