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April 6, 2012
The Firestar i401 CO2 laser from Synrad provides 400 W of output at 10.5–10.7 µm.

The Firestar i401 CO2 laser from Synrad provides 400 W of output at 10.5–10.7 µm. Internal beam conditioning before the output aperture conditions, collimates, and rotates the linear beam polarization 45° as an aid in applications where a circular polarizer is used. It operates at duty cycles ranging from <10% to 100%.
Lueneburg, Germany

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New high-tech Laser from Synrad

The benchmark for modern 400 W lasers

All eurolaser 400 Watt systems have been equipped and delivered with the new Synrad Firestar i401 since the beginning of this year. The prototypes for this laser beam source were already being put through paces at eurolaser 2 years ago in close cooperation with the laser developer from Seattle (USA). The development engineers at Synrad immediately pick up on any practical optimisation potential whenever and wherever this is discovered. New strategies are discussed and sustainable solutions realised from the experience thus gained. An initiate that reveals how intercontinental cooperation can lead to splendid results.

The impressive features of the Synrad Firestar i401 include:

* Energy saving potential of up to 23%
* Up to 30% higher efficiency thanks to enhanced beam geometry
* Light and compact design – conditioned for circular polarisation
* Integrated modular HF technology based on the Class D amplifier
* Improved focus due to optimised beam geometry
* Diverse remote maintenance functions and status queries
* Safer thanks to condensation monitoring
* Lower waste heat emission

The development of more efficient CO2 lasers continues uninterrupted. It was only 25 years ago that CO2 lasers were first available on the market for industrial use as sealed off lasers that needed no maintenance and were easy to handle. The multitude of applications for these beam sources has risen exponentially in this time. A success story that is quite impressive.

Synrad Inc., one of the pioneers in the market, has proved through outstanding features and pathbreaking technology that a quantum leap in laser technology was also possible for the year 2012. Far more than 150,000 users benefit worldwide from the laser quality of the market leader.


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