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LightTools 6.3 illumination design and analysis software adds an alternate optimization engine that supplements the existing optimizer and lets users address a broader range of design problems.

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Optical-design software

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LightTools 6.3 illumination design and analysis software adds an alternate optimization engine that supplements the existing optimizer and lets users address a broader range of design problems. It permits optimization with user-defined variables, merit functions, and constraints, using either engine. The software also has an expanded LED library and an enhanced thin-film modeling utility.
Optical Research Associates, Pasadena, CA
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Fiber laser

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The VFL-P-1000-514 fiber laser delivers 1 W output at 514 nm. It is powered by a compact 12 V DC power supply and consumes 7 A. It comes with a USB port and a graphical user interface. The laser emits a diffraction-limited, linearly polarized beam from a compact SHG head measuring 130 × 50 × 33 mm.
MPB Communications, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Industrial diode laser

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An industrial diode laser delivers 10 kW via a 1 mm fiber. The device measures 770 × 950 mm with an optional integrated chiller. The laser is up to 45% efficient. It is designed for heat treatment, cladding, and brazing.
Laserline, Muelheim-Kaerlich, Germany
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Optical coatings on plastic

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Optical thin-film coatings can be deposited on materials such as Ultem, Zeonex, and a variety of polycarbonate plastics. The coatings operate from the visible through the infrared, for applications such as LED lighting and medical devices, UAV optics, and photovoltaic systems. They include bandpass filters, dichroic coatings, high reflectors, and various metal coatings.
Deposition Sciences, Santa Rosa, CA
[email protected]

Coated lens

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Clear Magic is an ultra-low-absorption lens with a coating transparent to visible light. The coating allows beams from helium-neon lasers to be seen on the workpiece, while polarizing filters help to detect thermally induced stress. It is available in 1.5 and 2 in. diameters for most popular OEM systems.
Ophir Optronics CO2 Optics Group, Jerusalem, Israel

Rod-type fiber

The DC-200-85-Yb-ROD is an ytterbium-doped rod for use in output stages of amplifier chains for pulsed laser amplification. The fiber has a 65 µm mode-field-diameter ytterbium core. The 200 µm pump core diameter accepts pump light at numerical aperture values up to 0.54 for pumping at 915 or 976 nm. Pump absorption is 30 dB/m for 976 nm pumping.
NKT Photonics, Birkerod, Denmark

Diffuser lenses

Injection-molded light-shaping diffuser lenses for LEDs are available in custom sizes and shapes in a variety of symmetrical and asymmetrical beam angles, suitable for recessed down-lights as well as parabolic aluminized and multifaceted reflector lamp formats. They can be designed to fit a lighting fixture with mechanical tabs or clips molded in.
Luminit, Torrance, CA

LED illuminator

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The compact EL200 LED illuminator features a cold light source, a luminous flux of approximately 150 lm and an LED lifetime of 20,000+ hours. The RoHS-compliant device includes continuous brightness control, homogeneous light output and no noise or vibration. Applications include cold light illumination, optical surface finish inspection, microscope illumination, and industrial illumination.
Photop, Fujian, China
[email protected]

High-power fiber lasers

The FL x75 and FL 010 high-power fiber lasers provide output powers of 750 and 1000 W, respectively. The FL series can be coupled in fiberoptics with diameters of 50 to 600 µm for equivalent beam qualities of 2.5 to 30 mm × mrad. An optional beam switch and energy-share modules are available. A single laser can be used in up to four individual work cells.
Rofin-Sinar, Hamburg, Germany

Infrared blocker

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An infrared-blocking hot mirror protects liquid-crystal displays from solar heat and radiation in outdoor applications. The thin-film coating reflects energy between 750 and 1200 nm, protecting the display screen and eliminating the black-out that is common in an unprotected LCD under bright sunlight, extending the life of the display.
Abrisa, Santa Paula, CA

