New Products

The MONOLAS-532-100-SM lasers are designed for single-frequency operation and deliver stable, low-noise (below 0.2%), coherent radiation at 532 nm.

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Green lasers

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The MONOLAS-532-100-SM lasers are designed for single-frequency operation and deliver stable, low-noise (below 0.2%), coherent radiation at 532 nm. The lasers have a coherence length of more than 300 m, adjustable output power from 10 W up to 100 mW and a TEM00 beam with M2 better than 1.1. Applications include laser interference measurements, Raman spectroscopy, holography, nonlinear optics and laser microscopy.
Goettingen, Germany

Spectral shaping filter

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The new Spectral Shaping Filter is an intracavity, dielectric-coated filter. It has a special transmission curve designed to precisely compensate for spectral narrowing due to gain flattening, enabling pulse widths to 5 fs. Intended for Ti:sapphire ultrafast amplifiers, the optic is available in 25 and 50 mm diameters.
Alpine Research Optics,
Boulder, CO

Laser ablation system

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The GeoLasPro is a self-contained laser ablation system for sample introduction in LA-ICP MS (laser-ablation inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry). The system integrates the COMPexPro 193-nm ablation laser, including beam homogenizing, with shaping optics and a sample chamber. The 193 nm sampling speed can be varied from 1 to 100 Hz.
Santa Clara, CA

Gigabit Ethernet cameras

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The GE-Series Gigabit Ethernet cameras offer digital imaging for applications in machine vision, industrial inspection, traffic monitoring, and public security. The cameras send noncompressed images over standard Gigabit Ethernet hardware with cable lengths up to 100 m long. The cameras conform to the draft AIA GigE Vision standard. Color models are also available.
Vancouver, BC,

EMCCD camera

The updated iXon + EMCCD camera is designed for imaging applications from live-cell microscopy and single-cell molecule detection to photon-counting astronomy and Bose-Einstein condensation. New features include RealGain, TE cooling to -100ºC and minimal clock-induced charge.
Andor Technology,
Belfast, Ireland

Tunable-laser assembly

Th 0604lfwbookham
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A tunable-laser assembly (iTLA), designed for ease of integration, is based on the fully Telcordia GR-468-qualified wideband tunable laser. The core tunable technology is built on a monolithic structure with no moving parts. The assembly is suited for long-haul and regional-metro applications.
San Jose, CA

Optical lens material

HPFS is a high-purity optical lens material for semiconductor microlithography. Designed to support polarized 193 nm immersion lithography systems, the material exhibits high resistance to laser damage at 193 nm, low compaction, no expansion, and low polarization-induced birefringence. It also offers improved index homogeneity, low initial birefringence with no systematic pattern and high transmission.
Corning, NY

Disk laser

Th 0604lfwels
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The VersaDisk-1030 thin-disk laser emits up to 100 W optical power at 1030 nm with TEM00 profile of M2 better than 1.1. It is based on a Yb:YAG crystal. It can be used with a tunable etalon that stabilizes the longitudinal mode and improves long-term frequency stability. It can be upgraded to other operational modes, including Q-switching and frequency doubling down to 515 nm.
ELS Elektronik Laser System,
Gross-Bieberau, Germany

Nanopositioning controllers

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The E-621.CR controller integrates a low-noise piezo power amplifier, a high-speed servo controller, and sensor electronics for absolute-measuring capacitive nanopositioning sensors. Also included are 20-bit A/D and D/A converters. It can be used as a stand-alone system or plugged into an available chassis with up to 12 slots for multi-axis applications.
PI (Physik Instrumente),
Auburn, MA

Low-light video camera

Th 0604lfwtoshiba
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The IK-1000 low-light, color video camera uses electron-multiplying CCD technology for full-color reproduction at illumination levels down to 0.25 mlux. The 1/2-in. CCD has a 658 × 496-pixel sensor and built-in electronic shutter that operates to 1/2000 s. It accepts C-mount lenses, and measures 58 × 58.4 × 133 mm.
Toshiba America Imaging
Systems, Irvine, CA

