Designed to perform beam steering in Ti:sapphire ultrafast applications, B-Max series mirrors are optimized for bandwidth, providing more than 99.8% reflectivity from 735 to 880 nm, and E-Max mirrors are optimized for a high pulse-energy-damage threshold.

Th 0606lfwalpine

Laser mirrors

Th 0606lfwalpine
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Designed to perform beam steering in Ti:sapphire ultrafast applications, B-Max series mirrors are optimized for bandwidth, providing more than 99.8% reflectivity from 735 to 880 nm, and E-Max mirrors are optimized for a high pulse-energy-damage threshold. Coatings minimize group velocity dispersion and third-order dispersion and are available with 0° and 45°) angle of incidence on 25 or 50 mm diameter fused-silica substrates.
Alpine Research Optics, Boulder, CO

Micromachining laser

Th 0606lfwcoherent
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The PRISMA 1064-32-V industrial laser is designed for high-throughput precision micromachining. The diode-pumped, solid-state Nd:YVO4 laser produces 30 W at 1064 in a TEM00 beam, with a pulsewidth down to 18 ns and repetition rates from 20 to 100 kHz. Optional accessories include a beam expander, visible aiming beam, and mounting flange for scanner optics.
Santa Clara, CA

Laser-diode driver

Th 0606lfwmultiwave
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A compact laser-diode driver combines a laser mount, a laser-current driver, and a TEC controller in a self-contained enclosure. It can operate at constant current or constant power, and is controlled via a built-in keypad and display. It can connect to a PC through a USB port.
Multiwave Photonics,
Moreira da Maia, Portugal

Near-UV camcorder

Th 0606lfwoculus
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The UVCorder near-UV camcorder allows viewing in real time on a 3.5 in. LCD display, and acquires digital video and stills in the 300 to 400 nm range, with a peak response at 370 nm and strong rejection of visible and IR light. The module is mounted atop a commercial camcorder that provides power.
Oculus Photonics,
Goleta, CA

Erbium-doped fibers

C- and L-band erbium-doped fibers utilize proprietary fiber-draw technology and are produced in a clean-room environment. The fibers have high spectroscopic consistency within each lot and batch-to-batch reproducibility. The fibers are designed for use in EDFA designs.
Nufern, East Granby, CT

Six-axis piezo stage

Th 0606lfwpi
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The P-587.6CD six-axis piezo stage for nanopositioning and scanning was designed for nanometrology, nanofabrication, scanning microscopy, optics, and mask alignment. Features include six degrees of freedom, an integrated AutoCalibration function, digital dynamic linearization, active trajectory error compensation, millisecond responsiveness, and travel ranges up to 800 µm/10,000 µrad per axis.
PI (Physik Instrumente), Auburn, MA

Michelson interferometer

Th 0606lfwpromet
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The FiBO 260 is a true phase-shifting Michelson interferometer. It is designed for noncontact fiberoptic ferrule endface verification, offers 3-D surface mapping and 2-D visual inspection capabilities, and direct interface with ferrules mounted on a polishing plate. It uses a USB 2.0 interface and FiBO Code software.
Promet, Shoreview, MN

Ray-tracing software

LucidShape 1.5 software for automotive illumination design and analysis from Brandenburg includes a stand-alone night-drive simulator. Other new features include additional mathematical models for BRDF materials, free-form lens design, extended LED applications, and wavelength-specific simulation and ray tracing for a variety of automotive and general lighting applications.
Lambda Research, Littleton, MA

Ball screws

Th 0606lfwskf
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Long-lead ball screws with a rotating nut design allow the drive motor to move with the nut to reduce inertia and achieve linear speeds up to 110 m/min. The Series SLT is available with a rotating nut with axial play and the Series BLT offers backlash elimination. Diameters range from 25 to 50 mm and leads range from 20 to 50 mm.
SKF, Bethlehem, PA


The SSC-WT Pinnacle Chiller is available in 30- to 100-ton capacities, in air- or water-cooled packages. The chillers feature scroll compressors, brazed-plate evaporators, and a stainless-steel reservoir tank. Independent refrigerant circuits allow routine maintenance without downtime. Compressor staging provides capacity control.
Sterling, New Berlin, WI

