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Aug. 1, 2004
Green-laser-diode modules; Piezo stage; Inspection camera; MORE...

Green-laser-diode modules

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The 532-nm DPSS green lasers are compact, self-contained modules designed for use in industrial alignment, medical, and scientific applications. They produce a visible circular output beam of less than 2.0-mm diameter with a beam divergence of less than 2.0 mrad. Output powers of 0.9 and 4 mW are available with a maximum operating current of 250 mA and power stability better than 5% over seven hours.
Photonic Products, Hertfordshire, England

Piezo stage

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The microTRITOR piezo stage for 3-D positioning has a total motion of 9-µm per axis, with 0.02-nm open-loop resolution.

The outside dimensions are 15 × 15 × 15 mm. The device uses flexure hinges to avoid mechanical play. It has a resonant frequency of nearly 2.3 KHz. The small size of the device allows integration into scanning microscopes and other devices for semiconductor and metrology applications. Vacuum and cryogenic versions are available.
Piezosystem Jena, Jena, Germany

Inspection camera

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The Piranha2 Slimline camera is 76 mm wide to ease side-by-side stacking of multiple cameras. It has a 7 × 7-µm-pixel pitch. It offers 8- or 10-bit digital output, with two or four output ports operating at up to 40 MHz per output. Applications include high-speed industrial inspection, postal sorting, and document scanning.
Dalsa, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Beam-positioning system

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The SpotOn optical beam–position and power-measurement system comes in an analog-USB version. It offers real-time measurement of laser displacement down to 0.1 µm with analog bandwidth up to 60 KHz. It operates in both analog and digital data modes. It includes a built-in power supply, external trigger for synchronized data acquisition, a USB connection able to control up to eight devices, and ActiveX software for integration with the user's application program.
Duma Optronics, Nesha, Israel

Surface-measurement instrument

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The DI 330 optical thickness- and surface-measurement solution measures single and multilevel surfaces. It has a dual interferometer engine combining an internal laser with an LED. The design includes a closed fiber loop with piezoelectric fiber stretchers instead of free-space optics. It has an accuracy of 200 nm and resolution of 30 nm over a range of 12 µm to 5 mm.
Lumetrics, Henrietta, NY

Laser diode

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The LU0808B005 laser diode provides up to 5-W output power from a 100-µm single-emitter. The diode was designed for industrial laser systems and DPSS lasers. The diode has an MTTF of 10,000 hours. It is produced on a 2 × 2.9-mm copper diamond carrier or on a micromachined B-mount with a footprint of 3 × 3 × 6 mm.
Lumics, Berlin, Germany

Channel-expansion module

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The sm040 channel-expansion module is designed for use with the si425 optical-sensor interrogator. The module expands the number of optical channels from four channels to eight or 16 channels. With 128 sensors per channel, over 2000 sensors can be interrogated at once. Using the new device, the wavelength range is expanded from 50 to 80 nm.
Micron Optics, Atlanta, GA

PM gyroscope fibers

New 80-µm Panda-style PM Gyroscope fibers provide high birefringence and tight dimensional control. The fiber maintains a high level of crosstalk isolation over a broad range of temperatures. The fiber is designed for use in manufacturing fiber coils for fiberoptic-gyroscope applications.
Nufern, East Granby, CT

Polarization controller/analyzer

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The PM3000A polarization manager integrates the functions of the PC1000C polarization controller and PS2300B in-line polarization analyzer into a single instrument, allowing simultaneous monitoring and control of optical polarization. The unit is controlled from a PC via a serial port, or a USB port using an adapter, with Windows software.
Optellios, Ewing, NJ

Lyot depolarizers

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All-fiber Lyot Depolarizers provide less than 0.25% DOP with 0.5-dB insertion loss and 0.02-dB residual extinction ratio. Their all-fiber construction results in almost no back reflection with a wide wavelength operating range. Applications include gyro; optical sensor systems; EDFA pump lasers; ADE, SLD, and ELED sources; and optical source polarization randomization.
Phoenix Photonics, Surrey, England

SWIR cameras

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The SDV series shortwave infrared (SWIR) cameras are designed for industrial machine vision, hot process monitoring, laboratory instrumentation, and defense and security surveillance. Features include 14-bit digitization, Camera Link compatibility, customizable gain and integration times, multiple outputs and in-camera digitization for compatibility with mainstream frame-grabber software.
Sensors Unlimited, Princeton, NJ

