Ultracompact 5 kW laser controllers

March 19, 2009
Amtron is introducing a new generation ultracompact laser-diode controllers, comparable in size to a paperback book, with power up to 5 kW.

Amtron is introducing a new generation of ultracompact laser-diode controllers, comparable in size to a paperback book, with power up to 5 kW. Models in the CM100 series can be used to control laser bars and single-emitter diodes, and can be either air or water cooled. Applications include research and industry in areas where diode lasers must be powered by high-quality power supplies. The controllers offer can be configured with many different voltage and current ranges, allowing a single controller to be used for a variety of tasks. Its ultracompact size and physical separation from the primary source mean that the controller can be built directly into the laser.
Aachen, Germany


The paperback format that packs 5 kW -- ultracompact and flexible laser-diode controller from Amtron

Amtron GmbH, the laser-diode controller manufacturer based in Aachen, Germany, introduces a new generation of laser-diode controllers at the Laser World of Photonics 2009 in Munich. The housing of these ultra-compact devices is the size of a paper-back book and they produce power ranging up to 5 kW. The corresponding larger versions achieve peak powers of up to 10 kW with 240 A in CW mode or 800 A in pulse mode. Models of the new CM100 series controls laser bars and single-emitter diodes, and offer the alternatives of air or water cooling.

The mini controllers are suitable for a variety of applications in research and industry, where diode lasers have to be powered by high-quality power supplies. Configuration options provide considerable flexibility, allowing the controllers to cater for different voltage- and current ranges for precise adaptation to the task at hand. This technology allows a single laser controller to be applied to a variety of tasks.

The resulting topology allows the mains-power end to be spatially separated from the low-tension circuit, which represents a considerable advantage where extremely high currents are employed. Power sources suitable for the Controller are available as accessories from Amtron. A variety of models is on offer with power sources ranging from 24 V to 100 V for different applications.

The integrated Ethernet interface allows the configuration of the limiting current and the read-out of operating data over the local network or by a directly connected service notebook. The optional integrated TEC control for high-precision regulation of external Peltier cooling systems with polarity reversal (heating, cooling) rounds off the features on offer from the mini diode controllers. The first of the CM100 range of devices are already in service with customers.

About Amtron

Amtron GmbH, based near Aachen, Germany, develops and markets high-quality laser-diode controllers and laser-diode systems for industry. Amtron was founded in 2000 as a spin-off from the Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology (ILT-FhG) and is positioned as a specialist in the development of innovative, high-quality products and solutions. Clients include laser manufacturers, system integrators and research & development specialists using Amtron systems for the monitoring and control of diode lasers in machining or medical technology.

The comprehensive portfolio of laser-diode controllers and systems in various power classes sets Amtron apart from the competition. Customers can chose from all-round solutions ranging to complete systems with over 100 laser diodes and sophisticated control units. Apart from high-end products with integrated process control, multiple interfaces and modern functions such as power control, simple applications are also catered for by Amtron models which never-the-less feature all of the necessary functions for deployment in industry.

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