Light-source modeling software

ProSource 7.0 light-source modeling software extends the capabilities of Radiant Source Models. By incorporating tristimulus-value information, it enables light-source manufacturers and illumination-system designers to precisely determine light-source color characteristics in the calibrated CIE color space. The software also supports Type-C-IES files.
Radiant Imaging,
Duvall, WA

Fiber preparation unit

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The FPU-Polyimide Unit is a handheld fiber preparation unit that removes polyimide, metallic, and carbon coated optical fibers. It uses a patented process, Ion Enhanced Cold Plasma (IECP) stripping, to ionize the atmosphere surrounding the plasma field, creating a steady electric arc immune to environmental conditions. This unit eliminates the need for harsh chemicals or mechanical stripping blades.
3SAE Technologies,
Nashville, TN

Avalanche photodiode

Th 0604lfwsensl
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The Silicon Photomultiplier (SPMMini) is a large-area, high-gain (106) avalanche photodiode that behaves like a traditional PMT, in addition to having photon-counting ability. A parallel-connected array of photon-counting pixels produces a proportional output at low photon counts. The device has a 50 V bias voltage, a 1 ns rise time and 10 ns recovery time, a dark current of less than 10 nA, a QE 0f about 20%, and a low dark rate limited to the single-photoelectron level (1.8 Mhz).
Cork, Ireland

CCD and CMOS cameras

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The Lumenera “Infinity” line of scientific CCD and CMOS cameras provide 1.3- to 21-megapixel resolution. Designed to be flexible microscopy imaging tools for clinical, research, life science, materials science and education professionals, the cameras are compatible with any USB 2.0 equipped computer. Data-transfer speeds of up to 40 MByte/s allow real-time video preview.
Milton Keyes, England

Laser and detector modules

Th 0604lfwcaliforniaeastern
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NX7320 TOSAs (transmitter optical subassemblies) and NR3420 ROSAs (receiver optical subassemblies) both meet the IEEE802.3aw 10GBASE-LRM standard for 10 Gbit/s transmission over 220 m multimode optical fiber. The NX7320 uses a 1.3 µm Fabry-Perot AlGaInAs laser diode. The NR3420 detector uses a PIN diode. They are suited for use in XENPAK, X2 and miniature XFP optical transceiver modules.
California Eastern Labs,
Santa Clara, CA

Ethernet connectivity for IR systems

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Ethernet connectivity is now available for the complete product range of Cedip thermal-IR camera systems. Each IR camera can now be equipped with a unique IP address. This will allow control of camera functions, instant access to thermal images, and image streaming without time delay for viewing on a PC or monitor.
Cedip Infrared Systems,
Croissy-Beaubourg, France

Remote-head camera

Th 0604lfwcognex
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The In-Sight 5400R is a remote-head camera version of the industrial grade In-Sight 5400 vision sensor. The new camera weighs less than 2.5 oz and is designed for applications in which mounting space is limited or a lightweight camera is required. The unit has a separate camera and processor that can be mounted up to 15 m apart and connected by a cable.
Natick, MA

CCD camera module

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The hsfc pro ultra-high-speed camera system is capable of an imaging rate of 500 million frames per second. The module comprises four intensified imaging modules producing eight 1280 × 1024 × 12-bit pixel images with exposure times from 1.5 ns. High-speed serial fiberoptic data links allow connection to the PC at distances of 1500 m.
Romulus, MI

CW DPSS laser

The compact GCL-555 CW DPSS laser provides a 555 nm TEM00 diffraction-limited beam. The green-yellow laser offers output power at 100, 50, 40, 30, 25, 20, 15, 10, and 5 mW, with 10 W typical power consumption. Current applications are biomedical fluorescence and use as a visibility calibration standard.
Reno, NV

Trestles units

Th 0604lfwdelmar
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The second-harmonic-generation (SHG) and third-harmonic-generation (THG) frequency conversion units use a Ti:sapphire fundamental wavelength to generate a wide range of secondary wavelengths. The SHG Trestles doubles the frequency from a Ti:sapphire source and the THG Trestles will triple the frequency. The SHG Trestles produce more than 12% conversion efficiency for the wavelength range of Ti:sapphire and the THG Trestles produce more than 4% conversion efficiency with pulse broadening of less than 50 frames per second.
Del Mar Photonics,
San Diego, CA