CHR controllers

A complete range of CHR controllers includes the CHR 150 and the CHR 150-PC, with a new PCI board controller. The CHR 450 has an embedded PC and a Tungsten-Halogen light source. The new CHR 450 Xe-E chromatic confocal controller is equipped with a Xenon arc light source, allowing measurement rates up to 30 kHz.
Aix-en Provence Cedex, France

Beam profiler

Th 0606lfwthorlabs
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The BP100 Beam Profiler Series analyzes the power distribution of laser beams with a diameter range from 10 µm to 9 mm and a dynamic range of 72 dB. It covers a spectral range of 400 to 1800 nm and is available with silicon and germanium sensors. Designed as a single measurement head with a USB 2.0 interface, the profiler displays 2-D and 3-D plots and a Gaussian fit of the scanned profile.
Thorlabs, Newton, NJ

Optical-design software

LensLab and Rayica 2 are optical-design software for Mathematica to design and analyze 3-D optical systems. The software includes sequential and nonsequential ray tracing in 3-D space and built-in optical components, including predefined lenses, mirrors, prisms, and light sources. It offers arbitrary user-defined optical-surface profiles of any shape and energy calculations, including gain and absorption models.
Wolfram Research, Champaign, IL

Assembly system

Th 0606lfw3edge
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The Micro Assembly System AL1000 from FiconTEC is an assembly and test system for making micro-optical components and subsystems. It has flexible alignment and includes highly accurate positioning stages, a variety of gripper tools, computer-guided vision, and intensity alignment routines. The system can use epoxy attachment, UV-curing, laser microwelding, and soldering technologies.
3-Edge, Ascheim, Germany

Dichroic filters

Th 0606lfwunaxis
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LED ColorDichroics filters and mirrors are optimized for LED applications, to reflect and transmit random polarized light from individual LED sources of different colors. They are coated on flat borosilicate substrates with standard thicknesses of 0.7 and 1.1 mm. Other types of glass and thicknesses are available on request.
Unaxis Balzers Optics,
Balzers, Liechtenstein


Th 212806
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The M200 optical-time-domain reflectometer (OTDR) is a handheld test and troubleshooting device for fiberoptic cable. The MM model is designed for 850/1300 nm multimode applications, the SM model is for 1310/1550 single-mode uses, and the Quad model combines the single- and multimodes. It has dynamic range of more than 26 dB single-mode and more than 22 dB multimode.
AFL Telecommunications,
Duncan, SC

Stepper-motor controller

The dual-axis EZHR17EN stepper-motor controller and driver for miniature applications measures 40 x 40 mm and provides up to 2 A drive current for one axis and up to 1 A for the second with optional second stepper or bidirectional DC driver card. The device and card can step up to 1/256 and 1/16 steps, respectively.
AllMotion, San Jose, CA

Integrating sphere

Th 0606lfwanalytical
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The RTS-3ZC integrating sphere is designed for use with the company’s spectroradiometers for reflectance or transmittance measurements of diffuse or scattering materials such as those found in many optical remote sensing, oceanography, forestry, and plant physiology applications, where radiation balance and plant-canopy modeling studies require measurement of hemispherical reflectance and transmittance values.
Analytical Spectral Devices,
Boulder, CO

Polymer optics

Polymer-based optical components and systems are available on a custom-made basis. The company provides optical and mechanical design, diamond turning, rapid prototyping, injection molding, assembly, and metrology.
Apollo Optical Systems,
Rochester, NY

Wavefront sensor

The AWS-50 wavefront sensor is designed for measurement of optical aberrations and surface shape. It uses wavefront sensing technology developed by QinetiQ to measure the optical properties of a probe beam transmitted through or reflected off a test object. It is available as a turnkey system with computer and software package.
Arden Photonics,
Birmingham, England