Pump combiners

A range of low-port-count, multimode pump combiners with a signal feed-through fiber–a 2+1×1–from Gooch & Housego is available at center wavelengths of 1064 and 1550 nm, with both polarization-maintaining and single-mode feed-through fibers. Signal performance is essentially wavelength independent over the C-band for 1550 nm devices and over a 60 nm range for 1064 nm devices.
AMS Technologies, Munich, Germany
[email protected]

Laser diode

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The ADL-80V03 series laser diode in a 5.6 mm TO can provides 500 mW output at 808 nm and high pumping efficiency required for both diode-pumped solid-state laser and direct applications, such as light shows, medical uses, and laser levels. “De-capping”-type diodes for special demands in crystal alignments are also available.
Arima Lasers, Taoyuan, Taiwan

Color cameras

The Falcon 4M60 and 4M30 color cameras deliver 4-megapixel data rates and 62 or 31 frames/s, with global shuttering for crisp, clear, color imaging. Features include exposure control, color gain adjustment, and flat-field correction, which removes fixed pattern noise, photo-response nonuniformity, and other nonuniformities associated with imaging.
Dalsa, Waterloo, Ont., Canada

Femtosecond oscillator

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The Trestles Opus is a Ti:sapphire oscillator that produces laser pulses with a duration from 50 to 100 fs at an average power up to 400 mW at 800 nm. It is tunable in the range and isi also available with any fixed center wavelengths of 750, 770, 790, 810, 830, 850, or 870 nm and other wavelengths in between. Del Mar Photonics, San Diego, CA

Index-matched adhesives

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IMO-bond, a process of applying rigid optical filters (for example, contrast enhancing, EMI/RFI shielding, or Therma Klear transparent heaters) to electronic displays via a refractive-index-matched optical bonding process, includes a family of index-matched adhesives that optically couple a cover glass or touch screen to the display to eliminate reflection losses.
Dontech, Doylestown, PA
[email protected]

Broadband sources

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Broadband light-source benchtop instruments based on superluminescent light-emitting-diode technology combine the spatial coherence of a laser diode with the temporal incoherence of an LED. The turnkey systems offer maximum optical bandwidth of 360 nm, minimum coherence length of 2.7 µm in air, high output power and optionally low degree of polarization.
Exalos, Schlieren, Switzerland

Ultrafast fiber laser

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FP1060-HE lasers are based on a robust modelocked fiber laser, generating ultrafast pulses in excess of 10 µJ and durations to below 20 ps. The lasers are designed for processing of traditionally challenging materials, including polymers, glasses, organic tissue, and reflective metals. The systems feature an external modulator allowing pulse repetition rates from single shot to 20 MHz.
Fianium, Southampton, England
[email protected]

Fiber lasers

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The JenLas nanosecond 10 to 30 W air-cooled fiber lasers have an adjustable pulse length of 9 to 200 ns. They are designed for a variety of cutting, drilling, structuring, marking, and labeling. Some models reach peak pulse power of 15 kW. They come in basic and advanced versions.
Jenoptik Laserdiode, Jena, Germany
[email protected]

High-power diode lasers

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The compact LIMO15-F200-DL808 and LIMO20-F200-DL980 diode-laser modules use micro-optic beam shaping. The 15 and 20 W laser modules are suitable for dentistry applications and can be used for faster healing in surgical applications due to the high absorption in water. Accessories such as a fiber detection sensor, monitor diode, and pilot laser are available.
LIMO, Dortmund, Germany

Sapphire replacement windows

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A line of OEM and replacement sapphire windows are designed for ER:YAG, HO:YAG, and alexandrite laser handpieces that are in frequent contact with skin. The windows are durable and cleanable, and come in a full range of standard and custom sizes. They transmit up to 85% uncoated and can be coated to enhance transmission up to over 99%.
Meller Optics, Providence, RI

Telecentric zoom

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A zoom lens with a working distance of 70.9 mm and a 6× optical telecentric zoom for adjustable iris and focus is designed for 5-megapixel sensor cameras. Available with an optional integrated illumination system, the lens covers the entire view of all types of objects for easy and accurate recognition.
Moritex, Tokyo, Japan
[email protected]