Modified catalog optics

The Quik Mod Program offers customers rapid turnaround of modified catalog optical components for orders of 10 pieces or fewer. Modifications include fast edge-downs, metal coating, antireflection coating, and cutting of catalog optics. Formal quotations are provided in 24 hours and typical orders can be delivered within two weeks.
Edmund Optics,
Barrington, NJ

Laser scanner software

Faro Scene 3.0 software for the Laser Scanner LS product has been released. New features include noise reduction and simultaneous volume compression, meshing/surface triangulation, edge recognition, automatic object fit, automatic color overlay and a free downloadable scan viewer. The LS digitizes large spaces/objects at a rate of 120,000 3-D points/second with 3-mm linear accuracy.
Faro Technology,
Lake Mary, FL

Fiber-coupled diodes

Th 0604lfwrpmc
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The ILS-7000 series of integrated fiber-coupled laser-diode systems from Triad Systems Engineering offer a choice of lasers in desk-top or rack-mountable packages to fit particular applications. Available wavelengths run from 622 to 1850 nm, at powers of 1 to 100 W. Different fiber sizes and laser-diode configurations are available. The systems include a laser, laser driver, thermoelectric cooler, and controls for continuous-wave and pulsed laser applications.
RPMC Lasers,
O’Fallon, MO

Athermal AWG

Th 0605lfwfurukawa
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The Athermal Arrayed Wave Guide (AWG) is designed for outdoor fiberoptic communications installations, operating in temperatures ranging from -30°C to 70ºC. The AWG has a lower temperature dependence of the center wavelength (less than ±0.015 nm), meets Telecordia standards GR 1209 and 1221, and exhibits semiflat and Gaussian spectrum shapes.
Furukawa America,
Peachtree City, GA


New digitizers utilize on-board, eXpert Peak Detection FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) technology, which allows the detection of peaks within a set of digitized waveform data. Peak detection is a data analysis and reduction technique. Digitizer models include the CS12400, CS14200, CS14105 and the soon-to-be-released Octopus family of multichannel digitizers. Applications include ultrasound, radar or lidar testing, spectrometry, optical-fiber testing, stimulus-response systems, and network analysis.
Gage Applied Technologies,
Lockport, IL

Integrated sensors

The Hyperspec family of integrated hyperspectral imaging instruments has added the Hyperspec-VNIR (400 to 1000 nm), Hyperspec-NIR (900 to 1700 nm) and the Hyperspec-SWIR (1000 to 2500 nm). They are designed for process manufacturing, pharmaceutical, life sciences, and machine-vision applications.
Headwall Photonics,
Fitchburg, MA

LED light source

Th 0605lfwhenkel
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The Loctite 7703 handheld LED light source provides output up to 2.0 W/cm2 of visible light irradiance. Measuring 9 × 1 × 3/4 in., the portable system is designed for immediate curing of Loctite 3552 and Loctite 3553 Visible Light Cure Adhesives. The source nearly eliminates substrate heating, does not emit UV wavelengths and does not require specialized protective equipment.
Rocky Hill, CT

Auto stage system

The SF-100 Auto Stage system is a maskless photolithography system that utilizes patented Smart Filter technology. This technology incorporates proprietary micro-optical techniques to project master images directly onto diverse substrate materials, such as quartz, ceramics, and plastics, without the use of photo masks. The system provides automated substrate handling for automated printing of large area devices.
Intelligent Micro Patterning,
St. Petersburg, FL

Vision appliance

Th 0605lfwipd
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The VA20 machine-vision appliance is housed in a compact, DIN mountable enclosure and provides support for one or two cameras, with a choice of sensor resolution. The VA20 appliance includes iNspect software and is equipped with industrial grade I/O and external connections on the front of the unit.
Billerica, MA

Diamond machining capability

Th 0605lfwkaleido
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Upgraded proprietary diamond machining capabilities enable the production of on-axis, off-axis, and free-form mirrors up to 700 mm diameter, with a surface roughness of less than 3 nm rms and a slope accuracy more than 70 µrad. A proprietary machine-control system includes direct processing of CAD files.
Kaleido Technology,
Farum, Denmark

