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Ti:sapphire laser

Th 165135
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The TIS-SF-07 Ti:sapphire laser can serve as a multifunction source of single-frequency, tunable, CW radiation in applications such as atom cooling and ultra-fine-resolution spectroscopy. It has a radiation linewidth of 3 to 5 MHz, with continuous smooth scan range of 5 GHz. It outputs more than 1.2 W with 10-W pump in the 700- to 950-nm range. The working range can be extended into the blue and ultraviolet regions with a frequency doubler. The device includes a PZT mount with a small mirror for frequency stabilization. The electronic control unit has a built-in adjustable generator for frequency scanning. Tekhnoscan, Novosibirsk, Russia

Multiple-camera systems

Th 165136
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A series of performance packs combine different CCD camera models to address specific requirements for particular applications, providing turnkey imaging systems. The systems offer different combinations of sensitivity, resolution, speed, and functionality, each optimized for a certain type of application. The systems are enabled for the PVCAM application-programming interface and are fully compatible with third-party software packages, including Image-Pro Plus and MetaVue. The software uses circular buffers and event streaming for high-frame-rate performance, and a PCI card is included for high-bandwidth data transfer. Online diagnostics, maintenance, and support for the systems are available. Photometrics, Tucson, AZ

Optical spectrum analyzer

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The AP2040 series optical spectrum analyzer uses an interferometer principle that allows resolution of 0.16 pm or 20 MHz, compared to the maximum resolution of 10 pm in grating-based analyzers. The device has wavelength accuracy of ± 3 pm, an optical measurement range of 20 to approximately -7.5 dBm, a built-in tunable laser output of -5 dBm, and a multicolor touch screen. Apex Technologies, Newbury Park, CA

Optical-manufacturing software

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LOH*CAM software generates NC programs to manufacture prisms. It uses imported 3D-CAS workpiece data and user-defined technology data and can program complex bevels on the cylinder surfaces of prisms. The software performs collision checks and 3-D simulations before processing. It supports processing steps including pre/line grinding, surfacing of cylinder and plano surfaces, chamering edge cuts in 3-D, pocket grinding, pocket contouring, and typical CNC processing steps. LOH Optikmaschinen, Wetzlar, Germany


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The Cotco LM1-xxx-11 power LED series utilizes InGaAIP and InGaN technologies and is suited for effect lighting, automotive and outdoor applications. The LEDs can handle forward currents from 30 to 50 mA, depending on wavelength. Featuring a standard PLCC-4 SMT package, they offer a 120° viewing angle, an integrated reflector, luminous intensities up to 1800 mcd, and are available in seven colors. Marktech Optoelectronics, Menands, NY

Piezoelectric deformable mirror

Th 165140
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A new 19-channel, piezoelectric deformable mirror has a clear aperture of 30 mm. The surface deformation reaches ±2500 nm, with an interactuator amplitude of ±1000 nm. With a mechanical response time less than 0.25 ms, the mirror is controlled by a single 400-V, 20-channel high-voltage board that is interfaced to a PC. The mirror is used for dynamic correction of low-order optical aberrations in laser and vision systems. OKO Technologies, Delft, The Netherlands

Reference flats

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Precision reference flats from 105- to 600-mm diameter are available with a routine surface accuracy of λ/30 p.v. and surface roughness of 10-Å rms. The flats are made from glass, zerodur, and silica, and come with testing certification. Optics up to 450-mm diameter are provided with a Fizeau interferometric test report and larger flats are tested using the Ritchey-Common test procedure. Optical Surfaces, Surrey, England

Video camera

Th 165142
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The Ultima APX-RS high-speed digital video camera features a new slow-motion video imager that captures 3000 frames/s at 1024 × 1024-pixel resolution, up to 10,000 frames/s at 512 × 512-pixel resolution and 250,000 frames/s at reduced resolution. This CMOS sensor has true 10-bit monochrome (30-bit color) fidelity and includes overexposure protection. Camera control is by either the proprietary Fastcam Viewer software or the hand-held control keypad. Photron USA, San Diego, CA

Piezo scanner

Th 165143
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The PXY 16 OEM is a two-axis, linear piezo scanner. It provides a positioning and scanning range of up to 16 µm. The centrally located free aperture allows moving optical components, such as lenses or other optics. The monolithic guidance features a solid flexure hinge design, for a trajectory free of mechanical play and friction. Piezosystem Jena, Jena, Germany