Laser-safety eyewear

The Encore wraparound eyewear is available in two sizes. The larger frame is designed to fit over most styles of prescription glasses, while either frame provides a comfortable fit for users without glasses. Made with a wide range of polycarbonate and mineral glass filters, the eyewear is CE-marked and DIN-tested, compliant with BS EN 207 to guard against accidental exposure from almost any type of laser.
Pro-Lite Technology, Cranfield, England

Industrial filters

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A new line of industrial filters is designed to enhance image contrast, reduce glare, and select the appropriate wavelength range for machine-vision applications when attached to a CCD or CMOS camera lens. They have thin-profile mounts to eliminate mechanical vignetting even with wide-angle lenses. The filters are available in UV, IR, color, and neutral density, in all common thread sizes.
Schneider, Bad Kreuznach, Germany

Raman spectrometer

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A fiber-coupled system for laboratory analysis, the Verax Raman spectrometer can be used for applications such as research, rapid sample verification, and process development. Configured for 785-nm excitation, it offers 4 cm-1 spectral resolution and spans the "fingerprint" region most indicative of molecular structure. It uses a high-throughput, slitless spectrograph and TE-cooled CCD detector operating at -5°C and is used with an externally stabilized diode laser.
InPhotonics, Norwood, MA

Arc-lamp system

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The Oriel uniform illumination source is an arc-lamp system that delivers a 1-in. diameter collimated beam, uniform to ±5%, with a beam divergence of ±1.5º. Various dichroic filters are available to shape the spectral output in the UV and visible. Different irradiance levels are possible by interchanging lamps.
Spectra-Physics, Stratford, CT

MTF tester

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ImageMaster PRO is a fully automated MTF system that measures lenses at 9 to 13 field points at best focus in less ..than four seconds. The specific measurement field positions can be continuously adjusted in a range from 10º to 60º. The tester integrates an optical alignment tool for ease of alignment and parallel setting of reticle planes and stages. The system is designed for testing mobile phone and digital camera lenses.
Trioptics, Wedel, Germany

Fiber-laser system

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The Boostik single-wavelength DFB fiber-laser system has output power up to 3 W with higher-power options available. It has M2 better than 1.05 single-mode fiber output. It comes as a stand-alone unit in a 19-in. rack system that includes control electronics. Its operation is free of burst noise and mode hop.
Koheras, Birkerod, Denmark

Video splitter

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The CLV-401 Camera Link video splitter interfaces one CameraLink camera to two frame grabbers, enabling the use of a second frame grabber for camera setup, secondary/parallel processing and monitoring. The splitter ..supports the CameraLink "base" configuration, and two splitters can be combined to support the "medium" configuration. Multiple splitters can be cascaded to support four or eight frame grabbers.
Vivid Engineering, Shrewsbury, MA

Tunable lasers

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Long-wavelength (out to 2 µm), tunable lasers have been added to the TLB-6300 Velocity series laser family. The lasers offer continuous, mode-hop-free tuning with 20-nm/s tuning speeds, less than 300-kHz linewidths and 0.1-nm wavelength repeatability. The lasers can be used for spectroscopy and environmental sensing.
New Focus, San Jose, CA

Raman and notch filters

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RazorEdge Raman filters are available for 355-nm (tripled Nd:YAG laser) and 363.8-nm (argon-ion laser) wavelengths. The patent-pending, steep edge-filters block the laser line with an OD greater than 6 while transmitting wavelengths only 1% longer than the laser line. StopLine deep-notch filters are now available for 808- and 838-nm diode lasers. The filters block the laser line with an OD greater than 6 while providing 90% transmission outside the notch.
Semrock, Rochester, NY

Brushless motors

A series of compact motors, the Cyber Motor uses brushless technology with permanent magnetic excitation. The efficiency of the device is up to 90%. An AC servomotor package delivers power to 750 W.
Qutbi Digital Centre, Ahmedabad, India

Epoxy syringes

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Reactive adhesives, sealants, or resins come in small, two-part epoxy-delivery systems that allow a minimum amount of material to be dispensed. Dual syringes provide on-demand mixing and dispensing of two-component materials. Pre-mixed and frozen two-part resin systems contain the material in a single syringe that is ready for use when thawed.
Adhesive Packaging Specialties, Peabody, MA