Raman system

The Dimension-P2 Raman Systems are controlled with RamanSoft software, which automates data acquisition and processing and includes the patented Background Removal Algorithm. The 532 nm systems offer resolution at 4 cm-1 or 6 cm-1. Raman Soft integrates with GRAMS Specral ID and IQ Predict and is compliant with 21 CFR part 11 regulations.
Lambda Solutions,
Waltham, MA

Laser-fume filter unit

Th 0605lfwip
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The new F1800 filter unit series includes two models and is designed for laser-fume applications. Depending on the marking material, the filters are configured primarily for particle filtration or for strong odor removal, such as when marking on acrylic. The filter unit can be connected to 2, 2.5, and 4 in. diameter exhaust ports.
IP Systems,
Suwanee, GA

Vibration isolation workstation

Th 0605lfwkinetic
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The MK26 is a vibration isolation workstation designed for low-natural-frequency applications. It utilizes patented Minus K negative-stiffness vibration isolators. Adjusted to 1/2 Hz natural frequency, the workstation achieves 93% isolation efficiency at 2 Hz, 99% at 5 Hz and 99.7% at 10 Hz.
Kinetic Systems,
Boston, MA

Illumination-design software

Th 0605lfwlambdares
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TracePro 3.3.6 illumination-design software is compatible with TracePro Bridge for SolidWorks, the add-in to SolidWorks 2006. Users can apply TracePro properties to their SolidWorks parts and assemblies and save them as a TracePro file within SolidWorks. These models can be directly opened in TracePro 3.3.6 for ray trace and analysis.
Lambda Research,
Littleton, MA

UV SiC photodiodes

Th 0605lfwlasercomp
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UV silicon carbide (SiC) photodiode detectors were fully tested for space applications for use by the Beagle2 probe and became part of several UV sensing instruments that would allow the UV spectrum on Mars to be analyzed. On the mission, they survived harsh temperature swings (-200°C to 0ºC twice each day), vibration during takeoff, radiation exposure throughout the mission and UV radiation.
Laser Components,
Essex, England

CO2 laser lenses

Th 0605lfwlaserres
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A wide range of small CO2 lenses are designed for beam-delivery systems in 25 to 200 W lasers and are optimized for use at 10.6 µm. The ZnSe lenses are A/R coated and have less than 0.2% total absorption values. The lenses are available in stock sizes from 0.5 to 1.5 in. diameter sizes with focal lengths from 1 to 25 in., in 0.5 in. increments.
Laser Research Optics,
Providence, RI

Dielectric broadband coatings

Th 0605lfwlaseroptik
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Homogeneous dielectric and metal coatings are available on substrates up to 700 mm diameter or on large rods with lengths up to 700 mm. Dielectric broadband coatings are also available for the UV, Vis, and IR spectrum, or mirrors for several wavelengths of frequency multiplied Nd: YAG lasers.
Laseroptik, Garbsen,

White LED driver

Th 0605lfwlinear
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The LT3491 is a constant current, white-LED driver packaged in an SC70. An integrated Schottky diode on-chip eliminates the need for an external diode. It can drive up to six white LEDs from a 3-V supply at efficiencies of better than 75%. The LED utilizes True Color PWM Dimming to offer wide dimming ranges of up to 300:1.
Linear Technology,
Milpitas, CA

Variable optical attenuator

The FVOA5200 is a variable optical attenuator (VOA) with polarization-maintaining fiber for power control and receiver protection in next-generation optical networks. Utilizing proprietary MEMS technology, the VOA is available with Panda 250 µm, Panda 400 µm fiber, or similar fiber. Typical dynamic range is more than 50 dB, with either normally bright or dark configurations.
Newark, CA

Ethernet optical cable

The FlightExpress 100 is specifically designed for enterprise customers with two or more buildings requiring connectivity at distances of 200 m or less. It delivers Fast Ethernet speed and offers an alternative to more costly fiberoptic cable. It also provides a higher throughput at full-duplex rate of 100 Mbit/s than 802.11 radio-frequency bridges that operate at half-duplex rates of 11 or 54 Mbit/s.
San Diego, CA