Raman spectrometer

Th 0606lfwbwtek
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The MiniRam Raman spectrometer is battery operated and portable. It uses a 785, 532, or 1064 nm excitation laser and collects Raman spectra from 175 to more than 2500 cm-1 from the excitation line. It includes a sampling probe for solids and liquids and can be coupled to a laptop computer with the company’s software.
B&W Tek, Newark, DE

Modeling software

Version 3.2a of Multiphysics supports 64-bit Windows XP Professional to increase the size of simulation models. It includes Electromagnetics Module 3.2a to simulate arbitrary waveforms for applications such as the response of a circuit to pulses. A companion product, Script, allows users to perform object-oriented programming.
Comsol, Stockholm, Sweden

Part-inspection sensor

Th 212808
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The Checker 101E sensor uses patterns to detect and inspect parts on production lines. It can acquire and process more than 500 images per second and it directly accepts encoder signals so a PLC is not needed. It includes an automatic shift register to track up to 4000 parts between the inspection and rejection point.
Cognex, Natick, MA


Th 212809
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The QDI 2010 UV-visible-NIR microspectrophotometer is designed for nondestructive analysis of characteristics such as film thickness and LED emission levels on a microscopic scale. It measures spectra of a sample area as small as a micron by transmission, reflectance, and light emission. It is based on a cooled CCD array and includes analytical software.
Craic Technologies,
San Dimas, CA

CWDM components

Th 212810
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A line of miniature components and subsystems for coarse wavelength-division multiplexing includes mux, demux, and optical add/drop modules, as well as a range of line cards, CWDM splice cassettes, and 19 in. rack-mountable modules. They are available in 4- and 8-channel versions and cover the band of 18 ITU wavelengths.
Cube Optics,
Mainz, Germany

Aspheric optics

Th 0606lfwedmund
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A series of aspheric optical components range from 10 to 200 mm in diameter with λ/20 accuracy. The series includes lenses with clear apertures from 15 to 25 mm and effective focal lengths from 11.25 to 37.5 mm, with speeds up to f/0.75. The off-the-shelf components are designed for integration into complex optical systems.
Edmund Optics, Barrington, NJ

Cleaner cartridge

Th 0606lfwfiberins
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A fiberoptic-connector cleaner cartridge uses clean-room-grade media to remove dirt, dust, oil, grease, and debris from connector endfaces. A rubber pad beneath the cleaning surface prevents scratches and a sliding cover protects the cleaning media from contamination.
Fiber Instrument Sales,
Oriskany, NY


Th 0606lfwgradient2
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The Hawkeye Pro Precision Borescope provides detailed images of surface-finish irregularities, burrs, and other defects that affect the quality of machined, molded, and welded parts. It includes a new generation of the company’s relay lens system, a multi-coated objective lens, a light concentrator, an independent focusing ring, and a rechargeable light source.
Gradient Lens, Rochester, NY

GaN wafer

Th 0606lfwgroup4labs
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A gallium-facing gallium nitride-on-diamond semiconductor wafer for high-power, high-frequency electronics, solid-state white lighting, and photonics applications has thermal conductivity from 3 to 30 times that of conventional semiconductors, boosting power density. It removes heat from the chip’s core as it is generated. The wafer measures 10 × 10 mm.
Group4 Labs, Menlo Park, CA

Beam shapers

A set of top-hat beam shapers is optimized for a 1064 nm laser. Both elements accept a 3 mm Gaussian beam. One creates a 200 × 200 µm square spot and the other makes a 150 µm diameter round spot, both at a working distance of 100 mm.
Holo/Or, Rehovot, Israel

Film-deposition controller

Th 0606lfwinficon
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The XTC/3 thin-film-deposition controller controls rate and thickness and prevents mode hop for consistent quality. It comes in two models with the capacity for up to 99 processes and 99 layers, with a choice of freestanding or PC control. It has dual sensors for automatic replacement of crystals and a TFT LCD display.
Inficon, Syracuse, NY

Optical zoom

Th 0606lfwnanomotion
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The NanoZoom provides 3x optical zoom with an autofocus module. The lens is directly driven by a small piezoelectric motor with no backlash or gear in closed loop to the desired focus position. The motor provides travel of up to 300 mm/s with single-nanometer resolution. The device is designed for use with tiny cameras such as those in cell phones.
Nanomotion, Yokneam, Israel