Laser diodes

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Single-mode diodes feature wavelengths from 730 to 1120 nm and output powers from 10 to 200 mW. DFB laser diodes have wavelengths from 763 to 923 nm, output powers from 50 to 150 mW. DBR diodes have 100-mW output at 1061 and 1063 nm or 80-mW output at 1083 nm. Broad-area laser diodes have outputs from 1 to 2 W and wavelengths from 740 to 1120 nm. Power Technology, Little Rock, AK

Power supply

Th 165145
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The MPU200-1048 AC-DC power supply provides a 4.2-amp, 48-VDC output. The 200-W product has a field MTBF of more than 1,000,000 hours. It is designed to serve as a power source for telecom, datacom, medical, and industrial applications. Standard features include power factor correction, 85- to 264-VAC input range, and active current sharing with N+1 redundancy. Internal protections are provided for overtemperature, overcurrent, and overvoltage. Power-One, Camarillo, CA

Imaging photometer

Th 165146
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The ProMetric PM-1400 Fast series of CCD-based imaging photometers are 2-D light and color measurement instruments that serve as defect inspection tools. Applications include R&D metrology and the manufacture of displays, projectors, and LED-based sources. The photometer uses a USB 2.0 interface for 30 times greater speed than the IEEE 1284 parallel port and PCI interfaces used in previous generations. Pro-Lite Technology, Milton Keynes, England

UV-curing arc lamp

Th 165147
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The Revo is a compact UV-curing lamp that cures adhesives in seconds. It is designed for integration in industrial, scientific, and automotive applications. The lamp delivers 10,000 mW/cm2 of UV power (5-mm aperture) at 315 nm from a UV-enhanced 50-W metal-halide discharge lamp. The lamp has a lifetime of more than 2000 h and uses a 12- to 24-VDC external supply. Variant Technology, Duarte, CA


Th 165148
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The EPP2200-UVN Broadband Spectrometer is designed for the 200- to 1050-nm range. The optics include a UV-enhanced 2048-pixel CCD detector with a special composite grating that has no moving parts. It provides 0.75-nm resolution with a 14-µm slit. An integrated order-sorting filter allows for spectroradiometric calibration for absolute light-intensity measurement. StellarNet, Tampa, FL

Smart camera

Th 165149
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The VC2068/E smart camera has built-in Ethernet/TCPIP capability. Suited for progressive-scan applications, the camera can acquire full-frame 1240 (H) × 1024 (V)-pixel images at 10 frames/s in real time. Features include TCP/IP, UDP, FTP, SMTP, socket support, a Telnet server, and an HTTP server. The camera has 16-MByte SDRAM image/data memory and is equipped with 2× binning to capture images with double frame rate at 1280 × 512-pixel resolution. Vision Components, Hudson, NH

Spectrometer accessories

Th 165150
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A line of spectroscopic probes, light sources, and accessories are designed for use with the OSM line of compact spectrometers. The new accessories facilitate measurements based on UV/VIS fluorescence, atomic emission, and near-IR absorption. The line includes general-and specialty-use probes, as well as integrating spheres, fiber patch cords, cuvette holders, and filter assemblies. Newport, Irvine, CA

CO2 lasers

Th 165151
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Low-power CO2 lasers with a small footprint, the Diamond C-55 and C-70 OEM lasers provide more than 55 W and 70 W of output power, respectively, at 1055 to 1063 nm. The C-55 has an M2 better than 1.2, and the C-70 less than 1.3. They are designed for medium- to high-volume marking, engraving, and desktop manufacturing. Coherent, Santa Clara, CA

Laser gas regulator

Th 165152
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The 601 series laser gas-delivery system regulator minimizes atmospheric contamination caused by deposited contaminates. Low-internal-volume construction and smooth flow paths eliminate dead space with the potential to trap moisture or hydrocarbons. The regulator has an optional integral purge assembly and an internal check valve for gas purity. Concoa, Virginia Beach, VA

Silicon video camera

Th 165153
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The 9M001 silicon video camera system has a maximum resolution of 1280 × 1024 at 10 bits/pixel. It comes in a rugged 1.5 × 1.8-in. camera case and includes PIXCI SI PCI bus frame grabber, RJ-45 cable, and XCAP-Lite software. Frame rates can be programmed from 30 frames/s at 1280 × 1024 at a 48-MHz pixel clock to 1500 frames/s at 1280 × 4 at a 70-MHz pixel clock. Epix, Buffalo Grove, IL