Fiber-coupled laser module

The LU1060F400 is a short-pulse ytterbium fiber laser in master-oscillator-power-amplifier (MOPA) configuration. The laser emits at a wavelength from 1060 to 1080 nm from a fiber with a 25 µm core. The pulse fiber-laser unit offers up to 0.8 mJ pulse energy with average power of 4 W at 5 kHz repetition rate and 100 ns pulse width. It has a TTL control interface.
Berlin, Germany

Optics for multiple-pass monochromators

Th 0605lfwmcpherson
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Multiple-pass, double-dispersion accessory optics are now available for the company’s 0.67 to 2 m focal-length monochromators. Multiple-pass monochromotors provide unique “doubling” of resolution and dispersion by plane-folding mirrors that multiply the monochromator focal length. Scanning monochromator applications, as well as imaging and other CCD-based detection approaches benefit.
Chelmsford, MA

Laser-beam expanders

Th 0605lfwopticalsurf
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New laser-beam expanders are manufactured to better than λ/10 surface accuracy. The off-axis design produces no central obscurities. Designed for high-power laser and Doppler shift lidar applications, standard models include exit apertures of 100, 150, and 200 mm with up to 20× magnification systems. The all-reflecting design is achromatic and can operate from the UV to far-IR without adjustment.
Optical Surfaces,
Surrey, England

High-power driver

The model PLS-1A was designed to drive a 1-cm laser-diode bar coupled to four fibers. The driver is a high-peak-current source in the 500 to 1500 A range with a 1 to 30 ms pulse width with a rise time of 250 ns. Trigger input, current monitor and peak hold outputs are provided on the front panel. Power consumption is less than 60 mA at 30 V DC.
OptiSwitch Technology,
San Diego, CA

Short-range position sensor

Th 0605lfwoptra
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The NanoGage Model 100 short-range position sensor has a linear measurement range of 100 µm and a signal-capture range of +400 µm. Its resolution is 15 nm rms at 100 kHz bandwidth. The electro-optic sensor has a 3 mm standoff and little sensitivity to electromagnetic interference. The sensor has a 0.5 in. diameter and is 2.2 in. long.
Topsfield, MA

Pulse-shaper mirror

Th 0605lfwoko
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A piezoelectric deformable mirror has an aperture of 10 × 50 mm. Designed for femtosecond pulse shaping, the mirror has a full-amplitude mechanical response faster than 250 ms. The turnkey system includes the linear mirror, a 20-channel HV amplifier unit, and a PCI or USB computer interface. A broad range of metal and multilayer coatings are available.
OKO Technologies,
Delft, The Netherlands

Piezoelectric gripper

Th 0605lfwpiezosystem
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A special gripper system has been developed for gripping and moving the smallest components in micro- and nanotechnology. Based on a miniaturized piezo actuator, it utilizes solid-state flexure hinges for a 300-µm range of motion. The gripper force is adjustable. The tool can be configured to meet customer requirements.
Piezosystems Jena,
Jena, Germany

Optical-design software

The new OptisWorks Studio light and optical-design software is based on a mechanical CAD engine developed by SolidWorks. It allows users to design both optics and mechanics using one interface. No CAD software is required. Unique parametric import capabilities enable reading and translation of all Pro-E and AutoCAD files.
Toulon, France

Laser diode

Th 0605lfwphotonicprod
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The Sanyo DL-5146-152 is a 35 mW CW (50 mW pulsed), lead-free, blue-violet 405 nm laser diode. It incorporates an internal monitor photodiode, which can be used to control the optical output power. The diode comes in a 5.6 mm package with M-type common cathode pin configuration. Applications include biomedical instrumentation, medical imaging, fluorescence sensing, spectroscopy and microscopy.
Photonic Products,
Hertfordshire, England

M2 measurement option

The M2 Wizard option has been added to the NanoScan beam measurement instrument. M2 is a parameter used to characterize laser quality and involves a series of beam size measurements along the laser-beam path to characterize laser propagation. The new option uses the Rayleigh method, which takes three beam size measurements to measure M2.
San Jose, CA

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