Dual-sensor camera

The Thermal-Eye 2400xp combines visible and thermal sensing for surveillance and security applications. It uses barium strontium titanate thermal imaging technology to get a 320 x 240 pixel image, along with a CCD visible and low-lux NIT camera equipped with a 25x optical zoom and 12x digital zoom.
L-3 Communications, Dallas, TX

Laser diodes

Th 0606lfwlasercomp2
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Flexpoint laser-diode modules at 405 and 532 nm come with an SMA fiber connection. They come in a 55 mm long package with a diameter of 11.5 mm. Other variations are available on request. Power is 2 mW at 405 nm and 4 mW at 532 nm, with up to 10 mW in the red range. A 200 µm HCS connecting fiber is recommended.
Laser Components, Hudson, NH

CO2 mirrors

Th 0606lfwlaserresearch
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A line of turning mirrors and reflectors is designed for industrial carbon dioxide lasers from 25 to 200 W. The mirrors are made from silicon for standard applications or uncoated molybdenum for dirty environments. They are optimized for 1060 nm at 45° angle of incidence and come in 0.5 to 3 in. diameters, 2 to 10 mm thick.
Laser Research Optics,
Providence, RI

Linear guides

Th 0606lfwlm76
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Speed Demon OSG and Speed Demon SG linear guide systems are designed for speeds up to 10 m/s, accelerations to 50 m/s2, and loads up to 5600 N. The rails have predrilled mounting holes and dual RC60 steel shafting up to 4 m long. They are designed for high-speed assembly and sorting.
LM76, Longmeadow, MA

Breakdown spectroscopy

Th 0606lfwltblasertechnik
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The Remote-LIBS System for laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy is based on echelle spectrometer for simultaneous elemental analysis. It can detect elements in the wavelength range from 175to 750 nm with resolution of 35,000 in the VUV and 15,000 in the UV-VIS-NIR range. The devices come with either a CCD or intensified CCD camera.
LTB Lasertechnik Berlin,
Berlin, Germany

White LEDs

Th 0606lfwmarktechcotco
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The WR1 series of warm-white LEDs from Cotco use a blue chip with a yellow and a red converter phosphor to achieve a color temperature of 3000 K for through-hole devices and 3200 K for SMT packages. Viewing angles of 15°, 25°, 50°, and 120° are available, with luminous intensities up to 12,000 mcd.
Marktech Optoelectronics,
Latham, NY


Th 0606lfwmasterbond
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UV14-3 is a one-component, flexible, UV-curable polymer system that can be removed by most conventional solvents. It is a 100% reactive, moderate viscosity liquid at ambient temperature and does not contain any solvents or other volatiles. Cured adhesives can be used over a temperature rang of -60°F to 250°F.
Master Bond, Hackensack, NJ

DC motors

Th 0606lfwmaxon
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The Micro Drive range of DC motors includes brushless and brush devices with diameters between 6 and 10 mm. They include the RE 8 with an external diameter of 8 mm and 0.5 W assigned power rating, and the RE 6 at 0.3 W. Both have ceramic shafts 0.8 mm in diameter.
Maxon Precision Motors,
Burlingame, CA


The Model 225 1 m monochromator resolves 0.01 nm for high-temperature plasma physics. It includes interchangeable triple-grating turrets, dual entrance and exit port configurations, and a built-in calibration port. Diffraction gratings for the 30 to 1000 nm range are available. The stainless-steel vacuum with Viton O-ring seals can pump to 10-8 torr.
McPherson, Chelmsford, MA


Th 0606lfwmelles
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An online catalog lists optomechanical hardware and positioners. New products include lead-free achromats; variable-density, long-pass, notch, and fluorescence microscopy filters; achromatic retardation plates; laser-line beamsplitters, and high-power and high-contract polarizers. More than 850 items are available.
Melles Griot Photonics
Components Group, Carlsbad, CA

