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G-S PLASTIC OPTICS specializes in the custom manufacture of precision polymer optics for use in imaging, scanning, detection, and illumination applications worldwide.

Jul 1st, 2009
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Precision Polymer Optics

G-S PLASTIC OPTICS specializes in the custom manufacture of precision polymer optics for use in imaging, scanning, detection, and illumination applications worldwide. In addition to having an extensive catalog offering of precision polymer optics, the company has in-house capability to provide custom designed diamond turned and injection molded prototypes, production injection molding of optics, thin film and reflective coatings, and integrated optical solutions to meet a wide range of military, medical, commercial, and consumer markets. G-S PLASTIC OPTICS is fully ITAR compliant.

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Cargille Laboratories

Cargille Labs, started in 1924, develops and manufactures Optical Liquids calibrated for Refractive Index for use throughout many laboratory disciplines involving microscopy and/or optics, ex: aerospace, telecommunications, particle identification, hematology, geology, testing labs, art conservation, etc. A Specialty Optical liquids catalog is available which includes typical optical & physical properties and comparative diagrams of glasses and optical liquids. Cargille’s other catalog includes data sheets on Disposable Beakers, Heavy Liquids, Immersion Oils, Refractive Index and Immersion Liquids, Plastic Boxes, Reference Sets, Sample Storage Systems, Micro Slide and Tissue File Boxes and Viscosity Tubes.

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Cargille Laboratories
55 Commerce Road, Cedar Grove, NJ 07009 USA
(p) 973-239-6633, (f) 973-239-6096

TRA Linear Actuator

The TRA Linear Actuator is the latest addition to Newport’s line of high-value and reliable motorized actuators. TRA’s are compact, high resolution, high accuracy, ESP plug and play compatible and can be easily assembled with Newport mirror mounts or manual stages. Visit for more detailed information and pricing.

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Newport Corporation
(800) 222-6440

Laser Spectrum Analyzer

HighFinesse Laser Spectrum Analyzer: Affordability and performance in one compact device. With a built-in wavelength meter and internal calibration! The LSA is designed to analyze the multi-line or broadband spectrum of your light sources. Both cw and pulsed lasers, gas discharge lamps, super luminescence diodes, semiconductor laser diodes and LEDs.

  • Sensitivity: 5 nJ @ 633 nm
  • Low stage spectral resolution: (λ/ΔλFWHM): 1000
  • High stage spectral resolution (λ/ΔλFWHM): 30000
  • Broad Spectral Range
  • Linewidth accuracy: 10%
  • Built-in autocalibration

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AVO-9H2-B Pulsed Laser Diode Driver

The AVO-9H2-B is a high performance, GPIB and RS232-equipped pulser laser diode driver, with a maximum pulse amplitude of 2 Amps and a maximum repetition rate of 2 MHz. The pulse width may be adjusted from 8 to 30 ns, with < 2 ns rise and fall times. Like all models in the AVO-9 series, this instrument consists of a mainframe and an interchangeable output module. The output module contains the very-high-bandwidth socket for the laser device under test. This combination provides ease-of-use without compromising performance. Butterfly packages, TO-56, TO-3, DIP, DIL, threaded, and most other packages can be accommodated.

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New Laser Power/Energy Sensor

Ophir-Spiricon, the world’s leading provider of laser measuring equipment, introduces the PE50BF Pyroelectric Detector, the power/energy sensor with the highest damage threshold and widest spectral range in the industry. The PE50BF collects measurements from 150nm to 20µm at pulse rates to 120Hz. The ideal detector to measure pulse-to-pulse energy from high energy Nd:YAG pump lasers from the fundamental 1064 nm, to the quadrupled 266 nm line and all the energy per pulse from broadly tunable OPO’s and OPA’s.

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30W – 400W PI and PM Fiber Isolators

EOT has released a line of high power PM and PI isolators for 1um Yb:Fiber lasers. PM and PI fiber to fiber isolators with power handling up to 30W in both directions are now available. PM fiber to fiber isolators can be purchased with and optional ASE filter and escape ports. PM and PI fiber to free space isolators are available for powers up to 400W in the forward direction and 50W in the reverse direction. These isolators enable the use of high power Yb:Fiber lasers with highly reflective materials.

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Electro-Optics Technology, Inc. •

Beam Four Java Edition

Our latest optical ray tracer offers a collection of the most valuable tools for the optical designer. Because this edition is pure Java, it runs on all popular computers. It has computational support for lenses, mirrors, prisms, gratings, arrays, HOEs, irises of many types, and arrays of lenses and mirrors. It handles a wide variety of surface profiles including torics, polynomials, and Zernikes. Other features are WFE diagnostics and even stereo viewing. Visit our website and try the free download!

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Stellar Software

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