NIR light source from 89 North provides stable output from 340 to 650 nm

May 14, 2012
The PhotoFluor II NIR uses a 1600 hr, pre-aligned lamp with extended NIR transmission.

The PhotoFluor II NIR uses a 1600 hr, pre-aligned lamp with extended NIR transmission. Designed for stable output from 340–650 nm, it is intended as a light source for quantitative fluorescence imaging. A new software control interface allows shutter control with a mouse click.
89 North
Burlington, VT

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89 North is proud to announce the release of the newest member of the PhotoFluor II family, the PhotoFluor II NIR.

More power where it’s needed and extremely stable output make the PhotoFluor II and PhotoFluor II NIR the perfect light sources for quantitative fluorescence imaging. With a 1600-hour, pre-aligned lamp and either extended UV transmission (PhotoFluor II) or extended NIR transmission (PhotoFluor II NIR) these are the ideal light source for a wide range of applications.


PhotoFluor II and PhotoFluor II NIR
CFP, GFP, FITC, YFP, TRITC, mCherry, Texas Red, MitoTracker Red, Di-4-ANNEPS, Fluo-4, Fura Red

PhotoFluor II
Fura-2, Indo-1

PhotoFluor II NIR
Cy7, IRDye 800, AlexaFluor 750, iRFP


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