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July 1, 1999
The Model TL1501 laser is tunable across the wavelength-division- multiplexing C-band of 1525 to 1575 nm and is qualified for telecommunications networks for use by OEMs and systems integrators. The laser provides high power and small size for WDM applications. New Focus, Santa Clara, CA For Info Circle 300 or go to OptoLink

Tunable laser

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The Model TL1501 laser is tunable across the wavelength-division- multiplexing C-band of 1525 to 1575 nm and is qualified for telecommunications networks for use by OEMs and systems integrators. The laser provides high power and small size for WDM applications. New Focus, Santa Clara, CA For Info Circle 300 or go to OptoLink

Diode laser

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A diode laser emits 6 kW that can be focused to 0.7 x 3.5 mm2 with a maximum power density of 106 W/cm2 based on a new beam shape and short-focal-length optics. Using linear focusing geometry with aspect ratios up to 1:30, hardening tracks of 30 mm can be generated. The device can be mounted on robot arms for use in surface treatments, such as hardening and coating. Laserline GmbH, Koblenz, Germany For Info Circle 301 or go to OptoLink

UV sources

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The Lightningcure 2000 series of high-power compact UV spot sources contains a 200-W mercury-xenon lamp for curing electronic parts and fiberoptic coatings. Models cover 300 to 450, 240 to 400, or 400 to 700 nm and use a condenser reflector to emit light through quartz fiber or large-area uniform beam optics with intensity of 3000 mW/cm2. Hamamatsu Corp., Bridgewater, NJ For Info Circle 302 or go to OptoLink

Laser scanner

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The LEAD wideband laser scanner provides selectable control of laser output, including square, sine, sawtooth, triangle, and variations of these waveforms from 400 to 5000 nm. The device uses finely polished, optical-grade substrates with antireflective coatings to avoid diffraction effects, beam distortion, and frequency shifting. Transmission efficiency is more than 95%, and scanning speed is limited by the electronic driver. Burleigh Instruments, Bedford, England For Info Circle 303 or go to OptoLink


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The Infinity Gold FTIR/FT-NIR spectrometer system includes gold-coated optics and an optional 23-bit analog-to-digital converter to improve signal-to-noise measurements. A high-intensity water-cooled source is also available. The spectrometer is fully automated for switching between the near-, mid-, and far-IR ranges and does not need to be opened when changes are made. Mattson Instruments, Madison, WI For Info Circle 304 or go to OptoLink

IR components

The SME/SDM series discrete surface-mounted infrared components are small ceramic packages with glass lenses. The lens minimizes crosstalk and often eliminates the need for apertures in noncritical applications. The SME2470 is a high-intensity AlGaAs IR diode that can be used with either the SMD2440 series phototransistor for high-responsivity applications or the SMD2420 series photodiode for applications requiring linear response of high switching speed. Honeywell Micro Switch, Freeport, IL For Info Circle 305 or go to OptoLink

Environmental test system

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Wavelength-dependent propagation effects can be studied by the Optical Fiber Environmental Test System, which measures bend radius losses, transmittance at various temperatures, and changes in numerical aperture with respect to wavelength. Computer control of test chamber temperature, spectrometer wavelength scans, detector position relative to fiber core, and data acquisition makes it applicable for fiberoptic quality control/quality assurance and research applications. McPherson, Chelmsford, MA For Info Circle 306 or go to OptoLink

Nd:YAG laser

A Q-switched, diode-pumped, solid-state Nd:YAG laser emits more than 5-W average power TEM00 at 355 nm, with a pulse-repetition rate from single shot to 50 kHz. Output can be 355, 532, or 1064 nm, and the diode is replaceable in the field. The laser head is 18 x 13 x 56 cm. Photonics Industries, Stony Brook, NY For Info Circle 307 or go to OptoLink

Variable spectral filter

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The Linear Variable Spectral Filter changes its peak transmission wavelength along the length of the filter, with the same transmission characteristic as the standard fixed narrow-bandpass filters at any given point. Secondary transmission ranges are blocked by graduated color glasses and thin-film coating design techniques. Reynard Corp., San Clemente, CA For Info Circle 308 or go to OptoLink

Light source

The CF-1000 Fiberoptic Lightsource provides an internal, computer-controlled color filter wheel and includes both dc regulation and a proprietary internal light feedback compensation for precise intensity and color stability. The eight-position wheel is controlled through a built-in RS-232/RS-488 serial interface and accepts 25-mm OD x 3-mm-thick color or neutral-density filters. Applications include machine vision, microscopy, and spectrometry. Illumination Technologies, East Syracuse, NY For Info Circle 309 or go to OptoLink

Optical power meter

The Multifunction Optical Power Meter is for use with almost any detector for measurement of continuous or modulated optical radiation. Detectors calibrated for ultraviolet, visible, and infrared radiation come with RS-232 and IEEE-488.2 interfaces for PC-based data transfer and control and include a Windows-based data-acquisition package. Oriel Instruments, Stratford, CT

Displacement sensor

The LK-2500 Series CCD laser displacement sensor provides 50-?m resolution at distances to 750 mm regardless of surface wetness, color, or angle of orientation to the sensor. It includes a red semiconductor laser with a 0.3-mm beam spot and can be used outdoors and in dusty environments. Keyance Corp. of America, Woodcliff Lake, NJ For Info Circle 311 or go to OptoLink

