June 1, 1999
Ultrafast Optics `99, July 11-16, Zurich, Switzerland; OSA. Tel.: (202) 223-0920; FAX: (202) 223-1096


Ultrafast Optics `99, July 11-16, Zurich, Switzerland; OSA. Tel.: (202) 223-0920; FAX: (202) 223-1096

Semicon West 99: Wafer Processing, July 12-14, San Francisco, CA; Test, Assembly, and Packaging, July 14-16, San Jose, CA; SEMI. Tel.: (650) 964-5111; FAX: (650) 967-5375; e-mail: [email protected]

Int`l Workshop on Adaptive Optics for Industry and Medicine 1999, July 12-16, Durham, England; OSA/Univ. of Durham. Tel.: (202) 223-0920; FAX: (202) 223-1096

InterOpto `99, July 13-16, Chiba, Japan; OITDA. Tel.: (81) 3 5632 7721; FAX: (81) 3 5632 7725; e-mail: [email protected]; Web:

7th Micro-Optics Conference 1999, July 14-16, Chiba, Japan; OSA. Tel.: (202) 223-0920; FAX: (202) 223-1096

Int`l Symposium on Optical Science, Engineering, and Instrumentation; SPIE 1999 Annual Meeting, July 18-23, Denver, CO; SPIE. Tel.: (360) 676-3290; FAX: (360) 647-1445

Gordon Conference on Nonlinear Optics and Lasers, July 25-30, New London, NH; APS. Web:

1999 IEEE/LEOS Summer Topical Meetings: Nanostructures and Quantum Dots; WDM Components; VCSELs and Microcavities; and RF Photonics for CATV and HFC Systems, July 26-30, San Diego, CA; IEEE/LEOS. Tel.: (732) 562-3897; FAX: (732) 562-8434

6th Conference on Education and Training in Optics and Photonics-Teaching Optics for the Information Age (ETOP `99), July 28-30, Cancun, Mexico; SPIE/OSA/ICO. FAX: (52) 22 472940; e-mail: [email protected];


Fundamentals of Lasers, Fiberoptics, and Photonic Sensors, July 12-16, Cambridge, MA; fee is $2000; MIT. Tel.: (617) 253-2101; FAX: (617) 253-8042; e-mail: [email protected]; Web:

Infrared Applications-Level I, July 12-16, Salt Lake City, UT; Advanced Infrared Applications-Level II, July 12-16, Montpelier, VT; Snell Infrared. Tel.: (800) 636-9820; FAX: (802) 223-0460; e-mail: [email protected]; Web:

Synthetic Aperture Radar Technology and Applications, July 19-23, Ann Arbor, MI; Univ. of Michigan. Tel.: (734) 647-7200; FAX: (734) 647-7182; e-mail: [email protected]; Web:

The Design of Optical Systems, Aug. 2-6, Madison, WI; Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison. Tel.: (800) 462-0876; FAX:(608) 263-3160; e-mail: [email protected]; Web:


7th Color Imaging Conference: Color Science, Color Engineering, Systems, and Applications, Nov. 16-19, Scottsdale, AZ; IS&T/SID. Tel.: (703) 642-9090; FAX: (703) 642-9094; e-mail: [email protected]; Web:
Due Sept. 3

18th Int`l Congress on Applications of Lasers and Electro-Optics (ICALEO `99), Nov. 15-18, San Diego, CA; LIA. Tel.: (407) 380-1553; FAX: (407) 380-5588; Web:
Due Sept. 24

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