Opto Diode to showcase UV LEDs at SPIE Photonics West 2019

Jan. 21, 2019
The OD-265-001 UV LEDs have utility in disinfection applications. 

The OD-265-001 narrow-spectral-output ultraviolet (UV) light-emitting diodes (UVLEDs) feature include total power output of 0.53 mW (minimum) and 0.68 mW (typical), with peak emission wavelengths at 260 nm (minimum), 265 nm (typical), and 270 nm (maximum). Emission in this wavelength range makes these devices suitable for disinfection applications.

SPIE Photonics West booth number: 4539

To Learn More:

Contact: Opto Diode

Headquarters: Camarillo, CA

Product: OD-265-001 UV LED

Key Feature: Peak emission wavelengths at 265 nm (typical)

What Opto Diode says:

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