Optical pens

Modular confocal, chromatic optical pens for profilometry, microtopography, and other measurements allow for 30 configurations, with five magnifiers with focal lengths from 3.3 to 29 mm and six chromatic lenses with 130 µm to 27 mm depths of field. Maximum axial resolution 1s 5 nm, accuracy is 20 nm, and maximum slope is 87°.
Micro Photonics, Irvine, CA

Coating system

Th 212811
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A processing system for producing wear-resistant coatings provides three deposition techniques: RF Plasma with rotating stage, a magnetron for sputtering metals and oxides, and an ion beam for direct deposition of DLC and SiO2. It also has etching capabilities and batch and automated load-lock options.
Morgan Advanced Ceramics,
Diamonex Products Division,
Fairfield, NJ

Scan-head controller

Th 0606lfwnutfield
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A fiber-laser and scan-head control kit includes a PipeLine laser/scanner control mounted in an IU 19 in. rack with breakout connections, WaveRunner control software, a USB control card with power supply, a control/protection board, and an XLR8 2-axis packaged scan head. The head has a collimator mounting bracket and optional safety shutter.
Nutfield Technology, Windham, NH

UV, NIR sources

The Oriel family of arc and QTH light sources for the UV and NIR use aspheric lenses for more uniform and collimated beams. Focused output sources for fiber illumination are also available. The power supply is factory set for a specified lamp, eliminating power supply settings.
Newport, Irvine, CA

Avalanche photodiode

A 10 Gbit/s, InGaAs avalanche photodiode is designed for long-haul communications such as SONET OC-192/SDH STM-64, DWDM systems, and 10 Gigabit Ethernet. It has a spectral response of 1000 to 1625 nm and an active diameter of 22 mm. The chip is assembled on a ceramic subcarrier.
NSG America, Somerset, NJ

Molecular imaging

Th 212812
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The OV100 Intravital Observation System provides high-speed imaging of lab animals on micro and macro scales. It has a 1x to 114x magnification range and can be used to correlate fluorescence imaging with MRI, PET, and CT scans. The IV100 Intravital Laser Scanning Microscope is optimized for collection light from deep within tissue.
Olympus Scientific Equipment Group, Center Valley, OA


Th 0606lfwoptical
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Reflecting tube collimators have a surface accuracy better than λ/10 p-v. An off-axis design produces no central obscuration. All optics within the tubes are pre-aligned in stress-free mounts. Each of the devices’ three feet is adjustable by ±10 mm for center height positioning.
Optical Surfaces, Kenley,
Surrey, England

IR detectors

Th 0606lfwoptek
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The OP570 Series NPN silicon phototransistors come in a 2.5 × 2 mm surface-mount package with a variety of lead options. They have collector-emitter breakdown voltage of 30 V, emitter-collection breakdown voltage of 5 V, collector current of 20 mA and power dissipation of 130 mW. Maximum dark current is 100 nA.
Optek Technology, Carrollton, TX


Th 212813
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RFH Series refractometers are handheld instruments with a metal body that can take a measurement with a few drops of solution. A rubber handgrip blocks body heat. The device has a calibration screen, a cushioned rubber eyepiece, and a prism mounted in high-impact plastic. Operator’s manual, case, and accessories are included.
Omega Engineering, Stamford, CT

Grid encoder

Th 0606lfwoptra
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A contamination-resistant grid encoder is designed for use with the company’s NanoGrid system. All grid elements are electrically connected and the entire grid surface can be set at a fixed electrical potential, eliminating static electricity and inhibiting particle accumulation. The device can be used in a noncleanroom environment.
Optra, Topsfield, MA

Multipurpose camera

Th 0606lfwperkinelmer
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The MultiBlue CCD camera is designed for a variety of industrial applications such as semiconductor and pharmaceutical inspection. The modular camera has 12-bit output depth and has USB 2.0 and IEEE-1394b FireWire interfaces. It is compatible with Windows XP and includes and Eastman Kodak imager with pixel resolution of 640 x 480.
PerkinElmer Optoelectronics,
Fremont, CA

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