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A brochure, Automation Solutions for Electronics Manufacturing, presents motion-control and positioning systems and components. Topics include tools for electronic assembly, pick-and-place, PCB laser drilling and stencil cutting, wafer singulation, automated optical inspection, nondestructive testing, data storage, and head gimbal/stack assembly.
Aerotech, Pittsburgh, PA

AFM module

The ORCA module for atomic-force microscopes makes conductive AFM measurements in the range from hundreds of femtoamps to nearly a microamp. It provides a range of measurement options with near Johnson noise-limited performance. A cantilever holder includes a transimpedance amplifier, with gain set by the user.
Asylum Research, Santa Barbara, CA


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Designed to measure subnanometer displacements at frequencies up to gigahertz, the Tempo interferometer is aimed at nondestructive testing applications. It is based on photorefractive two-wave mixing and incorporates a solid-state laser emitting at 532 nm. It can process highly speckled beams scattered from ..rough surfaces, and uses an internal electro-optical loop to compensate for disturbed environments.
Bossa Nova Technologies, Venice, CA

Scan head

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The Fiber Elephant scan head is designed for coupling fiber-delivered laser beams, with the fiber mount customized to the laser type. The device has a built-in collimator with a focal length of 77 or 150 mm, and the distance between the fiber end and collimator can be changed with a motorized axis. The device offers scan fields greater than 1 m.
Arges-USA, West Springfield, MA

Thermography software

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Version 5.50 of Altair thermography software allows users to develop and implement plug-in modules that then appear as a submenu on the main toolbar. The new release also includes modules for image processing and manipulation, and for radiometric modeling. A range of plug-ins can also be purchased from other software vendors.
CEDIP Infrared Systems, Croissy-Beaubourg, France


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A series of miniature AOTF-NIR spectrometers are compact and battery-powered for portable testing in a plant. The Model 5030 portable analyzer is insensitive to ambient light and immune to vibration, dust, and dirt for use in harsh production environments. An LCD displays results, which can also be transmitted through an optional wireless link.
Brimrose of America, Baltimore, MD

Ultrafast amplifiers

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The Hidra series of high-energy, Ti:sapphire amplifiers provides power levels in excess of a terawatt. With different arrangements of the modules, ..the user can select repetition rates from single shot to 20 Hz and pulse widths from 35 fs to 2 ps. Output energy can be from 2 to 100 mJ, and higher in customized versions.
Coherent, San Jose, CA

Photomultiplier power supply

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A remote-controlled, multichannel photomultiplier power-supply system provides individual channel control and monitoring of high-voltage power supplies, using three wires. The HVSys generates the voltage on the base of the photomultiplier using a 12 V supply and current on less than 25 mA/channel. It is controlled by a PC with a PCI card and RS484 interface, operating on Windows 98, NT, or XP.
Electron Tubes, Ruislip, Middlesex, England

Spectral-analysis software

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The FPS-250 NuView software allows a PC to operate like an oscilloscope and determine laser spectral performance. It is designed for use with a laser-spectrum analyzer based on a Fabry-Perot interferometer. It measures characteristics such as linewidth, longitudinal mode separation, frequency stability, and jitter.
Exfo Photonics and Life Science Division, Rochester, NY

Proximity sensors

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Photoelectric proximity sensors are used to trigger automated events, cameras, or kill switches in industrial safety systems. The diffuse sensor captures light from an 880-nm LED reflected off a at 600 mm. A version with background detection reduces false positives and allows working distances from 15 to 50 mm. Others are available.
Edmund Industrial Optics, Barrington, NJ

Transmitter optical subassembly

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The L9278-14 transmitter optical subassembly includes a 1310-nm Fabry-Perot laser diode, optical isolator, rear-facet monitor diode, and a 1.25-mm-diameter sleeve. It has a response of 2.5 Gbit/s, 0.2-mW optical output, typical spectral half width of 1 nm, typical rise and fall times of 200 ps, and maximum dark current of 100 nA.
Hamamatsu, Bridgewater, NJ

DC/DC controller

The LTC3802 dual, two-phase DC/DC synchronous controller converts a high input voltage to low output voltage at a high switching frequency. It has a nominal 550-KHz switching frequency that is phase-lockable from 300 to 750 KHz and can regulate output voltages as low as 0.6 V.
Linear Technology, Milpitas, CA

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