Intensified imaging camera

Th 165154
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A digital intensified CCD imaging system can achieve gating or exposure time of 3 ns with a 1280 × 1024 CCD format. It has 12 bits of dynamic range, and allows researchers to study extremely short-duration events with both low-light-level and high-light-level characteristics. Gen2 or enhanced Gen3 photocathodes are available. Cooke, Auburn Hills, MI

Thermography camera

Th 165155
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The ThermaCAM E65 IR camera uses an uncooled detector to measure temperature at ± 2% or ± 2°C of reading. It has a visible and audio temperature alarm for threshold conditions. A thumbnail gallery allows the user to view all images at once, and the camera can store up to 200 JPEG images on-camera. The device operates from -15°C to 45°C and has ambient temperature compensation. Flir Systems, Billerica, MA

Programmable scan cameras

Th 165156
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The IPX-VGA90 and IPX-VGA120 high-speed progressive-scan cameras are designed for machine vision, monitoring of fast processes, surveillance, use in intelligent transportation systems, and character recognition. They use a 640 × 480-pixel, interline transfer CCD with 8/10-bit digital resolution at either 90 or 120 frames/s. Bayer color versions are available. Imperx, Boca Raton, FL

IR camera

Th 165157
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The IR FlexCam Pro IR camera system has a temperature measurement range up to 600°C. Thermal sensitivity is to less than 0.09°C. A user can program the camera to take scans at timed intervals or when the target temperature reaches a high or low trigger temperature. Infrared Solutions, Minneapolis, MN

Machine vision system

Th 165158
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The iNspect machine-vision system includes hardware, software, user interface, I/O controls, and communications interfaces. It can accommodate viewsww and processing for up to three cameras and can be set up and monitored via a desktop interface or through a remote network interface. A local display allows users to view runtime images with measurement overlays. Coreco Imaging, ipd, Billerica, MA

Stabilized diode modules

Th 165159
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A series of spectrum-stabilized diode laser modules provide single-frequency operation at any wavelength from 700 to 2400 nm. They provide a diffraction-limited beam with output power up to 250 mW, PER more than 20 dB, and operational temperature ranges from 10°C to 60°C. They are available at 785, 976, and 1570 nm, as well as at custom wavelengths. Innovative Photonic Solutions, Monmouth Junction, NJ

Spectrofluorometer components

Th 165160
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A selection of SPEX and IBH components allows the user to custom build a time-correlated single-photon-counting spectrofluorometer. Light sources include nanosecond and picosecond pulsed LEDs from 280 to 830 nm, microsecond pulsed LEDs for phosphorescence measurements, a broadband coaxial nanosecond flash lamp, and a submicrosecond xenon flash lamp. Jobin Yvon, Edison, NJ


The AccuPiXEL TM-4100 CL camera has resolution of 4.2 million pixels with dual-tap architecture. It produces a 2048 × 2048 image at 15 frames/s, and partial scanning allows frame rates up to 80 frames/s. It has full asynchronous reset with electronic shutter up to 1/16000 s or pulse-width exposure control. It comes in both a monochrome and color Bayer version. Jai Pulnix, Sunnyvale, CA

Vibration-damping legs

Th 165161
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A line of optical table-support systems isolate optical tabletops from ambient vibrations. They come in five standard heights, with load capacities from 500 to 2000 lb per leg and optional braces and castors. The 500 series is aimed at lower-budget projects or changing requirements. The 505 series is for extremely sensitive applications or in areas with severe vibration. Kinetic Systems, Boston, MA

White light source

Th 165162
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The SuperK is a super-continuum white-light source with a broadband output spectrum. The stand-alone unit has an integrated controller and output is through an optical fiber. It can be configured to provide different spectra, such as a flat spectrum from 425 to 575 nm or from 575 to 2000 nm. Koheras, Birkerød, Denmark

Video-inspection fiberscope

Th 165163
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The SpecVision ILS video-inspection fiberscope uses optics with ultralong working distances for visual inspection of cable assemblies, optical bundles, multifiber components, and medical specimens. It has interchangeable adapters to allow viewing of connectors inside bulkheads and polishing fixtures. It can display magnified images on a hand-held or desktop monitor. Krell Technologies, Morganville, NJ

Integrating spheres

The Modulus line of integrating spheres can be configured to meet a variety of application requirements. There are 24 sphere designs available in diameters from 1 to 6 in. Three-port spheres have ports at the equator at 0° and 90°, plus one at the north pole. Four-port spheres add one opposite the 0° port. Lapsphere, Lawrence, MA