Diode-laser modules

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The LOC-2000 laser modules feature a 12.5-mm-diameter, 50-mm-long body made of high-grade alloy and anodized in either a red, blue, or gold color. The lenses are antireflective-coated bi-aspherical with a typical transmission of 95% and divergence less than 0.2 ?rad. All lens assemblies are fully adjustable, but focus can be preset to user specifications. LasIRvis, Bedford, England For Info Circle 312 or go to OptoLink

Spectroradiometer software

Intended for use with the LightSPX portable spectroradiometer, LightSoft Plus graphic and control software is compatible with Windows 98/NT and operates in virtual real time. The software displays the visible spectrum in graphic form and reports on CRI and the CIE 51 daylight assessment. Data can be exported to Microsoft Excel. McMahan Research Laboratories, Chapel Hill, NC For Info Circle 313 or go to OptoLink

Laser controller

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The LC-597 programmable multiprocessor controller features full digital control with numeric input and multiprofile use in one setting. The device can control a CW laser in pulsed output up to a frequency of 100 kHz. Suitable for new lasers or retrofit to existing systems, the control allows presetting optimum cutting and power curves for various materials. Anglia Laser Products, Norwich, Norfolk, England For Info Circle 314 or go to OptoLink

F-Theta lenses

F-Theta Ronar lenses come in 420- and 330-mm designs and are available for wavelengths of 1064, 532, and 830 nm for OEM applications. They feature longer focal lengths and high imaging quality for precise scanning. Rodenstock Precision Optics, Rockford, IL For Info Circle 315 or go to OptoLink

Vacuum feedthrough

A series of fiberoptic vacuum feed through assemblies for the UV, visible, or NIR can pass directly through vacuum chamber walls with no leakage and no additional optical loss. The single- and multifiber bundles are scaled within metal or dielectric vacuum-tight flanges for end-point detection, plasma emission spectroscopy, and other applications. Multimode Fiber Optics, East Hanover, NJ For Info Circle 316 or go to OptoLink

Diode-pumped laser

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The JMar Britelight series BL-1001 solid-state, diode-pumped YAG laser (200 ps-2 ns) produces 1 mj at 1064 nm and a TEM00 at 1 kHz. Harmonic generation and amplification are possible at 532, 355, and 266 nm. Polytec PI, Auburn, MA For Info Circle 317 or go to OptoLink

Fast-pulse preamplifier

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The MTS-100 preamplifier amplifies minute pulses from photomultiplier tubes, electron multipliers, SIMS, and ISS for counting applications. It contains a high-voltage decoupling network and a low-pass filter to lower noise in the high-voltage line. Sensitivity is 100-200 ?V for TTL output, and maximum pulse-repetition rate is >50 MHz. Advanced Research Instruments Corp., Boulder, CO For Info Circle 318 or go to OptoLink

Fiberoptic switch

The FS 102 fiberoptic switch for multimode fiber switches in a few milliseconds and is offered in latching (50 ms) and nonlatching models (2 ms). The switch may be used in multichannel spectrometers, optical metrology, or data communication. Piezosystem Jena, Jena, Germany For Info Circle 319 or go to OptoLink

Optical fault locator

The Advanced Fiber Ranger detects fiber breaks and terminations in single- and multimode fiberoptic cabling. It uses a 1310-nm laser for short- to intermediate-range (up to approximately 20 km) applications, with a dead zone less than 30 m. The locator can detect up to seven events in less than 15 s from a cold startup and runs on AA batteries. Wilcom, Laconia, NH For Info Circle 320 or go to OptoLink

Low-noise APD

The EPM 239 series of avalanche photodiodes is designed for optical time-domain reflectometers. System features high-gain performances (M > 30), unusually low total dark current (Id < 0.2 nA), and a dynamic range greater than 70 dB. The back-illuminated APD is housed in a stainless-steel case. Epitaxx, West Trenton, NJ For Info Circle 321 or go to OptoLink

Endface analyzer

The Connect-Chek 6000 endface analyzer automatically analyzes the geometry of PC polished connectors. Parameters measured include radius of curvature, offset of polish, undercut or protrusion, and surface roughness. The system compares them to Bellcore or IEC specifications and provides an immediate pass/fail indicator. Norland Products, N. Brunswick, NJ For Info Circle 322 or go to OptoLink

Directional reflectometer

Containing a compact FTIR spectrometer and 2ñ optics, the hand-held SOC 400 T measures near-normal total spectral reflectance in the 2-25-µm spectral region at selectable spectral resolutions from 4 cm-1. Its Windows-based software computes directional thermal emittance at any temperature. All operation, including internal calibration, is fully automated.Surface Optics Corp., San Diego, CA For Info Circle 323 or go to OptoLink

Miniature diode modules

Flexpoint laser-diode modules measure only 20 x 10 mm and are available in a range of wavelengths and output powers as well as operating voltages of 5, 12, or 24 V. Digital or analog modulation is optional. Laser Components, Santa Rosa, CA For Info Circle 324 or go to OptoLink

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