Laser diodes

The 14-pin butterfly laser-diode module series covers a range of standard wavelengths, but supports all custom laser wavelengths from 630 to 1650 nm. The butterfly modules can embed most of the company’s high-power multimode single-emitter products, offering broad wavelength and power level coverage. Modules can be customized to accommodate special pin arrangements.
Modulight, San Jose, CA
[email protected]

Measurement platform

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The Optometronic 4000 photonics workstations for nano/micro photonic characterization can test silicon waveguides, plasmonic structures, photonic-bandgap materials, and quantum-well/quantum-wire lasers, either individually or on the same device structure. The platform combines standard lens-based far-field optics with state-of-the art lensed fibers. The platform integrates atomic-force-microscope probes with all sorts of light sources.
Nanonics Imaging, Jerusalem, Israel

Encapsulating gel

LS-3140 optically clear encapsulating gel with a refractive index of 1.40 is designed for applications in which a radiation-resistant, optically stable silicone is needed for sensitive photonics, including LED assemblies and optical MEMs. It handles stress during thermal cycling without cracking or delaminating and is best suited for applications in an operating temperature range from -70°C to 200°C.
NuSil Technology, Carpinteria, CA

Ho:YAG laser

The Hyrax is a Ho:YAG laser system that operates with highest efficiency at 2.1 mm. With pump powers of 23.7 W from a CW-mode Tm:fiber laser, it has average output of 18.6 W with beam quality of M2 better than 1.2 at a repetition rate of 10 KHz and a pulse width of 35 ns. It can also run at other rates or in CW mode.
Onyx Optics, Dublin, CA
[email protected]


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The ODD-525W photodiode, designed for the automotive and colorimetry industries, has an active area of 0.62 mm2 and operates between 450 and 570 nm, with a peak sensitivity response at 525 nm. The new selective-wavelength photodetector has a spectral bandwidth of 70 nm and features extremely low dark current with no optical filters.
Opto Diode, Newbury Park, CA
[email protected]

Street-lighting LEDs

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The Golden DRAGON oval Plus LED has an integrated lens to provide street lighting without secondary optics. Its oval radiation pattern (80° vertical, 120° horizontal) delivers directed light. It is available in various white tones with an efficiency of 90 lm/W in cold white (6500 K) and 80 lm /W in neutral white (5000 K).
Osram Opto Semiconductors, Sunnyvale, CA
[email protected]


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Free-space 1064 nm isolators can handle powers up to 50 W in. A version up to 30 W comes with large-mode-area single-mode fiber pigtail on one side and collimated free-space beam on the other side. Both polarization-dependent and -independent versions have single-mode and polarization-maintaining fiber pigtails, subject to the power handling requirements.
OZ Optics, Ottawa, Ont., Canada
[email protected]


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P/S13 series hermetically sealed actuators are designed for positioning in high-humidity environments. For example, positioning can be carried out in tool machines where coolants flow directly around the actuator. Depending on the application, translators are available with a stroke of 18 to 70 µm. The working voltage range is -20V to 130 V.
Piezosystem Jena, Jena, Germany
[email protected]

Radiation-tolerant lenses

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Fixed-focus, radiation-tolerant lenses range from 6 to 25 mm focal length with fields of view up to 108°. They provide minimum geometric distortion from 400 to 750 nm and have been designed for use with 1/2, 2/3, and 1 in. CCTV cameras, as well as Newvicon and Chalnicon tubes in a variety of nuclear-monitoring applications.
Resolve Optics, Chesham, Bucks., England
[email protected]

Fiber splicing station

The PSX-3000 is a portable, configurable, optical-fiber splicing workstation for volume manufacturing and service applications in markets such as fiber laser, research, and medical. It uses a proprietary process that produces clean, low-loss splices in standard and large-mode-area double-clad fibers, as well as imaging and active alignment for precise core alignment and splice loss determination.
Vytran, Morganville, NJ
[email protected]

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