Diode drivers

Th 165164
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The Lydya CW and Q-CW laser-diode drivers are available for single diodes, bars, and stacks and range from a few watts to several kilowatts with or without TE temperature controller. They feature a diode shunt to protect against electrostatic discharge, reverse current, transients, and excessive forward currents. Laselec, Toulouse, France

Step-down converter

Th 165165
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The LT1977 500-kHZ step-down switching regulator keeps quiescent current under 100 µA. It operates in a range of 3.3 to 60 V. Its 1.5 A internal switch can deliver up to 1.25 A of continuous output current at voltages down to 1.25 V. It comes in a thermally enhanced TSSOP package and offers burst-mode operation. Linear Technology, Milpitas, CA

Fiberoptic test set

Th 165166
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The Fiber Lab 2400MX field simulation test set includes four LGX-style module slots to house couplers, WDMs, CWDMs, and additional incremental fiber. Each spool has both ends terminated on the front panel with SC/APC standard connectors or other user-specified options. It is rack-mountable or can be used on a tabletop. M2 Optics, San Marcos, CA

Translation stages

Th 165167
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The Model 906X-COM-E encoded stages are stainless-steel, crossed-roller-bearing stages have built-in linear optical encoders and have 80-nm resolution and 3-µm accuracy in 0.5-or 1-in. travel ranges. They can be combined with standard micrometers or the company’s actuators or a third-party motor. Custom single- or multiple-axis configurations can be built. New Focus, San Jose, CA

Laser/scanner control board

Th 165168
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The SurfBoard-USB laser/scanner control board can control and synchronize 2- and 3-axis scan heads with most lasers. It can operate from any PC platform with a USB port. Its control software runs with Windows 98, 2000, or XP. On-board flash memory stores large jobs, and it has six inputs and outputs. Nutfield Technology, Windham, NH


Th 165169
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The Model 205 monochromator for Raman, photoluminescence, and low-light applications has a 500-mm focal length at f/3.2 and is designed for 120 × 150-mm gratings. Optical coatings can optimize for reflectivity or spectral agility. It has two exit ports and two entrance ports. Additional gratings are available for operation at f/4.3 and f/6.9. McPherson, Chelmsford, MA

Laser power probe

Th 165170
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The Cornet 10K-HD laser power probe measures outputs up to 10 KW from CO2, YAG, and diode industrial laser sources. It provides absolute calibration accuracy of ±5%, repeatability of ±1% for the same initial temperature, and linearity with power of ±2% from 1 to 10 KW. It performs automatic or manual measurement. Ophir Optronics, Wilmington, MA

Sensing VCSEL

Th 165171
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The OPV232 is an 850-nm VCSEL that operates on a low drive current for long-distance sensing applications. It comes in a plastic T-1 package and has a dome lens that creates a 3° beam angle. Maximum forward peak current is 30 mA and reverse voltage is 5 V. Operating temperature is from -40°C to 85°C. Optek Technology, Carrollton, TX

CMOS image sensor

The OV5610 5-megapixel CMOS image sensor has 2.775-µm pixels and a footprint of 1 × 1.8 in. It includes an on-chip, 10-bit A/D converter and can perform continuous digital zoom. In VGA resolution it operates at 30 frames/s. It can be used in digital camcorders and hybrid cameras that combine video and still photography. OmniVision Technologies, Sunnyvale, CA

Photon-counting system

The PicoHarp 300 is a time-correlated single-photon-counting system based on a time digitizer with 4-ps resolution and a processing rate up to 10 million counts/s. It has two identical input channels that can operate independently but with a common crystal time base. It can achieve overall time resolution of 30 ps. PicoQuant, Berlin, Germany

Multihead camera

Th 165172
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The MotionXtra HG-TH is a multihead digital imaging system. It can hold one to four camera heads and 2 to 8 Gbyte of memory for up to 19.2 seconds of recording time. Each camera head has 752 × 564 maximum resolution at 1000 frames/s and 1000 Base-T Ethernet for fast downloads. Redlake, San Diego, CA

Green laser diode

Th 165174
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The MicroGreen diode laser emits up to 10 mW of TEM00 continuous-wave output at 532 nm. It measures only 5.6 mm in diameter × 9 mm long. Applications include alignment, pointing, and laser microdisplays. Snake Creek Lasers, Hallstead, PA

Laser-line filters

Th 165173
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Laser-line interference-type filters are coated on 25.4 ± 0.25-mm-diameter substrates with a maximum thickness of 8 mm. Blocking is 0.01% in wavelengths from x-ray to 1 µm, with effective refractive index of approximately 2.0. The edges are sealed. Rolyn Optics, Covina, CA

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